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Pachter Believes Nintendo Should Temporarily Release Games On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes one of the solutions to Nintendo’s dilemma would be to temporarily release their games on competing consoles such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Pachter thinks that by doing this in the short term – while they’re getting ready to bring a more competitive console to the market – they can then withdraw support and once again focus on their own platform.

So what’s the solution for Nintendo? In Pachter’s opinion, the company must swallow its pride and start publishing its first-rate software on competing platforms. Then, once Nintendo is ready to bring a more competitive console to the market, it can withdraw its support from the other systems and focus on its own platform again.

“We believe that it should reconsider its ‘all proprietary, all the time’ model, and should consider making its proprietary console software available on other platforms until it is able to release a new console. Once Nintendo has a new console on the market, we think it would make sense for the company to pull all of its software from the PS4 and Xbox One, and go back to being a proprietary software maker. In the meantime, we believe that the company has a problem that it is not acknowledging or addressing,”

185 thoughts on “Pachter Believes Nintendo Should Temporarily Release Games On Xbox One And PlayStation 4”

    1. Actually, Nintendo should listen to Pachter, Drop the failed Wii U and become a third-party developer, it will be better for everyone.

      RIP Wii U

        1. There aren’t many people who want to spend $300 on a mediocre console just to play a few games. Going 3rd party on home console software would be a good decision indeed. Not entirely necessary to do that with their handhelds though, since those are selling quite well.

          1. No, is not; it has been factually prove that Nintendo make more money trought hardware sells that trought software sells, or in other words, going third party will be one of the worst think that could happen to Nintendo.

            1. How is it factual that Nintendo makes more money selling it’s hardware over its software when they’re selling the wii u at a lost? Did you not see their operation loss of abt 355 million?

              1. Nintendo makes money from lisence fees from third party games. They would lose that revenue if they became a third party. Also they sell at a loss initially but eventually make money off of the hardware.

          2. To be fair, it’s still a WAAYYY smarter investment than the PS4 and Xbox one. And no, I am not looking at it as a fanboy, but there is literally not reason to buy the other consoles at this time. They should stick to the Wii U, since Nintendo always make the exact console for their games. Xbox or Playstation should go third party way before, to be honest.

          3. It’s mediocre only to those who haven’t actually played it. Those who actually have the Wii U, love it. I could as well say that XboxOne is a mediocre console, ’cause i don’t own it but it just “feels” like mediocre. Wii U has the best games, both on shelves and upcoming: get over it people.

  1. Confirmed: Pachter has a new level of mental retardation. It’s called Pachterism. You get it by being named Michael Pachter and having your parents be brother and sister.


    1. Agreed. First, it’s not the console, it’s the lack of games. Second, if Nintendo can’t get games out on the WiiU, they sure as hell won’t be able to get them on the XB1 or ps4.

      1. Is it really only the lack of games ? Blockbuster titles like Windwaker HD and Super Mario 3D World barely managed to push the sales, so I wouldn’t blame it on the lack of software only, even though that’s obviously the main reason. It’s all Nintendo’s fault, for the lack of decent marketing, lack of software, lack of competitive hardware and all those things. They had a whole year headstart over the the other two, but instead of using that chance and making the best out of it to convince people of why they don’t need to wait for the PS4 or Xbox One when they have the WiiU, they totally fucked up.

        1. That may be true, but Jaded’s second statment is true. If it takes this long for them to make games for their own console, they surely wouldn’t do any better or foreign hardware.

  2. My nintendo news….NEVER post something from patcher again this proves he knows nothing of the industry. He just a idot made to make controversy, nothing more.

  3. Lol I think this is a kind of the most stupid idea EVER.
    I think they should just keep on making WiiU games, and if they rush the next console, make it WiiU backwards compatible, discontinue WiiU and get a new console. But they probably will just keep WiiU. It will have a few good games

    1. Not true, atari copied Nintendos games. Then Nintendo got some new laws brought in, which pretty much killed Atari in the long run.

