Report Claims Xbox One Sales Are Due To Overtake Wii U Lifetime Sales In UK

News from this week’s UK charts suggest that the Xbox One launch games fared well in its first week on sale. But perhaps the biggest news is that, according to MCV, Xbox One sales are due to overtake the Wii U’s lifetime sales in the UK. Chart-Track this morning detailed that the next-gen console doubled the number of units sold from the Xbox 360’s launch week. An unnamed source told MCV that 150,000 Xbox One units were sold within a 48-hour period in the UK and that the console was just a “few thousand units short of beating the Wii U’s total sales”.

Microsoft claimed on Saturday that worldwide sales totalled over a million units in just 24 hours. The Wii U’s worldwide lifetime sales stands at 3.91 million, according to the Q2 financial results. Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below.

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  1. This generation is going to show that price doesn’t matter as much as people believe. And that the most powerful hadware is not always the least sold.

      1. Of course a wiiu person would say launch numbers mean nothing, but if the sales were down and wiiu had better it would mean something.. that’s the way to go fanboy. Twists at every turn to try to make a point for nintendo.

          1. And the Nintenfags are in denial. They think the Weak U is still relevant lol!

            By the way PS4 sold 1 million untis in two countries, Xbone sold 1 million in 13 countries. Sony buttrapes the competition again. Can’t wait till the PS4’s launch numbers in Europe obliterate those of Xbone and Wii U!

            1. Nintendo had a year to make a move. The move is over now there are 5 consoles on the market for Wiiu to compete against. They will be 5th until the move is made for PS4/xbox1 and then WiiU will become 3.

              Wiiu life cycle is no different than the gamecube. great games that die too soon because of poor advertisement from Nintendo.

            2. Wii U is irrelevant yet all these articles coming out saying that Wii U is the only console out right now with a real next gen game. Sounds legit

              Xbone costs 500 and sold 1 mil units while the Indiestation 4 costs 400 and sold 1 mil units, guess who made more money, oh wait you can’t do the math because Sony Ponies are retarded so let me help you

              Xbone’s 500,000,000 vs 400,000,000, damage control and deny those numbers so your ass won’t feel so hurt

              1. LOL, implying Microsoft made $100 more profit per sold console than Sony, while neglecting the costs of the Kinect.

                Just buy the system that has the games that you like best, holy fuck why is that so hard to comprehend. :”””) Fucking noobs here man.

                I recommend a PC or PS3 since they have insanely huge libraries for good value now, and get a Wii U in 6 months or so when the system sellers finally make their appearance.

          2. Its actually hard to believe either sold one million, especially since people are reporting picking up either PS4 or XBOne during the weekend (24 hours after XBOnes release)

            Didnt both of them say they would only have one million during launch? Yet XBOnes still sit in shelfs at my local gamestop.

            I call BS and the Million “sold” are only numbers sold into retail, not customers.

            1. Thats how ALL manufacture judge sales. Its always based on how much they sold, which means to business. They don’t sale direct for the most part.

              1. No and yes, sometimes they do that before scanned skus (actual sales numbers) come out through NPD and Media Create in Japan. There are ways for the companies to track sales vs. shipped.

                They numbers both do seems like marketing ploys more than anything, even though I believe Sony’s estimates bit more. I know Sony has still is shooting for 3 mil sold by the end of December which is what Wii U got in the same time frame. Its after Christmas when money tightens up will be more telling, except Sony should have a boost in Japan when it release in Feb or March. Sony could be in a good position cause of it.

              2. Yes but even if they sold them to retail, they should at lesst clarify whether it was sold units by retail or to retail.

      1. Stop comparing hand held to console market, they r different. Hand held is popular in japan but consoles r not, for example. 3ds does we’ll there but the wiiu is horrible.

        Totally differen market, for everyone to say if you have a console you have a hand held. Or if you oen a nintendo console u also own an hand held 3ds. Its just a stupid comparison

          1. its a argument that’s pointless since both handhelds and consoles have the same goal. Ps3 and wii had a under 12,000,000, units while ds had 30 million I believe and psp had 24 million

          2. The people that play consoles are not always the same people that play hand held. Look at Japan alone. The number of gamers that have hand held vs. consoles is a big difference. The hand held business in japan is rocketing while the consoles are falling. There is a different market, just because its games doesn’t mean everyone plays everything.

