Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow, December 18

Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct will be coming tomorrow, December 18. The direct will focus on Wii U and 3DS software launching through Spring 2014, so we can expect to see more footage and information on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and, quite possibly, Mario Kart 8. Nintendo sure love surprising us for a pre-Christmas treat. Visit tomorrow at 6am PT and 9am ET, or 2pm GMT and 3pm CET for UK and European fans to catch all the latest Nintendo news.


    1. Do you really think they’ll reveal unlock able characters? You must’ve not been familiar with the dojo for brawl.

      1. They revealed newcomers in dojo. I would know, because I followed the site every single day since day one.They revealed Olimar, Toon Link, Pokemon Trainer, Ike, Diddy Kong, King Dedede, Lucas and Sonic throughout the dojo updates.

        You must be thinking of the actual “unlockable” characters which were revealed like the day before Brawl was released and included Luigi, Ness, Wolf, Captain Falcon, R.O.B, Falco, Mr. Game and Watch, Jigglypuff, and Marth (i think).

    1. Replace Sakurai with Iwata. Sakurai probably gets a boner every time he shows off Smash, but Iwata thinks we wanna see Kiddy Kong announced for Donkey Kong Country Canadian Bash.

      1. Kiddy kong?

        Everyone has blown that kranky kong thing out of proportion. The whole VGX was shit. And, I think Tropical freeze looks amazing and kranky kong looks like ”barrels” of fun.

        1. If they are to reveal another character, it would either be Funky Kong, a member of the DK64 crew or a completely new character. Kiddy Kong is highly unlikely.

          1. Most of the “DK64” crew was either in the Classic trilogy or have been ignored since then (aside from Tiny appearing in the Diddy Kong Racing remake, when’s the last time we’ve seen her, Lanky, or Chunky?). They seem to be focusing on the Classic characters more.

            That being said, I think you’re probably right about Funky being more likely than Kiddy because Funky shows up much more often than Kiddy (and Kiddy doesn’t seem to be able to do anything Donkey cannot).


  2. Damn, Nintendo know how to make my week easier! Since I have a hard week (or Wednesday) as a student, this really makes me happy!

      1. Flipnote is sitting with Nikki in a prison cell next to Swapnote and Letterbox.

        Poor app never had a chance. :(

        1. I thought swapnote would be a great way to send messages, but got bored immediately after a few days when messages take a while to send via spotpass. Also there isn’t IM built-in so felt it pretty useless to use the app. I’ll just s pick to my smartphone for messaging

      2. Same. I want to see Y-Dash(creator of flipnote Mario finish his series) but to be honest, I don’t think flip note studio is going to come out for a long time outside of Hsiang. It was one of the main reasons why I bought a 3ds and it’s been delayed for 4+ months. Also considering that some people in Japan have been doing inappropriate stuff on it, we probably won’t be able to have it until they can find a way to ban those people. Since hatena shut down there has been no way to view the few good artists on flipnote.

      1. For fucks sake. They said we will SEE Zelda HD at E3 2014. They never said we wont see anything of it before that. They just said yeah, Zelda will be at E3. Twice now Anouma wanted to show it off but didn’t.

  3. Concentrating on software launching on spring 2014…
    DK and MK8?
    Is there anything else coming?
    Vacation day tomorrow, so I guess I’ll tune in.
    But not expecting anything big.


      1. Have you ever considered the wonderful option of euthanasia?
        It might help your condition.
        Should consider at least a lobotomy.

      2. First of all, Wiiu has lots of games, some really good ones too. Second of all I have a PS4. Last but not least, you’re an assface.

      3. @WII U MAD?
        Wii U 2014 – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft’s X, Super Smash Bros. 4. (If you count third party, Watch Dogs.)
        PS4 – Maybe Uncharted 4, what else? (If you count third party, Destiny, Watch Dogs, and maybe Kingdom Hearts 3.)

        1. It’s a pity I can’t use bold or I will put Bayonetta 2 in bold. Oh, and it’s Wii u exclusive, PS only owners can only watch Wii u owners playing Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2 Bayonetta 2.

      1. Do you even know what a shovelware game is or do you just throw the word around in an attempt to sound smart?

      1. hey, silvershadowfly, I submitted a report to ban a user but no one replied, cant you just ban them now?

