Mario & Sonic At The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games Launch Trailer – North America

Nintendo has released the North American launch trailer for Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games which was released today in North America. The game previously launched in Europe on November 8th and Australia on November 9th. The trailer is different than the UK launch trailer that was shown earlier this month and showcases the game’s online multiplayer, outfit and gear customization, and the game’s “Action & Answer Tour” party mode.



    1. Omg lol bad Speeling Grammar lol 5 year old troll Come to website troll nintendfags Omg i add Fags onto end of nintendo im so Creative i Have Such life so much Smart lol. yes


    1. well your fact is wrong microsoft destroyed rare the president of rareware said microsoft ruined them. the creator & voice of conker( same person ) is making games for wii u eshop now and thats a fact sir


    2. you mean the game that failed on xbox but was successful on Nintendo? with less graphics? hmmm :O funny how that works.


  1. the worst in the series yet. sequels are suppose to up the ante, not down it. this year’s a dud for wiiu. hopefully next year the good games start rolling in. otherwise it’s ouch city for this thing.


    1. good thing Wii U blows every other ”next-gen” consoles out of competition in terms of game quality overall… (not talking about Sonic&Mario Sochi)


    1. Good luck with that bro cus that’ll never happen, worst case scenario is, sega goes bankrupt and sell their Ip’s to another company and they’ll continue it..


  2. The only reason I bought the first game on Wii U was to experience the Wiimote. But nothing in this game wows me. Too bad the online is on the wrong game.


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