            That is like just because you eat fruit, you will buy both organic and non-organic. There are many people that don’t buy organic but they are FRUIT. So they are targeting the same people. No they don’t, those are two different kinds of market.

        1. Typical Sony Pony, waaaaah the handhelds don’t count, even though gamers play those too.

          I bet if it was the Vita with the 3DS’s sales you’d be praising it all over and acting all superior. Dance puppet

    1. Price always plays a major role. Look what happen to the vita, ps3, and 3ds when they had high prices

      1. Always? So why is a $500 console out doing a $300 console if price “always” is the factor. Also xbone and Ps4 proves software doesn’t always sell hardware neither.

              1. Every twist, turn it for nintendo no matter what… just because in during christmas xbox1 and ps4 will sale more then the lifetime of the wiiu means nothing. Sales doesn’t mean growth.

                Oh, forgot that was the argument for wii. So. Its software that determine growth. Oh wait, nintendo has several wii games that sold well on is in the top tenl. That doesn’t count either.

                Its quality of games that make the difference, of wait, that was gamecube nd it dies.

                I got it, nintendo is better because. That the argument

            1. There wasn’t anything they wanted at launch but when there is the sales shoot up. Drones will buy anything even if its a rip-off

          1. Also the xbone has the highest return rate of the launch consoles. If you sell 50,000 but people return to store 3,000. The console still appears has it has 50,000 sales.

        1. Again 1,000,000 units in America vs 1 million world wide is different. wii u sold a million world wide in a day. Sony is doing better then Microsoft and Nintendo right now. we have no idea how many xbox ones were sold in the uk. Nintendo didn’t have that much of original software at launch. Price ,and software both play a strong role

    2. who wrote this article? Q3 is done already the Wii u is already over 4 million Q2 was over in June way to spin it negative

  2. Well… Nothing you can do… But I got a Wii U and am very satisfied. But people who are getting a xbox only play CoD, Battle field, Fifa, Gta, Halo and that’s it… Well… A lot of them… I kinda feel bad for them.

    1. Dude your generalising, and its totally wrong, i own every platform, i play cod, battlefield, gta, halo, but i also own wii u and wii, and play zelda, metroid, xenoblade, last story, wonderful 101, mario etc!

      Don’t assume just because some one bought a PS4 or xbox that they don’t also love and play nintendo games! i am in my 30’s and have for near enough every generation bought every platform! i play every type of game, i don’t play cod as much as i used too, but battlefield 3/4 is awesome with a group of mates! i love every type of game, rpg, jrpg, action adventure, hack and slash, fps, sports but not too much lol etc, EVERYTHING!

      I have my PS4 paid and ready, am just waiting for launch in uk to get mine, and it is by far going to be the best console to buy this gen!
      I bought wii u at launch and barely got anything great! don’t get me wrong, pikmin 3, wonderful 101, sonic lost world, splinter cell black list, trine 2 and many more were all good games which i played on wii u.
      But the releases were too far and few between, and i know PS4 will have much better 3rd party support coupled with Sony first party support which these days is second to none!

      For me Sony and nintendo are pretty much equal, except for me in my opinion Sony has always put the core gamers first and so gets my vote for preferred company overall! Nintendo after the wii casual focus and now with wii u fails has disappointed me but still i am supporting them! this is the first gen i wont buy all platforms at launch! i refuse to support Microsoft the money grabbing toss pots!

      Sony will dominate this gen you mark my words, its the PS2 king of gen all over again, but this time i think PS4 will probably do even better.
      And Sony deserve it, they give me what i need from a console, great console exclusives, great third party support, and a nice powerful console at a affordable price point! Nintendo failed with wii u on so many levels i wont even bother, and Microsoft can go screw themselves! i don’t need a x1, since i have a decent gaming pc, i will use that to play x1 games at higher res, better frame rates etc!