            1. Our Shovelware is not GImped like your Weak U versions of Call of Dooty And Ac4 fraud Nice try.

  4. Pre Christmas surprise? Wii U Party 2 confirmed, I mean it’s what Nintendo fans want right? /sarcasm

  5. Can’t even get excited. I’m convinced Nintendo has no idea who their demographic is anymore. Of course, I’ll watch, but my expectations after their VGX fiasco and the Wii U’s 12-14 months of games-4-toddlers are as low as they’ve ever been.

      1. And they’ve been appealing to Nintendo fans in the most minimalistic way possible, that’s the problem. Nintendo used to be about game variety, innovation, and new experiences, but ever since 2010, Nintendo has been none of those things, they’ve been more about uninspired rehashes and appealing to narrow audiences. There’s only so much New Super Mario Bros. 3D Land World you can take before seeing another generic Mario game makes you sick to your stomach. If they don’t change things soon, their long time fans will gradually leave them. If Nintendo has no problem with that, that’s fine, but they shouldn’t act like they’re doing this for us, because they’re doing a piss poor job of it.

    1. This is what they did last year by the way. They had a direct in December discussing upcoming games, and then the big one in January with loads of announcements.

      Tomorrows should be interesting, but the January one will be the biggy.

      1. 4 marios a year? Do explain and remember, the 3DS and Wiiu are two completely different platforms. And spin offs don’t count.

  6. Strange enough,I had a dream earlier that Nintendo will give us Nintendo Direct and it was announced they will be tackling games that will be released in 1st quarter 2014 ( includes spring 2014 titles )…
    AND…Games that have been in process of development these several months will be announced as well.But here’s may upset some..They are titles for the venerable 3ds.What are those Games?Franchises that will return to relevance:

    *GOLDEN SUN for the 3DS
    *DRAGON QUEST localization confirmation
    *Final Fantasy VII Remake/3ds port

    I was shocked,and that made me woke up but was so pleased and hopeful.I know,it’s WEIRD.

    Hey, it was only a good literal dream,okay? :)

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Funny thing is I am not interested in any of the games you mentioned. Golden Sun is boring, Advance Wars is definitely boring, Dragon Quest sucks and is boring and Final Fantasies suck and are the MOST boring of all the games you mentioned.

      1. mmmm please eat shit, that you don’t like RPG or strategy games, don’t make those games “boring”

  7. Our glorious leaders will announce new orders to execute during the next year…

    This is so according to our grand design…

  8. And remember everyone…

    Iceazeama wrote a crybaby report just a while ago about how nobody in here likes him and that it’s his first time blogging on the internet and that people should be nicer to him and all that crap…

    He can troll all he wants, we just know he is a crybaby with no life…

    1. He really should just end his life right now. Who would care. Nintendo is more than he will ever be and he knows it.

    1. Well we should see in January fully unveiled and given a release window. Last year in December, they had a direct discussing the games just round the corner, then in January they had the mega direct.

      I think they will do a January mega direct every year from now. Maybe wrong though.

        1. Well we did get an e3 direct but I suppose that was canceled out by the fact Nintendo didn’t have a press conference…

            1. In some ways. But I think the problem is everyone expects too much from Nintendo. they’ve done nothing but announce and release fantastic games all the way through 2013. Give them a break!

    1. I agree also and im DKC fan. I dont know the whole DKC series feels so done, would be nice if they would do full 3d DK game like DK64, now that was badass game imo.

      1. Yes! DK64 is my favorite DK game. I would be so incredibly hyped for a 64 sequel, or even an HD remake! But, that’s just me :P

      2. Agreed. Nintendo desperately needs more 3d Platformers and not 2d ones. Im a Donkey Kong Fan but I dont feel the DKCR series offers more than the NSMB series. A DK 3d platformer with all the characters and stuff would be amazing

    2. Agreed. They’ve been promoting Tropical Freeze to death and no one cares about it, the game is completely samey and uninteresting. They need to show games that either do something interesting with the Gamepad or use a new gameplay concept.

  9. It’s about friggen time! I wish they announced the Direct two weeks ago so I would stop complaining about not getting any information lol! I was so sure at this point that we were not even getting a Direct until after Christmas, because Nintendo’s been so silent since the reveal of Sonic in Smash Bros.

    I think it is safe to say, we are probably getting a Smash Bros character reveal as well, because we have gotten NOTHING from Sakurai on and that has really bugged me. I wonder who it will be?

