Video Compares Graphics Of Wii U, PS4 Versions Of Assassin’s Creed 4

IGN has made a video that compares the graphics of the PlayStation 4’s version of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag to the Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the open-world game. Based on the website’s recording, the game looks pretty good on Nintendo’s latest console, especially compared to the two last-gen consoles’ versions. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is available now for all the aforementioned platforms, as well as PC and Xbox One.


  1. And I believe AC4 is the highest rated game on Metacritic for PS4’s launch line up. So hmm…..Not trying to start a fanboy fight just saying that maybe this gen devs won’t have a reason in terms of horsepower for not putting games on Wii U.

    1. Not quite true.

      Because this is just a game designed for the current gen but the next-gen counterparts are just nicer looking. The Wii U version is good but the PS4 version looks blatantly better and more detailed.

      NOW, when they start designing games specifically for next-gen consoles and know the ins and outs of them (which isn’t too hard because PS4 and XB1 both have similar, if not the same, architectures as a PC where the Wii U does not) the Wii U will not be able to catch up, getting lower-resolution and lower frame rate versions at best. They may get a few titles here and there in the early stage of next-gen but in the long run, it’s gonna get the short end of the stick.

      Not that this is a terrible thing. Let’s be honest. While games that are exclusive to Nintendo do well enough for the most part, when it comes to multi-plats like AC and CoD and all the other mainstream titles, they don’t do particularly well on Nintendo. Let’s face it. Unless there is something exclusive to draw us into the Wii U version, you’re slapping down a good chunk of money on a game. For most people, if they have a PS4 or XB1, those versions are gonna look nicer so they’l go for them instead.

      Nintendo has always strived in it’s niche. Doing the thing that the other 2 do not. It’s the Blue Ocean strategy. The thing that made the Wii such a big success. There’s nothing wrong with that. While the other 2 where fighting over the mainstream HD audience, the Wii was covering everybody else. The Wii U is gonna survive on that alone. It doesn’t NEED the big mainstream multi-plats.

      1. Well just as game graphics on the PS4 and Xbox One will improve, so will the graphics on Wii U’s games. If this is what the Wii U looks like compared to the PS4 and the Wii U has only been out for a year, then even five years down the road the graphics will STILL have minimal differences.

        Personally right now, I wouldn’t even call the PS4 THAT much better looking than the Wii U or even the PS3 and Xbox 360. They all look pretty much the same to me aside from a few teeny-tiny minor details.

        1. If you think the difference is minor then you should honestly get your eyes checked. Ps4 has NOTICEABLY better textures, lighting effects, and details.

          1. It really isn’t tht much of a difference maybe if u have a magnifying glass and ur looking hurting your eyes maybe they all look good to be honest maybe if it had some john carter cgi I would notice but it really isn’t the much of a difference

          2. Noticeable to the x360 & PS3. Not so much for WiiU & PS4.

            Regardless, if someone’s playing it, it’s unlikely anyone will notice unless has huge frame rate issues.

        2. It’s not like that. When a new hardware comes out we all know it takes years for the developers to get used to it, that happened on 360 and ps3 and it’s going to happen on ps4 and one.

          But since WiiU is quite close to the actual generation, I’m pretty sure devs already know how to squeeze it.

          So yes, the WiiU has a slight edge here over the 360/ps3 version but in time PS4/One games are going to skyrocket away.

          And again, as TheStubbsMan says, that’s not a big deal anyway for me. I get the time to play maybe 10 games a year and Nintendo covers me in that sense. The problem comes when you look at the position of WiiU in the market. I may not care for multyplatform titles but the majority of potential buyers probably does.

          It’s going to be a game cube era again, maybe worse, since it’s not going to sell to the casual gamers anymore like the Wii did. We’ll always get great game from nintendo and just a few scrapped multyplatform, but let’s face it: it will not sell well.

          Not saying PS4/One will sell well from start actually. But on the long run the price will go down and that will change things.

          1. You’re wrong!!! Wii U architecture is different.. its a huge leap from current gen but not up to par with next gen. But even against the next gen, wii u’s GPU has a combo of SPUs and TEV to help generate shaders and textures with minimal power..
            The Wii U can pull out xbox 360 graphics without breaking a sweat.. when stretched, its still quite unimaginable… cos the 360 can’t even run that Zelda tech demo… and Epic Games said the Wii U can do much better than that…

            1. The thing is Wii U’s architectural design is different to X1 and PS4, so it’s unfair to judge it really. Game engine layouts need to be different in order to really tak advantage of what it can actually produce. It’s no good in making a game for a console and then porting it to other consoles – it’s not taking full advantage of the power the hardware actually outputs.

