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“We Are Thinking About A New Business Structure,” Says Iwata

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata has announced that the company needs to restructure its current business model, following a press conference in Osaka today. In light of Nintendo’s 2013-14 fiscal year cuts – which slashed the forecasted 9 million units down to 2.8 million units for the Wii U and 18 million units to 13.5 million units for the 3DS – Iwata has insisted that changes need to be made, though it’s not as simple “as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone”.

Earlier today, Iwata said he would not resign in the wake of its third annual consecutive loss, drilling home the point that he would restore business momentum as soon as possible. Now, the CEO hopes to back up his claims by introducing a new business structure, studying smart devices and the industry’s trends, Bloomberg reports. He added that any reshuffles in management were not planned for the near future, though announcements in pay cuts – if any – would be shared after the investor’s meeting at the end of this month.

“We are thinking about a new business structure. Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business. It’s not as simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone.

“We cannot continue a business without winning. We must take a skeptical approach [on] whether we can still simply make game players, offer them in the same way as in the past for 20,000 yen or 30,000 yen, and sell titles for a couple of thousand yen each.”

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  1. When Mario Kart 8’s launch is closing in, make a really aggressive marketing campaign, with high-quality commercials featuring Mario Kart 8 and other previously launched games on the Wii U, like Super Mario 3D World; Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze; Nintendo Land and so on. Let the people know exactly what and how much the Wii U offers, and why it’s worth their money.

      1. Funny because… I hear and read all about what the XBOX ONE sells and the PS4 and I realize that I see commercials for that stuff everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE… so in that regard, while the Wii U sales have been lower than desired, I wonder what the difference is fiscally since the advertisement costs are so much lower… Of course, the world economy runs on speculation and credit, so when Microsoft/Sony has projected sales, they can continue their credit lines with the big banks, whether they actually profit or not on the bottom line.

        1. But Nintendo won’t need as much advertisements later on like they need now, if they can establish a big consumer-base. So investing a lot in advertisement could work out in the long run, even if it can be pretty expensive in the start.

    1. This has to be one of the best news I’ve heard from Nintendo in a while. With the recent rumor of a new handheld being developed, I cannot imagine it being another of the same type of console from Nintendo; but much rather a different offering in the form of a smartphone-esque console where games are priced lower like an app. Why wouldn’t they develop a console like that? One where developing for it is as straightforward as building for iPhone and Android, but running on Nintendo’s own OS and downloading games from their own app store, similar to eShop, but hopefully with a much better experience and lower starting price,

      1. Nintendo is a gaming company, they are ALWAYS working on a new systems, just takes 6 years or so to release the next one. Its no shocker they are working on the next handheld and next home console already they start working on a new system after a new one launches every time. But it wont be Smartphone crap.

    2. THAT is what they need to do,. finally someone else wants ads about what wi u is about and the opreveiously annaopuced games too!!!!!!!

    3. With a heavy heart….(that is also filled with rage)
      I cant believe I’m saying this…. I actually have to agree with Pachter. Iwata needs to be fired by the board. Completely get rid of this guy and bring in someone who understands gaming at its core. This guy just doesnt get it. Wii got lucky, It really did. I enjoyed the system, but the bloated sales were only bc of a fad from casuals. Those casuals moved on to smart phones/tablets and Iwata failed to see or put in place a team to see this happening.
      He is disease to Nintendo now who will only drag the brand down further. Nintendo needs a new leader. Someone who isnt afraid of taking risks, understands the minds of gamers, and who understands the industry future.
      Mobile? Are you freaking kidding me?
      What they NEEDED to do a LONG time ago was release a few mobile games with short campaigns. This couldve sparked some casuals to pick up dedicated systems, but I highly doubt at this point it would have much of an effect. The guy needs to go. NOW!
      Not picking up minecraft, no exclusivity for lego, the list goes on. Iwata shouldve been banging down doors to get exclusivity pacts for new games. Could you imagine if Lego was only on Nintendo systems? Minecraft couldve been an AMAZING launch title for the wiiU, had they actually had some sense and saw the potential. Especially if Nintendo offered to help port it over and got it exclusively.
      Marketing is another kick in the MonkeyBalls. I honestly dont understand the next to zero budget Nintendo uses. They honestly dare consumers to recognize their core ips (mario, dk, zelda) and swoon… no coercing needed. Wake up Iwata!!!! Kids arent growing up with Nintendo these days and your alienating fans. Its starting to piss me off how much support Ive thrown behind Nintendo and keep getting burned by the IDIOTS that are running the show. Iwata NEEDS to be fired. Not tomorrow, or next month, certainly not in a year. NOW. I still dont understand the boards motives for keeping him on.

