Nintendo UK Store Selling Mega Mario Wii U Bundle With Super Mario 3D World


The official Nintendo UK online store has started taking pre-orders for a Mega Mario Bundle. The bundle includes the Wii U 32GB Premium pack, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, a Mario hat and a Mario Wii Remote Plus. The bundle will be available to purchase on November 29th and will set you back £299.99.

Thanks, Mike S


  1. You can get the NSMBU and NSLU bundle for £229 on Amazon. So really you are paying £70 for 3D world, a Mario hat and a Mario Wii mote .. This is not a good bundle ..

    1. You know how much does a wiimote cost right? A wiimote and a brand new game (and a hat!!) are worth much more than that.

    2. So £229 for the Wii U bundle
      About £35 for the Wii Remote
      and £40 for 3D World.
      …£304? Plus a hat which will cost barely anything anyway.
      Saving a fiver is not groundbreaking but hey! It’s a fiver at the end of the day.

      1. It’s actually £220 on Amazon and in GAME. I don’t think you’re saving anything buying this bundle. The hat is what? A portable toilet?

        Buy Wii Party U with the remote, sell the game and buy SM3DW separately. Far better value. I also don’t like the Mario and Luigi remotes. Too kiddie looking.

  2. I want a hat like that SO badly, but stupid Nintendo doesn’t sell them, not even at the Nintendo store in New York.

  3. Holy shit, this thing is AMAZING. My ZombiU bundle is crying in the corner… £319 that thing cost me :O

    Wiiu 32GB+ ZombiU + Pro controller

          1. What’s your point? It’s an extremely good game in its own goofy unpolished way.

            It really is a good game, probably to hard and scary for your shrimpy little noobcake self.

            1. I just beat Dark Souls for the dozenth time last night. ZombiU is a shifty game that’s not scary or challenging at all.

              1. Not scary or challenging? So you just confirmed you haven’t played it then. Thanks, dork.

                It’s very hard and very challenging especially the first time you play it.

              2. “i just beat Dark souls for the dozenth time” if by the dozenth time you consider a game to be “hard or challenging” you aren’t a very good gamer pal

              3. Your comparison to dark souls is pretty irrelevant. I think the biggest problem with ZombiU was the lack of characterization in the protagonist. For zombie survival stories, in most media, likable characters are needed, but in this game, your character is just some random, replaceable person so you never really care whether they live or die.

                The game being not scary or challenging enough would have been fine if they at least gave me a main character that I wanted to see live and other good story elements, then I would have played until the end to see what happens to that person.

              4. Dark Souls is hard only in beginning and depending on what playstyle you insist on..
                And if its anything like Demon Souls, it only gets easier with every NG+.

  4. You setup the console in your room, lock the door, put on your Mario cap, arm yourself with the Mario Wii Remote, and play Super Mario like a boss!

      1. call somebody else “a social reject” discusses on internet what’s the best “video game” always comment on a website of a company that he despises, yeaaaaaah, social reject alright

  5. you save about ten to 15 pound here as the hat is 9.99 and the pad is 39.99 if thats not your thing then buying the bundle on game and amazon is deffo worth while also zombiu kills any other game released by ps4 and xcrud 1 yes even better then dead rising

  6. Wow.. this is a mega-super-uber great deal ! The console, three games, a wiimote and a gift hat for only £299 ?

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