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Second Set Of Sega 3D Classics In Development

Sega has revealed via Twitter that it has a second set of 3D Classic games for the Nintendo 3DS is development. The news came about when Yosuke Okunari responded to a fan on Twitter who praised the developer for releasing the 3D Classic selection. Okunari said that the team is busy creating more 3D Classic games for Japan and hopes to be able to bring them to the west, if they prove to be popular.

“Thank you. We develop the 2nd series for Japan. If this overseas release succeeds, it may release these in the world.”

Thanks, Craig S


    1. they won’t do that!!!! its going to be a game that nobody gives a damn about. it would be cool if they rereleased skies of arcadia, shemnue on wii u though.

      1. O do not know, I think this incomplete franchise has already enough Hype from behind that it could drive a lot of people to buy it just for the sake of knowing why many people speak out loud about this franchise as a cult clasic. They just need to put the first and second with the third and last one on a HD Trilogy pack.

        And at least I know they will got my money if they do that.

      2. Get ready for The Berenstain Bears’ Camping Adventure 3D!!! This classic Sega Genesis game is now on your Nintendo 3DS in stereophonic 3D!!! Everybody at SEGA would like to thank Satoru Iwata for choosing this great game to be remade.

        1. yeah and that so called announcement at the spike video game awards is going to be reggie making a fool of himself again. “introducing the walking shitstaaain!!!! reggie my body is ready for no good games fiz ahmehh!!!”
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          shows sales numbers on big screen, *everyone booing, reggie bowing*

          the sales show that this game, is the game that you want, with it selling better than AAA competitors. bayonneta is also canceled world wide.

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  1. since nobody gives a shit about this (sega is shit) there a bigger joke than nintendo, actually they bought atlas so maybe not.

    this for some reason just kinda popped up in my head. whats your favorite zelda race, the gorons, deku scrubs or zoras?? as in the most interesting, cool. also if for some dumb reason you were one of those, what one do you think you would be based on you or what style you would like. haha stupid question.

      1. haha don’t know, it doesn’t. i just think this article is lame and that sega will probably just remake a game nobody wants. the zelda races are just cool. actually there probably some of the coolest characters in any video game.

          1. yeah, or create a game as good as it again. instead of that OOT wannabe TP and that disaster SS. nintendo has kinda been un original with there games and just focus on lame gimmicks that actual don’t innovate jackshit, unlike MM and WW did.

            1. A Link Between Worlds is innovative and a step in the right direction for the Zelda series. As for the recent consoles entries, in the words of Reggie “Pizza Boy” Fils-Aime “meh”.

                    1. Reggie drew a heart to Iwata! WTF!

                      I guess it’s fitting such a shitty video was made to show off a shitty application.

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                  1. That’s the same guy who was imitating Nintedward a couple of articles ago. What a way to spend a Saturday… :/

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    1. I like the Zoras, I think they can be sexy, depending which Zelda you’re playing. They seem like the Weak, but intelligent race.

      Also, We’ll see what Sega does with Atlus… If Sega is smart, they will leave Atlus to their own devices and not micro manage them.

      Good to see you Ice.

      1. haha… ok about zoras being sexy. whatever floats your boat. anyway i definitely like the deku scrubs, you never know what they may be up to….. are they out to get you?? how about sell you something, on your side, are they going to kill you?? they by far have the most personalities. so i like the deku scrubs. then zoras because there cool, can swim really good and they have a pretty cool place. then the gores…. al they do is work out and probably touch each other haha.

        1. I think you have a good point. The scrubs are an underrated race. You never know what could happen to you with them around. They could help you, or drag you to a gruesome death, Lol.

          They are pretty cool.

  2. Damn Martians always getting the games first XD.
    Vectorman, gunstar heroes, afterburner, shunning force are games I want on my 3ds, 3d or not also Saturn games on wiiu make it happen Sega!

        1. NEW TARGET LOCATED: Sex Offender
          Target Requesting Fuck
          Target Lock-on
          Activating Vag-Blaster 9000

  3. Can’t really think of any particular Sega game I’m itching to have re-released at the moment. But y’know, it’s Sega.

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