      Even 3ds, with how great the system has sold (and yes it did have some great numbers) they STILL had to drastically cut their numbers on that system. WTF?!

      As to the future games coming out. People are losing interest and wont invest in the system, regardless of the draw with games. Smash, X, MarioKart, ect can only be so amazing. They cannot and will not stand on one leg. They need help with marketing, ect. ENOUGH of the (i cant believe im saying this) KIDDIE ads and commercials. Kids really dont care about Nintendo and its this dumbed down shit thats the problem.
      Get your fucking act together Nintendo and kick Iwata to the curb. I will always love nintendo at its core but enough is fucking enough.

      1. Totally agree with this,I grew up Nintendo and the strength of old titles has still held me,however,my kids must be the only ones in their class who own a Wii u..

      2. Shit……. Sadly, I don’t disagree with any particular sentiment you’ve given here.
        Do I still believe in Iwata’s ability to turn things around? Yes.
        Do I know why I believe in him..?
        Not really.
        At best, he sticks to the path and admits his faults readily.
        Maybe I’m a sucker; I don’t know..
        C’mon Iwata- if you’re not stepping down then Step It Up, buddy…. This is not the age for complacency. :/

  2. 1) Drop the casual lust. REAL gamers buy the stuff.

    2) More games, more on Wii U. Slow down on 3DS

    3) Adopt online practices done by Sony and Microsoft

    4) ADVERTISE! and not to those casuals because it ain’t working. about a month and a half to two months before Super Smash Bros. comes out, show advertisements on a GTA V/Call of Duty scale. SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS!

    5) Third Party, self explanitory

    6) *This is personal* Filter Miiverse so I can’t get a headache from looking at stupidity.

    1. If you examine Iwata’s comments, he is suggesting that Nintendo will be going the way of Square-Enix — fewer resources devoted to serving the “hardcore” fan base and more devoted to providing cheap titles on smart phones. Nintendo under Iwata has been all about expanding the gaming audience, so it looks to me like they will be following Michael Pachter’s advice and start creating free-to-play titles for OS and Android devices. Iwata’s comments are for investors, not for us gamers — I don’t think this will turn out quite the way you expect.

      1. i agree with both of you.

        the casual lust? … it meant selling a refrigerator to Eskimos … and they did it with the Wii. But, you can’t sell an Eskimo 2 … you tricked them the first time, they expected the same results this time, but are learning a lesson.

        They’re finding out that only the gamers are buying this time.

        They need to increase those gamers … i love nintendo, i buy boat loads of nintendo stuff … thousands of dollars … i play nintendo all the time with my daughter who just turned 9 years old … and guess what? … she could take it or leave it … just don’t take away her Minecraft.

        So, Nintendo needs to appeal to me … and people like my daughter who’s not a die hard fan but still a gamer. She likes trendy, social, open and fun games on easy to use platforms.

        If you look at Nintendo from the eyes of my daughter, you might see the problems. i told her “Miiverse is available on your 3DS now” … she heard me but understood nothing … i was only distracting her from youtube on her iPhone. And, if i was my daughter’s age and grew up these days, i would not be a Nintendo fan.

        Nintendo was amazing, when i was growing up … but, there was either Nintendo or going outside and playing in the dirt. these days, you have so many options

        you need to make nintendo available on all options … mobile, youtube, more devices, more free-to-play, more access to the game library … PERIOD!!!!

