PS4 Fastest-Selling Console In UK History, Outsells Wii U Life To Date Figures In UK Already

Sony’s recently released PlayStation 4 console is already the fastest selling console in the United Kingdom, ever. The console launched on Friday, November 29th and has already outsold Wii U life to date figures, which will be embarrassing for Nintendo as the console has already been out a year. The PlayStation 4 sold 250,000 units in 24 hours in the United Kingdom. Another interesting thing to note is Knack sold more units than the highly regarded Super Mario 3D World.


    1. Well, I suppose it should be very easy to say that the UK is extremely biased in it’s taste of games. Personally, I can’t blame anyone for having fun in their manner of choice. However, people that only play these three games seem to only be doing it for the social aspect, and hence are not real gamers at all.
      I’m glad to have Blops 2 on the Wii U despite Treyarch’s failings, but I don’t see myself buying another CoD anytime soon. They’re far more hype than anything else.
      Congrats to Sony, anyways.

  1. This Is UK We’re Talking about,A Place Where Call of Duty:Ghosts,Fifa14,and Battlefield 4 are still at the Top. UK has Horrible Taste in Games.

    1. Yeah, the UK is like the heaven of the “mature” kid who only wants to play “manly” games by shooting stuff and play sports. Looks like the gaming community there is insecure as fuck!

    2. Yeah man! If they don’t like what you like, they have terrible taste!

      ….didn’t bother to mention that the UK plays more games of the RPG genre and such, opposed to to North America? Nope — that wouldn’t help your empty pointless post…logic and facts, I’m sure, confuse you.

      TROLL _ FAIL > Try again.

    1. I was just laughing before when people were calling sickr a troll for always posting these flamewar articles. But now im starting to think he DOES do it on purpose lol :P

      1. And he will keep doing that sometimes… you know… talking about how good other brands are + posting it on the wrong website + trolls doing their job = more “clicks” = profit.

        I’m not sure if he is a troll, or he just do that just to laugh his ass off watching fanboys and haters killing themselves with miniguns here… Who knows?

        All I can say is that Sickr is pretty good at making flamewar articles (aka: “bait articles”) and pissing A LOT of people like a boss… Hahaha!!! :D

  2. Lol i think Sickr bought a PS4 because the last few months it’s been fanboyism from Sickr towards other consoles, this or he got paid (considering ign got paid by microsoft wouldn’t be a surprise)

      1. Just saying i’ve read on comment boards online many people are stopping to read your blog because the fact that this last months you’re posting articles which kinda suggest that you got paid.

        1. This site’s not intended to praise Nintendo.

          It intends to post any and all news related to them, even negative ones.

          The people on those boards don’t seem to realize that.

  3. Wow. I never expected that. Will there ain’t no way around this. Congrats Sony. Does this mean AAA tittles from Wii U are only going to be bought buy those who only have a Wii U?

    1. well the wii u’s install base there isn’t that high, because uk gamers don’t have much to work with the wii u japan and US have the most wii u system

    2. Nintendo chose a silly time to release 3D world. 3D world will still sell well in the UK in the long run.

      I got a PS4, but I’m playing 3D world as it is about 1 million times as good as Killzone…

    1. Calm down you asshole!

      It’s a fact Nintendo fans have to live with. Let me tell you a story about a console called the Nintendo 64.

      It sold 35,000,000 its rival the PS1 sold 100,000,000 .

      However, the n64 is one of the best and most cherished platforms ever created home to arguably the greatest bunch of games ever.
      Why is everyone so obsessed with sales. It doesn’t affect us, only Iwata and Yoshida and Steve ballbag. …

      I am a Nintendo fanboy right? I have a Wiiu and a 3DS and they are platforms I love the most. I don’t care how much they sell only that they sell enough to justify existing and in return provide amazing games like 3D world for me to enjoy. If some people choose to play other significantly worse games instead of games like 3D world then that’s there loss.

      To conclude, everyone needs to stop obsessing and being a baby about sales ffs.

      1. If a console sells well it will usually get more and better games. But I do agree with you, some people see sales as the be all and end of a console’s success, especially certain Nintendo fanboys when defending the Wii.

        1. The Wii’s sales were largely due to to more casual games, but Smash bros brawl is the highest selling fighter ever, Mario Kart wii sold like 35 mill NSMB wii sold like 25Mill and they’re awesome games.