  10. I hope they announce new info on upcoming games and show off never before Wii U games. Why can’t Nintendo have a Wii U only direct? They had directs focusing only on the 3DS alone though.

      1. Nintendo wins like a ninja, all the whiny little shithead self proclaimed “hardcore gamers” never see it coming. Nintendo will win, you just can’t predict when they’ll make the deadly blow.

        I almost feel sorry for you… you never.had.a.chance.

  11. Cranky Kong confirmed for MK8!!

    No, I feel it’ll be a little DK news, a lot of Mario Kart 8 news, some news on Kirby and Yoshis New Lisand… MAYBE Yarn Yoshi.

    Maybe a surprise or two but that will probably be the broadstrokes of it.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cranky in Mario Kart, probably Dixie as well. The kongs will be fully supported in the next Mario racing game ^-^


  13. i really believed in wii u until this autumn, because i think it’s a great machine and it really offers somethin different with the gamepad. and i hoped that great games like pikmin, zelda or super mario will turn the trend around and help wii u selling much more units (i also think nintendo hoped this, of course).

    but now, with ps4 and xboxone launched and generating so much hype and even great, fantastic games like super mario don’t have much effect on the sales, i don’t have much hope left for this system. in the end i think it might end up as the least sucessful nintendo-system ever.

    1. It already beat the Virtual Boy, and assuming it can keep at or above its current sales rates through 2014, it will probably surpass the Gamecube, and maybe the N64.

      Who knows, though, maybe Nintendo will pull a 3DS again when we least expect it,

  14. Please Iwata…I’m not asking you to announce brand new titles because that’s begging for disapointment, but please PLEASE try to show a bit more info on something we haven’t heard about in a while. I don’t want the ”big reveal” to be something dumb like ”Funky Kong in Tropical Freeze”.

    1. Nintendo hasn’t even said there would be a “big reveal” in this one. Even THAT might be setting your expectations too high. Plus, I doubt Tropical Freezehas anything more than the four characters we know in it.

      1. the reason why I put ”big reveal” in quotation marks is because I know they haven’t claimed there would be one. What I meant by that was that I’d get upset if the highlight of the direct (most often what they decide to show at the end, IE Monolith’s X) would be another feature in a game that they’re constantly talking about.


    #SHOVELWARE 2013-2014

  16. Nintendo needs to make a game specifically for Waluigi as a Mushroom Kingdom Gangster w/ Wario as the sidekick. Kind of like Nintendo’s own gta lol.

  17. Funny how yesterday I commented in a post saying wont there be a Direct this month? Now poof its on Wednesday lol.

  18. Metroid Dread or bust. No Metroid Prime, no Other M sequel just Metroid Dread 3ds that’s all I want.

      1. We got 4 prime games enough of that crap we need a new 2d Metroid, we haven’t received a true 2d Metroid game since 2004 & I am tired of Nintendo catering to u prime fans instead their true fans all we got was that garbage known as Other M & that is sad, it’s either Metroid 5 or Nintendo can kiss my ass.

  19. I was wondering when the next Direct would be announced, we’re about due for one (I hate how they only announce it a day in advance).

    Not really expecting much interesting here. I think it’s mainly going to cover these games:

    -Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    -Mario Kart 8
    -Kirby Triple Deluxe

    And if we’re lucky, we’ll see info on:

    -Yoshi’s New Island
    -Yarn Yoshi
    -Bayonetta 2
    -SMT X Fire Emblem

    I don’t think there will be any significant new game announcements, so if you’re hoping for something like Zelda U, Metroid U, or a new Pokemon game (besides a spinoff), you’re going to be disappointed. I think most of the announcements of that caliber will be saved for E3.

  20. Cannot see there being anying in this Direct that Nintendo hasn’t talked about before, these Directs are all the same, they never revel anything new.

  21. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INSERT [UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I know Nintendo, They will probably talk about games few people care about. They will spend 10 with DK:TF and then the new kirby and other small announcements.

  23. It’s interesting to see that a lot of people in this thread of a “meh” to a “expecting disappointment” reaction to tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. A few people have CAUTIOUS optimism but are tacking on a caveat “i could be something lame too” at the end.

    It just goes to show that Nintendo is slowly but surely starting to lose people because they either cannot understand their entire gaming pool, or they refuse to understand. You can only disappoint people so many times before even the most jaded fanboy starts to say, “enough is enough already.”

