European Super Mario 3D World Launch Trailer Released

The European launch trailer for Super Mario 3D World has been released by Nintendo. Although it begins in a rather cheesy manner, the trailer showcases many the playable characters in the game as well as many of the power-ups found. Super Mario 3D World has been lauded by critics and has even reached the top selling spot on Amazon in video game sales, despite the game not being released yet. The game launches in North America on November 22nd and in Europe on November 29th. What do you think of Nintendo’s launch trailer for Super Mario 3D World in Europe?


  1. There was so much cheese in that first part that I’m surprised the video hasn’t been devoured by snooty high-class french chefs[and their pet mice] yet.XD
    Still, quite a good commercial.


  2. That might have been cheesy, but they are trying stuff out. Better than not advertising haha. Also I just love it when news sites say something like “Although it starts out pretty cheesy…”


  3. I heard in first week COD for PS4 sold over 4 million. Now they advertise their commercials aggressively as a result it seems to be working. That’s why it sold millions already. Where as if the casual advertising so call works, why isn’t it showing aggressive sales? Wait first let’s see how many 3D Mario World units sell first. If 3D Mario sells less than COD units than PS4 I just proved the kiddy advertising doesn’t work. Less than 24 hours to go. And if I’m right Nintendo needs to hire new marketing directors. Let’s see.


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