Fossil Fighter Game Published By Nintendo Announced For 3DS In Japan


Nintendo Japan has announced that it will publishing the latest Fossil Fighter game when it arrives in Japan sometime next year. The latest Fossil Fighters game is titled Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear. The character art for the game has changed to a slightly more mature look, which comes across more realistic and detailed than previous games in the series. Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear is listed, once again, as Nintendo/Red. Red being the developers who helped co-develop the impressive Fire Emblem Awakening.

  • 3rd person camera rather than overhead
  • The new Fossil Mobile vehicle will help you transport across the world, find fossils via scanning, and attack enemies.
  • Different mobiles with different parts. Red and blue revealed so far, but more to come (in silhouette in the mag)
  • Fossils are covered in dirt and dust (more realistic) thanks to new graphics. Head, hands feet can be found. Scan to figure out the overall shape.
  • Whole fossil is displayed on the top screen, you select parts to clean on the lower screen.
  • Otherwise, mechanics seem to be more or less unchanged at this point.
  • Can choose to be boy/girl. Default boys name appears to be Jura. Partner dino is called Kajiro.
  • From next month, there will be a manga in Corocoro each month by Keisui Takaeda.


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