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Nintendo Stock Dropped 17.09% In A Day Following Announcements

Stock in Nintendo dropped by 17.09% in a day following the announcement earlier today by Satoru Iwata. The announcement saw Iwata slash Nintendo’s forecast for the fiscal year, as the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS failed to reach the company’s sales projections. With the Wii U forecast slashed from 9 million to 2.8 million and the Nintendo 3DS from 18 million to 13.5 million. Nintendo’s share price is $14.89 on the New York Stock which is a drop of 17.09% from the $17.96 it started the day at. The stock prices reached $19 when news came about that China was lifting its ban on console sales, but have since dropped.

68 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Dropped 17.09% In A Day Following Announcements”

      1. We both know that won’t happen, not while iwata is the ceo, also, stop pretending to be blackbond, that is just pathethic

        1. It’s entirely possible for them to change. They need to start advertising in video game stores, on TV, and on video game websites. Another change that needs to happen is the eShop; the current pricing is terrible. You shouldn’t have to pay the full price for a digital copy. Nintendo makes their money through software and people are more willing to buy that software at a lower price.

    1. Never. Nintendo is old on hardware. They (Nintendo) are the new Sega. it will be great to play FireEmblem on Vita. I can’t wait. :D

        1. I’ve said for awhile that the last time a console that was more powerful than its competition took a specific generation in sales was the 4th generation when the SNES was the best selling. After that, it has always been a console that was either less powerful overall or less powerful graphically that took their generations.

          The whole “outdated hardware”/”weaker console” argument has been flawed for a long ass time and for the most part should matter to developers in what they can do with a console while crafting their game and matter somewhat with gamers in what games they will be able to see on consoles they prefer.

      1. @nova If Wii U is dying then Vita is a shrivelled corpse. Vita sold <100k in December in the U.S. By far the worst selling the console so eh, yeah good luck with that moron.

  1. Good games would fix this.

    Too bad we don’t have any at this point. (Rehashes don’t count – Neither do third party titles nobody knows much about)


    1. The stock dropped the second Iwata said he’s not stepping down with a big smile.

      Even Microsoft Steve Balmer was forced out.

      Elevator or Penthouse Window … your choice Mr. Iwata

  2. Its clear all investors expected Iwata to step down. The rise in the stock leading up to the announcement was for that reason. He is a major part of the Nintendo brand problem and needs to leave.

    “”We are thinking about a new business structure….” “We are studying…” just more nonsense them this guy. He is always studying the obvious. He needs to leave already.

  3. As a Nintendo Fan, I am very concerned about Nintendo’s business now. Nintendo has to straight up and grow a pair. They have to change their marketing campaign for all their AAA games out this year and pronto!

    1. Agreed, Iwata appears to be slipping, I think it may be better for Nintendo right now if they had some new management… until they can get back on their feet again, we have to think of Nintendo first…

  4. It’s sad to see my favorite company failing :( It makes me wonder when the successor is going to release. Maybe Smash and Kart can still save Wii U?

  5. None of you get it…..if nintendo dies, so does there franchises. They are the company that wants there stuff on there property. They are the great nintendo, the ones that saved gaming. They know that the moment they go 3rd party every one will forget there greatness(example: sega).yet you continue to wish bad upon nintendo… So you keep saying for them to stop making consoles. Just know your saying bye to:
    Mario,zelda,donkey kong, yoshi,warrior wars,animal crossing,Kirby,metroid,star fox,animal crosing,fzero,fire emblem,eartbound,wonderful 101,pikmin, and Pokemon!

    1. Hmmm, I’m reading that list and am thinking … well ya, I do like them but … I mean … I don’t know, I wouldn’t miss most of them THAT much.

  6. Nintendo didn’t take any risks and was too conservative with the power of the Wii and the Wii U. Nintendo needs to spend money on making powerful hardware consoles to make money on software games and online services. Also all the controllers should be in the box, like the controller pro and the Wiimote plus nunchuck.

  7. Not surprised. Nintendo needs to fix it’s shit. Not that Nintendo will fail, or disappear cause they will last another 61 years even if they toss out money year after year, but Nintendo is severely damaged right now.

  8. -Commander status uncertain-
    -Needs new energy to restore function-
    -High Command’s future uncertain, might need replacement if situation is still unstable during all 2014-

        1. Didnt Nintendo go through this during the GCN generation? Where everyone was demanding games from nintendo while the gamecube was struggling and though they did delivered everyone and their mothers still predicted doom for Nintendo?