        1. Thanks for the useful criticism. Lol. Troll harder. I’m just trying to be realistic about interpreting what Iwata is saying here. It might not be what you want to hear, but it sure sounds to me like he is interested in exploring how nintendo might benefit from alternative ways of delivering their games, especially those that will recapture some of the “casual” market they lost to smartphone devices. Sure, he said that it isn’t as simple as moving mario to the smartphone, but that does not preclude the possibility that nintendo will start developing cheaper games to attract this segment of the gaming population (because let’s face it, wii u has become a niche console and 3ds still isn’t performing to expectations). Maybe this will mean some nintendo games developed for iPhone or Android. If I’m not mistaken there already is a pokemon related app nintendo created, so this really isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

      2. hmm……………….well their first free to play is steel diver but I think their inly phone “games” are ones to promote the rest.

        but no actualkly they are making more hardcore games even if most of them are second/3rd party exclusioves.

    2. Nintendo made a good money and discovered a never explored market before, they shouldn’t “drop the casual lust”, this market still exists, Nintendo can just make a maintenance of this audience.

    3. Real gamers actually dont buy a lot. They let several hardcore Nintender games fail. Even when previous old entries sold well.
      Look at the 3DS and you see where Nintendo’s future in game sales lie

      And Sony and MS have a casual lust for the people who buy Call of Duty and Fifa every year. Lol

    4. 1. I don’t mind the casual but they could dim it down.
      2. what!? no. they shouldn’t slow down the 3DS games. why risk having both systems losing sales? just boost up the game making for wii U.
      3. I think they’re fine but then again. I haven’t been the type to play on line
      4. yes make it so. maybe even do promotions and partner up with Mcdonalds or Coke cola
      5. very yes. but they should pick ones that would work well. like Street Fighter etc. and Destiny and games like Grand Theft Auto shouldn’t. since it wouldn’t fit in well.
      6. they filtered it enough already. people would complain otherwise. blame the stupid ppl

    5. ^ This. Although I would say continue strong 3ds support. Why slow down the #1 thing you got going for you? Not too much announced on way of 3ds for 2014 atm anyways. They need to work with 3rd/2nd party studios to develop new Nintendo ip’s or utilize ones we havent had in a loooong time. This would really help crank out games for the WiiU. They should buy studios with HD exp too

  3. It is nice to hear that they are critically examining their practice. I believe Nintendo can change with the times and still stay relevant.

  4. just type in 11 November 2006 to January 2009, the put in PS3 you will see the doom and gloom merchants moan about how Sony is doomed and they will never make a new console. well that came true not!!

    the problem is Nintendo needs to be more aggressive in the market advertise and more third party games i mean the pricing to me i don’t think is an issue. it is more the lack of good advertising and also i think they need to make some adult games. they also need to get more online connectivity and spend a bit on that, along with third party games.

    but in the end what will sell the console is a good catalog of games and advertising. i mean even if you start with kids there is stuff like cartoons and children devoted channels where you can plug stuff all day long.

    the adult gaming market is huge and they need to tap into adult gaming more

    1. No, they need to have games for all their fans, they just need to develop more titles along with Mario,Dk and Zelda.

  5. This whole idea Nintendo goin to make stuff for smartphones makes me ill. Smartphones sucks, they shouldnt llok at them at all just make games for 3DS/WiiU(especially WiiU) and promote them heavily. Bring on all the 1st party big guns StarFox,F-Zero,Metroid and make some new ones on the way. Fund Mistwalker to do the WiiU project they desire, Tls was one of those HC titles for Wii that made people want to get Wii, they sure as hell can do the same for WiiU, now that the tech is there! They need to use the GC tactic, simply just put out software others dont have and fund projects to secure it comin to WiiU (kinda like they did for Twin Snakes and Bayonetta2). All they need is killer software that makes people forget all the lame Killzones and such.

    1. Star Fox isn’t all that popular, they can wait with that.
      Also, GC tactic? Don’t forget that the GC didn’t sell all that well.

      1. Well WiiU hasnt sold well either, but GC made profit for Nintendo because the 1st party software sold so well and made Nintendo fans and gamers happy, they maybe cannot turn WiiU into other Wii but they can atleast turn it to another GC and make some profit.

  6. Nintendo is now at its end. But an end doesn’t disallow a new beginning. That new beginning, however, won’t be something we recognize.

    It’s in its Twilight Princess state; in other words, this is the last of Nintendo we’re going to see in its current form.