        1. And donkey kong… Nintendo did sell licence.. Before getting into the American market they wanted Atari to brand the NES because they are better known in America and offered them donkey kong (and maybe mario I guess) Atari agreed made the game and found out coleco had a version (illegally… If the video game copyright law was around then that is) which pissed Atari off and the deal fell through… A similar licensing thing happened with Philips… While making the cd attachment they got the rights to make and release mario and zelda games

    1. your a dumbass fanboy suck sony and microsux dick more if anything 3rd parties owe their success to Nintendo not the other way around just becuz sony and microsux have to survive off 3rd party support it wont be from the superior 1st party games that Nintendo produces

  4. Yes, that will definitely shift some hardware. Pachter: fucking LOL, just trying to shock people to stay in the media, and sadly succeeding.

  5. T W @ T. What a complete idiot patcher is. Sickr why are you posting what he says? We do not care!?

    Why did I care to write such a comment? Because I disagree with what he says.

  6. Developers need to be learning the system, not bloody abandoning it!!!!

    Does he know anything about the video game industry!!!!!????

  7. Pachter needs to start reviewing restaurants instead of analyzing video game economics. That will get him out of this hole and allow him to rebrand himself and gain investor confidence for when he returns to economics.

  8. This is the stupidest thing i have ever heard comin from pachter, seriously is he this stupid? This just cant be? How can one person keep talkin shit like this? C´mon does he really believe in his theory? What the fuck? Pachter needs to see Doctor and get some serious help, i fuckin mean it. If Nintendo would do this it would screw them big time, first of all their loyal fans who bought WiiU would feel betrayed, secondly Sony/Ms fans may not like Nintendo titles as much as Nintendo fans and if Nintendo would come back with new console after publishing titles for ps4/one those who bought their games for ps4/one would feel betrayed also, this just wouldnt make any sense. I hope for Pachters sake that he states tomorrow that he was on drunk whan he said that.

    1. I agree with anything else but: “secondly Sony/Ms fans may not like Nintendo titles as much as Nintendo fans”. Seriously, they’re always whining about the fact that Mario is not coming to PS or XBOX.

  9. This makes perfect sense……

    Abandon the 5 million plus Wii U owners, and make games for the PS4 and Xbox One. Build up their user base in the meantime, then beg for them back when you have a new system on the market.

    Seriously…..this dude is a fucking idiot.

    Hey Sony, you’re PS Vita is failing. Scrap the system, work on a new one, and in the meantime, make games for the 3DS.


    1. Since when is has the Wii U sold 5 million plus ? 4-4.3 million yes but not over 5 million. Don’t be like microsoft and fluff up numbers.

      1. What are you talking about, VG charts has charted the Wii U over 5 million. Yes I know VG isn’t reliable but it has been posted on the internet for quite some time now.

  10. Once Nintendo has a new console on the market, we think it would make sense for the company to pull all of its software from the PS4 and Xbox One, and go back to being a proprietary software maker. In the meantime, we believe that the company has a problem that it is not acknowledging or addressing,”

    Proves he’s an idiot…if Nintendo done that, say good bye to the good shit. those companies would want Nintendo to run their way with their own titles…LOOK AT BANJO NOW FOR CRYINGOUT LOUD…patchler…if you ever read this…go back to school man and then rethink your options and know how things work!

    1. Just because Patcher is your Dad, doesn’t mean you have to agree with him. Be your own man and stand up for yourself.

  11. It might be a good idea, however even if Nintendo wanted to do this … how? … they can’t just re-write the code quickly and release it easily on all platforms … think about the Rayman delay … how long was it? … a year? … so, nintendo should freeze for a whole year to support other consoles? … that’s a huge commitment to a wingy-dingy idea.

    if they could easily do it, it would be an “idea” … this isn’t even an option, seriously.

  12. the dumbass just wants Nintendo to bail fony and microsux out. there is noooooooooo saving fony and micro sux. if Nintendo wanted they could either buy them out or put them out of business so this dumb ass knows nothing hes just pissed that Nintendo schools him he said the 3ds was failed whawhawha and yet it out sells all systems now so nice prediction moron

  13. Sure it’s a great idea to release games from a totally different fanbase on one console’s fanbase that is most interest in shooters, sports and multiplats and on another one’s that is mostly interested in their own exclusives.

