UK Post Christmas Charts: No Wii U Games In Top Forty

The post-Christmas charts are now in from the United Kingdom. Sadly it seems as though the Wii U has once again been overlooked as there isn’t a single Wii U game in the individual formats charts. PlayStation 4 title Knack continues to outsell the acclaimed Super Mario 3D World in the UK despite getting average ratings. Here’s the top ten charts and an analysis of sales.

03 (06) 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO V (TAKE 2)
04 (02) 360 FIFA 14 (ELECTRONIC ARTS)

The final week of the year sees EA’s ‘FIFA 14’ (-31%) remaining at No1, taking a 5th week since launch as the top-selling software title, one more week than ‘FIFA 13’ last year – the difference being that ‘FIFA 14’ claimed the Christmas No1 this year (last week) whereas last year it was taken by ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ in week 51, 2012. Activision’s ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ remains at No2 (-24%) but is less than 2000 units behind ‘FIFA 14’ and has also taken 5 weeks at No1 since launch. Ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ (-15%) remains at No3 having taken the top spot once back at launch (wk44) but has never been out of the Top 5. EA’s ‘Battlefield 4’ remains at No4 for a 3rd consecutive week (-11%) having debuted at No2 in the same week as ‘Assassin’s Creed IV’. Rockstar/Take 2’s ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has been climbing for the past 3 weeks and moves back in to the Top 5 at No5 (-5%).


      1. And the reason has nothing to do with sales but currency value. 1 game sold in pounds is wort more than the euro.

      2. But it’s no way indicative of the Europe itself. Is common knowledge that Europe is domnated by Sony, but if we take UK as a reference Europe would be Xbox Land, which is not true as we know.

      3. Not anymore in some cases Sickr, or soon not too be. France is eclipsing and taking that crown.

      4. No its not. And the Brazil market is bigger than ALL of the european markets. And Germany,France and Spain together are bigger than the UK and they’re very Heavy nintendo

      5. Maybe, but Nintendo for Wii U has sold much greater numbers in France, that includes game sales.

      6. Just to hammer in the point to make it really clear about how small the UK market is, the Nintendo 3DS has sold over 40 mil. and in the UK 2 mil. reported later on. That is only about 5% (5 per cent for UK people) of their total market. They sold 2 million units over the summer in Japan.

        For Nintendo UK is a very small market and one that has been historically bad for them.

      7. Click on the page, then take MORE time to comment that “Nobody cares”?? Seems like you care a lot ricky.

      8. ”The UK is the biggest gaming market in Europe.”

        No it is not.
        UK= circa 60 million people
        Germany= circa 90 million people

        More people=Bigger market

        It seems you are only good at two things. Making clickbait articles and spreading lies. No wonder people mock your site and view it as a joke.

      9. The funny thing is there is a WiiU game in the top 40.

        Sickr cant read. And there are 3DS games in tehre too.
        So what now?

        UK is a shitty small market that wouldnt be relevant if they didnt release data every week.

        But shit man. They’re too scared to show their numbers because they be pitiful as fuck

      10. Its never been Nintendo’s market over there. The Genesis outsold the SNES and as I remember pretty badly in the UK. This is like reporting the Xbox isn’t selling in Japan. Both are respectively small markets for the companies.

        What would be news is if you see allot of tittles flood the top 40, that would be worth reporting on.

      11. There isn’t much we can do about the UK. If this is “bad” news, then it’s very small; minuscule bad news that really doesn’t determine Nintendo’s fate. UK has always over looked Nintendo. No need to worry here, folks. If the same thing happens in U.S or Japan…”then” you can worry.

      12. The UK is such a tiny market man. Brazil is bigger than they are. And the WiiU does actually have games in the top 40.


      13. But they make it sound like Knack is selling better than Mario when globally there isn’t even a comparison. UK doesn’t even give out real numbers to hide how irrelevant they are without the rest of Europe.

  1. It’s no surprise.
    People will buy software for PS4 even though it’s not a highly game rated because it’s a launch title.
    And it’s the UK chart, so… :p

  2. Seems like a job for Samus Aran!
    Here’s yet another case where Metroid would have helped you guys at Nintendo. The UK seems to like dem shooters- half the list is games with guns… which is the other sad thing about the list ( oxymoron?.. eh, I stand by it).

  3. I dont get it. Knack just sucks, my words cant describe how bad and lame game its from those guys who made excellent crash bandicoot games. Mario3DWorld is great game and deserves definately more than it gets. I dont really care about sales, i play what i like, but when Knack outsells Mario3DWorld then theres something wrong.