    1. I agree. I am excited by the new Nintendo that may emerge.

      I don’t think it will be on smart phone platforms though.
      They have such a strong focus on the user experience that i don’t see them ever conforming to a platform they don’t control.

      Also, they could cash in on IPs that they could spin off into more substantial licensing – film/tv, etc to supplement the development of a new gaming experience –which will always be the core.

    2. Which means: Skyward Sword Nintendo?

      Heheh, I’m somewhat kidding. I don’t hate SS, but it still would probably mean an even more one track mind.

  7. By the way, Nintendo going the way of mobile devices should be something Sony and Microsoft must strongly discourage. We all know what happens when Nintendo gets into new frontiers (revolutionizing video gaming with the NES, the Gameboy, the N64, the Wii, the DS, and before you start whining about where the other systems are, I’m only mentioning the Nintendo systems that revolutionized the gaming landscape, not just naming Nintendo systems for sheer awesomeness like a jackass), so it won’t be a surprise when Nintendo will revolutionize mobile gaming. If that’s the case, then mobile gaming will absolutely take over the entire industry, and systems like the Vita, PS4, and Xbox One are all going to go down HARD. Lest we forget, Nintendo, despite being overtaken by the “next-gen” systems, is still the leader of where video gaming is going to go; if Nintendo says up, everyone else will follow. And if Nintendo says mobile, it will be very hard to go against that.

    1. Nintendo revolutionized 2nd screen gaming with the Wii U (not as much as the Wii though), and both Sony and Microsoft have tried to counter it with their own ways (PSVita Remote Play, Smartglass)

      1. SNES revolutionized with the face button/shoulder button controller scheme Sony has used since PSX and Microsoft since O.G Xbox. Hell, on Xbox they even use the color schemes of SNES’s face buttons.

  8. I guess I interpreted this differently.
    I read, “We can’t build cheap-ass hardware and expect it to sell anymore. The $600 xBox one is kicking our ass in sales momentum, so we shouldn’t have assumed people wouldn’t have bought a hardcore machine. We built cheap so the casual Wii gamers would upgrade, but they never came. We should build quality hardware next time, even if it increases the price tag.”

    1. WiiU is quality system with its second screen and even though its only marginally stronger than ps3 its smaller and more quiet and doesnt heat as much, dont get me wrong more powerful hardware is better but if it redrings it leaves bad taste in the mouth, im just sayin that sayin that WiiU is cheap ass hardware isnt really right, they can do lot with it. But i see where you are comin from though.

      1. Marginally stronger than PS3? Think you need to re-check your hardware mate, it’s far stronger than what most people think.

        X1 and PS4 needed what it has because the cores that it actually has are quad as it is are off the shelf Wii U’s cores are designed for gaming, so you’ll get optimal performance.

        1. Well i admit im not hardware expert and perhaps i should have not typed without checkin the things. I have to admit that its hard to believe that Zelda tech demo could run on on only marginally stronger hardware than Ps3.

          1. It’s physically impossible for PS3 to run the tech demo of Zelda. You don’t even have the eDRAM to get the 1080p buffer rate, and to keep it consistent. Plus there are way more SPUs and TMU in the console compared to the PS3.

            With Wii U, it’s all about optimising the code and using the RAM inside to the console to really make the application run as fast as it can.

            Once the newest games like MK8 and Zelda U are out, will we only truly see it’s power, but when the SDKs are updated and allow the console to do even more, we will then truly see exactly what kind of game it can really run. Never read the clock speeds of a piece of hardware, read about what it can do in each clock cycle. I used to think that higher clocks meant everything, but now I see hardware in a totally different light.

            Anyone (not aimed at anyone here directly) thinks the hardware is weak, they need to do their work before claiming stupid stuff.

            To put things into perspective for the 1.24Ghz Tri-Core CPU, it only has a 4 stage pipeline and out or order execution. This means it’s literally decoding and running instructions faster and it’s CPU throughput is very high, so it will make the console look like it’s actually outgunning what it’s doing overall. If developers change their engine designs, then we’ll see games running very smoothly on the console.

            There is no way on earth that 3D World would run on PS3 or 360, as the hardware would keep gasping.