      So please don’t assume because some one plays cod,bf4, fifa, gta etc that makes them any less hard core then u!! i play EVERYTHING!

    2. Oh my god, just shut up, I own an Xbox and I play a lot of those games you listed, but I also play so many other games on that console, and I also own consoles and games from all other companies, Nintendo and Sony, and I play lots of games on those systems, because unlike you, I am a real gamer, I don’t care what I game on, as long as I have fun. Quite generalizing you fanboy. It must suck to be missing out on great experiences only found on the console(s) you hate because of brand loyalty. You make Nintendo fans look bad, would you like someone saying all nintendo fans play are baby games and Mario? No, of course not, that’s a false genralization.

      1. When did I say that I only play Nintendo?
        Believe me… Where I live (Germany) Xbox gamers only play CoD, Halo and assassins creed.
        Just in case you want to know I’m a pretty decent gamer.

      2. Oh… and one more thing. The nice thing is I don’t have to give any fucks about you think I’m a bad gamer because I pointed out facts.
        Of couse not all xbox gamers just play the three games I listed but it applies to 90%. At least where I live

    1. I’ll try to make this easy for you to understand, there are people who like to play video games. Video games are released on consoles and PC, PS4 andXbox One are consoles, therefore people buy them to play *gasp* video games. Do you understand? Or was that too much for your pathetic fanboy brain to understand?

    1. U do know million world wide is not that great. Sony sold 1 million America alone. Microsoft has been casual with their advertising, never really shown many game advisement. Mario is aimed for everyone and everyone knows it, They have been showing off ads aleast better then none. I have not been seeing many wii us at walmart and gamestop. I’ve haven’t see many wii u s in stores like gamestop and walmart. They are often sold out.

  3. Its the UK they are crazy. They buy COD, and FIFA the most. Plus 1 million in world wide sales isn’t that big sony got 1 million from America alone. XBOX one sales are not going to high this holiday with disc drive issues and gridding noise its been producing. Ps4, wii u and 3ds will be play major roles during the holidays.

      1. Be cause Nintendo has Mario.
        Mario is for babies which makes Nintendo for babies.
        Call of duty are for the big daddies but it turns into a baby game on a Nintendo console because Nintendo is for babies.
        If you want to be a big Papa then it most by on a console for big boys.

        Simple as that. A lot of gamers aren’t smart

        1. Lol that is dumb. You know how many 13 years olds were walking away with xbox ones? have fun playing with those papas

          1. Thats the point of his comment. Lol. Kids that feal has grown ups who dosnt know they are buying a brick till is to late.

            1. I don’t understand how activision dosnt take advantage of the fact that the wiiu online is free. The Lisa’s that Microsoft and Sony said that they need to charge for online gameplay can be exploited in any companies advantage.

      2. Because almost no one buys COD on Nintendo system. People have better severs, the wii u don’t have the serves like ps, and micro. The servers don’t come till later, plus remember what activision didn’t give DLC the wii u version of black ops 2. The wii u version is the worst version.

  4. You know… I’m getting all. I love Nintendo over everything! I think that Nintendo is 10000 times better than playstaytion or xbox but I am not blinded by my inner fanboy.
    I’m getting a ps3 for persona… And if the ps4 gets only one game I am interested in I will get it… The reason why I didn’t have a ps3 is because no games on that console had my interest. but persona 5 does.

  5. B-but if Xbox sells more… then… Microsoft will win these imaginary console wars! Nintendo is doomed. All hope is lost.

    1. Not doomed I’m waiting to see how many units 3D World sold with Wii U hardware. The media is quick to get info in 24 console sells in one day yet ain’t motivated to find out how Wii U did with sales because of Mario.

      1. If Wii U sold about 300,000 to 500,000 because of 3D World that can put the WiiU to over 3.9million. Yet the media is comparing a how Wii U ssold 2 months ago and comparing that old ass figure to Xbox one sales. That figure is so old that WWHD wasn’t even out yet. In other words no one can say Wii U is doomed until the biased media put out Wii U sales last week and this week.

