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Super Mario 3D World Lacked Online Multiplayer To Revive The NES Experience

When Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D World would not incorporate an online multiplayer mode, some fans were left feeling that it may reduce the longevity and deduct from the overall experience of the game. Considering Nintendo have used online multiplayer in the past with the likes of Mario Kart, it was an element which many fans thought was practically guaranteed.

In the past, Shigeru Miyamoto said that online multiplayer just “wasn’t the focus for us this time around”, and emphasised the importance of local multiplayer to give the platformer a family-friendly feel.  So it’s not surprising that when Game Informer interviewed the game’s producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, he reflected on Miyamoto’s previous sentiments, revealing that Nintendo wanted to revive the nostalgia associated with the days of the NES, despite testing online multiplayer mode since Super Mario Galaxy was released.

“We’ve been testing online multiplayer since the days of Super Mario Galaxy, but with this title we really wanted to deliver an experience that you can share with family, friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend in the same place like you did with the original NES. We really want players to have fun in front of the TV, talking while they help each other out or get in each other’s way.”

65 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D World Lacked Online Multiplayer To Revive The NES Experience”

      1. Actually no, it ruined it, all levels are made for 4 players in mind or for you to have a specific power up or you cannot reach something, so yeah it ruined it

  1. There would be no one online to play with anyway, good call Nintendo, can’t wait to see what kinda games you guys make for the Xbox One!

        1. lol another troll not knowing the difference between art style decision and graphics capabilities. So no, original xbox can not run that as a matter of fact. Here, I’ll spell it out for you: at SMB3DW’s resolution and polygon count and insufficient power to process all of the assets as a whole-the xbox would lag then crash, not to mention even be able to start the game up at all beyond the splash screens.

          1. oh and don’t forget the lighting/shadows. just compare any mario game beyond the old regular Wii to something on original xbox’s halo 1 for example. Not even close in power.

    1. I find it funny that trolls like you hate Nintendo so much, and hate on everything they do, yet want to experience Nintendo on another system. If you want to experience Nintendo games, there is a wonderful and easy way to do it.

      Buy a goddamn Nintendo system.

      Stay with me here, Nintendo has been around for a long long time. They helped and we’re instrumental in saving console gaming. The systems and games you love so much wouldn’t exist has Nintendo not done what it did. They’ve survived worse and always seem to come out ahead.

      I’ve read reviews on systems, and the same consensus is always reached, people play Nintendo games (on Nintendo systems) to have fun with their families and friends. By taking those elements away, you are taking away the very core that us Nintendo.

      Look at Sega, they were Nintendo ‘s fiercest competitor, they produced some amazing games. Once they went 3rd party, they died. Sure they get a hit once in a while, but it’s not like they used to. I can guarantee that if Nintendo went 3rd party, the same would happen. And you’d be just as pissed about it, in your parent’s living room telling other people how you’ve fscked their mothers as you are now.

      Want to experience and enjoy Nintendo games? Do it in a Nintendo system and stop bitching and hoping for the death of a great company. Because when that happens, innovation as we’ve seen will surely die.

    1. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. People could join in on others’ games during a level and leave whenever. (unless there are levels that require more players to progress through that I don’t know about)

  2. Nostalgia? This could have been a long-going system seller. Nintendo has “heart,” I’ll give them that much; but they need to get with the program.

  3. nice excuse. I guess giving people options isn’t something nintendo believes in. they wonder why they’re losing gamers on a daily basis.

  4. For this tile, as it is, online multiplayer would have been messy and unnecessary.
    They should make a platformer that focuses to coop or competitive play.
    Pikmin 3 had potential for multiplayer and online multiplayer, but they skipped that opportunity.

    1. Great point. Pikmin would have been great with online. The missions are a lot of fun but getting platinum on many–if not all–is impossible alone. Maybe it’s my fault I can’t multitask between 3 characters in 7-9 minutes to get everything and don’t want to split the screen.

  5. Multiplayer in Mario 3D World has its flaws like the problems with the camera when a player goes through the level and leaves the others behind. But that can be fixed due to the fact that is offline and you can easily say to your friends: “Hey people, come back, we are going this way!”.

    If there was an online multiplayer for Mario 3D World… it would be a fucking chaos. Every player doing their own things without any control. It would be awful to play, because the camera would go crazy. And yes, it could be a chatting system, but let’s be serious: four people talking at the same time without seeing each other will not be able to understand shit in this game.

    1. um if it was online the camera would be better as it would’nt be focusing on every character at once only one, since there not all on the same tv.

      No matter which way nintendo spin this it’s still a stupid decision, they act like it was either online or offline but why not both, I LOVE to play with my local friends over the same tv but thats not gonna help me with my friends who live farther away some of which who live in another bloody continent. That and aside from monster hunter the wii u’s online has gradually been dying to the point 3rd partys can’t even be assed to put it on they’re games, nintendo needs to be activily supporting the online more then anything right now rather then ignoring it.

      1. Well, that would still be pretty crazy. If every player is playing with his own camera in his own television, it becomes really difficult to do many of the cooperative features of the title that requieres the players to be together.