            1. Well, OF COURSE the tech demo wouldn’t run on the PS3; the tech demo was built on a system that was barely introduced at the time.

              Besides, NOTHING foreign to the PS3 can actually play on the PS3 unless you natively develop the game for it. It’s that insular of a system. It has nothing to do with power, but with how the hardware was structured, and the PS3’s is a maze compared to both 360 and Wii U.

    2. As long as he is not included in that new business structure I’m all for it. Seriously.

      However this is not rocket science. Shift your focus from the casuals back to the kids and core like it was in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s and call it a day. That’s all you need to do. The casuals adults are all done with consoles. They are happy with their mobile devices and they aren’t coming back. If Iwata would man up and admit that he sold the core down the river to try and catch lighting-in-a-bottle twice by going after the causal crowd and failed, I would endorse him to remain as CEO. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s not a problem. Not admitting TRUTHFULLY what the mistakes are and repenting from them is what has brought Nintendo to this point.

      There is absolute no excuse for the Wii U to be in this state right now. There really isn’t. However you do have a few things wrong.

      The Wii U is nowhere close to be ‘cheap’ hardware. In fact out of the 3 the Wii U is the most expensive to manufacture because it uses PowerPC over x86. PowerPC is far superior in power and efficiency than x86. It is capable of doing anything the PS4 and XB1 can do. That is not an issue. The PS4 and XB1 are made completely with off the shelf parts. The CPU and GPU of both consoles are tablet-PC builds. Developers are already hitting walls with the PS4 and XB1 and/or are using up most of the available resources of the hardware for launch titles where as most Wii U games only use one core of the 6 available (the Wii U has 3 CPUs) and are barely even touching the eDRAM, let alone the system RAM. x86 hasn’t been a viable architecture for gaming since the 8-bit and 16-bit days. Once gaming moved into the polygon age Power-based CPUs have been the best strategy. Sony and Microsoft chose x86 to try and save money and attract as many 3d party studios as they could to make up for not having enough 1st party titles available. Think about it. If the XB1 and PS4 had the same 3rd party issues Nintendo has, where would they be? The PS4 has Knack and Killzone. That is it. The XB1 has Ryse and Killer Instinct. That is it. Now Sony has Infamous: Second Son coming in a few months and Microsoft has Titanfall, but without the 3rd party games around them those games would do little to help sales of their consoles either.

      As badly as Iwata needs to be publicly fired, it is not sweet for Microsoft and Sony either. There is a major problem in the industry as a whole right now.

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    1. Nah, they wouldn’t do that. Where would they put all their IPs to? They wouldn’t go software only. They’ve been in the game industry since the 80’s.

      Their IPs belong on their hardware. It would put a huge hole in the business.

      1. There is no evidence suggesting that going software only is going to damage their business, only their pride. No business analyst would ever dream of even recommending Nintendo go software only if they thought Nintendo would die from it.

    2. No, Nintendo 3DS is doing freaking well. They arent gonna do that, they arent like Sega(company that lacked balls to go down with glory only to start making shitty games like Sonic4). Nintendo needs to make hardware to their software because they kinda live in symbiosis, Mario64 needed N64 to be possible, analog stick,rumble,cartridge for slow loading times. Many WiiU games will need that second screen to be possible. Why i am wastin my time explainin? It seems like most of the people dont see the big picture and lack the vision.

    3. No, Iwata has placed far too much investment into the philosophy of not doing what everyone else is doing, and he also wants too badly not to have to pay other companies to sell his software on their platforms. Even when Sony and Microsoft have inevitably, completely abandoned making consoles (as soon as PC’s get more accessible), Nintendo will still be pushing hardware to the very last possible inch of time.

  10. I think the next console will be a home and portable system in one. That will make the most sense, as the 3DS is doing really well.
    Also, all Nintendo consoles would do so much better if they brought all those great Japanese games out here!

