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Japan: Nintendo 3DS Sells 125k And Wii U Sells 48k, Place Top Of Hardware Charts

This week’s Media Create sales are now in from Japan. The biggest news comes in the hardware charts, where both the 3DS and Wii U take glory at the top of the board. The 3DS, a consistently great selling console in Japan, has sold over 120k units, while the Wii U gets a good bump in sales from 28.5k last week to almost 50k (48, 762) this week.

Software sales are looking healthy for Nintendo this week. New release for both Wii and Wii U Dragon Quest X comes in at number 2 and 6, respectively, while Super Mario 3D World shifts another 43.8k copies, coming in at number 7. Nintendo 3DS title Bravely Default: For the Sequel, which failed to chart in the UK, places at number 8, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Duel Carnival coming in just behind in 9th. The software charts are listed below, followed by the hardware charts.

  1. [PS3] Gran Turismo 6 – 204,784 (New)
  2. [Wii] Dragon Quest X: The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Sworn Friend Online – 117,432 (New)
  3. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y – 111,790 (3,200,919)
  4. [3DS] Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind – 93,471 (New)
  5. [3DS] Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang / Supernova – 91,643 (New)
  6. [Wii U] Dragon Quest X: The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Sworn Friend Online  – 70,648 (New)
  7. [Wii U] Super Mario 3D World – 43,844 (183,245)
  8. [3DS] Bravely Default: For the Sequel – 35,617 (New)
  9. [3DS] Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Duel Carnival – 26,497 (New)
  10. [PS3] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 21,600 (358,755)
  1. 3DS LL – 92,375 (82,409)
  2. Wii U – 48,762 (28,518)
  3. 3DS – 32,894 (25,964)
  4. PlayStation Vita – 25,594 (20,202)
  5. PlayStation 3 – 24,085 (13,311)
  6. PSP – 4,416 (4,232)
  7. PlayStation Vita TV – 3,772 (5,391)
  8. Wii – 767 (588)
  9. Xbox 360 – 473 (309)


      1. SHHHHHUT UP!!!!!! this is OUR time to celebrate WII U, everything is perfect!!!! SO DONT RUIN IT!!!!!!!

      2. I apologize! Please understand I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings! I’m sorry and hope you understand.

      3. Yeah look up “3ds will fail” from two three years ago it’s exactly the same scenario as the wii u now , the articles(especiallythe patcher one’s) , and comments are hilarious now…I bet alot of those people feel real smart…. fanboys suck

      4. It’s my first time saying it :) since I’ve played on the Wii u this year I know it is an excellent console. And sooner or later people will go around the medias lies and try it out for themselves.

        The Ps4 is also excellent, but is directed at an other kind of game interest. But Sony does not have the problem with getting sabotaged by media blatantly negative untrue statements. That makes selling a produkt much more easier.

        Since I’m playing games for the fun, experience and to get more ideas for my 3d animation (hobby for now). It makes me a neutral gamer which does not takes sides in console wars. I like to see the consoles do well so the companies competitive marketing continues.

        Competitive marketing brings better deals for consumers. I know this because I’m in the middle of a same kind of marketing at my work. I’ve seen Wii u numbers raising the last months even outside Japan, but only time will tell if it holds the momentum.

  1. Wow! that’s great news! Hope Wii U can get some momentum and sales continue to grow.

    8 out of 10 top games are nintendo software, pretty cool

  2. I think I’ll have to move to Japan, where they actually have good taste in games! xD

    Great for Nintendo, I hope the Wii U is stabilizing around 20-40k each week. Now, if they only could get up the sales in the west, the Wii U wouldn’t have any big problems anymore…

      1. Stereotypical i know but the majority of UK gamers play games like Fifa, call of duty as you see why they always top the charts

      2. Nintendo games have always sold well in the UK. The DS sold 10 million units and the wii over 7 million units. The 3DS is selling well in the UK, lts of 3DS games have been right up there in the charts all year, as have quite a few Wiiu games.

        The UK doesn’t hate Nintendo and there is many gamers with good taste in the UK, just as there is in the US or Japan or anywhere else. I know a lot of gamers over here who have an exceptional taste in Gaming.

        Fifa is absolutely massive here, after all the UK is where Football was invented and we have the best football league in the world. So naturaly, millions of people have Fifa. I got it on PS4 and I have PES on 3DS, I also play lots and lots of other games as do many others like me in the UK.

