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Pokemon X Sold Better Than Pokemon Y In 2013

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon X sold better than Pokemon Y in 2013. In the U.S. last year, Pokemon X sold 1.63 million copies, while Pokemon Y shifted 1.54 million units. Both games were released worldwide on October 12, 2013, and they are available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. It was recently revealed that Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. have filed a new Pokemon-related trademark called “Poketouch.”

36 thoughts on “Pokemon X Sold Better Than Pokemon Y In 2013”

    1. Yeah, true, but it’s not even that much of a difference in the sales between them. Plus, I got pokemon y and I wound up with xerneas and the x stones pretty easily than what I’d have expected. With the ease of trading in the gen, it didn’t really matter which version you got unless you truly wanted to start off with a certain pokemon.

    2. Uhh hello! mother got pokemon x and i got pokemon y because i love yevitle and it is ok that mother loves xernies because she loves it. i found a pickachoo in santiloon forest and i was sooo happy!! it is so strong and hes my best frend . im like ash and pickachoo im best frends with him and lets me pett him because i love him!!! Butt i make sure i love jesus, mother, and william more because i love them!!


    3. I like mewtwo Y better reminds of buu from dbz, but charizard X was the reason many bought X. Personaly The legendarys in this game kinda suck in attack status ect. Cool design but suck in battle, but don’t care never used legendaries in battles ever

      1. I like Yveltal’s design over Xerneas but Xerneas would wreck Yveltal. Dark is weak against fairy. Dark is my favorite pokemon type overall though.

  1. I am actually pretty shocked by these numbers. I own Y, but out of the people I streetpass and have been recently playing pokemon, X outnumbers Y players almost 4-1 in my area.

    1. Uhh hello! and wear is ur area exactlie because i need some frends who play pokemon and maybe mother and I can drive up 2 sea u sumtime and u can be my new frend because i love you!! we can trade pokemon and all sorts of cool items! i found a hart scale in my game!! <3 :)


  2. Everyone I knew wanted Pokémon X instead of Y. Even myself. But for me, it had nothing to do with ANY Pokémon that the game featured. I just liked the letter X better, and the art better.

  3. I got them both. X may have better looking forms, but Y has stronger, more useful ones. I’d choose charizard y over x any day.

  4. i bought Y only because the case for Y looked more manly than the case for X im being honest i could decide which and my ultimate decision came down to which one looked girlier and i chose the more manly one!

  5. Honestly, This could related to the fact that X had the more interesting pokemon and Xerneas was Fairy instead of fairy/grass, which could balance the two legends. So, we can deduce that it sold more because smart people made smart choices.

  6. I’m surprised by how Pokémon sold. I mean, I expected way better sales, it’s god damn Pokémon !…
    I think it’s another sign of people getting bored with Nintendo’s franchises, they need to react.

  7. Why does it matter how much more X sold than Y? They are from the same franchise after all, just a bit different storyline and few different Pokemons featured in each game. I chose Y , because I liked the legendary it had better and my sister bought X. I don’t give a damn about the whole lv, pokerus, shiny and what not going on around the franchise. (I don’t understand the deal with them. It’s all Hebrew to me.) But yeah, I thought this game sold better than that.

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