    How about “This won’t work out so well” ?

    But I don’t really care about the things he says so why should I bother to further think about it….

  14. Even though I heard Nintendo doom on the radio today while driving to school, I don’t think Pachter’s plans are rational at all. It would only worsen the effects and destroy the value of Nintendo ips. Iwata cannot be that dumb LOL

  15. I don’t see that kind of flip-flopping doing well for Nintendo’s reputation.

    Besides, what guarantee is there that people who buy PS4/XBONE’s will even like Mario, Zelda, and all the others?

    Granted though, Metroid would probably benefit, given that the other console’s have all the shooter fans.

  16. Pachter is fucking stupid. If Sony or Microsoft fanboys wanted to play Nintendo games then they would have already bought a Wii U. Clearly they don’t give a shit about Nintendo games. It’s okay though, they’ll only be missing out on many awesome games.

  17. Pachter, just stop it already.. Your theories are so absurd, its ridiculous how some people listen to him based off what, 2 predictions he got right? Give me a f*ckin break. We understand you want people to know that your job actually “some” level of thinking, but please, at least try fleshing out your ideas more thought out, then maybe your analysis’ wouldnt be so ‘pachty’ you moron.

  18. u do realize sony and microsux spend lots of money on marketing and propaganda against Nintendo. I think the only real change Nintendo needs is better marketing to show what they have and what to expect. that would help. I don’t pretend to know what its like to have to run a multi billion dollar company I can only assume its hard and theres no way to please every1 all the time. im an American gamer and I say gamer not hardcore gamer I mean what the hell is that any way some1 that sits on their ass 20 hours a day playing call of doodie in their mom’s basement? patcher is the same dick that fancies himself an electronics engineer saying the wii u only has as much power as the ps3 and 360. false I have a ps3 and no games run at 1080 p and 60 fps none! they false advertise some they say do but ive tried them and they lied besides the laptop im on now has a dual core processor and can smoke the ps3 and 360 in a benchmark test. those systems suck at complicated math they cant calculate fast enough hence the piss poor vsync, screen tearing and frame rate lag in 95% of the games.

  19. Yes please! Lets have the nintendo games with good graphics too. Whats there to loose for us consumers? If youre one of the very few who actually liked the gamepad PS4 can pull that off too.

  20. Nintendo should abort WiiU ! Ok !!!
    But doing multi platform ? Noooo !!!
    They CAN do another software and they have the Time to release it with the power of PS4 and Xbone !!!
    See ya at E3 2014 ( I suppose it Will be a big announcement ) Even Iwata said that the WiiU is a Fail !!!

  21. It really amazes me on how people criticize Nintendo for only making “kiddie games” and not appealing to the core which is true to a certain extent, but then turn around and say that Nintendo should be a 3rd party developer.

    1. Nintendo sits on a profit balloon of 18 billion dollars CASH and could not make another dime and loose 275 million a year for 60 years and still not go bankrupt.

    2. Considering the fact that AAA 1st party Nintendo titles have attributed to massive amounts of profit for Nintendo where as other companies fail to recoup their losses on their AAA titles, do you really want a Nintendo sitting in the 3rd party pool where all they have to do is focus on software? Does that make any logic sense? No, it does not.

    3. If Nintendo stops making home consoles the either console market will collapse the same way it did back in the early 80s and NO ONE would be making any money.

    1. Also you missed one, since Patcher is suggesting that Nintendo make a more powerful successor to the Wii U, doing so would not make sense as far as PR goes or considering that the Wii U is just now starting to pick up steam. It’s surprisingly powerful and is just taking some developers time to realize that.

      1. Exactly. Doctre81 put up a good video about how blaming developers may not be the right stance, but blaming he publishers for not giving developers time to develop for the Wii U or develop a Wii U game the right way. The developers that actually have had time to take their time have raved about how much power the Wii U has.

    1. Anyone agreeing with Patcher is a completely stupid brat that hates Nintendo.
      I don’t see on how anyone could agree to something as retarded as this.

