Miyamoto Says Super Mario 3D World Doesn’t Mean The End Of Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario 3D World Artwork Detail

EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto has told fans that while Super Mario 3D World is the present culmination of 3D Super Mario, that doesn’t mean that the team is done with the acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy series. Koizumi, the producer of the game, also said that when they made Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS, they already had the basic concept of Super Mario 3D World for Wii U in the back of their minds.

Miyamoto:Just so there is no misunderstanding, I should point out that this doesn’t mean we’ll never make another Super Mario Galaxy game.

Koizumi: That’s right. When we first started making Super Mario 3D World, Miyamoto-san asked me if this was going to be more like Super Mario Galaxy or more like Super Mario 3D Land. When we made Super Mario 3D Land, we had our eyes on the form of this game, so we made it this way without any hesitation.

Miyamoto: The same team can’t make both at the same time. And we can’t bring in a second party and slap the name Super Mario Galaxy on it. I suppose we could idealistically make both in Tokyo, but we want to do something new too, so there was that dilemma.


    1. As good as mario galaxy was it’s still a piece of shit compared to mario 64 aka the greatest video game there was and ever will be and if you don’t agree with me then you are wrong period

        1. First of all sunshine is the worst in the series by far. Second if I had nostalgia goggles then I would be saying that mario 1, mario 3, or mario world were the better games since I grew up with them. You need to accept the fact that mario 64 is not just a good game, it’s not just a great game, it is the best game of all time.

        2. Please 64 is WAY better than galaxy or sunshine, nostalgia or not. The music, the levels, the set up, infinitely better.

        1. Haha funny how you rank the games in order of release date starting from newest to oldest, you are obviously an idiot. How do you know mario 3D world is better than galaxy 2 or the rest of them for that matter have you played the game? And what the hell does “thats how easy it use” mean? Be like your username, Silent.

    1. exatcly no more galaxy, fans should just let them do their thing. i mean mario has almost never dissapointed us. well galaxy did but only when i finished the game (final boss in galaxy im looking at you) – This is Gamer, Peace Out

    2. Yes. This was what I was hoping 3D World would do, but unfortunately they decided to go with another 3D Land style game. The Wii U needs something mind blowing and original.

  1. Please Nintendo. No more Galaxy. An original open world game like Super Mario 64 would make a WAAY better follow up to this.

  2. I agree. I don’t want Galaxy… or any Big 3D Mario Platformers to go the way of NSMB. I’d be super upset if we got a 3rd Galaxy ANYTIME soon.

    1. Plus I would rather them focus on one game and make it great rather than splitting resources and making two ok games

    2. No, Super Mario 3D World is the new game they were talking about. They just wanted to make 3D World before another galaxy game

  3. Look. You all want the past to come back. You only think SM64 is a good game because you grew up with it. I want a smg3 but I want it in 2015/16 not a new SM64

    1. No, super Mario 64 is a fantastic game regardless of whether you grew up with it or not. What made it good compared to smg was that you didn’t know what to do all the time. You actually had to figure out things for yourself without the game telling you.

      1. 64 was bundled with the N64, and was one of two launch games. Plus, it was the only main series Mario platformer that was even available on the Nintendo 64. Super Mario Galaxy, on the other hand, wasn’t the only main series title, it didn’t come out at launch, it was the third 3D Mario game. Even though Galaxy is, in my opinion, a better game than 64, it didn’t break ground like 64 did.

        1. But buying cartridges weren’t that easy when they cost 69 bucks/piece, even SM64DS sold almost 11 million copies a decade on.

    2. Super Mario 64 is considered one of the two best GAMES of all time from numerous game sites and players for a reason. It’s far better than Mario sunshine or the galaxies. Maybe the kids who grew up on THOSE need to take off the nostalgia glasses.

  4. God, people keep begging for a return to Super Mario 64 style games (which incidentally, aren’t “open-world” at all). I suggest that Nintendo incorporate something like that into a new IP. They’ve taken Mario down a certain direction – a direction that I personally believe is far more loyal to his roots, with far more linear level design. SM3DW is a little too far in that direction for me, but I understand why they’re doing it and it certainly makes sense to do it that way if they wanted a multiplayer component. Ultimately I’m a massive fan of the atmosphere, gameplay and level design of the Galaxy games, and I hope we see a return to that someday, even if it’s not in outer space.