              We already know it’s GPGPU is very powerful, the eDRAM just gives off extra performance, and easily capable of 1080p at 60FPS (Mario Kart 8 proves this).

              Maybe if developers did did their engines in such a way that it supports all consoles, then we would perhaps see some changes. Right now the 8th generation of gaming hasn’t exactly started, and I don’t think AC4 is actually proving PS4/X1 to be anymore powerful.

          2. The developers didn’t even know how to squeeze the most out of the wii.. There are a handful of developers that did and most of them only work for Nintendo. Ubisoft made huge strides with the wii for Red Steel 2

            The wii U has a definite edge over the PS3 and the 360. If it had the exact same specs as the 360, the GPGPU alone would make it a better visual system if utilized correctly. If you are trying to do a quick and dirty port then the games will look similar.

          3. You are dead wrong, the WiiU has a completely different architecture than the PS360 has and still is custom hardware. While the PS4/XBO are basically pre-build PC’s with custom software. So the amount of potential compared to launch titles is far higher on the WiiU compared to the PS4/XBO, but I’m not saying the WiiU will be better than PS4/XBO. (for refrence sake, have you seen all the crappy and gimped 360 ports the wiiU gets? That has almost exclusivily to do with the WiiU being a GPGPU based system while PS360 being CPU based and WiiU only having a supportive CPU)

      2. @thesubbs man. Basically this ps4’s hardware pushed to its max vs Wii U’s hardware would be no contest (ps4 would win easy) Wii U will have nice looking games but won’t be able to compete with ps4 graphics once games get specifically designed for it

        1. Not just graphics either. The PC architecture and the higher power can do more things for a game than the Wii U can.

          But that’s fine. Nintendo aren’t here to compete on the same grounds. They’re here to be the different one.

          1. @stubbs. Yea true its Just annoying and stupid when fanboys get pist that Wii U graphics aren’t on par with ps4. I don’t think they understand that Nintendo doesn’t aim after graphics

            1. But its not annoying when butt hurt Sony fans got to accept the PC version is still and always will be superior to PS4.

              1. Lol what ? You don’t get that “PC” depends on how much you spend to buff it up. PC doesn’t always look better. Example my PC doesn’t look better then the ps4 version see the difference or are you still going to be ignorant ?

                1. Yes but if you spend the same amount on a PC that you would on a PS4, the PC would produce better graphics and/or a more stable frame rate, not to mention it would be upgradable in the future.
                  The thing you pay for with a console is a streamlined experience and a controller really..

                1. Sorry, I too have both. And my PC is a high-end gaming one. The PC Version looks VERY different (meaning: MUCH better) then the one on the Wii U. Not saying Wii U is not good, but definately NOT better then PC on full settings.

                  1. my PC is a high end gaming one as well, and the PC is under the quality the WiiU gets on AC3, and I got to say, i found more graphic glitchy the one on PC

            2. It’s not that they don’t care about graphics. It’s that they just put emphasis on other things so rather than compete head on with the other 2, it let’s them fight to the death while it picks off what the other 2 aren’t covering.

              Nintendo always does well appealing to a niche rather than a general audience.

              1. That’s only true from the Wii era…

                While I’m fine with this point of view from nintendo, since I have no time to play tons of games anyways, it really is a risky strategy on the market.

                Being underpowered, if a nintendo console does not strike on the mass, it risks to be stuck in a loop where people don’t buy it because “it has no games” (talking about third parties) and devs don’t risks themselves on it cause it does not sell enough.

                The 3DS, luckily for Nintendo, made it trough. And that’s the only thing really saving nintendo from struggling now. But that’s the portable console market, with pokemon and a lower average age target.

                While I am, again, satisfied with the WiiU present and future game offer, I’m pretty sure Nintendo would be more competitive trying to keep up with the next gen when the time comes.

                Of course price would go up, but I think a console that lets you enjoy both Nintendo masterpieces (who cares about graphic) AND multyplatform titles (many people here drool behind the best graphic and stuff) would be very attractive.