  22. okay pachter let do your idea…NINTENDO QUICK do a game so shitty for those consoles, then make the same game on wii u and make it a masterpiece by putting effort on it

    1. While I don’t agree with most of Malstrom’s opinions about Nintendo, I do like him for explaining why analysis’ like this one wouldn’t work.

      1. At least, Malstrom makes pretty decent articles, but I hate how much he dislikes Nintendo’s modern games. When he came up with that “sick 3D obsession” thing, I thought he was talking about stereoscopic 3D effect like the Virtual Boy and the 3DS, but no, he was talking about polygonal graphics and 360 degree control of your character. He is a NES blind fanboy.

        1. He seems to be getting progressively worse and worse over the years. Now saying that the reason why Nintendo is failing (even though it really isn’t) is that they’ve been releasing bad games.

            1. Yep, his blog was the only thing that made me face-palm. He doesn’t seem to understand the importance of gaming past the 16-bit era, saying that the only reason why the Playstation systems were so successful was an “increase in population”, but says that sales are a defining factor for good games and systems. Or, to put it in other words, sales only matter if it’s convenient to proving his point.

              1. Correct. Look at your most recent entry:

                Nintendo is not making bad games, It’s making games that Malstrom doesn’t like and doesn’t even try to play them. He likes to yell how the original SMB was important for the industry but denies how SM64 had quite the same level of importance in gaming. He likes to say that NSMBU is a bad 2D Mario game and blindly thinks Nintendo hates 2D Mario, which is quite weird, if Nintendo really hates 2D Mario, thay would never make a 2D Mario for the Wii U release and nor even would bother in make a giant expansion pack that replaces all the levels for brand new ones.

                    1. Indeed! He is not more credible as he was during the Wii era.
                      Another mistake he comitted is that was absolutely sure that PS Vita TV would “absolutely and completely destroy the Wii U”. I already screamed in my head “Sweet Jesus. Give me a break, Malstrom”, when I read why he believes this, it was because he was a fan of Game Boy Players… Derp?! Kinda curiously, the Vita TV is a Japan-exclusive and still didn’t outsold the Wii U there.


    If Pachter thinks that decision will help Nintendo , either he wants Nintendo to die or he’s just plain retarded. Would he said the same for Sony and Microsoft’s exclusives? I don’t think so.

  24. Patcher, you can just go board the crazy train and go to an asylum. Your statements, that make no sense financially or otherwise, are getting dumber and dumber & I hope to never hear from you again.

  25. So he is supposed to be an analyst and says that Nintendo should give up on their exclusives to publish on other consoles ?
    This guy is good. This guy is very good.

    1. I would argue that inanity is often a requirement for analysts. For instance, Charles Krauthammer has been wrong about every prediction he’s ever made, but he’s still a go-to guy for Serious analysis about current events.

  26. Could you please stop starting your article with “famed analyst… Blah blah blah” nothing famed about another mediocre journalist.

  27. Patcher is so dumb. The biggest advantage Nintendo has is that in 4 years they well release a new system right in the middle of the Xbox one and PS4 life cycle and when they do it well be more powerful and be built with more modern tech.

    1. no that will make Nintendo look bad. NEXT time they should make it as powerful but now……………… it as much asthey can

  28. Somebody needs to slap the shit out of this guy because he is coming up with the most insane ideas…. Publish on Xbox one and PS4, pftt You’re a crazy little fuck, aren’t you?

  29. hey sickr ive been checking this site a lot and im curious about something are u a fan or actually just part of the doom sayers. ive had playstation since ps1 days and must admit sony has made the only consoles ive ever had quit working for no reason :( I was in wallmart months after the ps3 release and they were so expensive so I didn’t bother till the price went down but the funniest thing happened the store paged some1 over the intercom to rush to electronics the display model of the ps3 was on fire lol thought I would fall t the floor laughing :) sony’s quality is atrocious :( but they never really had any quality to speak of :( sales articles need to start mentioning that many of the ps3 and 360 sales are repurchases of dead systems I suppose if Nintendo mad the wii u die after a year of use sales would increase :) my brother is on his 4th ps3 in 3 years I know this becuz he had to use my credit card to get them. and now I see the ps4 is like 8% failure rate so im glad I canceled my pre order now.

