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Nintendo UK Offers 3DS Owners Free Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Nintendo UK has launched the Join Nintendo Network Promotion, which gives Nintendo 3DS owners the opportunity to get Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for free. The title is the Game Boy Color version of the NES classic Super Mario Bros. To be eligible to receive a free download code of the game, 3DS owners in the UK must register a new Nintendo Network ID on a 3DS, or they can link their existing Wii U ID. Download codes will be sent between February 13th and February 28th via email.



      1. Indeed it is…

        Civilians are always hit the hardest during wars…

        That’s why we have to win against the evil Xbots to ensure peace and prosperity throughout our universe…


      1. I’m battling in the 3DS section, soon I’ll move to the Wii U section and bring utter defeat to our enemies…


  1. This is for the whole of Europe, not UK only.

    I find it annoying that people think UK represents the whole of Europe, while this definetly isn’t so. >.< It would be better to use Germany instead of UK, since it is a lot bigger and a lot more powerful than all the other countries in Europe.

    P.S: I'm not a german, I'm from the small country next to it, called Belgium.


    1. It’s actually not the most powerful country in EU…

      But I don’t care who the most powerful ones is as they are all useless…


    2. There isn’t a Nintendo of Europe though o-o; (or is there?)
      I think having Germany would be misleading, since Germans speak German, people in the UK mostly speak English. What’s the fuss anyway? The whole of Europe is getting the free game aren’t they?


  2. Haha Europeans are not the only ones who benefit, It appears that all PAL systems will receive it, good thing South Africa falls under that category


  3. I read on kotaku that you have to link your account between the 10th and some other date, if so then i wont be eligible because i linked before the 10th (the 6th or 7th i think).


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