                1. Nintendo did mention that they were going back to their old philosophy of doing everything themselves… cos they tried to depend on 3rd parties and the 3rd parties screwed up the 3ds and Wii U’s first years…
                  From a graphics standpoint, that could bode well for the wii U cos Ninty know how to juice every ounce of power it has…
                  It might be different for the ps4.. because THE PS3 ISN’T MAXED OUT TILL THIS VERY DAY… the cpu was just too powerful and i think the ps4 might suffer that same fate.(might be different though)

              2. I would say the opposite is true…its more like the reverse the two really go for a niche computer gamer audience and Nintendo tries to go for all types gamers.

      3. wii u can easily play games at 1080p at 60 fps, I don’t see any problems… ps3 games still look good, and wii u is more powerful than it, so I don’t see the problem with the wii u

        1. Not easily, not heavy detailed games like cod, AC4 and a few more. When heavy detailed games hit Wii U it struggles to get 1080p 60fps.

            1. “PS4 version of CoD:Ghosts purchased at retail will run 720p until users download a day-1 patch.”

              “The launch day patch will make the game’s single player campain output a native 1080p.”

              “Multiplayer will run 1080p out of the box w/o update.”

              1. Yea Mr ignoring man is just delusional and ignorant. There are no frame rate issues and the game does run at 1080p but fanboys never know what there talking about

                1. LMAO exactly just shows the huge GAP of power between PS4 and Wii U (ps4 being superior in every way)

                  1. “but fanboys never know what there talking about”

                    so like, 90% of all people here, right? yourselves included. most people who comment here either seem to love Nintendo or love bashing Nintendo, lol. keep up the comedy service guys, the crap I read on here is so dumb and far from the truth it’s like one big joke.

                    and only the ones coming out on top in these silly “console wars” are laughing onlookers like me lol

                    1. It’s like I always say: he who laughs last laughs best. Ha ha ha ha ha… {counts money}

                  2. Dude I really can’t tell the much of a difference there’s two more leaves on a tree I think we’re hitting the graphic limit

          1. Tell that to Nano Assault Neo, Bayonetta 2, and X from Monolith Soft.
            It requires a non-photo-realistic graphics type, but all three of those don’t struggle with 60FPS, at the very least.
            X, especially, is looking incredible, though somewhat lacking in palette variety.

            1. They aren’t even anywhere near complete or out (Bay 2 and X) to determine if they will have struggling frame rates yet so they aren’t valid yet. BUT based on the games out for Wii U that are heavy in detail (COD, AC4, a few other) it indeed does struggle to reach 1080p 60fps

        2. It can play games specifically built around it’s hardware and architecture at those rates. Doesn’t mean it can do so with multi-plats.

          When a game is built around being exclusive to a single console, it’s easier to get the get optimised and tailored just for that console. Multi-plats have to be built on a bit more of a broader scale so they don’t get optimised to run at top spec.

          PS4 and XB1 have the advantage of having similar, if not same, structures to a PC meaning devs already know the ins and outs of the architecture and can port things to different consoles a lot easier. The Wii U lacks this advantage.

          It’s kinda like the struggles the PS3 went through with it’s cell processor (I emphasise the ‘kinda’).

          1. why were nintendo 1st party launch titles 720p like nintendo land or even pikmin 3 when they were catered for the system. not trolling i just want enlightment on that i cant find a logical reason

      4. there’s already not a lot of difference between xbox360/ps3 versions and next gen versions.. how could there be a blatant difference between wii U and PS4 versions?
        needless to say that this isn’t the ideal game to compare graphics between gens

          1. i’m obviously not talking about resolution here

            of course the resolution is gonna be different but how is that a blatant difference? higher resolution is to be expected.. all the other differences amount to an absolute minimal difference.. just like when comparing the xbox 360/ps3 and PC versions of AC in the past.. hardly any difference except for resolution and anti aliasing

            for a system that’s supposed to be 7-8 times more powerful (PS4 compared to xbox 360) twice the resolution is certainly not much and definitely not “blatant”

            1. Better lighting, better textures, better resolution, better particle effects, other added graphical details. And it most likely has a higher frame rate as well, which YouTube can’t show because YouTube shows video at slightly less than 30fps.

              How the fuck is that not blatant?

        1. i was waiting for this comment there is not a lot of difference between xbox360 and ps3 and still ps3 is superior to 360. but 360 has always gotten the better games…. Why? because developer adapt to one console and are to lazy to adapt to the other ones. in other words if they wanted they could have made the game look just as good – This is Gamer, Peace Out

      5. since the PS4 and Xbone are so similar to tech these devs are used to working with, I argue that they are already well versed with these engines and are producing close to what they are capable, whereas I think they are putting in very minimal effort with the Wii U so there may be even greater upside for it than them.