    Someone else mentioned it but I agree that Nintendo doesn’t seem to know how the target demographic is anymore. They thought that they could win back the casuals but as most of us have said that’s not gonna happen. They hope to get those people back with Wii Fit U and maybe that will catch on, but again people would have to buy a Wii U, and balance board, and the game and most people would rather go join a health club for $29.95 a month then go through all of that. I know I would. I get enough exercise when I exercise. I don’t need a video game to do that. There is only so much I can do with it anyway. I can’t go rock-climbing, cycling, martial-arts, or any other activity outside of the parameters of Wii Fit U.

    That last Nintendo Direct was so lame it was funny. I watched it for comedy purposes. I don’t envision tomorrow’s direct being any different.

    1. I hear you man…I hear you so much. I used to be love Nintendo to the point where it was inconceivable for them to disappoint me, but this has changed in the last year, mostly because of their terrible E3 in 2012, their lackluster marketing for the Wii U, and several other disappointments (I’m sorry, but their Direct at E3 2013 was underwhelmed me greatly).

      Their last OMGAWESOMESAUCEMOMENT was in the Direct they did way back in January, showing titles like Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem and Monolith’s currently nameless game since NO ONE saw those coming. But that caused everyone to raise their standards to astronomical levels when it comes to their announcements.

      They don’t seem to realize that a huge portion of their fanbase would like them to evolve and explore beyond their comfort zone, to the point of dismissing them as a minority they refuse to pander to. It doesn’t help that fanboys are WAY too forgiving so they don’t see a point in straying away from their formula when people keep swallowing the same Mario games despite the fact the series stopped innovating after Galaxy.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s not even so much that Nintendo needs to progress. Most of the things people are asking Nintendo to do are things the used to do…………BEFORE Iwata.

        The fact that as amazing as Super Mario 3D World is that it was not become the system selling Nintendo thought it would and hoped that it would should be enough to understand that things need to change in a hurry. Even if they just announced that they are working on Metroid, Starfox, a new action-adventure IP, a fighting game, Wave Race, F-Zero, a deal to bring Star Wars games to the Wii U, an FPS, a TPS, or any combination of such I would be satisfied. Don’t need to see a lick of footage either. Just as long as I know they are doing it is enough for me.

        When they came out ans said that they are working on a Zelda title and that it would take a long time to develop I said “cool, that works for me.” I can be patient as long as I have a reason to be. Nintendo has done NOTHING to allow us to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will do what they know we want them to. So any cynicism towards them is perfectly warranted.

    2. Not so much that they don’t know their own fanbase anymore as much as they don’t seem to care about them. They find it easier to market to and profit from stupid kids who buy the same crap 10 times over instead of hardcore gamers who want original ideas and high powered consoles. It’s sad how gaming has come to this, it’s all about appealing to the lowest common denominator and squeezing every cent out of it.

      1. Well the Wii U is a high-powerd console. The problem is that there is very little to show that off in a way that core gamers will respond. Very few people understand the specs of the Wii U and how they actually match up easily with the PS4 and XBOX One. They look at the numbers of 8-core vs 3-core and 8GB vs 2GB and automatically think that means the PS4 and XBOX One are leaps and bounds more powerful than the Wii U because they don’t truly understand how the architecture works on any of the 8th gen consoles. Nintendo needs a game to SHOW the power it has on a level core gamers can relate to. As superb as SM3DW and MK8 (much better than Knack) people will stil says, “Those are cartoon graphics though. Big deal.”

        Nintendo needs to show a ground-up action-adventure game, FPS, fighting game, racing title, so something like that from scratch exclusive to the Wii U. They really need to get the lead out with games like X and Shin Megumi Tensei X Fire Emblem. We need to seen a dark and mature Metroid game. Same with Zelda. Go the direction that they started to go when they first showed the GameCube trailer at Spaceworld 2000.

        But yes, I also agree that they don’t care. Nintendo left us for a hussy (casuals.) Now she’s moved on to her next victim (smart phones and tablets) and Nintendo is in denial that it is over between them. Eventually they will have to come crawling back on bended-knee to the core. They just better PRAY that the core will take them back.

  24. Not even excited at all…
    I would really like to see at least a screenshot of FE X SMT
    It’s been almost a year since I saw that 10 second trailer. I hate those kinds of teases. Years of waiting….

  25. Praying for news on X, Yarn Yoshi, FE X SMT, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, DKTF, and all those other great games. Heck, maybe even a sneak showing of Zelda?

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