          Wiiu will be fine. So it might not get some of the future multiplats, but imho, it will still have the best exclusives going.

          1. If the console and it’s games satisfy you, that’s great. Plenty of people loved the DreamCast and we all know how that console turned out.

            Though if the the Wii U continues performing as poorly as it does, it will be considered a flop by most.

            1. True, but a cult legend by others due its games.

              If someone considers themselves a proper gamer then they should at least be interested in the Wiiu….

  4. Is anyone surprised? The Wii U has been dead. Nintendo is dead. This is just further proof for those delusional fans that think otherwise.

          1. why cant i reply to you this is the comments section dumbass i can say whatever i want, whos the troll lol

          2. Already did and im having shit load of fun got it last week with zombie u batman arkham city, mario world, fifa and wonderful 101.

            W101 one of the funniest games I have ever played i consider the game a classic on the wii u.

            Fifa is a bad port but its probably the best fifa I played so far. And the first fifa game were I have substitute players.

            Batman also a bad port but still a good game as the ps3/xbox version. And a plus with the inventory fast change.

            Zombie u is great, finaly a scary game, story not so good but its finally a horror game.

            Mario world well… its a mario game and they never fail with mario yes mario is like cod but mario is a good game. Cod is a good online multiplayer game. So I cant say to the cod developers that they make a good games since their campaign mode

      1. *It has the highest rated exclusive of the year for 8th gen consoles.

        Next year PS4/XboxOne have a much stronger game line up.

        1. You think so? Smash bros , Mario Kart 8 , Tropical freeze , X , Bayonetta 2 , Yoshi yarn, SMT x FE and more.

          I think the Wiiu has BY FAR the better lineup for next year. Or at least by far the best exclusive line up.

          1. In terms of exclusives, probably (although we have yet to see everything Sony will be releasing next year). But overall, PS4/Xbone have better line-ups.

    1. Lol, then I’m one sick dude for having fun with a cadaver.
      Nintendo is dead, although they keep releasing world renown titles…

      You’re one of the reasons fanboys exist. Your extreme thoughts and comments are the Yang to their Ying.

  5. Better than Xbot technology anyway…

    So I’m only irritated but at least not disgusted…

    I’m guessing the Sonyans will take over the UK now…

    1. in what world the wiiu is in xbox one’s level. that piece of shit isn’t even worth it to be called next-gen

        1. you cant call any of wiiu titles nextgen either LOL. that flop console is like 2 generations behind

          1. LOL minecraft graphics is like 7 generations behind and sony still allows that sad piece of shit to be released on their system

            1. that ‘sad piece of shit’ probably has more players than all of sold wiiu consoles in its entire life LoOL

  6. Good.Nintendo needs a fucking wake up slap,in which in this case its super effective. Really can’t believe knack outsold mario lmao that’ll get Nintendo where it really hurts.


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    2. Hahah this is your trolling? WORST TROLLING EVER! Haha you ducking sick at it now quit while your ahead, Oh WAIT A MINUTE hahah
      Your not!!!!!

  7. They’re probably going to rush out SSBU + MKU now as a desperate attempt to turn this around. What a glorious day it’ll be when it all crashes and burns.

  8. Who cares about the PS4. I’m on a Nintendo site, I don’t care about Sony, can I have just Nintendo articles?

          1. a launch game for the almighty ps4 not even comparable to a current gen game in sales LOL how embarrassing

  9. @vulture_street is an exposed little troll bitch with a bad taste of music. The Script are awful. You and you’re little friends should run along now.

      1. 20 minutes after getting exposed and that’s the best you can come up with.


        1. You’re a tad too invested in this and it’s getting embarrassing, dude. Cool it. You’re just as bad as these trolls at this point.

    1. Yeah you joke, I literally vomited all over my carpet. Knack is such garbage I just…. Oh greasy now I just barfed in my phone

    1. I hope so to the demand of those games would sell a lot of wii us to people. I rather have starfox, since it hasn’t had a game since the DS

  10. The fact mario came out about the same day of the ps4 launch i knew it wasn’t going to go to well. Who knows mario might pick up next week. Can’t say its good news for nintendo. Maybe they should have push mario to DEC.We don’t know how many copies were sold. We can assume that 250,000 of the #1 game sold

      1. COD is the most casual kids game I know.
        They have fine tuned it to stay in PEGI 16 here in Europe, to reach as much audience as possible. (PEGI 16 is same as rated T I think)

  11. Again, before anybody act like this is a big deal…who do people actually think owns consoles these days?

    The actual amount of REAL gamers, as in the people who know what games are, outside of what the TV said, is VERY small.