      6. BUT, most WII U games are also ONLY cheap ports of current-gen-games! so graphics in WII u games will also improve in the future.

        so what will be the situation: WII u’s games will might look a little less sharp and detailed than ps4/xbox1-games. BUT they will have native gamepad support AND WII u will have all this great Nintendo-games AND WII u will be much, much cheaper than ps4/xbox1.

        so for me, WII u has so many advantages over ps4/xbox1, if only this stupid media would not repeat the stupid marketing-blabla from sony&co, the situation would be very different.

        for me, the sucess of the ps4 pre-orders are a clear sign, that many people are only driven by marketing and nothing else, they can’t even think on their own any more.

        1. “WII u’s games will might look a little less sharp and detailed than ps4/xbox1-games. ”

          And a lower frame rate. And lesser lighting. And in cases, they may not even be able to get a game to work at all on it, because the Wii U is both not as powerful AND using a more complicated architecture that devs have to try to get to grips with.

            1. Yes, lesser lighting. As in the lighting effects wil be less crisp and clean and a bit more simple.

              And nice of you to throw out the internet’s go to generic insult, complete with the totally wrong form of you’re/your.

      7. I love how people base “Don’t do particularly well on Nintendo” on one generation as Pre-Wii nintendo did quite well on the more “hardcore” games.
        But you are right one all else, compared to the modern market nintendo is the only one still catering to the people that loved the SNES or Megadrive/Genesis, the one’s that largely game for the fun of games it self but not as much the competitive or scripted side.

        1. >as Pre-Wii nintendo did quite well on the more “hardcore” games
          This isn’t pre-Wii anymore. Gaming has grown into different audiences that Nintendo just cannot cater for.

      8. I’ve always bought Nintendo for the exclusives anyway. I’ll get a PS4 for multiplats or buy them for PC.

  2. I watched this video with the sound muted, because my roommate is sleeping.

    The only noticeable differences (to my eyes at least) were the water effects, which look best on PS4, but not by much as compared to the others, and the appearance of that one short haired girl shown toward the end. Her character model looked marginally less detailed on Wii U as compared to the rest. So all in all, nothing too major by any means. That’s my two cents.

    1. It’s not so much as its detail as it is higher quality textures, and ambient occlusions, and a few extra particles.

    1. I watched the footage in 1080p. I think the PS4 has better particle effects, textures, resolution, lighting and other graphical details. It may even have a better frame rate but you can’t tell that from a YouTube video.

      1. The problem is people here do not take into account the version on PS4 is a cross-gen multyplat. One AC or any other simile title is going to be built up for next gen only, there we’ll see what the real gap between WiiU and PS4 and One is….and I bet it’s a quite big gap.

        1. We’d like to dispel this common misconception that the Wii U is an under powered system. It has a different architecture from other cosoles, and when utilised in the right way, it can perform well. These things take time, please understand. {counts money}

  3. The only thing I notice that the PS4 does better than any of the other consoles is that there are more “minor” details present. Like hair is more defined and clothing looks more like fabric, etc. Also water effects and weather effects look slightly more real. Those things you don’t notice until they pause the game though.

    Other than that, they all look virtually identical. In many of the scenes I couldn’t tell one from the other if there were no labels.

  4. only thing I noticed is that the PS4 version is really dark in contrast while the Wii U is the lightest, also I noticed that is more rain in the PS4 version and less in the Wii U, but that’s not a HUGE difference

  5. Wow ps4 version blows the Wii U, ps3, 360 version away no contest. The latter 3 still look good tho. It would be ps4 (by miles) wii U, 360 , and then ps3

    1. Blows the Wii U, 360 and PS3? Like Wii to PS3? Sure. Remove the tittles and you couldn’t tell one from another. Its easy to use the tittle knowledge to know which one is better.

      1. PS4 Version = Smoother textures, rounder polygons, more hair simulation and just more features.

          1. Really? And to just think before COD patch arrived people like you said PS4 blew Xbone version out the water and it was 720p too.

            1. What are you talking about ???Words like those never came out my mouth. Now I know that you really are delusional and like to make things up.

              1. Also I said “people like you” meaning I didn’t say you said that. But you want to play dumb as if I put words in your mouth.

    2. [butthurt imminent]
      cant see whats the harm in saying ps4 is graphically supperior when its clear as day that it is. those extra details? you can thank the graphics for. when drones are cornered, they switch tactics and say graphics dont make a game!