    A Mario game like Super Mario 64 I think would be received negatively these days – like I say, incorporate those kind of ideas into a new IP, because there aren’t enough games on the market like it – I think there is a gap there. Mario however has evolved past that stage.

    1. Agreed here. I think a new IP is the best outlet for this open world, mission oriented gameplay style. Mario games are better off with Galaxy/3D Land style.

  5. Galaxy would be nice, but more open world! Like Sunshine! (64 wasn’t that open world, it was just like 3D world is now, where you can walk around freely without being in a level.)

  6. I’m not really concerned whether the next 3D Mario game is another Galaxy or something new altogether because I know that it will be really good. 3D Mario games have never dissapointed me.

  7. As much as I loved Galaxy (2 of my top 3 games of all time), I feel like they shouldn’t make it a trilogy.
    It would be hard to top the first two, plus each Mario is symbolic of its console:
    Bros = NES
    World = SNES
    Sunshine = GCN
    Galaxy = Wii
    Land = GameBoy

    That’s why I was a bit disappointed that they chose the 3D World name for this, as I expected 3D Land to be remembered just as “the 3DS Mario”

    1. Mmmm no, Galaxy is probably the most literating game they’ve ever made. Aside from the theme of space, which is ignored alot of the time with some levels, like Beach Bowl, it doesn’t set itself into the idea of “ok, we need X amount of levels, and they need to be this long, or have this many stars, and each one needs red coin stars, and ect”. Galaxy allowed them to say “here’s an idea”, then run with it until they decide it’s outstayed its welcome. Which is why its the best game ever, or one of the best, in the majority of compitant reviewers eyes

        1. Not really. With a large hub based levels Mario it’s still the same, you need these big levels to do it which is the thing Galaxy doesn’t use often and benefits from

    2. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. And please don’t speak for “we” here, just speak for yourself thank you.

      1. I have a perfectly good idea what I’m talking about; both Galaxy games and 3D Land/World have put platforming at the forefront of game design. Levels in both games (judging off Land and not World) gave very little in the way of actual exploration, and had only a few things to do; going more for quantity over quality (at least in comparison to SMS).

        Yes, SMG was a massive technical achievement on the Wii. Yes, SMG was an incredible platforming experience, but I’m (as well as – from the looks of it – quite a few others on this site) getting bored of JUST having a platforming experience.

        1. That’s the thing, though, Mario is a platformer. If you don’t like platforming anymore, then don’t buy Mario games. The Galaxy/3D Land style is a better style for Mario because it sticks closer to the series’ platforming roots. That’s not to say the exploration can’t be there, 3D Land styles is certainly taking steps to make a more open ended platforming experience than Galaxy, but the platforming need to come first, which is something 64 and Sunshine failed at.

            1. No, there’s a couple of platforming sections in 64, particularly later in the game. What it failed at was emphasizing the platforming, there was more wandering around and exploring than actual platforming.

          1. If you were to stick to the series’ roots, then you may as well just stick with the 2D games. The 3D Games debuted as exploration-based Mario games with platforming involved to a decent extent.

            1. Not really, a series doesn’t need to stick with 2D or 3D to stick to the series’ roots. It just needs a similar gameplay style. 64 and Sunshine didn’t really do this, the gameplay style was completely unrecognizable to Classic Mario with its overemphasis on exploration. Not to say that this was really a bad thing, many developers didn’t really use 3D for anything interesting platforming wise, but this style of gameplay doesn’t really have that Mario feel. Galaxy and 3D Land are better at capturing that feeling in 3D, so that would be the better style to use moving forward.

  8. Because they’re constantly brining this up I have no doubt there will be a Galaxy 3 sometime in the future. Will it be on Wii U? I have no idea. For all we know it could be made for their next console.