    1. This^

      I like the way the Wiiu is shaping up, the over commercialization of the Wii meant it was swamped with shovelware and had a bad image.
      The Wiiu is much more of a gaming purists console! Who cares if the Wiiu sells low anyway? I would only care if it was disastrous but its really not. It should end the year with about 5-6M units sold.
      Lets say Xbox one sells about 8M in its first year, is that really much better than 5-6M? People are just overly dramatic about things.

      I think the Wiiu can sell a good 30-40M+ lifetime and be conidered a classic cult console at the end just like say the 64 or the Cube.

        1. Not really, its probably just edging towards 5M as we speak and we have Christmas sales this month. I’d say 5-6M is right on the money by december 31st more or less.

  12. Well fanboys you can’t damage control this one and now do you see that Wii U is doomed and that the majority of gamers don’t give a shit about it ??? It took like 1-4 DAYS for the ps4 to beat Wii U’s LIFETIME SALES LMAO in UK and next is America. Nintendo better have a back up console or have a 3rd party plan because it’s about over for there home console life.

    1. discontinue the wii u is good awful choice. It can screw lots of things up even worse for nintendo they are better off with the wii u for a couple of years possible until 2017. Its not because i’m fully defending the wii u, but the last time company fully discontinue a console because of power issue was sega and they got a financial damaged

      1. That’s true but if this trend of awful sales continue then they will have to jump ship because they will be loosing money anyway actually they are loosing money from wii U right now. WWHD didn’t save it, pikmin didn’t save it, W101 didn’t save it and not even MARIO 3D world could save it so if there #1 killer app couldn’t save it nothing will its just a time bomb right now.

        1. It goes to what happen with sega it puts consumers into fear that they could do it again damaging Nintendo’s relation with its consumers more. its just better

      2. I don’t see why they shouldn’t discontinue the Wii U if the hardware and games for it sell as poorly as they do. No reason to keep an irrelevant product on the market just for the sake of stubbornness.

        1. There is way too much invested in current development to just “Pull the plug.”
          Seriously, look at the big Picture. Nintendo can’t discontinue WiiU at this point. That opportunity sailed a long time ago.

    1. Allow me to continue, fish sucks… And uhh I really have no beef with the uk beyond this. Oh except your country is full of retards spending 100$ more to play knack hahaha I swear you government must be putting something in the water. Are Brits really that stupid

  13. where were you when vulturestreetgate happened?

    we already know nintendo doesn’t care about sales, oddly enough

  14. The VIta sold 600k at launch (Japan) and today is that what we know, what’s the point of sell well in the beginning and not have a good long-term performance? the PS4 is a console that doesn’t deserve yet these sales he has.

      1. So where did PS4 best selling in UK history come from? The media is all worshipping Sony. 250k > than 326k? For real?

  15. Mario games sell a lot over the long run and not so much in the short run. SM3World will dwarf the sales of Knack in the end.

  16. Kinda sad, actually. The Wii U is a pretty good console.

    I don’t care if Wii U is going to be a sucess or not, I only want to play games that I want to play. And right now the PS4 nor Xbox One are no-picks for me.

  17. Of course it is, since it has CoD and stupid sport games right from the start. *sigh* Anyone who bought an XBOX ONE or PS4 is a complete retard IMO, there aren’t even any decent games out for them yet.

  18. The day I take the UK seriously when it comes to gaming is the day Nintendo goes bankrupt and disappears.

  19. Why are these fucking Playstation-fanboys buying this shit? Knack has shitty graphics and shitty gameplay! Or do they really think this game looks or plays good?

    1. Caterpie likes knack :( The biggest downside to the game is when you die you go back a long way to the last checkpoint. Everything else about it’s quite fun! :)

  20. The PS4 is gonna be the last sony console, very expensive to make, not enough profits! The difference with sonydrones is that we don’t want your crappy 1st prt titles when u’ll die, take them in the tomb with you! Meeeooowww

  21. I would never own a PS4 or Xbox One, because I won’t pay for online. Plus, I hate FPS’ and online multiplayer in the first place so what is the appeal for me?

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