    1. Indeed, hypocrites…

      They hate our empire for going into the future and they hate that they want to go into the past at the same time…

      Sonyan logics…

  6. Nintendo needs to stop telling us what they “think” is the best experience and let us choose.

    This boggles my mind. You should be able to choose between multiplayer in person or online.

    1. Idiots think we all live in Japan, where everybody’s friends are gamers, instead a place where nobody you know plays games, and the people you meet that *do* are kinda thuggish and just might jack your stuff if you bring them home..

  7. I hate how they keep using that excuse I do believe that having another person next to you will always be better than playing another person online however it’s nice to have the option to play online.

  8. Im sorry but i dont see how this game couldnt have online as well. They could have even made different modes like who ever collects the most coins or searching for stars like in nsmb on ds. But games like luigis mansion or zelda phantom hourglass get it? 3d world is built around multiplayer and im tired of nintendo saying they want people to play with family or friends instead. They dont notice that there hardcore fans from the nes days are grown ups already. Its so hard to gather 4 people to play and if i could get 4 people we might game for a few mins and just go hang out instead. Thats why some of there older fans shifted to just ps3 and 360 and dont care about nintendo anymore. Whats so hard about options? It would have been awesome to play this game with some people from this website or miiverse. Local multiplayer is amazing but if you cant get the people to play with you, or if you just want to play real late at night, online is the way to go.

  9. It sucks that they didnt implement online coop into the game. I mean, let people decide for themself if they want to play togeather locally or online. Dont take away the choice from people, some want to play locally and some online. Its simple Nintendo, dont make it harder then it is.

  10. Not the best excuse in the world nintendo. While Online multiplayer would be nice I probably wouldn’t use, I never did for little big planet either. I have played the multiplayer, its good but It need much more work, like the camera. It follows the person in front leaving the others to be bubbles. I can see the problem with making a online and local multiplayer for this game, but in the end I’m happy with the game

  11. This is one thing that’s wrong with Nintendo. And this is coming from a guy who almost exclusively plays their games, Nintendo are stuck in the past. There was nothing in that game that reminded me of playing Mario on an NES. People want online multiplayer. They’re simply too stubborn. And these days that’s not getting them anywhere.

    1. That is good. This future or present of online this and online that is not fun. People have fun when they together but do not when they online. Not every game need online.

      1. I actually talk to a lot of my friends over things like skype, which is almost the exact same experience, except for the fact that there isn’t a physical being taking up more of the couch. Besides, Nintendo should just add the wii u chat thing available over all games, then we could of really just get a choice of how we want to play. I’m a solo-Nintendo gamer, and it’s honestly aggravating not being able to play my games online with my friends when I can’t catch up with them constantly.

  12. Of course, putting online multi as an option into the game would have made the local coop so much worse, because…wait.

  13. I hate the ghost miis running around my screen so odds are i would hate the online multiplayer with 3D World as well. i’d much rather communicate in person with the people i am playing with for a game like this.

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  15. Does Nintendo know that they can do both Online multiplayer AND Local multiplayer? Reviving the NES experience is NOT an excuse… it’s bullshit. Nintendo needs to get with the program!

  16. some games like 3d world does not need online multiplayer and not every game need to be an online fad, and doing online would actually ruin it. i for one prefer local multiplayer for some games like mario but for games like monolith soft’s x, online would be great, as well as local

  17. So then it’s settled, this game would have been perfect if it had online multiplayer. The fact that it doesn’t is a major slap to the face to us because games less deserving ended up with it somehow. Playing 4 player on 3D World could be tough because of the camera, when playing online with Voice Chat, that problem would not exist.

    Sorry Nintendo, I love you, but you gotta stop doing this crap. I will praise this game forever, but I will also always be ready to bash what a stupid choice it was to leave out online. Everyone else should do the same. Don’t let Nintendo forget this mistake. Online play isn’t the future, it is the present.

  18. WTF, this is the worst answer they have given us, if you wanted me to feel like playing the nes, then i would fucking play on the nes, WIIU is sopposed to be next gen and yet you keep pooling shit from 6 gen when internet was shit

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    Super GameChat

  19. They are right too. It’s been a nightmare to arrange what we call ‘Wii U’ nights, but both new Marios and Nintendoland have proved a blast for my group of friends. I dunno know about the NES days, we feel it’s like the N64 days, it’s like 4 player local multiplayer has been reborn. We laugh so much. If we’re together and there’s a Wii U around nobody is interested in the other consoles.

  20. What NES experience? If I what a “NES experience” I would just plug back in my old NES and play it. The Wii U is not a NES, so therefore your not getting a NES experience.

  21. I don’t think this game or any mario type game (except mario party or mario kart) will be a good candidate for online gaming. Zelda will be a much better choice, it could becomes a MMORPG type and generate much more revenue for Nintendo.tbh I have maio kart and play from time to time online with my friends/family who live in a different countries it very good but better when we are on the same room even with the screen divided by 4. I agree with Nintendo strategy (for once) and they business decision make sense. If you want to play online just get a PS4 or an xboxone and pay the fees to have that privilege, cause I don’t see Nintendo offering the online experience for free.

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