  11. Lets be honest if Nintendo had a achievement system it would help the sales of Wii U. Sorry but its true. Not everyone believes in this but a good amount of people do an love the challenge. It gives some spirit towards gaming. They need a better notification system for messages! I need to know when my friend wants to play, not a blinking light that someone might want to or if its just a comment in a thread in Mii Verse. They need to step it up with online play. A perfect example for a good game online would of been Super Mario 3D World but of course they felled to do so. An im not saying all games need to be online capable but it would drive sales! An the most important they need to stop being so high security! Droping swapnote… cmon now. Thats why theres a filter system an thats why we have parental controls an thats why they have a annoying friend code system on 3DS! But most importantly parents need to watch there kids an be responsible. Ive been a huge an loyal Nintendo fan, grew up with Nintendo. But its time they step it up! Even I could make better decisions for them. An that stuff is just the icing on the cake, theres more they could do but thats what they need to do first. Its the basics they need to work on.

  12. Lets be honest if Nintendo had a achievement system it would help the sales of Wii U. Sorry but its true. Not everyone believes in this but a good amount of people do an love the challenge. It gives some spirit towards gaming. They need a better notification system for messages! I need to know when my friend wants to play, not a blinking light that someone might want to or if its just a comment in a thread in Mii Verse. They need to step it up with online play. A perfect example for a good game online would of been Super Mario 3D World but of course they felled to do so. An im not saying all games need to be online capable but it would drive sales! An the most important they need to stop being so high security! Droping swapnote… cmon now. Thats why theres a filter system an thats why we have parental controls an thats why they have a annoying friend code system on 3DS! But most importantly parents need to watch there kids an be responsible. Ive been a huge an loyal Nintendo fan, grew up with Nintendo. But i

  13. Hopefully by “new business structure”, they mean they’re going to try to come up with a new image for themselves like they did after the GameCube, but one that’s actually cool instead of the “White World of Nintendo” they have going on the Wii(U)/DSi/3DS, get rid of Miis and replace them with something better and probably bring back Nintendo Week while they’re at it, but on TV.

  14. I see what the problem is. The WiiU is 20,000 or 30,000? That’s too expensive. You can buy the other consoles for like 400 or 500. They just priced themselves out of the marketplace. No wonder they aren’t selling as they originally expected.

  15. It’s about time Iwata said that, I’ve been waiting since June to hear this. Iwata seems like a really nice guy and I have respect for him with what he has done but he needs to consider changing his role in the company and let someone else take charge. He’s the only nintendo president to make an annual loss and he’s made a loss three years in a row which isn’t good enough because he vowed back in early 2012 that he would make sure he wouldn’t see another loss while president of nintendo.
    He also said Nintendo learned from the 3DS which is utter bullshit since not only has wii u got into deeper shit than 3DS back in 2011 but they have failed to do anything about it.
    If I was Iwata I’d be considering a new home console for the end of 2016 without any gimmicks because it puts off 3rd parties due to costs and additional development time when instead that money could be used to add power and advanced graphical technology for the console to make it a serious contender next gen.
    New franchises must be established and dormant ones to be revived, Kid Icarus had moderate success on 3DS selling over 1.5 million copies as of March 2013. They need to slow down Mario production before the series over saturates, we’ve had 6 core Mario games since 2009 (I think). Wii fit and wii sports are last gen and should be left alone. Classic Games like Devil World and Starfox (yes, i know) can be brought into the 21st century with devil world being some sort of 3rd person shooter/survival game or something which is catered to older audiences and starfox becomes a free to play game with inspiration from an iOS game, it doesn’t need to be like Lylat Wars or Starwing. They have the cash.
    When your console is 5 years old in terms of technology and it doesn’t have a must have feature out of the gates then it will sink.

    1. one thing you got wrong is to NOT make a new console until next gen atleast.

      otherwise people wont trust Nintendo at all.

      1. The good news is that the next Xbox and next PS wont be coming for another 10ish years and Nintendo updates every 5 years (one down)
        so right in the middle of Xbox one and ps4 life cycle Nintendo well have a shiny new home system (hopefully with lots of restructuring and rebranding) this of course well rock things for Xbox and ps

  16. at some point our claims (talking about changes) Finally!!! reach Mr. Iwata, the things is why wait so long (money loss) to realize that Nintendo (Iwata) have to do “changes”

  17. Press is the biggest problem with the system. They need to be very clear with people that they are going to support the system for next 3-4 years. There have been allot of people waiting to see what happens before buying and its going to become a real problem with reports like this.