        1. We don’t even know how or where 3D Mario stands global yet. So how you know Wii U is doomed? Believe me if PS4 and Xbox sold a million in one day I know Wii U had a big as boost as well.

          1. I was being a meatloaf- sarcasm- I think Nintendo will be ok. Just kiddin’!
            To be fair, I got distracted before I could explain… then 30 or so minutes later, here we are…

          1. Yet the media is using the 2 month old sells figure 3.9 million to compare to Xbox one. That was before WWHD wasn’t it? Wii U is selling like 80,000 a week in US since Wii U. With 3D World I think it could be over 100k a week now.

      2. Every Sunday, the Tsutaya Charts show what games sold the best at the Tsutaya retail chain throughout Japan. While these charts don’t say for sure which game sold more, it gives us an idea of what games performed well, as the Tsutaya retail chain is one of Japan’s biggest video game distributors. In this weeks charts, Super Mario 3D World is right behind Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13. Get the rest of the top 20 below.

        1. Lighting Returns Final Fantasy 13 (PS3)

        2. Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

        3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PS3)

        4. One Piece Unlimited World Red (3DS)

        5. God Eater 2 (PS Vita)

        6. Call of Duty Ghosts (PS3)

        7. God Eater 2 (PSP)

        8. Pokemon X (3DS)

        9. Pokemon Y (3DS)

        10. Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)

        11. Aikatsu! My Princess Two (3DS)

        12. Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3)

        13. Monster Hunter Frontier 3 (PS3)

        14. Battlefield 4 (PS3)

        15. Band Brothers P (3DS)

        16. Powerful Pro Baseball 2013 (PS3)

        17. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 (PSP)

        18. Atelier Rorona (PS Vita)

        19. Atelier Rorona (PS3)

        20. Powerful Pro Baseball 2013 (PSP)

  6. All that people in the UK are doing is upgrading to play next gen FIFA, COD and BF4.

    All you have to do is look on ebay UK, type in 360 or PS3 and 90% of those second hand consoles will all come with a string of COD, FIFA or BF games.

    Wii U doesn’t have FIFA or BF, it does have a GIMPED version of COD but who is really going to buy that?

  7. All I play is COD on my WiiU, but I think I’ve been supporting Nintendo for too long. FUCK MARIO!!!

  8. People see it sold $1M, but how many of those were dumped onto Ebay for profits? Same with PS4, and same was the case with Wii U Deluxe.

    1. Exactly… I saw numerous news clips where half the lines would be moms over 40 who were hoping to get a console and gain $200-$400 over paid on ebay to use towards buying their real xmas gifts. Their words.

  9. You can’t post this kind of article on a biased fanboy ridden website because they will deny the truth, I mean look what happened in those 2 survey articles…. They all damage controlled and either called them fake or just didn’t want to believe it (since it was TRUE) lol anyway its obvious that bone and ps4 will succeed Wii U lifetime sales, since Nintendo keeps screwing up and making false promises (and many other factors that I have mentioned before) Wii U will be in last place this Gen since a very low amount of people want them while a huge amount of people want ps4,bone. That and many other reasons I have mentioned before

    1. Again based on what facts exactly? You’re not taking into account all the AAA titles Nintendo are about to release.

      1. Based on sales, surveys, preorders. Those games won’t be enough just like you all said W101, pikmin 3, WWHD were going to bring the Wii U back….it didn’t. If 3d world doesn’t do a 3d land then I time will be up for the Wii U, it won’t be able to keep up momentum up until next spring

  10. I still don’t get how people say the Wii U is doomed, when it is the developers are not wanting to learn it’s hardware – which is very stupid. The ones that do try very hard. I mean things like ZombiU was a terrible effort, but when Blacklist came out, that was very good, even if it was a port.

    Also Wii U’s specs are not even truly told, so we probably will never know the real power of the console. I do know that there is a rumor in which the CPU and GPGPU got over-clocked. Now if that is true, then no one knows what the console is actually capable of. If developers put their code onto the GPGPU and not the CPU (as the designs are different), then we may see some very good games coming out.

