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Mario Party: Island Tour Launch Trailer Released

Nintendo has come out with the launch trailer for the 3DS’s Mario Party: Island Tour. The latest installment of the Mario Party series came out today in North America and is being released in Europe early next year. It has been met with less than stellar reviews, with IGN giving the game a 5.5.  The game does not feature online play, but rather download play, where four systems are necessary to play local multiplayer and they all download data from one cartridge. Do you think Mario Party should make a return to home consoles?



  1. Off topic, but anyone interested in buying a download code for Link Between Worlds? I got the Gold XL and the physical copy. Also what’s a fair asking price for the code? I assume it’s $40 on the eshop, so the unless I charge less than that obviously most people aren’t gonna waste time buying it off e-bay and take an extra step to get the same product they could download straight from their 3DS. And I’ve actually never sold anything on e-bay, only purchased, so how do I go about it with the payments? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


    1. You just select bank transfer as a payment method and once you have the money you send the code. If you sell it for 30 it will be instantly sold and you won’t have to wait.

      One golden rule is not to try to get the most but to get it sold quickly so it’s taken care of. What does a few dollars more or less do? not much.


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