    And to stop calling the controller a tablet and call it a controller with an input window. Its sounds silly but there is a stigma with gamers and tablets.

  18. I hate to agree with that Pachter guy, but he’s right and maybe Nintendo is listening. Don’t develop million dollar Mario games for the iPad, instead let people play the original Super Mario World for a dollar or two. This drives new business to kids who don’t want to play Mario any longer or who have NEVER played one before. Let them “test drive” an older version and then when you release a new one for the WiiU or whatever system, they’ll want to go and play it. My 9 & 11 year olds are big Nintendo fans because I’m a Nintendo fans. ALL and I mean ALL of their friends own a PS4 or X1 now and almost none own a WiiU. There’s something very wrong about that picture and it’s not going to get better unless you “introduce” or re-inforce the Nintendo IP to new gamers. The iPad and iPhone are the ways to do just that.

  19. Mario on Smartphones isn’t the answer anyway. If Iwata is dead serious on wanting to restore Nintendo to its glory then there really is only one way to do it and that is to bring back games that we all have wanted all along, Starfox, F-Zero, Custom Robo, so forth. Mario needs a break, NO MORE MARIO FOR AWHILE. Also Party Chat on Wii U. Nintendo is severly damaged as a company right now they have made a bunch of mistakes over the past 2 years they could have easily avoided. At first I defended Iwata saying he shouldn’t be “fired” then I got to the point where I gave up on him and Nintendo itself and I quit gaming with Nintendo and everyone (Sony, and Microsoft.) But if Iwata really is serious about fixing Nintendo well, if he can manage to fix it, maybe I will consider going back to Nintendo. For starters though Iwata, FIRE THE MIIVERSE ADMINS, AND PUT IN A DAMN MODERATOR SYSTEM.

  20. Hey Iwata! Put some Wii I kiosks in as many stores as possible. There’s already PS4 and Xbox One kiosks. Why no Wii U kiosks? Only very few stores have any. And I have yet to find ANY.

  21. I honestly think that where virtual games are sold and played Nintendo should have some kind of presence. All this talk about Nintendo going mobile isn’t really a bad Idea to begin with. I’m in no way going to say they should slap Mario, Zelda, or even Donkey Kong on a mobile platform. I am however going to say that they should have some kind of “Super casual presence.” Nintendo can develop games like “Bejeweled, Card based strategy game, Bubble-Bubble, or a defense game.” While my Girlfriend isn’t a gamer and only touches the gamepad to change the channel I do find her playing these types of games on occasion. Going mobile isn’t really a bad idea, China as we all know overtook the U.S as the largest cellphone market in the world that right there is a billion seller. Nintendo should create a small studio where they can develop and tap into the mobile market and I swear they would make a killing.

  22. For everyone who says Iwata needs to be fired, name what he does in the company and what he is doing wrong. No corporation is run by one person. So firing Iwata will change what? A different person basically being the spokesperson for the company. Look up how corporations are run first then look up how Japanese corporations are run and then you might just stop say Iwata needs to go. It’s the same way people blame the President of the U.S instead of Congress who actually does all the work.

    1. I am not looking to see him go. But he should come out straight say some things, like 1) We are going to support the Wii U for 5 years just like we have supported every system, And 2) we are not going to sell games on other systems such as the Xbox One or PS4.

      He needs to be really clear and release a press conference in Japan saying this, cause the press has caught a case of the stupids.

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    All these “gamers” should be thankful and help Nintendo instead of enjoying their doom, it’s not even funny, look at all the amazing games we can play thanks to Nintendo!

    They just need to put AAA titles on the Wii U like they did on the 3DS and continue doing that!

    The problem with the Wii U is that it didn’t look that different than the Wii, it didn’t look as powerful and cool as the PS4 and it doesn’t have the tons of shooters the so called “hardcores” like.

    Period. It has nothing to do with smartphones, when I got an iPod Touch, I played games there like crazy, but they had no story, depth, difficulty, they didn’t last long, and then I went back to my 3DS AND FUCK DID I MISS IT!? FUCKING YES!

    Let them release Mario Kart 8, and NIntendo, do some adult/mature games, and bring HD Zelda to Wii U and more and that’s it!


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