Retailer Confuses NSMB U/ Luigi U Wii U Bundle For A Wii Mini Bundle


It still seems as though there’s plenty of confusion about the Wii and the Wii U throughout the world at various retail departments. A Reddit user snapped one unnamed store confusing the New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U Wii U bundle as the Wii Mini for 99 Euros. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime previously said that the consumers and retail were no longer confused about the two systems, but it still seems to be the case as the above image suggests.

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  1. That’s not retailer confusion. That’s retailer stupidity.

    In their defense though maybe they really didn’t have anything else to put them in. But in the very least they could have put up a sign saying “Looking for Wii U? Ask an associate.”

    1. Yeah, this goes totally beyond a “Wii U / Wii” confusion… the Wii Mini box doesn’t even have nothing related to a Mario or Luigi bundle! So, I agree, either they are very stupid or they just needed a place to put them… OR, they did that hoping to cheat some poor misinformed customers, which is also very possible.

    2. Right. This is nothing to do with confusing bundles, so much that next to it there´s a Wii Party U bundle perfectly displayed. They just threw the Mini Wii boxes there for lack of space and that´s all.

    3. They’re extremely lazy, but they seem to just want to disrespect Nintendo anyway they can. I almost feel as if Best Buy is being paid to make Nintendo look bad. Yesterday, not only do they not separate the Wii and Wii U games, they didn’t even have prices for any of the games. A quick check at the other consoles showed a very neat and informed setting. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this looks so fishy…

  2. It could be confusion based that the pic was taken in the UK the most stupid country in the Europe region after all they made a list of best selling games in 3 year and.they fail to include the top selling 3ds ones.

    1. Um, I don’t think it’s taken in the UK. 1. They use pounds, not euros. 2. The display next to it has french text on it. So most likely France or maybe something like Switzerland.

      1. I believe it’s France because the currency is in eroes and at the Wii Party U section, it says “mini-jeux..” which is French for mini-games.

      2. Kan ej vänta tills dagen vårt imperium återtar Sverige igen…

        Under hela mitt vuxna liv har jag bara mött 2 stycken Nintendo fans…

    1. They need to kill the wii off there is no need for it, the wii u is already backwards compatibility

      1. True, they really need to discontinue the Wii and Wii mini; it only causes more confusion…

      2. Just put on the wii u’s box BACKWARDS COMPATABLE with wii games !!!!!!…. THIS IS NOT A WII ATTACHMENT…ITS NEXT GEN!!!!!

    2. What are you talking about?
      Tactical Wii shit?
      Only casuals and idiots are buying Wii’s.
      Why does anyone care? Are any of them going to A. Buy good games, or B. Buy games that’ll still give profit to good developers?
      No, of course not.
      If there’s excess stock, get rid of it, if idiots buy it, it’s their problem.

  3. but the pdq next to it has the wii u party bundle next to it.I call bs for confusion and congrats on stupidity unless of course they ran out and decided to throw wii minis in there.

  4. How dumb can people get. Where in “Wii” does it have the U, other than the new console of course?

    Why is it the other consoles people see the name, but when it comes to Nintendo, oh no, what on earth is this?

    The game wouldn’t get read in the console to begin with, the name of the console and the games are completely different.

    This isn’t a lack of advertising, but a lack of common sense and the ability to read.

  5. This is not news. The sale tag says Wii Mini. That is what they are selling. They are merely re-using the WiiU cardboard stand because it is advertising Nintendo Products while also selling them. The actual sales labels are quite clear.

  6. That’s not necessarily retailer confusion. Perhaps they sold out of the Mario and Luigi Bundles and needed a place to put the Minis…

    1. Putting something that won’t even play the game is stupid though, you have to agree.

      Just pure stupidity.

  7. Sickr its not confusion its lazy/ stupidity. They even posted up wii mini. They even have the wii u party bundle next to it. There are no nsmbu bundles in box so they sold out. So they used the box for wii minis

    1. Next generation of our sacred machinery should be called the -Nintendo High Command-…

      1. Not to offend his lordship but I think -The Nintendo Miyamoto- should be its name because Lord Miyamoto is the most significant of all our lords next after our Creator Yamauchi…

      2. Please don’t be an idiot and try to think of original names maybe??? What dumbass makes names like Nintendo Miyamoto?

      3. I don’t even like Microsoft… I was born to counter you in every way possible

    2. That’s like saying MS shouldn’t have called their lates console Xbox One, because people could get that confused with the first one and the PS4 has the number 4 slapped onto it? Now how is that unique?

      Very subtle and tenuous.

      1. Yes well if Nintendo used the same name and just incremented the number after it then it would be pretty simple to understand. And I guess Xbox just has a big enough hardcore following plus Microsoft advertised the absolute shit out of it.

      2. But what is so hard to understand about putting a letter U at the end of it?

        Some people really just don’t have any logic.

