Sakurai Vows To Get Super Smash Bros 3DS & Wii U Completed In 2014

Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has told Famitsu that he plans to have development on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS completed and released in 2014. Sakurai was one of the many developers interviewed by Famitsu to find out what their video game New Year resolutions are. Here’s what he had to say.

Resolution: “I resolve to complete development on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and release it in 2014.”



      1. That would be cool if Pokeballs had weaker pokemon, great balls had better pokemon, ultra balls had super strong pokemon/pseudo legendaries and masterballs had tankers!!!! :P


    1. Pretty much this. Everyone is drooling over the Smash Bros screen shots, but everyone is also saying. “Welp, I guess I can’t get a Wii U until Smash Bros is released…”


    2. I don’t doubt it, but this guy seems to be a workaholic so I wouldn’t say he needs nintendo telling him to get it done by then for him to want to do so.


      1. looking at Melee, he got 6 new characters added 2 months before release, so yeah, I’d say he’s a workaholic. dunno if his hand’s better from when he broke it though.


  1. This is why i wished Nintendo would take a different approach to releasing Smash.
    They should just release a version with 12 characters now, and then just constantly update it.
    I don’t want the game to be rushed, there should be time taken on each part of the game.


    1. That is a horrendous idea.

      Nintendo are pretty much the only company left that actually bothers to finish their games before they release them. I’d like it to stay that way.

      This approach sort of works with Wii Sports Club, because all anybody wants from Wii Sports Club is Bowling, and maybe Golf at a push. And they’re separate entities anyway.

      Releasing Smash Bros with less than half the roster is ridiculous, and I don’t want to be offensive, but plain fucking stupid. Next we’d have Mario Kart with 8 tracks, Zelda with only the first 2 dungeons.

      I really hope Nintendo don’t just give up like almost every other developer and release 50% of their game and say “yea, the rest is coming later. when? oh fuck knows, whenever we can be bothered. will it work? hell no, it’ll corrupt your save. will it be a free update? well, we might give you an extra 5% for free, but you’ll damn well be paying for the rest of the content that was supposed to be there in the first place. will the base game be cheaper because its only half a game? fuck no it wont. now shut up, give us your money and enjoy this half game”.


      1. ….you’re fucking stupid.

        The game won’t stay “unfinished”, it’ll be updated over months. Fact is Nintendo needs a game that keeps people coming back to the console everyday, Smash is that game, it’s the online consistent online game they have other than Mario Kart.

        And as far as “finishing the game”, it would end up being a higher quality game because things aren’t getting rushed, or delayed. An entire game wont be delayed or pushed for release just because a character is broken, or unbalanced.
        No-one’s actually considered the fact that content wise, this game might be a bit disappointing?
        All they’ve talked about is how “the roster wont be that big”.
        It’s that concerning? And they certainly haven’t shown interest in making it as good as they can for the competitive scene, so why kind of game are we getting? I want Smash Bros 4, not Smash Bros 3.5

        I never fucking said “release half a game”, you fucking incompetent TWAT.
        I said release the game now, YES, with less content but CONSISTENTLY ADD MORE STUFF.
        Why? So that shit is BALANCED, and so there’s a ton of CONTENT, and nothing is being scrapped or unbalanced because of strict development times.

        You fucking fanboy chodes are the reason this company won’t do anything fucking REALLY new.
        The entire reason Link Between Worlds is even a sequel to LTTP is because whiny FUCKS like you would fucking complain, BECAUSE THATS ALL YOU DO!

        Grow the fuck up.


      2. Apparently they are as brain dead as an Xbot like always…

        They obviously don’t know that our empire always delivers the most finished bug free games of all…


      3. SS just a little annoying nothing more, X/Y only one bug, hardly comparable to garbage like BF4 and what problems did Metroid Other M have?…


      4. It wasnt a wide spread wildfire complaint like Pokemon or SS because Metroid OM wasnt a huge success, but after a certain boss fight, if you failed to proceed onto the next room and instead opted to go back and save, said room would be locked again and wouldnt reopen untill the boss was killed. With the boss already being killed there was no way of advancing.

        It happened to me and I waited for a patch that never came.

        In comparison to other developers Nintendo are pretty close to flawles in the bug department, but they have had their share.


      5. @commander, you still said “bug free” and he named some Nintendo games that weren’t bug free so you were wrong


      6. Well said and its true!! Fanboys dont think about the competitive scene…you know the one that keeps the game alive!!! I dont know if sakurais aware that brawl and melee were still alive due to tournaments and competitive play, not stupid 4 player item matches. Like you said, people only care about the “size” of the roster and not the actual gameplay: hit boxes, frame data etc. I see the game being incomplete and unbalanced just like brawl was, also I dont agree with your idea. Its not bad or anything its just I would prefer he finishes the game by the dead line that has been given to him AND THEN give some FREE DLC over time to keep the game fresh and to keep it from getting stale and to balance it out over time when someone’s too broken (like meta knight in brawl). If he doesn’t update with dlc he will be known for the biggest idiot ever in gaming since dlc will keep the new smash alive for the whole Gen. I’m talking dlc characters that couldn’t make it due to deadlines, dlc map packs, dlc costumes!!!! All that will make the game a more than must have and will keep the game selling amazing over time.