      3. stop making up bullshit the whole world knows that the UK hates Nintendo. this is proven in the sales chart year after year . the 3ds is currently struggling software wise and those sales charts proves it. we know the Wii U is not being sold very well in that country due to hatred for Nintendo. The 3ds is still in deep trouble over there so don’t give us that bullshit that Nintendo is not hated in your country

      4. Nintendo games do shocking here in Britain. You’re delusional to think otherwise. I know absolutely no one with a Wii U, and incredibly few people with a 3DS. We live in a nation of sheep unfortunately.

      5. Numbers says that Nintendo never sells in UK; even Wii numbers were a console reports only 6.5% of its total numbers in UK. FIFA and CoD are in the top spots; even more weeks than in the US. So yes, the only place Nintendo has to work now is UK and Europe. WiiU has no EA support and no PES so it will be difficult. What I DONT UNDERSTAND IS WHY A GAME THAT ONLY UPDATES THE ROSTER IS ALWAYS IN THE TOP SPOT??. I mean, at least CoD or BF change some things but FIFA. If videogames follow this trend we will witness another crash

    1. Taste is subjective.

      Most cod, fifa, madden, mario (place rehash and or milked franchise here) are not bad games. They just arent worth the full price they ask for.

  3. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Ultimate Dress up as a slut and battle monsters simulator) & pokemon x/y are still selling well

  4. This is wonderful. Mostly because the Wii U is selling but also because… lets be honest. The best thing for selling a Wii U is a Wii U. The more systems that are out there, the more people playing. Playing is what gets people hooked on that Nintendo charm.

  5. Good for nintendo! hopefully they maintain their momentum even after the holidays… although I doubt it will happen.

    I dunno why you guys kept on using final fantasy XIV images when it comes to anything related to bravely default. Sure it’s yoshida’s art direction too but it always gets me confuse.

    1. Me too, I do believe WiiU sales in January and february will be poor but; hey, this is good news for Nintendo and the WiiU owners. More consoles out there more games to us!!! Happy to see this numbers!! ^^

  6. mario is doing good, dragon quest did well on both thats good. The wiiu got a big jump due to dragon quest hopefully the wii u will do well in japan this hoilday, also america. UK…not sure how they work, they have low install base to see any sales there.

  7. I want to know how Bravely Default sold in Europe. It’s fucking amazing, it’s like a game from some alternate reality where Square Enix weren’t shit, and this was their Final Fantasy, is so good, i just hope the sequel gets localised too

  8. WiiU has been fine for months. Next year it’s the only system with bankable games :). oh! and how the rivals started to cry. Notice how much money the 3DS has made, tons :).

    1. The Wii U has not been fine for months. The last few months for Wii U have been disastrous. Only now is the console starting make a turnaround on the back of 3D World. The sales will most likely plummet down to under 10 000 next week in Japan.

      1. According to VGChartz WiiU sales are steady and fine since october (Ok, one month xD). The point here is that too many people are not happy because they want to see the WiiU always as a fail. You will see good months and bad months from here; BUT I doubt I’ll se this console as a fail

  9. It’s about time people in Japan started buying Wii U’s. I wonder how many of them are Christmas gifts that have yet to be opened? ;)

      1. no and yes. they believe in a different religion. they could have santa. but don’t belive in any christian or cathlioc /jesus things. they celebrate a holiday like christmas

      2. Actually, although you will see trees decorated in some areas(probably not in homes) I don’t think most people receive presents on Christmas. At least in my experience as an exchange student, my host family just had a cake that said Merry Christmas.

      3. It’s kind of like Thanksgiving or Halloween from what I can tell, everyone seems to celebrate but not religiously for the most part I don’t think

      1. He’s going to have a Mario picture drawing party with all his eFriends on Miiverse tonight.

      2. what do you mean, as he mentions me in half of his comments and replies to everyone of mine. he seems kinda like a loser.

  10. Not bad gotta give credit where credit is due, lets see if this “momentum” can keep up and change my mind about Wii U

    1. I doubt it. The Wii U’s sales have been boosted the past couple of weeks thanks to the release of Super Mario 3D World. Pikmin 3 had a similar effect for the few weeks after it came out in Japan. After everybody had gotten their Wii U and copy of Pikmin 3 the sales nosedived. This will most likely be the situation with Mario.