      1. Exactly its just when fanboys get hit with the truth they get angry and throw hate comments, and damage control. Fact is that Ps4 graphics destroy the wii U graphics there’s no arguing or damage controlling that. Nintendo made wii U underpowered so what do you really expect? Hey at least it looks a little Nicer than last gen

        1. What truth? That PS4 is more powerful than Wii U? Not me.I’m still trying to figure out how 1gig console is not far from a 3.5 gig console. Incredible.

          1. Wow you really are a delusional fanboy. Not far ? You have to be smoking some good shit and you’re 1 gig console thing made no sense. I had some respect for you man but after reading your ignorant, delusional comments I think that respect is lost

            1. Ignoring I’m wasn’t the only one who said Wii U and PS4 wasn’t that far off. But you prefer to play dumb or forget others posted the same thing.

              1. Wow im starting to think you don’t read what I say. I don’t have time or care to reply to all the delusional fanboys on this site. I mainly reply to those who reply to me and lol look how emotional you are getting. You keep on mentioning my name below just because you are mad that the Wii U version looks remotely worst than the ps4 version

  6. PS4 looks far better than the Wii U version but the Wii U version blows the other two out of the water (No pun intended)

  7. The PS4 version is the best, but not by much (better textures on face, hair and water). The Wii U version is closer to the PS4 than the current generation ports.

    PS4>Wii U>> Xbox 360= PS3

    1. Funny I’m in denial according to “you thought” but he has respect to you since you also see a small difference between PS4 and Wii U.

    2. Funny how everyone can look at the same thing but everyone doesn’t see the same thing. Some say PS4 blows Wii U version and some say very little difference. Yet no one would have different opinions if it was the same game on Wii to PS3 or PS2 to PS3. Why is that “you thought? I do think PS4 is more detailed by a tiny bit not much. For 1 gig Wii U looks good and not a PC like PS4.

  8. I personally prefer gameplay and story over graphics, but I do like nice visuals. However, graphics is becoming to focused these days. If only more developers focused on the story and gameplay, more than just power.

  9. That video just proved that the graphical differences between the consoles tested are inconsequential. All this fighting over consoles would lead you to believe that there is a huge difference between them all. Bullshit. If you pulled a random person aside and took the console names out of the video, that person would think its the same thing for 90% of the video. This just proves that it only comes down to the price and the exclusives. That’s all. Want to pay $500 for shitty exclusives and an always on camera? Go for it. People with a brain will pick ANYTHING else. Because it’s all the damn same.
    I’m actually a little disappointed. This jump between generations is nowhere near as significant as it was from the Xbox and ps2 to the 360 and ps3.
    I’ll stick with my wii u and pc until the next Nintendo console/amazing gpu. And save my money.

    1. This could probably be put a little bit lighter, but yeah, you have a solid point here.

      Especially if someone has a really good PC rig, that’s even more reason to NOT pick up a dedicated gaming console with a limited jump in graphics compared to last gen

    2. well the graphics will get better on all of em, put in a title released when ps3 first released, you will think its ps2 compared to ps3 now…i do agree nintendo has a way better line up for exclusive titles and quite a few good multis…nintendo wii u is def next gen..i love this gamepad!!!!!

  10. Going to go with the general opinion of “PS4 > Wii U > Xbox 360/PS3” and a side of the “I’d have a hard time telling if it weren’t for the titles”. PS4 definitely makes the biggest stand-out, but Wii U definitely isn’t on the same level as 360/PS3. That being said, Wii U was launched after, and Nintendo isn’t even one to focus on super powerful hardware/extreme graphics, not to mention it’s a multi-platform game not being catered to Wii U tech, so it’d be silly to expect the Wii U version to be the best–that’d be shocking lol.

    In other words, this is really nothing beyond what I’d expect, and this is somewhat unrelated, but the Wii U version would be my choice since I wouldn’t need a new console with limited appeal to me (PS4/Xbone don’t have any intriguing exclusives for me yet), the graphics are superior over the other 2 consoles I already have access to, and the tidbits of GamePad convenience have been a plus even in games that hardly make use of it (pfft, I just love using my Gamepad as a substitute for my TV remote and to navigate menus and such lol, so convenient–oh and playing on the GamePad with the TV off and using the GP’s sound is also awesome).

    tl;dr PS4 version has the best graphics but I’ve actually tried a Wii U and became a fanboy once I did so I’ma get that version once I have money, even if it’s kinda weird to pick up an AC game for Wii U lol.

