Three Unannounced “World Premieres” At The VGX Awards Tonight

The official VGX Awards website has been updated to inform you what to expect when the awards show makes its debut this evening. The VGX site says that there will be three unannounced premieres shown off at the event. We already know that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be demoing a previously announced game for the Wii U in the first hour of the show. Any guesses as to what the three unannounced world premieres will be?

  • Our first secret world premiere – We cant divulge all of our secrets, but trust us, you’re going to love this one.
  • Secret world premiere #2 – Another all-new game, brought to you by VGX.
  • Another awesome world premiere – We’ve got some of this year’s biggest trailers – only at VGX.


      1. i really hope the game that Nintendo is revealing is not Smash Bros. We already have so much info on that game and how it will look. Don’t get me wrong, i love smash Bros and can’t wait for the release. But Nintendo needs to show ether the new WiiU Zelda or Metroid. That’s really gonna get people pumped for the WiiU and show them what the system really can do.

      2. Biased as fuck! Yeah I hate that they spoil everything on smash bros this could be a game where we are playing a year into it and not know about secrets/added characters/etc until later on this the game span of playing. But I shouldnt talk I am a dipshit.

      3. yea its like didnt they get feedback from brawl? letting everyone know your cards for a year day at a time isnt that smart, specially for a series as highly respected as smash.

        i never really go on their site because i dont want to see how it looks/ see items and characters so its a surprise for me but then going on sites likes these show what sakurai reveals. i guess i just shouldnt visit the internet for a year.

  1. This could be some very very effective advertising for Wii U, just to show what it can really do. Nintendo go!!!!

    1. Not only is that one poor attempt to make fun of his name, but everything that followed gave me some brain cell loss.

    1. Not that I won’t say it can be, I do not think it shall be as Aonuma said he will be revealing more at E3 2014.

  2. They are all literally not going to be on Wii U, why even bother reporting on it?

    1. Same here, let’s hope they don’t embarrass themselves. I just hope it’s something worth watching the VGX for.


    1. Nintendo lose if this is true and no one can damage control that.Its a fucking Dudebro Show they dont wanna see Donkey Kong shit!But nintendo dont want to learn.If Nintendo pull something big out of the blue i eat Crow.


      REGGIE AT THE END: “my bo.. My body wasnt ready” LMAO

  4. I don’t see why everyone think. Nintendo is revealing something big. It’s already said that the game will be a previously announced game (SSB, Mario Kart 8 and DJCT) most likely (Bayonetta, X or Yoshi Yarn) unlikely. Best senerio we have is that they reveal new info on SSB including some new characters and gameplay additions.

      1. Our scientists tried using Chozo technology…

        It did not end well for most…

      2. Being upgraded to a Nintendo Commander instead means my life transfered from the virtual universe to the human one…

  5. If I donkey kong and that’s it I’m done for a while if I see something amazing I will be so hyped :)

    1. If it’s just dki will seriously seriously shake my head . And for me to do that to Nintendo, they seriously have to fuck up

  6. What if Reggie showed donkey kong and right after so you thought that was all bam new Zelda or metroid or x at least

  7. I did see in the coding or HTML in the vgx website that the code name of the new upcoming wiiu game was majora so I was like damn that better be true ;)

  8. Lord Reggienator will announce a game that sends an EMP through the Sonyan and Xbot homeworlds…

      1. Well, it’s selling better than it was but it hasn’t made any ground really. Sales have increase with the Wii U buy sales have increased with everything. Just last week the PS3 sold 480,000, the 360 sold 480,000, the XBOX One sold 400,000, and the PS4 sold 955,000.

        The Wii U sold just 275,000.

        *shrugs shoulders*

      2. Well it is a bit unfair to compared PS4 and the Xbox Done since they are still in their launch weeks…

        PS3 and the Xbox360 probably sells well because they are cheap now and have a lot of games…

      3. Not really. I mean even if you look at the tallies of the Wii U in it’s launch week the PS4 and XBOX ONE not DONE outsell the Wii U on Black Friday week.

        As matter of fact, the PS4 has not only outsold the Wii U this year on Black Friday week, but it also outsells the Wii U that last two weeks of November 2012 as well.

        Week ending November 24th 2012
        Wii U – 475,000

        Week ending December 1st 2012
        Wii – 338,000

        So that is 813,000 in two weeks for the Wii U which includes the Black Friday week to the PS4 having 955,000 in the Black Friday week alone.

        In doesn’t matter that the PS3 and 360 are cheap and have a lot of games. The Wii has a lot of games to the and the Wii U is barely selling more than that is.

        The facts are what they are. There is no way to spin this in a positive way for the Wii U outside of the fact that it is selling more than it used to. That is all. It still is getting owned by everything else.

        That is why Nintendo needs to bring it tonight. They show off a realistic-looking Zelda and maybe announce Starfox and Metroid, that’ll turn things around in a hurry.