    I is not, I repeat IS NOT, all about hardware. Make good use of what you have to play with and you’ll get a very good game. Shin’en are proving it is a possible, and their second game which is being powered by their second generation engine is supposed to be able to pump out 4K textures. Now correct me if I am wrong, but the is no way one earth 360 or PS3 could achieve that, even if the developers literally squeezed all the power out of the hardware.

    I see no reason why programming for x86 should be any different for PowerPC – we’re talking about a CPU that was designed from the ground up compared to an off the shelf notebook CPU (doesn’t sound that powerful now does it!?).

    1. Yeah will because of the developers are so lazy the refuse to work on Wii U like PS4. I was surprised Wii U can handle hyper graphics 4k to 8k textures.

  11. just wait for the drop off it will come the people who wont the console and can afford it ie working people have got it then they will have a big drop in sales. then they will need to try and push their inferior mini pc sorry Xbox one.

  12. This generation will define the intelligence of the gaming universe as a whole…

    If the Xbots were to win, it means that humans are just utterly stupid and there that there is no salvation…

    1. The fact the GimpBox 360 sold as much a sit did already indicates the intelligence of gamers is dropping.

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      1. As a fanboy of every platform, you can call me an xbot, psfanboy, I don’t care.

        I see people like you what I would call -(asshole)- if I’m a dumbass for liking Halo, Cod, Gears of War, Killzone, LBP, Mario 3d land, I can continue, then EVERY gamer is a dumbass.


    2. If so, then the generation you’re referring to must be the most dumb of dumbass, as assy and dumb as it gets dumbasses!

      Why? Because video games aren’t about fucking intelligence, they’re entire existence is to have fun playing! I get deep rpg’s mmo’s ect..

        1. Whatever bitch, don’t come whining to me when you see a cool PS4/Xbox One first party exclusive title, and you not owning the console to play it on, you’re the one who is fucking pathetic, you call actual gamers fanboys to try discrediting them, but it’s you who is the annoying cunt who thinks the competition between X1/PS4/WiiU, is a better game than the games on those platforms.

          1. I don’t ever care about any core game made for the Sonyan machines or specially the Xbot ones…

    3. Although, I can totally picture a man with down syndrome staring at a Mario game on the shelf, mouth wide open, drooling on himself, and feeling intellectually overwhelmed, then falling down in the electronics isle and taking a nap.

  13. Seriously, taking UK as an example is pointless, those people just don’t know shit about video games.

    1. As a UK resident myself. I’m not surprised by these results. We probably would even get a new Fifa and COD every 6 months and still buy them, lol. As for me, I’m just going to ignore Xbone, buy a PS4 whenever Crash Bandicoot returns to his PS1 days and play Mario 3D World on Friday. :D

  14. That’s like telling a child they’re stupid for liking 1 toy over the other, they don’t care, they have fun playing with the toys they want.

  15. HAHAHAHA! The xboxone sold in a couple of days what the Wii U couldn’t do in a full year lololol. A FULL WHOLE BIG YEAR!!!!! LOLOLOL Now look at the babies trying to damage control this one saying numbers mean nothing.

    It’s as simple as that, only babies are interested in the underpowered baby running on 7 year old hardware excuse of a toy console named the Wii U. Baby game this, baby game that. And the babies will name a bunch of baby games only babies are excited about. And so the underpowered Wii U will continue to miss out on all the triple A games that get released on the other consoles only to get a few baby simplistic games from Nintendo a year.

    I was a Nintendo fan, but that was then. Back when Nintendo used to make other types of games for the ones of us who aren’t interested in all the baby Mario and whatnot games. Before Iwata got in charge and turned Nintendo into the baby games company. . Back in the day when Nintendo had a bunch of 2nd party studios who made other types of games like Rare, Silicon Knights, Left Field, the good relationship with Factor 5, etc. But the brilliant ones in charge decided to sell all those studios and turn Nintendo into the baby games company. Now the one studio they have left who would make something different (Retro) is put to work on another baby game (Donkey Kong lolol). Brilliant decision! Back in the day when Nintendo would put out games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Excitebike 64, all the exclusive Star Wars games from Factor 5, Eternal Darkness, 1080°, Wave Race. Putting those games out would attract 3rd parties to put their games out on Nintendo consoles. It is a fact that the Gamecube had more games in it’s first year than the Wii U did. But now Nintendo only puts out baby games so the only ones interested in putting their games on the Wii U are the ones that make baby games.