      1. Mario is a much more popular than Pikmin. Except 3D World to plummet off the charts in it’s 4th or 5th week and excpet Wii U hardware sakes to do the same.

      2. but I believe Mario sells increased since last week. plus looks what came out since then stuff that japan is crazy for. Mario will sell well through out dec after that I don’t know

      3. 7 weeks, then we awaited Zelda Wind waker HD, here that was sells greatness. Japan picked up with the bundles and games games games. Great games Super Mario 3D world 38/40 Famitsu baby! veryone else gave it a 10/10.

  11. I think there will be steady slow towards the hoildays for nintendo, they due well during hoildays in japan

    1. Lol I just find it funny how dragon quest did better than 3d world. I know Japan isn’t all that big with Mario but still

      1. Yea true, but I dont blame them rpgs are amazing. IMO Japan has the best taste in games especially when you compare it to UK and America (cod nation)

      2. Its a JRG japan loves the crap out them. Just look at pokemon sold a million within the first days, I belive FF13 did the same as well. It doesn’t surprise me honestly

      3. I don’t get how people still like Final Fantasy, I mean ive heard good things about some of them but there are so many sequels I cant keep count of them, aren’t people bored of them

      4. its mostly the last final fantasy they made. They don’t have many interesting characters, plus I think FF fans say lightning is ment to be a female cloud

      5. @NB well they aren’t really “sequals” unless its a title like X, X-2 but every new final fantasy has new characters, story, a little changed battle system and new world so it’s always a fresh new game but they started fucking up after 10, 11-ass, 12-ass, 13-ok. @retro, yea its true we only say that cuz they’re both ex soldiers, emo/serious personality

      6. Yeah, the last FF I’ve played was three and seven never touched the series that much after. The rpg I’ve been playing the most is xenoblade shits on all the last FF games that have come out it has a great story with more likeable characters

      7. Dude, its the law in Japan that you can release Dragon Quest on a week day, because people just don’t come to work.
        At least that’s the rumour.
        Also it sells a shit ton of money.
        DQ is huge in Japan.

    1. xbone will not sell in japan that much, ps4 not sure what its launching with that apeals to japanese market

      1. Maybe because its an American console?
        Have to wait and see, how Japanese like US made Sony PlayStation.

  12. My only wierd little worry is: I hope Nintendo doesn’t see this as “Huh, I guess they really liked that Cranky Kong reveal- that must be why Wii U’s sellin’ like hotcakes!”
    *Retro’s next 8 games are Donkey Kong*

    1. Donkey kong was retros call and who knows that may be the side project. I really would like to retro due Fzero or starfox over another metroid at this moment. I say have one more DK country make it a side project then give the ape a break

      1. At this point, anything for mature gamers would be welcome. There’s too much ‘cute’ coming out of Nintendo. All the franchises/ips they’re staying away from are the ones I crave! Yes, Fzero or Metroid or X would be much appreciated.

      1. YES YOUR RIGHT!!!!!!! ALLLL HAIL OUR MIGHTY LORD NINTENDO!!!!! ALLLLLL HAIL!!! *bows down over and over cross eyed*

        HAHAHAHAHAH WIII U MAD HAHAHAHAH!!!!! U and hahahahaha just wait……MII hahahahahah get it!!!!!!

  13. when i see these numbers i can onlyl laugh about these stupid folks who say nintendo is irrelevant in the hardware-business as they are dominating one of the biggest markets out there.

  14. So we spanked japan in the war and they ended up playing good games. we beat up on England yet England likes shitty games. what gives?!

      1. the only thing the wii u is good at, is trying to play dust, since it has no games.

      2. My Wii u is being played. That new Pikmin DLC is Nice. It reminds me of pikmin 2. New areas.

      3. ignoring pikmin 3, wonderful 101, Mario, lego city, rayman, deus EX, Mario 3d world, monster hunter, tekken, and ect

      4. yet people bring them up. Does matter if they are irreverent to u ,many people enjoy those games and they are games, so the no game joke is pointless among trolls

      5. how can games be relevant on a irrelevant gaming machine in the first place?? for reaaly!!!!!

      6. Ignoring Pikmin 3 was top ten longer than Knack. Knack dropped faster than Lego City undercover. 2nd week Lego City was still top ten. Then pikmin 3 brought the game back to too ten. Pikmin 3 made top 10 globally unlike Knack.