    1. im playing black flag now on my wii u and its quite impressive..better than my ps3__i love my wii u im so glad i bought it..i got it and 3 games and barely spent more than the ps4console alone…and the line up of nintendo titles has me super-stoked…its about gaming fun to me more than graphics and violence…i think they will have no problem getting te good titles onto and looking good for wii u…watchdogs was the game i was the game i wa most excited about for the next gens and we get that lol…and for ppl to call wii u not a next gen console is down right stupid..get one..put the gamepad in your hands and you will other console has a touchscreen tablet that comes in the box as part of the console does it?? im ready for mario kart 8 now thats real gaming fun…….

  11. What a pathetic difference between all of them. I bet not one person would even realize it if they were playing the worst version or the best version if you swapped them out… How much do these “improved graphics” cost us? Can’t believe people are making such a big deal about this.

    1. I said that earlier but “you thought” said I was just a fanboy. Nice to know it’s not just me that sees a small leap.

  12. This is a game built for previous generion(ps360), so ps4 just uses its full power to improve some minor details(little bit of textures,better water,lightning) when the future AC titles come out, they will be built on entirely new engine, which won’t run on ps360 and will only run on ps4 and xb1. Then there won’t be videos to compare WiiU version either because it just will not run on that underpowered console, this is 90% chance that it will happen.

    1. You just conflicted with you thought. According to him it blows the Wii U. Now which one of you are right and which guy is wrong? You both can’t be right.

    2. Also last week some developer is working on a multiplat on a racing game from Wii U to PC. Not Ps3 or 360. But according to you if WiiU can’t handle next gen games why are developers who really want to working with Wii U?

      1. No offense, but I think you’re overestimating the PS4 here. I mean, it’s awesome, but even then, it’s not going to blow the Wii U out of the water… And even if it did, people who are going to buy the Wii U aren’t going to care, lol. Just look at the Wii. Best selling home console and not even HD.

        You make a good point, but I say until said games come out, you’re really just making up stuff. I’m a developer for the Wii U so I have access to private specs, can’t say anything specific due to the NDA but it’s not as underpowered as people think lol.

          1. No no problem keep going. Go back to Wii U’s specs Mr. Developer. Not as underpowered according to what “you thought ” said huh?

        1. And I’m the head of Nintendo. We are currently trying to win back the core audience we lost with the Wii. We hope to attract them back to our system this holiday with exciting titles such as Wii Fit U and Super Mario 3D World. {wipes sweat with money}

        2. Thanks for replying, i’m not particularly against WiiU, but i do hope it stands well for several years against other consoles. in the end its more and more difficult to see graphical differences with more and more polygons and everything

        1. You think I troll because I don’t fanboy Nintendo so your opinion is irrelevant lol actually the fanboys here don’t know what trolling is, they think anyone that disagrees with Nintendo’s decisions or anyone that doesn’t like Wii U is a troll LOL


  13. Ok…uhh I feel like an idiot. But the PS4 version to me just seems to have a lot more rain and that’s It lol. (Compared to the Wii U version I mean)




  15. PS4 version by far is a lot better, does it change the game not really!

    However it looks great and I’m quite surprised the Wii U version looks good, nice video.

    1. the wiiu version is almsot on par AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WIIU POWER ITS A SLIGHTLY POLISHED X360 PORT




      1. I said that earlier how its because Ubisoft favors Sony over Nintendo. After all Wii U can handle HD.

  16. Of course the Ps4 looks better its just the diffirence is not that great and it wount affect the gameplay at all
    Its the law of diminishing return,

  17. to be honest, PS4 version looks better, but the WiiU version is not far from comparison
    ofc it will look better on PS4, but the difference between the Ps4 and the WiiU is minimal compared to the difference between Ps4 and Ps3/X360

  18. Graphics, schmaphics. This isn’t the kind of game that I’d buy for the Wii U if I were to buy it to begin with, anyway.

  19. I honestly think that while the difference might be noticable side by side, are you really going to notice those differences between the PS4 and 360 or Wii U? On their own, they look perfectly fine. The jump from the sixth to the seventh was quite big, but to the eighth honestly there’s no big difference, the bigger difference in this generation is the social aspect.

    1. Funny how the eyes don’t add up to the spec. According to the the Wii u compared to the PS4 spec its supposed to blow Wii U’s out the water. That’s why “you thought” goes by the sheet of paper with inaccurate information on how Wii U can show graphics like that with very little RAM and 3 cores. Right you thought? Funny thing is I’m not the only one to see very little difference in visuals between a 1gig 3 core console vs. A 8 gig 8 core console.Its funny how far apart 3 and 8 are bbut how closer their visuals are.