          I honestly dont like the Nintendo of right now as much as I liked the Nintendo of the 90s-early 2000’s, but I seriously doubt Nintendo is done for, Iwata turned things around for the DS and 3DS, and he made the wii the beast of success that it is. If anyone from nintendo goes, I say its useless reggie.

  9. LOL! Everyone here talking as if they knew what’s going on inside Nintendo and if they were all businessmen. Probably just a bunch of teenagers who think they know everything about Nintendo and business and what it should or shouldn’t do just because they are on the internet giving their opinions.

    Nintendo is just struggling to sell one console, the other one was the biggest selling console of 2013. Just like Sony, Sony has the PS4 doing good and the Vita dying, so why aren’t you telling the president of Sony to resign? Oh, did you hear Nintendo was valued higher than Sony? Of course you all don’t care, these sensationalism news are the only ones people care about to talk about Nintendo and how doomed it is, the good one are tossed in the garbage just so people can have online fights and opinions as if they were superman and were all graduated from Harvard and could save Nintendo like Superman if they were the President!

    Give it to people on the internet to always know what to do and say, right?…

  10. The problem is, if Iwata got let go, the situation for Wii U would not get any better over night. They need to advertise the console and its games. Right now its still lacking and its punched the console so hard and now everyone is bullying the console. Its not under powered and its name is not the issue.

    3rd party are to blame for a tiny bit but its Nintendo mainly as they’ve not done anything what they did with Wii.

    Also putting their games onto smart phones is not a solution. That’s like asking Microsoft to develop their stuff for Android and iOS. It just won’t work and wouldn’t happen.

    1. Another way of seeing it is, if Wii is so under powered, then surely Xbox 360 and PS3 should have actually trumped the console. But here is the thing, Wii trumped both those consoles put together. The hardware was no where near as up to what PS3 and 360 was, but did that stop the console from selling? No it did not!

      So I cannot think for one moment that Wii U is under powered to not sell.

      Iwata was there for the DS line and Wii line as well, and they’ve done really well. So why should we treat him different because Wii U isn’t selling?

      Look at MS, Xbox didn’t do brilliantly, but when Halo was released that sold millions.

      Consoles don’t do overly brilliant as developers have to learn and explore the hardware before making stupid accusations.

      How exactly are X1 and PS4 “inventive” or even “innovative” for a starter? I cannot see anything that actually changes the way we play games.

      Gamepad changes everything. And what’s even better is that Wii U is BC with Wii and all the accessories still work.

      1. Sonyans: A Share button and detailed human characters = Innovation

        Xbots: Media gimmicks that have nothing to do with gaming plus human violation rights = Innovation

        It’s pathetic…

        1. That is not innovation. That’s stuff that has been in games and media for ages now. Adding new elements to games, changing mechanics, and being able to show something that’s either different or never been done before. That’s innovation and being inventive and creative all in one.

          Need I say anymore?

          1. I think you misunderstood my point…

            I was pointing out what those 2 call innovation, not what I think it is…

  11. So much negativity towards Iwata-San… if you don’t like him, then don’t play Nintendo games!

    Iwata IS Nintendo! To hate one is to hate the other! And I refuse to hate anything to do with Nintendo!

    Nintendo is mighty! Nintendo is powerful! NINTENDO IS GOD!!!

    1. Your admiration for our Lord and empire is highly praised and is the truth…

      The holy N is the Alpha and Omega of our gaming universe and if it should one day fall, we will all fall with it…

      I will never ever side with Sonyans and specially not the Xbots…

      1. I would never hate Mr. Iwata, but I am thinking about Nintendo’s survival, and if it means reconsidering his position, I hate the thought but I believe it has to be done, Nintendo needs help whether we like it or not, and if that means letting go of Iwata, it sadly has to be done…

        1. If things do not change during 2014, High Command needs to replace some…

          My vote goes to Supreme Commander Shibata for our new God…

    1. Gamers want to play on powerful systems on their LCD screens, they don’t give too much fuck about gameplay anymore. No, what they need is to stop making consoles promoting gameplay over graphics. It’s sad as hell, gamers are dumb as fuck nowadays, but it could work.

  12. They need a new F-Zero to speed things back into gear. I’m serious, a new F-Zero and a new StarFox. Time to start digging out the big guns, Nintendo. Even Zelda might not be able to save the Wii U.

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