First Pokemon Origins Episode Now Available In English


The first episode of Pokemon Origins is now on Pokemon TV. The new four-part adventure can be watched on the Pokemon TV smartphone application or via the Pokemon website. The miniseries will be showing for only a limited time, and the second episode will be made available on Monday, November 18th. Watch a trailer for Pokemon Origins here.


      1. I’d say that there’s plenty wrong with it.

        1. Completely unnecesary
        2. Just there to make the OVA seem “hardcore”
        3. Filled with Plot hax since Charmander should have fought back
        4. More plot hax since Red didn’t help him
        5 Awful scene
        6. This is just my opinion on the scene others will probably like it, I found it very distasteful and awful

      2. It put Charmander in a helpless position, as opposed to the normal ragged breathing nonsense we usually get. At this point, Red hasn’t embraced fully training his Pokemon nor learning battle strategy. The entire message of this miniseries is the bond between trainer/Pokemon. Charmander froze because Red froze.

        I wouldn’t chalk this up as a superb scene, but it wasn’t pointless.

    1. It’s fairly accurate some parts weren’t in the game but still besides red is way better than ash but over all it’s a really good anime story telling of the original pokemon games I give it an 8/10 I really do recommend it I find I like it better than ashes story

    1. I was kinda surprised by the roster. Pokemon Co. International went all out dubbing this, hiring some of the best anime voice actors in the industry (in my opinion, at least).

  1. Yeah, been waitin’ for this to show in English! I didn’t watch the Japanese version so I can get the full experience. I actually watched it earlier today and it’s pretty good.

  2. Japanese version is wayyyy better, in my opinion. Despite having subtitles, the voice-acting felt more believable than the English dub does. I mean, if you absolutely must watch it in English go right ahead, but doesn’t change the fact that it was done right the first time.

    Oh, and they removed this too:

    1. I Can’t say it’s better since I don’t understand shit in Japanese but yeah that link is horrifying.

    1. Opinions are fine until you think Ash is better than Red. Then you’re either bullshitting yourself, or you’re a moron.

      1. Nope. Ash actually cared about his Pokémon not being a douche about them. Pikachu was sick he felt bad. Red is like FIGHT…FIGHT…FIGHT. The people who like Red are elitists who are blinded by nostalgia. Feel free to argue if you wish.

      2. I agree, when I saw the trailer, I thought wow… but when I watched it I kept thinking, its not that Red is any good at battling, its because everyone else is shit, I mean Brock LITERALLY told Red how to defeat him in battle, not to mention Red’s Pokémon sucked, most of them fainted when they took one hit, even his Legendary birds sucked, the only reason he is successful is because of the Charizard who saves his arse everytime

      3. I mean no disrespect, just stating what I think. I think more people lean towards Red because they can have a connection with him. Obviously due to him being the character you play as in the original games, which a lot of people still consider to be their favorite titles in the series. And while Ash as a character has been in many good memories of mine, I personally think he should of been dropped years ago. The writers of the show has recycled the same plot using him for over ten years. And it’s gotten a bit old in my view. Red was the bad ass of many PokeFans’ childhoods, while Ash was pretty OK for a while before slowly turning more and more into a dumb ass over the years thanks to the writers. But if you like him, there’s nothing wrong that. Like what you like and stick to it.

  3. Terrific episode. I can’t wait for the next one.

    One thing that confuses me a bit is that I thought Red originally picked Bulbasaur. Either way, good stuff.

    1. I think the reason why they had Red pick Charmander was because that’s what most of the people who played the game did. After all, Red’s character seems to be based on players’ general experience with the Gen. 1 games.

  4. Tried downloading the pokemon tv app on my iphone but it keeps force closing then i tried on my ipad and still force closes. Anyone have any solutions?

      1. agreed I watched the rest of them in dubbed English (don’t worry no spoilers) and they skipped some of the best parts entirely, they skipped 6 out of 8 gyms, most of the Team Rocket plans, ALL OF THE ELITE FOUR! and the battle with Mewtwo was like 3 minutes long, he didn’t even Mega Evolve, I was expecting it to recreate most of the games but in comparison it barely could pass as a trailer for the games

    1. Agreed. The first episode showed great potential, but then they skip over material worth an episode at the beginning of episode 2…

  5. The only thing I liked about it was the Animation style. But certain things don’t add up. How long before ash’s journey was Red on his? Brock was still the Gym Leader? And he never once mentioned in the main series that he new Red?

  6. The dubbing on this actually surprised me. It sounds more natural, like something from a Funimation dub. I’d happily take these voices over the current ones in the anime, though nothing well ever top the 4Kids cast in my opinion.

  7. Very good I thought. The only issue I had is as I suspected, the pacing of the episode felt a little rushed. A few more episodes in the series would have really helped this out.

    1. or perhaps each episode was extended, I thought that when they said “60 minute episode” I thought they meant 60 min PER episode, that probably would have covered everthing but they left out most of the good parts such as 6 0ut 0f 8 gyms and all of the Elite four

  8. Gotta keep refreshing the revenue made from these autistic basment dwelling puer aeternus compulsive hoarding disorder nostalgia fags.

  9. They’re still making Pokemon anime? Huh.

    Oh, and “limited time” is technically forever on the internet.

  10. It’s definitely cool to see the first generation games embodied in a series – I liked the first episode for the most part, but some of the scenes were anticlimactic and awkward at best. Let’s see what the second episode brings.

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