      1. Better yet 1 and 8 are a huge difference so um why isn’t the visuals doing that? 8 blows 1 out the water. Why aren’t 0S4’s visuals blowing “weak” u’s out the water according to the spec sheet. So PS4 shows more sweat, hair and trees and rain. But its not groundbreaking over Wii U like the spec sheet says.

      2. Wow man are you obsessed with me ?? The information isn’t inaccurate its the devs telling you themselves how much specs are in the system. Also alot of the people denying that ps4 looks ALOT or MUCH (whatever term you want to use) are Nintendo fanboys so of course they aren’t going to admit something that involves Wii U looking worst than ps4 by a margin. They damaged controlled COD sales by blaming devs when it’s THE WII U FAN BASES fault the game sold like shit on Wii U. They damaged controlled W101 sales, low GB storage, no online in 1st parties so if they damage control all aspects of Wii U then of course they are going to damage control that ps4 shits on Wii U graphics.

  20. Pretty disappointed, I was expecting more from the ps4. Anyways PS4 and Wii U version are the way to go.

      1. Right mr ignoring man is a baby, he finally gets his AC4 ps4 vs Wii U comparison, finds out the Wii U is no contest and now wants to damage control it and mention my name in alot of his comments like an angry 5 year old. Stuff like that always happen when Nintendo fanboys loose in something

  21. The baby underpowered running on 7 year old hardware Wii U has to be compared with it’s 8 year old counterparts. Of course it will be slightly better than them it has 1 year newer technology than them lolol. Then the babies damage control saying there is little difference with next gen systems. Babies think a 2GB Ram system with 3 cores is just the same as a 8GB one with 8 cores lolol. Watch them make excuses and invent lies like all babies do lolol. The truth of the matter is that this game was built for last gen consoles and then a few improvements were added for next gen systems ports of the game. When developers start making games exclusively for the next gen systems they won’t bother making ports of those games for the underpowered Wii U (oh wait, the past year they already haven’t bothered making ports for Wii U of their games lolol) And if the Wii U gets a few of those next gen games it will be watered down simplified ports just like the few watered down ports the Wii got of current gen games. Only babies love the Wii U. Bring me more baby Mario games please, 3 of them in about a year isn’t enough. More baby Wii U TV commercials aimed at the casuals and the babies please.

    1. Lmao exactly when ps4 starts getting games like infamous or drive club they wont be porting it to weak U because it wont have the power to handle a real specifically made for game for ps4 that’s what the delusional fanboys DON’T understand.

  22. It’s always amusing reading the comments to these articles, especially the people pretending to be knowledgeable regarding hardware.

  23. Remember when games weren’t about the graphics as much as the gameplay? I’ll be happy when this era of “better-looking” leaves video game discussions, if ever. It’s like talking about how a 2013 GM car is so much better than a 2012 Nissan car. When what everyone really wants is a 1967-69 Chevy.

      1. I was speaking metaphorically. I’m not a big car guy, but from what I know, quite a bit of people would rather own a classic. Just saying, it’s not all about what it can do but how it can do it.

  24. In most of the cases my gugde would be the next

    PS3 < X Box 360 < Wii U < PS4

    But in some point the PS3 version look better than the X Box 360 and the same can be said about Wii U been more beautifull than the PS4 in those bright daylight moments.

  25. Well, they’re promoting XBONE in a mal near my hause and I have to say that the graphical leap isn’t really that big, and it isn’t gonna be as consoles evolve.
    I don’t care either way, I’m getting a Wii U this christmas, fuck XBONE, and PS4 is not justifying an early purchase.

    1. Me too I’m holding out on next gen till there are games that make ps4 worth it plus its a bad idea to get a ps4 with all the potential issues with the hardware. But its definitley a must buy console in the future but for now ill stick to wii u pc ps3 3ds perfect

  26. I wonder how long it took to make that video. However long, that person will not get that time back. I wish my life was that pathetic……

  27. Now, compare PS4 with PC IGN, hehehe…
    PS4 may be the most powerful console, but it’s certainly not the best, and a low quality PC.

    1. played AC3 on WiiU, PC and X360
      PC looked a lot worst than the x360, and the wiiU looked better thant the x360

      PC doesnt always mean power, as many pc games are quick ports made to sell more

  28. The PS4’s graphics are definitely the most superior, but the Wii U at least is comparable to the PS3 and 360. Of course graphics snobs will snub the Wii U version for being outdated, but ah well.

