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Here’s The First Look At Wii Sports Club Golf

Wii Sports Club Tennis and Bowling released last month and provided Wii U owners a chance to try out the two sports with a free 24-hour pass. But last night during Reggie Fils-Aime’s “TweetUp” event, a first look at Wii Sports Club Golf was filmed directly from his office.

Fortunately, it looks like the GamePad is getting some love here, as both tennis and bowling require the use of Wii motion plus remotes, leaving the GamePad to sulk on the sidelines. Let us know if you’ll be purchasing Wii Sports Club Golf when it releases on the eShop in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Here’s The First Look At Wii Sports Club Golf”

      1. The gamepad is on the ground because the wiimote is using the sensor bar in the top of the gamepad to tell where you are hitting. It’s so people can’t just swing the controller and get a hole in one like the original.

  1. Oh WOW! I know I’m gonna be alone on this, but NOW is the time for me to buy my WiiU. I bought my Wii at launch and, although I have a ton of great Wii games, I said the day I bought it that if they never release another game, Wii Sports is worth the price of the console. I had so much fun with the Sports game for so many hours that it easily paid for my console. I just haven’t had the opportunity to buy the U yet, but I will be picking it up soon for this one… there are other titles I want, but this one is the one I NEED.

    1. Assuming there are 5 sports then that’s $50, the price of a new retail game. I’d rather pay $40 for 4 sports that I’ll actually play.

  2. Back at E3 2011, Nintendo showed tech demos of both Golf and Baseball with Game Pad support, so I guess Baseball will have Game Pad support as well.
    I’ll be buying Wii Sports Club if it has a retail release/discount for getting all sports at once

  3. Why would I want to put my nice clean gamepad on the floor??? I’ll stick to bowling, tennis, and maybe boxing when that comes out

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