  30. Jesus Christ.. Michael Pachter is probably THE biggest moron. I mean, I thought I knew that beforehand, but THIS just set it in stone.

    How the hell would putting their games on the Xbox One and PS4 help? As Nintendo publishes games for them there would be zero reason to buy a Wii U!!!

    The second Nintendo goes 3rd party, the second Nintendo falls. I don’t believe Nintendo can exist as a third party publisher. I certainly wouldn’t support them anymore.

  31. Nintendo has a niche market. It isn’t selling the numbers Sony and Microsoft are for their respective consoles, but it’s still selling numbers that should suggest a strong audience, except in our society even millions in sales means you have no audience and are on the verge of collapse if the competition is selling billions. The only reason competitors want Nintendo to “share” their games so bad is they have such poor first-party game performance and rely on third-party developers. They want Nintendo, held in such high regard as a game developer, to be another strong third-party developer for them. They see Wii U and other Nintendo console ventures as just something in the way of their potential added profit margin.

  32. Pingback: *PACHTER ARTICLE* Michael Pachter Thinks Nintendo should Temporarily release games on other Consoles

  33. Wow is Pachter really that stupid? release the games on competing systems? Why would Microsoft and sony allow that without taking even more of Nintendo’s money?

    1. Funny how they managed to make games to platforms with different architectures last gen.
      Granted that all consoles were based on powerpc variants last gen,
      but they still couldn’t just slap 360 code to PS3.
      Call of Duty games were made/ported for 5 different platforms
      Now only reason to dodge any other than x86 architecture, is greed and laziness.



  35. Bring their games to XBone and PS4? And what about the people that bought a Wii U for those games? That would pretty much be a giant middle finger to Wii U owners like myself who bought the system for games you can’t get on other consoles. It would be the stupidest decision the Big N could make, stupider than making no effort to advertise the Wii U and neglecting game series that serious fans want more of like F-Zero and Star Fox.

  36. So we can have another Sega? Sorry, but no. If you want to play Nintendo games, then buy a goddamn Nintendo system! and yes that would be a double middle finger and those that say they want nintendo games on x-bone and ps4 are ass hurt that bayo2 will forever be a wii u exclusive





      1. Except Pikmin 3, Wind Waker, and Mario 3D World were all rather fantastic.

        Way better games than Last of Us, though I suppose that wouldn’t be so hard. What do you get with those pretty graphics and an admittedly tremendous story? Horrible object collision detection, half-baked stealth gameplay, and mediocre third person shooter mechanics.

        Yeah, no thanks.


  37. For the love of Christ, stop reporting on Pachter. There are a billion analysts out there, and this guy is one of the most moronic, brain cell-devoid of them all.

    I don’t really care if one of the staff is a fan of Pachter, or thinks its hilarious — it’s not news, it’s a worthless post of some guy unrelated to Nintendo that said “I think this’ll happen.”

    If you’re going to report on this guy, you might as well report on whatever SuperSonicMario89 is saying on YouTube, or some other generically-named opinion channel.

    It’s dribble.


    1. Yeah, this comment just proves how much of an idiot Pachter really is. It’s a good thing Nintendo isn’t that stupid.

  39. Jesus. Fucking. CHRIST. PACHTER.
    First, that’s basically a huge middle finger to Wii U owners like me, who actually bought the system to play amazing games that you can’t find on any other console. And Nintendo isn’t even doomed! As we saw before, they’re worth more than Sony, and they have at least 10 BILLION dollars! (£6.7 billion)
    That will keep the company going till at LEAST 2050. Also, Pachter, you forget about the 3DS, which has sold at least over 30 million units. AND YOU SAID IT WOULD FAIL. And besides, if Nintendo did this, it would hurt their huge fanbase, including me. Look what happened to Banjo!