    Now Nintendo’s target audience is babies, mommies, grannies and casuals. Just look at Nintendo’s baby TV commercials for proof. Nintendo got games, baby games that is.

  16. Actually I heard that the Xbox One’s launch was terrible. Those that were going to invest in the system jumped the gun and went with the PS4. You’ll see more realistic, more verified sales figures once the PS4 goes live. The UK is a fickle place for gaming on the whole. The reviewers know what they’re talking about, but the gamerbase is pretty terrible all things considered.

    Even still, with that Mario-themed Nintendo Wii U bundle retailing for £299.99 (with the three Mario games), £40 cheaper than the PS4 (with no games), and a monstrous £125 cheaper than the Xbox One (again, with no games), you might just find that the Wii U might be climbing up a few places.

  17. nintendo can do it. they can beat the console since is cheaper now and the console is getting more third party support than the wii did.

  18. This is utter bullshit.
    I don’t get why they say they could take over Wii U’s lifetime sale with only a million (probably their whole stock) being sold out at the moment.
    Do they do the math? Hopefully I didn’t see Sony spitting out comments that unreasonable.

    I’m pretty sure both the PS4 and the X1 will have their share of success at launch, but will have as much trouble as Wii U selling software in their first year.
    At least, Wii U had 80+ titles day one. PS4 has some. (even if the best ones aren’t console-exclusive)
    But the X1…

    *coughs hard* Come on. I’m pretty sure those sports games aren’t anything outstanding compared to last gen editions. Except Forza. (which already has its share of complaints from the fan community)

    Anyway, I don’t see what next gen games could outclass at the moment those on 7th generation consoles, Wii U, PSV, and 3DS.
    P5 got announced on PS3 for next year, man!

  19. oh my dear ….the main customer of Nintendo Products are families. Families aren’t the “early adopters”. Core fans and real gamers are “early adopters”. So the sales doesn’t mean anything. Especially these are the sales in just one country. Let’s talk about the sales one year later. If the wii U will not win this match….the ps4 will do ^^. …

  20. I am amaze at this number and how people are stupid. I can understand the people who want to buy a PS4 but a Xbox 1!!!!!!??????REALLY!!!! I mean people don’t release MS will carry out their initial plan (i.e DRM, NO way of selling 2nd hand game) during the lifetime of the console and introduce them step by step. The worst new for me is those dumb in UK (where I live) I know people are stupid (especially in the south) but never imagine they will be that stupid..

  21. well I am so sock…..let’s try to analyse the situation a bit, the Wii U came out a year before those console. At that point a lot gamer (including myself) hold their money cause they wanted to have choice between those console. Additionally between the promises of Nintendo and the delivery a lot of fan were disappointed and I am sure a lot of them decided to switch from a Wii U to a PS4 or xbox 1. I know for fact a lot of xbox 360 fans did not give a sh*t about the Wii U in the first place. During that year Nintendo did not do their marketing/advertisement job correctly (the wii U ads were ban in UK for a while and lot of people do not know WTF is the Wii U). Then they have been back stabbed by 3th Party Support like Ubisoft and retailer. The lack of software due partially to the fact developer had some hard time to program in HD did not make the situation better. The fact there are lot of game press gear toward MS and Sony just kill the product. OK now here the good news, Despite the fact xbox 1 and PS4 will have a price cut cause after the first wave is just hardcore gamer they won’t sell a lot, won’t be enough. I still can’t believe people will buy a £400 or £500 console when those person moan about having a Wii U @ £350. The games for PS4 and XB1 are around £40-£50 that’s not sustainable in the long run. And I do believe now it will be the time for Nintendo to get their act together and have steady flow of release as from April 2014.

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