    1. Because they only care about how good the details look on that KNACK character than the game itself…

      1. Knack graphics arent really that great, games like Mario3DWorld, Sonic Generations and Unleashed have better graphics and are more fun to play than Knack. Maybe Naughty Dog spent too much time makin Uncharted games and The Last Of Us that they forgot how to make a great platformer.

      2. Wasn’t really talking about the graphics, talking about the so called 1000 small pieces on him that is made “possible” by the PS4 hardware…

        The Sonyans only care about the superficial aspects of any game like always…

      3. Ah, ok. But its funny that great hardware doesnt necessarily make great game. Great hradware opens more possibilities but its better used by a capable dev, Ea proved that they arent capable enough to use Ps4 hardware with their BF4. Ps4 is great but like with every other system its better used when you know how to use it. Thats why launch games usually suck.

      4. Indeed…

        It’s like an artist having the best available equipment and barely knowing the basics of art…

        Our empire always makes a machine according to their current level of knowledge…

        Squeezing every ounce out of it leaving nothing to chance…

        Leave luck to heaven…

      5. Oh God! That could mean that games like Titanfall could become a disaster. I’ve heard that Battlefield 4’s online on next-gen is crap, but Titanfall for Xbone is being published by EA, that could end up all buggy with server issues. It’s also one if Xbone’s most anticipated titles.

      6. Battlefield 4 is shit on the almighty PC you know its gonna be shit on the much much much much more piddly PS4.

        They half bothered to work on it a bit so BF4 works half the time on it lol

      7. Huh ? WTF? i always thought it was from Naughty Dog, thanks for correction Lol.

      8. No problem. I think it’s impossible for Naughty Dog to make a game below a certain bar of quality. While I don’t think Knack was a *bad* game per se, thinking it’s one of their games is probably like an insult to them. lol

  4. so sad. the wii u is such a fantastic console. it actually became my most used console by far now. i also have a ps360, vita, 3ds and now even a ps4 but i use the wiiu for youtube, browsing, miiverse, lovefilm and of course playing games, alone, online mp or the fantastic couch coop it has to offer. it´s awesome for all of these things and that really makes me using it every single day. a lot. i love that thing. it´s fucking insane that people still don´t seem to get that they´re missing out on a fantastic experience.

  5. Why is this even news worth? Everybody knows that UK is Sony land!!! Sheesh the fools over there buy the Vita and that should tell you something!

  6. The UK is like bro gamer the country. Every time they show the UK charts, it’s the same games that everyone plays. I find that kinda hilarious. You could ask anyone who knows about the UKs gaming habits to guess this chart and all they’d have to ask to answer about correctly is, what are the most mainstream titles of the year and minecraft, which is forever young lol

  7. LMFAO!!Nintendo stupidly thought they could release Super Mario 3D World on the same day as PS4 launch in UK and Europe and think it would sell like hot cakes and shift loads of units!!!
    The fact that it has been outsold by Knack even tho Mario got amazing reviews just proves how bad Nintendo have become!!!
    They were hardly any adverts for the game and PS4 and Xbox One adverts had more on TV in the 2 weeks up to launch than the Wii U had in a year and then wonder why it has not sold!!
    People have got fed up with Nintendo, they had a year start on the next gen and did NOTHING apart from fail so badly it was hilarious!!
    Super Mario 3D World was not a huge system seller like Nintendo said it would be, Mario platformers are always the biggest selling games for Nintendo and the fact that it has failed makes Mario Kart and Zelda releases so bleak for Nintendo.
    The Wii U will not even sell a quarter of what the Wii did…….LMFAO!!

  8. Not that concerned about Wii U UK Sales for now when Mario Kart 8 is on it’s way. Mario Kart 7 held it’s own still in the individual charts after 2 years in the UK, even Mario Kart Wii is still in the charts, just not in the top 40 now. Just advertise the heck out of the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and other AAA Games on Wii U, aswell as taking the Wii U on tour around the country and the Wii U has a chance of doing great here, it’s making progress in America and Japan, but Europe sales while decent, still need to be worked on.