  40. Yes, spot on. Sacrifice long term survival for a bit of short term gain (on consoles whose sales are yet to catch up with Wii U and whose owners would obviously be less enthusiastic about Nintendo games)

  41. Without Nintendo, we would now have almost identical always online drm no used games boxes.

    You might think that Sony was a white knight who fought against MS bullshit policies.
    They were going to do exact same things than MS.
    When they noticed the bad press MS got, they chickened out.
    They had 2 choices, Let Nintendo ride “no bullshit policies” train alone, or back out from the bullshit, and profit from the bad press of xbone.

    This might sound like a conspiracy theory, but I believe Sony and MS sat on a same table, and discussed how to make next generation more profitable.
    That’s why we got 2 boxes that are almost the same.

    Nintendo is walking on a thin ice, since gaming is the only major business aspect they have, so if they lose that, we may have another Sega.
    3DS can only take them so far.
    They have all that DS and Wii money, so it baffles me, how they managed to half ass Wii U launch and the first year.
    This year, they should go heavy on games and marketing.
    And market their devices and games pretty much round the clock, for kids, teens and adults.

    Sony might be the one that’s head is on the guillotine.
    They have many business aspects, besides gaming, and most of them are not going so well.
    They could cut down their not so profitable divisions, and concentrate on gaming, but even with the good start they had with PS4, would be too risky for them to put all of their eggs in a one basket.

    Microsoft is worst one of them all, only because they can and they will shove xbox’s and kinects down our throats to the end of gaming.
    Does Bill Gates hate gaming and gamers?
    With the performance of their last 2 consoles, could have thought they would have given up, at least in Japan.
    But they seem hellbent on dominating the world of gaming, even if they end up killing it.

    3 big console makers are too much for this industry, but losing either Nintendo or Sony, would be very bad for gamers and gaming.
    There is a lot of money in gaming, it has already surpassed movie business. But gaming industry is more fragile and clustered.

    Let’s hope the Chinese market stabilizes the industry, and lets all 3 to make enough profit to keep on delivering quality games.

  42. New title for this posts:
    “Pachter believes he has a Nintendo Wii U but he doesn’t remember it.”

    This Pachter doesn’t have a Wii U, and still says poo conclusions. Seriously, why this Xbsonyer is ‘popular’? Because of his mediocre reviews?


    This guy is a joke… >.>


    what an idiot, EVEN sony said NINETNDO ARE IMPORTANT to their own success.

  45. I definitely agree with Pachter on this one. Nintendo should just go third party already. They should have done it years ago if you ask me. Mario 3D World would have been 100 times cooler if it was ported to the PS4. #Trophies

  46. I dont agree with pachter either. What nintendo needs to do right now is make a high end hardware system to go along with their fantastic software. They need to stop using their current business strategy of using last year’s technology and start using today’s technology.

    The reason why I am not buying nintendo products is because it does not have modern features ( online, fast processor, and high end hardwear that looks and performs like a xbox one or ps4). I also hate the lag on the wii u. What are you thinking nintendo? Nintendo has nothing to lose when they use the lastest tech in their hardwear.

  47. “If I remember correctly, Nintendo themselves said that if they fall, so would their franchises.

    So keep dreaming.”

    the japs have what is called bushido, they would not disgrace their company by allowing their franchises in the hands of another so if they do fall then they will do seppuku in business terms.

  48. The Playstation 4 and XBox One wouldn’t even be out if it wasn’t for Nintendo. Nintendo does need to do something such as getting better advertisement for their console. Even advertisement from actual retailers needs to get better as lately they have been completely ignorant on what the Wii U is and it makes me question why they even have their jobs if they cannot do it right at all! It just SICKENS me when people want Nintendo games on other platforms like the Playstation or XBox. Wanting Nintendo games on those consoles is like asking for Halo or Littlebigplanet on the Wii U. It is something that will never happen! People just need to understand what the Wii U actually has to offer instead of trusting and looking into false retail advertisements. A lot of things do need to happen, but Nintendo is fine with their own company. They have been making games longer than any of the other companies so they aren’t gonna be going anywhere at all like others think that they are. On a more positive note though, I cannot wait for Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, and X! :)

  49. Kinda sounds like Pachter really really wants to play Nintendo games, yet doesn’t want to buy a Wii U. Doesn’t it sound kinda like that to you?

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