      7. how about you grow up and realize that he was giving legitimate reasons why, and backing it up. all the points were against the idea, not you. you don’t have to be so aggressive. like jeez can’t there be an intelligent conversation anywhere? you guys both had good ideas, just work it out without calling each other twats or without more unnecessary insults.

        personally, I like what nintendo does when they loose sales, and if the gamecube tells anything, they be innovative as all ****.


  2. Sakurai has been working his ass off on the game, brawl was delayed due to adding online and SSE. He has more done then people think he doeswe already have 20 characters confirmed. Wario yoshi, jiggly puff, captain faclon, ganondorf, game and watch, king dedede, metanight, ice climbers, zero suit, sheik, and falco will return. we might get 40 characters total which is okay with me.


    1. I am 100% sure a Pokemon Trainer will be in the game, because of how unique the character is and we all know that Sakurai LOOVES unique characters.

      Diddy Kong will definitely return… Dixie Kong has a shot at addition as well.

      Either Lucario or Mewtwo will be in the game (perhaps both?)

      Chrom/Lucina or some Fire Emblem character will be in the game to replace Ike.

      Only other guess is Krystal, Ridley and a THIRD 3rd party character (from Namco Bandai) and a retro character brought back to life (Takamaru? Stanley?)

      Then there is also no telling what other characters Sakurai has up his sleeve.

      I can’t imagine SSB4 wthout at LEAST 42-45 characters.


      1. With the Pokemon Trainer I hope they keep Red, or maybe have Hilda instead but I doubt it’d be her since X/Y are the newest games.

        But instead of having three Pokemon to attack, maybe PT could have different Pokemon set for one imput, for example, Up + B would summon a Pokemon for him to fly with to recover, and neutral B could summon a Pokemon with a projectile. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this as well as I should but I think it could be an interesting way to change him up.


      2. I think they’ll keep PKMN Trainer the way he is. Only way to change him up is give him different starter Pokemon, but I don’t see that happening, because Charzard is the only starter that can fly… the absence of Charzard would remove the abilities of the character and I can’t see Sakurai doing that.

        Only other option is to have TWO Pokemon trainers and the second one would obviously be the newest Pokemon starters… Perhaps Froakie, Braixen and Greninja?


      3. What about a classic/retro character like Takamaru, Mach Rider, or Bubbles (CluClu Land)? I wouldn’t get my hopes high for Balloon Fighter since the Villager stole his only option for an Up Special.


      4. The reason Villager got Balloon Fighter’s up B is probably because Balloon Fighter was never going to be a playable character and Sakurai wanted to represent him some how.

        If I were to guess on a retro character. I would bet money on Takamaru.


  3. I would be happy if it got delayed. Nintendo are all about quality, an that is something they’ve sustained for many years.

    As Miyamoto has once said “A delayed game is normally a good game, a rushed game is always a bad game”.


  4. The game is in a playable state which is good news. I just really hope they add Crom. He is the only character I will be sad for if they don’t add him. Other than that the roster is pretty good so far. Just add Crom, Gonondorf, Jigglypuff, Game and Watch, Captain Falcon, and maybe two or three others and let the fight begin!


    1. Well and all the other veterans that have yet to be announced as well lol!!! Ness, Lucas, Falco, Diddy, ZSS, ect, etc. They have a lot more characters to add still!!


      1. I wouldn’t mind a Lucas and Falco skin for Ness and Fox. Maybe change up their movesets to make Fox and Ness a little bit like their clones as well.


    2. DUH . he is guranetted. sorry to be a bit rude but it IRRITAIES ME AS F*** when people worry about charcters that WILL return. and about ones that PRACTICALLY have NO CHANCE of NOT being in the game.

      chrom mii Rosalina( and she is confimed) palutena krysatal are basically guaranteed! and also its either Dixie or k rool but hoping for both.

      also, girahim will probably be the 5th Zelda rep!


      1. I doubt Ghirahim will be added, but I would love him in the game!!! Also, Mii’s are pretty much guarenteed and I hope Krystal and Ridley make it!!


  5. This game NEEDS to come out in 2014. But don’t worry everyone, Nintendo won’t release a rushed product. They’ll work their ass off even more than they usually do to release a polished, quality product. The 3DS can afford a delay, but the Wii U cannot.


  6. As long as they don’t rush it, I’m good. If they aim for a Christmas 2014 release, that’ll really boost sales.

    I’m just waiting for more updates personally.


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