  29. PS4 definitely has the sharpest visuals, but I’m surprised at how close the Wii U version’s graphics compare to it, considering that the game wasn’t built specifically for the Wii U. At least they put good effort in unlike most developers.

    At the same time, though, I’m starting to see the law of diminishing returns start to kick in. While the difference is visible, it’s not something I think i’d notice during an average play session, and it’s certainly nothing compared to the leaps we’ve seen in previous generations.

  30. In all, we knew the PS4 version would be superior graphically, but in fairness, they’re not ‘that’ superior. The Wii U version looks by far and above the most improved version visually (given the gimped ports the system has received as a comparable benchmark). The PS360 versions are more-or-less the same, and that’s due to the fact developers have squeezed everything out of it. I daresay the One’s version will look a little similar to the PS4 version, perhaps in the middle between that and the Wii U version, but the PC version will look superior in terms of lighting and texture mapping.

    In short, on a system in which the CPU is far weaker than last gen and current gen, the Wii U version gives the most out of system performance to date. A vast improvement over what we’ve seen visually from the system so far.

  31. Yall are very ignorant. …the wii u cpu is custom. Its made by ibm. The clock my read slower…but it doesn’t have to run fast. The piplines on the wii u is waaaay shorter. ..than on ps4. The wii u gpu is custom. ..& very powerful. The ps 4 is 3yr old computer tech. The amd computer that ps4 uses is not that fast…big bottlenecks in efficiency. .. and has long pipe lines . Yes guys. …the ps4 is more powerful….but u will not….see a gigantic difference in graphic power this gen…vs last gen. If u want to see great difference in graphics. a pc. The key is….the wii u is… CUSTOM…. hardware guys, specs read low…sure…but that custom shit in the wii u is fast ….once we see games built from the ground up for it…..they will look great. Nintendo developed games. ..really gonna shine on the wii u. A console that can stream video to the controller etc….wit no lag is not weak. Once yall understand…power pc tech…..u will understand the wii u will be fine. If Nintendo would have made a CUSTOM ibm power pc 8 core variant vs amd ps4 off the shelf parts… would blow that amd shit….to hell guys…lol. but yea…..ps4 is more powerful. ..but not lightyears ahead. ..the wii u will be fine.

  32. I dont know why people seem to think its going to take developers years to get used to the new architecture, because the architecture isnt new at all. Its based on the PC which has been around forever. What we are seeing now is the pinnacle of what they can do. Every developer knows this, this isnt a case of getting used to cell/powerPC processors or weird RAM anymore, its all identical across the board. and dont give me that “its a closed system blah blah” these consoles OS’s are taking up nearly HALF that additional RAM developers were so desperate to get. Face it we will never see graphics on consoles as good as CGI within the next 30 years. it will be our great gradkids that get to experience all of that.

  33. i can still play my wii games online for free on wiiu can you still play your ps3 and xbox260 game online thru your ps4 or xb1, so when they discontinue support for xb and ps3 and you can play your favorite games online ill enjoy mario kart wii for the duration of the wiiu life span

    1. i can still play my wii games online for free on wiiu can you still play your ps3 and xbox360 games online thru your ps4 or xb1, maybe? if you repurchase them in hopes of online support still being there and paying for games online that you use to play for free on ps3, also the only difference this gen is anti aliasing, but wiiu introduced us for the first time to HD for our beloved nintendo franchises so it boils down to resolution, yea a few perks here and there are cool but look at the long haul, so when they discontinue support for xb and ps3 and you cant play your favorite games online ill enjoy mario kart wii for the duration of the wiiu life span

  34. who gives a flying crap about graphix? i have owned every playstation since ps1..i also had a sega dreamcast xbox and a gamecube…looking back..the most fun i can remember on any consoole was my dreamcast and gamecube except for snes and 64 of course…its not about graphics its about gameplay and myself im sick of the same old crap its shooter after shooter..i recently purchased a wii u and i am more excitedaboutthe game line up they have out and coming up thani have been in whileyou ps4 and xbox1 owners argue about what version of this n that shooters have the best graphics..ill be playing games that are fun..and the fact that watchdogs is releasing on wii u isjust great…try to play donky kong or mario 3D on either??? i’m not picking a side but nintendo absolutely has a great system and fun games..ilove my wii does way morevthan expected and plays my wii titles…

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