Irrational Games co-founder and creative director Ken Levine has deemed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD as one of his best games of 2013. In a list of his top 10 titles of the year, Levine ranks the Wii U remake alongside several multiplatform games, such as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Additionally, Levine says he wasn’t one of the critics who immediately disregarded the original Nintendo GameCube game for its cel-shaded art style.

“A magical game about a floutist,” wrote Levine, explaining why The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is one of his best games of the year.

“What else do I need to say that hasn’t been said, except I was never one of those haters who didn’t like the way it looked on the GameCube, and it’s even better now.”



  1. Its a great game, but it lacks that wow feelin since many have already experienced it, if it would have come out first time in 2013 im sure it would be the most wanted shit atm.


  2. Ah excellent, oh dear superiors everything is going as planned. Nintendomination will begin, soon childrens we dont have countries, no war, no fear, no pain, just colours everywhere and one big Nintenation, where we all can dance under the bright moonlight. I love ya all, my dear followin Nintendogs and my superiors deserve a mention aswell. We will rise and built the ground thats been won. My tears are flowing through my eyes like an great ocean, but i feel the wind that keep blowing…


    • Theres nothing wrong at all, what are you talkin you son of a —-. You should feel ashamed for youself statin lies here, but if you follow us to the promised Nintendoland you are be forgiven and i love you the way you are.


  3. TAKE THAT SONY AND MS,”Irrational Games Co-Founder Names Zelda: Wind Waker HD As One Of His Best Games Of 2013″ how does it feel to not have enough knacks for snacks?


  4. Lets have a booze to celebrate this moment, come everybody lets sing!

    Its time to let loose
    So gimme that booze
    No need to choose
    When you have Wind Waker
    And Nintendo on your side
    Things are tight
    Get ready and fight
    be faster than light
    ´cause i aint

    Yeah yeah
    Nintendo baby
    Everyone loves miiiiiiiii!
    Deal with it

    Good night i love ya all!


  5. Come children over here! This is mynintendonews place with no dirty and evil machines like playstations and Xboxs! Lets playyy, i wanna plaaayyyyyy!


      • same polygons, same game with just upscaled HD. even frame rate drops in exact same places as in gamecube version. its same old game just in a new enveloppe lol. of course it uses gamepad cos thats the wiiu’s controller.. if you want to see a good remake look at duck tales remastered – all graphics made from scratch. not HD upscale and some little work on shaders. but its a good game regardless. i just dont think HD “remakes” should be treated as new triple A titles. That makes tomb raider definitive edition then also a 2014 game possible to get awards lol. when its just a PC high settings remake on ps4/xb1 XD


        • LOL! Duck Tales got a couple bad reviews and Wind Waker got flawless reviews, I think it’s safe to say which game was a better remake, Not to mention sales-wise and content-wise.

          Don’t let the “HD remake” @ the end of the title fool you, Wind Waker is practically a new game.


  6. Am I the only one who spotted this mistake? Floutist? Eh, sorry, Link doesn’t play the flute in this game. Thanks for the praise Kevin but are you even sure you’ve played this game? How can you get such an integral part of the game wrong?


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