    1. I’m from the UK, I own Nintendo systems and I hate both of those games you mentioned, please don’t tar everyone with the same brush

  9. Anyone else thinking this is turning out to be one of the worst gaming generations ever? Nintendo has made some very big mistakes lately but one way or another, the Wii U is a very fun and powerful console. But third parties don’t care, because bright and shiny new games cost a ton of money to make so they have to profit a ton of money and almost no one dares to risk creating something new and fun (except for indies, of course). So the Wii U is left with almost nothing except first party games, which are great, but too scarce. And then I think “hmm, should I buy a Xbox One or PS4 to have alongside my Wii U this generation?”, but then I look at the new console’s games and not one – not a single one – seems fun to play. Preety, yes, but not fun or original. And then I see microtransactions creeping up on these new games and that makes me want to play them even less. Honestly, the only announced PS4 game that I would like to play is Kingdom Hearts 3, and that’s just because I’m a fan of the series. Maybe my gaming preferences have become a bit old-school and maybe I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic… but, yeah, to me this is shaping up to be a terrible generation for console gaming and I fear even more for the next one… if there is a next one, of course. Thank goodness we have the 3DS.

    1. How many console launches have you been through? This one is no different than the others. There have hardly been any launches with must-have amazing games. This generation just got kicked off. You can’t expect all of the great games to be available immediately. Nor can you make assumptions about the entire generation based on just a month for the PS4 and Xbox One and a year for the Wii U. There are still many years ahead of us.

      1. But their has always been at least one most own title that at launch it is the most own it dosnt matter if it pass one or 5 years!

      2. Me neither xD. What I try to say is that each console before this one gen has got a game that it was most own even if the title was old.

      3. I have been through console launches since the SNES era and, yeah… you’re right about them almost always being less then spectacular. What you said is true, it’s still too early to assume anything… but it’s just a feeling that things are going towards a direction that I don’t like very much. Like I said, the fact that games now cost a fortune to make and that that makes the big companies take less risks being creative, or the fact that gameplay is a lot of times being compromised because of the obsession with graphics or those microstransactions showing up their ugly faces… but anyway, I really hope things turn out for the best.

      4. For me, this feels like it might be a replay of the PS2/Gamecube era, which I absolutely loved. I guess we have to wait and see how it actually turns out though.

  10. If there is one part of the world that we can ignore Nintendo,sales it’s the UK. They like shity videogames. Bottom line.

  11. I’m sorry, I try not to be judgmental , but! Wtf is wrong wth the gamers of UK? How DA fuck can they just buy the same bullshit week after week? The top five games never change, what the fuck is going on there?

  12. living in UK and in some parts of Europe, I can’t stay silence and have to say my bit. Firstly UK is relevant market and those for who say: We don’t care about UK… f*** you, and I am also fed up to hear new from USA cause as usual the yanks still believe they are the only on who count on earth… but i don’t on post and comment such as we don’t give a shit about USA (even if I think so) anyway for those who criticised the type of game brought in UK. it has to be say that those games are generally cheap and buy by even 12-10 years old kids. In Europe we like our FOOTBALL (not that puff sport play in USA which is actual rugby with equipment) and it’s sport is loved my 3 to 4 billions people so no surprise it sell very well, you don’t like though but it does not make it bad taste. Do I go on this site and shit on bloody madden 3,000 or NBA shit basketball 2045… . it start to be a long ran so i will finish by saying that nintendo since NES area has never care properly for the European market and it’s not a surprise that Sony and Microsoft are wining this market. The day nintendo, will release game which have been in USA/Japan market and not in EU it’s the day they will start wining this part of the world. ran over….

  13. UK good grief, you guys are making the US dude-bros look saintly. Really at least don’t buy Aliens colonial marines. You guys ate that up.

  14. Most people in the US don’t understand that most of the decent games are made in the UK. Rockstar is a British company for example.

    1. Rockstar Games is a mutinational company who happens to have some studios in the UK. The headquarters is in New York City though.

      While I do agree that many good games come out of the U.K., what you and I may consider a decent game is subjective. I wouldn’t go as far as saying most decent games come from the U.K.

      There are great games from all corners of the globe.

  15. Now if I was a critic, CoD Ghosts certainly wouldn’t even be there.

    It just goes to show people like the same thing over and over again with very little innovation. And people say Mario is re-hashed.

  16. Everyone cares about UK, the biggest gaming market in europe. 1 country yes, but it counts, every single western country, less east european countries. Developers/publishers earn more money in the UK than in the US because of the strong currency.
    The taste of games is slightly different, but it’s a market that has people. And like someone said – maybe when nintendo starts to release more games that appeal to western gamers more, then you will see them in charts.

  17. knack is a decent game but the graphics are amazing but next year ps4 is getting lots of games am very interested EVILWITHIN,INFAMOUS,DESTINY,THEORDER1886,UNCHARTED,

  18. may i correct you all, but uk is not the biggest anymore in europe – since 2009 the biggest game market in europe is germany, and the german market is growing every year. it’s no wonder that gamescom in germany nowadays is one of the biggest game fairs in the world! and to come to the point: nintendo is very big in germany!

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