  9. They’re missing the point. People don’t want a new Galaxy game. They want a completely new game that does the same thing for the Wii U that Galaxy did for the Wii. People are tired of seeing rehashes, Nintendo.

  10. I want another game similar to Super Mario Sunshine. But much bigger. And give Mario another item like the winged cap in Super Mario 64, where he can fly. Flying was probably that game’s funnest aspect.

  11. Galaxy was good but they held your hand to get to the power star unlike SM64. You had to find stars. Galaxy sends you to it. That’s what made me to get in the habit of exploring on platformers.

    1. It’s that how most Mario, if not, nearly every platformer ever is anyway though?
      And besides, they never did that anyway. You never really found anything in 64 or Sunshine. You start the level, it says “Star of the blah blah” then does a camera pan around the level, showing you exactly where the star is.

      1. They only do the camera pan thing in Sunshine and Galaxy, 64 just gives you the episode title and throws you into the level.

    2. Ahh, so THAT’S what “hand-holding” means? Yeah, I don’t like that aspect of Super Mario Galaxy. It feels like it’s practically GIVING the stars to you most of the time.

  12. Just make another Sunshine. The Galaxy games were absolutely incredible but I think we’ve had our fill. Plus Sunshine is my favorite Mario game.

  13. As long as the next game is like either 64, Sunshine, or Galaxy, I don’t mind either way.

    If a third Galaxy game turned out to be fun, then that’s good with me.

  14. I just want another more open world 3D mario game for the Wii U similar to Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine. That would boost Wii U sales, shows more of what the Wii U can do, and be an overall very fun game.

  15. They’re missing the point. We don’t want another Galaxy game as much as we want a new game that defines the Wii U Mario experience in the same way that games like 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy did for past consoles. Preferably something new. I wouldn’t really say 3D World accomplishes this goal.

  16. I hope it does mean the end for pathetic gay cat suit mario and childish nonsensical mario games for the rest of the wiiu’s diminishing lifespan.

  17. I am thinking 3D world will outshine Galaxy by a mile. The game looks 10/10 to me. Not a fanboy 10/10 a REAL 10/10. We can never go back to the old ways in Mario games once 3D World comes out.

  18. The super mario bundle is up to number 68on amazon uk best sellers. Wii u hasn’t been in the top 100 for months.

  19. It means the end of mario I for one am making mario 3d land on wii u the last mario platformer I buy until its got some kind of onlineodes… vs speed runs.. co op anything

  20. No Nintendo, Super Mario 3D Land/World is basically what Super Mario Galaxy might as well been.
    The market is really lacking 3D platformers where you can run around huge levels, find all kinds of secrets and play through the game differently every time.

    Well, truth be told, I wouldn’t mind playing another Mario Galaxy if they add something really cool and you don’t have to shake the freakin’ Wii Remote anymore.

  21. Do you guys understand that Super Mario 3D World is the FIRST Multiplayer 3D Mario? One innovation at a time, we’ll see how the futur Mario will look like. Don’t be blind fanboys and haters always complaining, it’s becoming really booooring! Don’t worry, be happy! ^^

  22. I don’t want them to make SMG 3. That stuff was for the Wii and making a new galaxy game just seems lazy for me and I could really care less. Do something more open world like sunshine and introduce new mechanics. 3D world is a nice new step for 3d home-console platformers but going back to the galaxy style just doens’t seem like the best option, sorry.

  23. Well put Tatanga in Super Mario Galaxy 3 as the main villain, change things up. Put Luigi as the Star and Princess Daisy as the damsel in distress. Its essentially the same thing with different players but coukd be different enough for the casuals who at that point could have mario overload. Just sayin’ Nintendo! D:

  24. I like both open world Mario games and Galaxy style Mario games. I hope the next one is open world, but with Galaxy’s gameplay style. I would like to see an open world Mario game where you can travel across the Mushroom Kingdom on foot, going to different regions. In each region, the levels would be set up like SM64.

  25. Now all of a sudden people don’t want to see a 3rd Mario Galaxy? That’s not what people were saying before and after E3. I swear the Nintendo fanbase doesn’t know what they want.

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