  9. Shin megami tensei X Fire emblem, Yarn yoshi, Zelda U, X , Bayonetta 2, MK8, Smash bros, Tropical freeze.

    It really has to be one of those!

  10. If LoZ Wii U gets a trailer, then there is not really anything that can stop Nintendo from owning the VGX this year. Usually I don’t bank on Nintendo completely destroying the competition at this particular event, but Nintendo may have the edge.

    1. I heard this is the first time they will be making an appearance or something. I don’t expect them winning it either, but one can hope!

      1. Ah, that’s pretty cool. I must have mixed this event up with another if it’s Nintendo’s first time. Well, this is definitely a solid way to start off and if Zelda U is there, then they do have a serious shot at taking the crown or at least making Sony and Microsoft sweat for this win! #GoNintendo

    2. I don’t think they’ll show DK. I pretty sure reggie’s staff and reggie himself knows how the VGX works. The line of titles is usually T-M with some E rated here and there. Personally if its just a majora’s mask remake for WiiU I would be still be happy, though not as much as a brand new zelda or damn star fox game

      1. DK’s probably not big enough so I agree with you there. I think a new Zelda sounds great although I full fledged remake for Majora’s Mask sounds good. (Retail release) Star Fox does need a new game as well, but Nintendo these days….I hope they get back to it soon!

      2. I sure they will they are digging more into their past more. We got several classic ips on wii, like sin and punishment, punchout, and DK. Nintendo is right a bout F-Zero in some ways they do need to work something new (maybe flight racing, land sea, and off road hazardous). F-Zero hasn’t had the strongest following but it needs a game now. Star Fox is something nintendo would need time to work on. I say mix elements from assulat, adventures, and 64(maybe command) Rail shooting, land exploring and heavy loaded missions. kinda like kid icarus, but less linear. More exploing like metroid. Maybe a open world style star fox

    1. lucky, going to be 1am here.
      Not expecting much from Nintendo/Reggie.
      But maybe there could be a reason for me to get PS4.

      1. I forgot that I’m in GMT+1, so it’s 12am or something here… Probably not something big, but what if it is a big announcement, and I have the chance of seeing it live?!

  11. Do not get your hopes up people! And why does everyone hate DK. I mean, c mon. DK hasn’t had a lot of games in the past. Also, Retro never hyped up anything, the fanboys did. They never said “we are making something everyone wants us to do.” That was a bullshit rumor coming from Paul Gale. Yet everybody believed it. The former guy from Naughty Dog left because he didn’t want to make realistic games. That should you that Metroid was out of the picture. Just PLEEEASSSE LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I personally think we should hype it as much as we can to show these flamers and trolls that us Nintendo fans will no longer stand for it.

    2. Miyamoto is a rockstar.

      Hey, Reggie has been showing off his Master Sword in his office. Either he will show Zelda U and mimic miyamoto…. or he’ll carry the sword on stage, talk about how awesome the sword is, then show Cranky Kong trailer while flipping the audience the bird.

      Either way.

      1. These Spike Civilians better not anger our Lord of War having his sword…

  12. I’m still hoping the game will turn out to not be Donkey Kong. But if it is, god I hope people start to realize this shit and demand more from Nintendo.

    1. If its bayonetta, X, SSB I would be happy. I think bayonetta needs the VGX more then zelda in my opinion. According to schedule its going to be a demo they are showing…so we can only pray its not donkey kong

  13. I am so sick of getting pissed about lack of wii u support so I got a ps4 too. Nintendo is the best but you gotta get anotner system for 3rd party and thats just the way it is.

  14. please be fire emblem x shin megami crosser and the legend of zelda and the pokemon game they showed in september.

  15. I have been doing a little more research on the GPGPU of Wii U. If you take every piece of raw power it actually has got, it’s got around 1.2-1.5TFlops of CPU power – that’s just the GPU alone.

    You really cannot just read into the clock speeds anymore. Also the CPU has got 5 EU and each core dealing with 3 instructions per clock and that’s all out of order – we’re actually dealing with a powerhouse console. This just proves Wii U is a very very very powerful console.

  16. Oh my God, I’m watching now… this is absolutely terrible <.< It better be worth my time…I suppose it fits the shows audience though :P

  17. Dk….really??? Nobody even try to damage control this. If you do, your a blind delusional Nintendrone. This is just fuckin pathetic! They could’ve wowed us with zelda or metroid but they bring out fuckin cranky kong as their big suprise

  18. Oh well, Nice to see DKTF but we all know that is NOT what we wanted to see. I have been a huge defender of Nintendo up till now, but this is unreal to me. Huge lost opportunity to create buzz. Very very disappointing and even the host of the show was like…are you sure there is nothing else you want to show Reggie? I lol’d

  19. Really guys? I criticize Nintendo when they make blatant mistakes but didn’t any of you bother to listened when Reggie said ”previously announced game”?
    It was obvious it would be Donkey Kong ever since he made that statement.

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