Kamiya Says 2014 Will Be The Year Where A New Project Will Be Set In Motion

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has quizzed a number of Japanese developers and have asked them for some key phrases and resolutions for 2014. The publication quizzed Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya who said that 2014 will be the year where a new project, presumably Bayonetta 2, will fully be set in motion.

“There’s a lot I hold dear in making games, but I think for developers, having fun is most important. The atmosphere of the workplace shows clearly in a game’s quality, so I want to treasure a team atmosphere where each member can have fun developing games. Also, 2014 will be the year where a new project will fully be set in motion. I want to boldly and happily walk that path without fear of failure”


      1. So?

        Wasn’t Metroid Prime the result of them saying “lets give it to someone else”?

        The one thing Nintendo need to do more than ever is reach out to developers like Platinum and get them to help work on games, especially existing IP’s.

        Also, its PLATINUM. They’re pretty much flawless when it comes to gameplay, and Wonderful 101 showed that they can do everything in between to

      2. Agree, if Nintendo do not want, for whatever reason, make games out side of their confort zone (Mario/Zelda) and do not want to buy other studios (cof cof Capcom, cof cof), let other studios work said IP.

        And preaty much that is the desperate stategy Nintendo seem to adopt this generation, hope it work for them with out devaluate their Ips.

  1. I read, “Set into motion” different from “Will be launched.”
    Ofcourse I hope it is referring to a 2014 launch title, but given Nintendo game track records, I’m not getting my hopes up, and will interpret this as, “We’re going to reveal and start the hype train in 2014 for an epic game release in 2015.”

  2. This dude dont want to fail huh?So Bayonetta 2 ps4 Confirmed.#WiiuNogames#NintendoGimmeMyMoneyBack#Ps4BestConsolethisgeneration

    1. He referring to experience. His job of a designer is to give the gamer the best experience whether its on wii u or vita, its not his job to worry about sells. And its still a wii u only title.

    2. That’s not the Platinum way of thinking.
      They dont give a shit about sales, only the quality of the game.

      Basically he’s undertaking a new project that’s going to take alot of his time, and effort, and his team is going to be on it 100%.
      Chances are he’s talking about Star Fox, this is his dream project, and his chance to work on a huge IP.

      1. FUCK NO.

        Go watch footage of Star Fox Assault, then Vanquish, then Zone of the Enders. That’s the game we need.

      2. NO!

        Normal Star Fox (rail shooter) is boring as hell!!! STA is the best Star Fox game ever made! Plus, the addition of Krystal (the best Star Fox character ever made, yes even better than Fox McCloud himself) was amazing and I want to see a sequel where Krystal is not stuck in a…err crystal and she becomes playable with her staff!

      3. No it’s not, ITS NOT EVEN STAR FOX!

        It’s a generic platformer with a couple of Star Fox characters. THATS IT.

        You clearly have no imagination.
        Do you really think the game will just be some better look Star Fox 64? Are you crazy?
        It’s Platinum. Did you even play Wonderful 101? Probably fucking not (no but you’re a REAL nintendo fan). That game has a TON of variety. If any developer can do justice to a genre its Platinum.

        With Vanquish they took a stale genre as the shooter genre, and made it the best shooter ever.

        Stop asking for shit.

    3. Unbelievable how fake hashtags are meant to troll and get people mad. #WIIUMAD?hasnolife #WIIUMAD?livesinhismom’sbasement#WIIUMADbutthurtwiivastlyoutsoldps3

    4. I have a ps4 and I’m wondering what makes it the best console this generation for you? For me, it is really lacking right now and the only game I’m looking forward to is The order: 1886. And maybe Destiny, but as of right now, it isn’t my top pick. I do like the vita cross functionality though.

    1. Platinum wouldn’t accept anyway, the whole point of Platinum was being a studio thats free from Capcom.
      They wouldn’t join another company.
      But they don’t have to, because they work on whatever they want to, and if a company actually ASKS them if they want to make a game, provided the think they can do it, they will.

      The only reason you want Nintendo to buy them is because of some fanboy bullshit.

      1. Considering kamiya has already said multiple times he was eager/open to become a first/second party nintendo studio… Your argument is moot.

  3. Is he talking about releasing Bayonetta 2, or the start-up of production for an all new game? That would be awesome if Bayonetta 2 released next year AND Kamiya announces an all new game!

      1. Good. I wouldn’t mind it being that new Wonder Blue or Jeanne spin off that Kamiya was talking about!


  5. I really do hope Platinum Games work on a nrlew entry in one of Nintendo’s IP’s. Starfox seems likely, given Kamiya’s professed love of the series.

  6. I would says Star Fox, but I basically remembered the incident where he gave up on the idea because of fucking retards annoying him on Twitter about shit like “How are you gonna make Star Fox?” or “Can you kill off Slippy in the game?”.Then again, he is a troll and I might take his statement with a grain of salt. IF he’s dead serious about what he said, he can work on that new Nazo no Murasame-Jo since he was supposedly interested in the idea since September 2012. That would be another Kid Icarus-esque revival I would die to see and play. ^_^

  7. I wonder why PG lists Bayonetta 2 as 1-2 player.
    And Nintendo lists 1 player with quote “Jeanne, appears in the game(as a non-playable character) to assist Bayonetta”.

  8. Please be Star Fox. Please be Star Fox.

    I’ll take any Star Fox right now, whether it’s an on-rail shooter or an adventure. I don’t care which.

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