      3. I agree but it is a little bit more confusing because the letter U does not mean anything. It might not necessarily mean it’s the next console. A number increased is more definitive. More obvious. It doesn’t help that the word “Wii” is in the same exact color and style as the original Wii. I see why some people at first glance would think the Wii U is just a tablet controller meant to expand the original console. I do think that after the 3DS and Wii U launches Nintendo will think more carefully on the next names.

      1. My point exactly.

        The Playstation series has a number on the end of it and people know what it is.

        The Xbox Series has names changes, but Xbox One is a stupid name.

        Wii series and people are like “what’s this o.O”.

  8. I don’t see what’s wrong with the picture. It’s clear enough that they’re selling Wii Mini’s and they’re just using a Mario and Luigi backdrop since they were using that box for Wii U’s in the past. Toys R Us does that sort of thing all of the time

    1. Yeah its common thing among retailers. They did it ps2 from time to time and used ps3 stand areas


  9. Actually I find it funny how they’ve put Wii Mini directly next to Wii U. Now that’s completely stupid.

  10. hahahahah i find it funny. it has to be WiiU bundles but they just threw bunch of Wii mini inside LMAO

  11. That’s not confusion.

    That’s “ahh we’re out of stock” “Fuck it, shove these in, they’ll buy it”.

  12. No, they didn’t confuse it. They got lazy and said hey were should we shove those, ehhh lets just put them in the big empty Nintendo box. I worked in retail when I was young and that is how its done.

  13. You really like posting crap like this, don’t you? This isn’t even worth a post, they just ran out of space and put them there. But I get it, you just post the bad news, even if they’re not actually news.

  14. seriously? you’d think that anyone with half a brain would notice that this package neither has “wii u” printed on it NOR that it contains either one of the games

  15. Looks like the WiiU mario bundle sold out, but had many wii mini bundles to sell. They just stuck ’em there. I see this kind of practice with many different products in stores like wallmart.

  16. Assholes this is not a confussion!!!!
    Maybe they sold all their wii u’s and they decided to put on sale their wii mini but they dont have space in the shelves so.they put them where the wii us were. . .
    Not everyone want the wiiu to fail you squizo assholes

  17. Doesn’t the word confusion suggest some level of involvement from the confused? I don’t think these people care and why should they? Minimum wage employee’s being treated like crap while CEO’s have already made more money than they will in this year than they will this entire year? I can sympathize, even though the bad service is frustrating.

  18. It’s not confusion. There are Xbox and Sony fanboys working at these retailers who are purposefully making confusion like this!! They just blame it on “confusion” and don’t get into trouble.

    Goddamn ass-holes!

  19. Perhaps they sold out of the Wii U bundle and jutted needed so place to out the Wii Minis. Seems likely….fucking troll Sickr.

  20. This shit is BS!
    Looks like the retailer has sold out of the NSMBLUIGI U bundle and is just using the same promo box/rack to sell Wii Mini.
    It’s pretty clear the retailer knew which is which by looking at the price label. It clearly says “99.99 Wii mini”. Then, look next to it a pile of real WiiU bundle. Typical MNN click bait.

  21. If Nintendo is waiting for retailers and people to get smarter, I’ve got some bad news for them… the world’s getting dumber, not smarter. “WiiU” must have looked good on paper, but noone is cutting Nintendo a check for the losses inflicted by consumer and retail confusion. Nintendo created a stupid name, assuming people would know the difference, and they’ll pay for the mistaken of thinking people are smart.

  22. I hate when people who don’t know about games work in the games area of stores. Employees like that need to do their jobs better.

  23. They’re doing this on purpose now. At this point, if you really can’t tell the difference, get help. And the Wii Mini box clearly doesn’t have Mario and Luigi on it. Even if you lack the ability to read a single letter, you can’t confuse a bland red box for two plumbers.

  24. This seems less like retailer confusion and more like either simple mislabeling, or a sellout of the bundle followed by them refilling the same box with something else and being too laz- i mean, forgetting to change the labels.

    Why do I say this? They clearly understood the Wii Party U bundle, as they got it spot on right next to it in the image. This also isn’t the first time I’ve seen a mislabel of the sort.

    1. Oh, also, if you look closely at the red promo sign, you can see that the small text underneath reads “Wii Mini”, showing that they do know the difference. The retailer wasn’t confused, they were just lazy.

  25. Even an idiot would realize that this is simply laziness on behalf of the retailer and has nothing to do with any ‘confusion’, they just needed a place to put the Mini’s up-front in the store. In-fact it actually looks like the NSMBU bundle sold out and they just wanted to fill its space with something else so that’s good news. I think this is the dumbest article this site has posted so far.

  26. Real news is Nintendo’s lack of advertising that is why there is confusion. The next reason would be Nintendo’s casual market from the Wii era. Most of them do not research and go to websites like this si its essy for them to get confused.

  27. There is no confusion here. There is a prom for the Wii Mini and placed it there because they were lazy.

  28. Yes, it’s obvious lazy work from the workers, but my only other possible reason is because of lack of advertising for the Wii U…..

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