      7. Most of those games irrelevant? Ignoring everything he listed but DS Ex, W101 mad top ten best seller in the US, Japan and Europe. Ray man Legends doesn’t count since its multi plat but then again I’ll leave it up to you since it Wii U version brought the most revenue.

      1. the next consoles from the big 3, wii u ps4 and xbox one. nintendo decided to compete with last gen with wii u though and thats why wii (hahahahah get it) say its a last gen console, because its a fishers price vacuum toy.

      2. Next gen is just next. Its not define by power. If the power of hardware stoped,how would we define a gen. its next gen though some people will say its not when it clearly is. put honestly pc fucks all console so this console war bs is pointless

      3. Real next gen? Icy boy you are so wrong about Wii U’s hardware. Yes right now Ps4 graphics are the best. However in the long run, Ps4 has very little room to increase its limits. Wii U is not close to that brick wall yet. Also, you never even seen nothing graphically since you only got SMBU and Luigi U. So of course you would assume Wii U is not next gen. Pikmin 3 is a different story.

      4. pikmin 3??? your really a dumb ass, what about need for speed most wanted u?? your really dumb. pikmin 3 doesnt show off any power like you say.

      5. yes i do…… your an idiot and im willing to bet that you only haveall 1st party games for the fail u.

      6. Ignoring and forgetting I have AC3 Trine2 and Rayman Legends. But you’ll forget in less than 24 hours anyway. But if you want to believe Pikmin 3 based off YouTube go ahead moron.

      7. Need for speed I know has PC like textures but what hold a button for a few moments and steer to try to get I. First place? Mario Kart I can use weapons to cheat and win.

      8. Why would I pay to buy NFSU to hold a button and steer with the analog stick? Same thing for PS4 version just prettier graphics. But hold “x” to go and use the analog stick to steer and your mini map to show you the design of themap and what palace you are in. Then if you reverse a rear camera will display. Oh yeah I’m paying $60 for that uninnovative racing game.

      9. Who’s the stupid one? All these people who love Nintendo and are here enjoying Nintendo news in a Nintendo related website, or you who doesn’t like Nintendo and is here to troll every day like the loser you are? Wii U did great this week in Japan, Super Mario 3D World can’t be irrelevant when it got amazing scores. Grow up.

    1. I never said that I said it wouldn’t be a system seller or save the Wii U and it didn’t nor was it a system seller

      1. Yes you did. It wasn’t going to sell. It was going to be off top 10 charts after a week like Pikmin 3. Yeah you said that.

      2. No I didn’t your putting words in my mouth. I said the game will sell well BUT it won’t save the Wii U or be a system seller and I was right sales for the game keep dropping too week after week

      3. You also said it would be swiped off the top ten charts like Pikmin 3. Really quick. Remember you brought up. We fanboys said Pikmin 3 would increase sells. It didn’t. Lost Worlds would increase sells it didn’t. Now because 3D World proved you wrong you don’t want to admit to it. And as a system seller in Japan. I don’t know what numbers in Japan define a system seller since it never sold this many units before. And neither do you. I just have to wait until sales mature globally on all consoles to get an idea what a system seller is and what isn’t. A year ago Wii U was selling like crazy too. But of course you forgot.

      4. Now a system seller in Japan is only 3DS since it is always at the top globally. It did lose to the Ps4 once. But Ps4 sales areto immature to consider it a system seller. Wii U is too uunpridictale to determine if it is selling good or bad since sells appear to be increasing. But what’s Wii U’s max in sales that’s the question.

      5. Right about Week after week. But you never knew 3D World would allow the Wii U from 17k to 48k. You assumed it would have declined back in sales since Pikmin 3 did that.

      6. Again you are twisting what I said. I said you fanboys said pikmin 3 would save the Wii U it didn’t, WWHD didn’t, sonic didn’t, and now Mario didn’t I never said those games WOULDN’T SELL I said they wouldn’t save the Wii U and none of those did and Mario is repeating pikmin history so I wasn’t wrong and you are just trying to twist what I said

      7. Mario repeating Pikmin history. The most hardware units pikmin 3 ever sold was 17k in Japan once at launch. After that it just kept on decling. Now how is 3D World a repeat of pikmin in Wii U sales?

      8. Also Pikmin 3 didn’t even get Wii U to sell over 100k globally during launch. So how is 3D Mario repeating that?

      9. By not being a system seller like you fanboys claimed, by not saving the Wii U like you fanboys claimed and by declining in sales each week!

      10. Oh come on you know damn will you didn’t know 3D Mario Works would maintain momentum in sales. You thought it was going to decline after it sold 28k in Japan at launch.

      11. Pikmin 3 went from 17k to 12k to just over 10k. So how is 3D world repeating history if so far is doing the opposite?

      12. I already explained my self if you can’t comprehend then I dont know what to tell you. 3D world wasn’t a system seller and keeps declining in sales and it didn’t save the Wii U. That’s the bottom line

      13. Yeah will you doubted Mario 3D world would increase Wii U sales from 17k to 48k in Japan.

      14. As for your bottom line. You know NSMBU hasn’t been at top ten yet still sold over a million in less than a year. So with 3D Mario world coming from 2nd to 7th Kent like Pikmin 3 sales. Therefor your bottom line is weak since 3D Mario is the best seller on eshop. You did know there are more than one option to buying video games on 2013 didn’t you?

      15. What you mean Wii U is declining in sales? Didn’t you compare Oct, Nov sales? 3D Mario got the console alone with no help from 3rd party to 6 figures. Others depend on 3rd party. Amazing how 3rd party games do better than exclusives on Sony and Microsoft. Why is that?

    1. dont fucking know but you should be ashamed that vita has been kicking wii u’s ass. until now wii u passed it. thats like losing to rock.

      1. So should I be ashamed that Wii u outsold 3DS since Japan is a handheld market?

      2. hahahh you really shouldnt but most people would because there overly attached to a piece of plastic!!!!!!

      3. Actually its not the hardware that makes a person attached to the aconsole but the software. TThat’s why I’m shocked Vita is not increasing in areas the PS4 is selling at. If I owned a PS4 I’d buy the vita to get the most out of my hardware and experience the 2nd screen. What gives its an cool feature. Plus you can take it further than the GamePad.

      4. I’m not ashamed just getting smart with icy boy. I thought Vita TV was going to sell 10k a week.

      1. It must a piece of shit because PS4 aint helping Vita. I was wrong on that. I thought that feature would increase sales like 3D Mario proved “you thought ” wrong.

      1. Maaan I miss fighting my pals on 360 though…they was a lot of fun…good thing I’m apart of their group on facebook so I can still talk to those bastards. ID is Snowman009 on 360 and my first wii u (and still have)

        here MONDOMANIQUE, MoeBEASTMode, and TheVitaminD…all three of them are my pals…and one random guy name CameleonSauce20


        MONDOMANRIQUE vs Snowman009 (me being the blue hugo)


        Snowman009 vs MoeBEASTMode (me: akuma)


        Snowman009 vs TheVitaminD


        CameleonSauce20 vs Snowman009 (akuma once again)

        I tell ya man, I loved fighting rather I lost or won…wish I could show you my matches on street fighter x tekken…

    1. We have to take into account that the consoles in Japan will not sell the same has they use to be during the ps2 era.

  15. Lovely to see Nintendo’s latest getting somewhere at last. It’s not all doom and gloom. Just need to work on the advertisement and Nintendo will have 2014.

  16. Please Understand that the Wii U is starting to do pretty well. I’m glad that we saw an increase although I’m not sure about Attack on Titan being so high in the rankings….3DS continues to stomp on the competition and completely pulverize them. I’m loving the 3DS and its continued success

    1. Ignoring 3Ds is out selling every console globally. I wonder why icy boy ain’t ashamed of that yet put it out that j should be ashamed for a Vita that out sold win u in japan.

      1. I agree that the 3DS is doing excellent and I’m proud of it. The Vita has been doing better lately, but I feel like they made some of the same mistakes as the Wii U. Lack of advertising

  17. This is great! Lets hope the wii u sales keep up.I am a bit surprise though, I know DQ does good in japan but I thought DQX Wii U was going to flop like DQX Wii because of its much much smaller install base.

    Regardless im glad the Wii U is picking up steam.

  18. Lol a Yu-Gi-OH! Game in the top ten seems funny, then again it’s a 3DS game after all, and they tend to sell well.

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