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More Zelda Majora’s Mask 3DS Teasing From Nintendo

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds director, Hiromasa Shikata, has teased in a recent interview in Game Informer that there’s a possibility that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask remake could be coming in the future. It’s safe to assume that if it does come, then it will be for the Nintendo 3DS. We shall have to wait and see.

“[Having Majora’s Mask in Link’s house] was a special request from Aonuma’s production team. Now why would they ask us to do that?”

Thanks, Bennet

218 thoughts on “More Zelda Majora’s Mask 3DS Teasing From Nintendo”

      1. It’d be a better fit on the 3DS, mainly because Ocarina of Time was remade for the 3DS, and also the controls are mostly the same on the 3DS as the N64.

        1. the controls are mostly the same?wut?i didn’t know that n64 had a touch screen, you idiot, i also believe most of you retards saying “make it for the 3DS” say that because you don’t have a wii u, becaue you are poor as shit

          1. Controls are mostly referring to the buttons, don’t be an ass just because you think you are right, sadly you are not right.

            The wouldn’t make it for the WII U anyway because the game is simply too short and doesn’t have enough content to live up as a WII U game.

            Learn and try not to be a douche before you talk.

            1. compared to nsmbu or pikmin 3, or wind waker hd….it has plenty of content, you bastard, also explain to me how it’s so similar to n64’s button layout, and why would wii u’s gamepad or pro controller not be as good if not better?

              1. lol doesnt the wii u have a touch screen too? its simple, way more people have the 3ds/2ds while wii u was close to a failure, dont be a jerk when ppl dont have the same opinion as you

                1. True that. WiiU sales were abysmal, if Nintendo released MM on WiiU they would be shooting themselves in the foot. MM isn’t popular enough to be a flagship game that stimulates sales for the WiiU. If OoT wasn’t remade for WiiU, I highly doubt MM would either.

                  1. Doesn’t mean they didn’t try it with Earthbound. It’s a snes game, for fucks sake, why would nintendo only sell the most highly sought after 90’s rpg on the system that statistically no one has bought? Bring it to the 3ds i’d buy it in a second, but i’m not gonna get burned buying a Wii U.

          2. I’m pretty sure releasing it for the 3DS would be a much smarter idea, considering the 3DS has sold almost twice the amount of copies than the Wii U.

            1. But then they need a killer Wii U game, so they would think of releasing it on Wii U…yes?
              This game goes both ways.

          3. Dude, WTF. Same controls on 3DS moron. And the people that are saying make it for 3DS know it would actually sell on 3DS. Making MM in HD and NOT the superior Ocarina of Time would be beyond dumb. Now go back in your hole you troll.

              1. Superior as in it is more well known and sold more copies. If Nintendo were to make an HD remake it would be to help sell Wii U. MM appeals to more hardcore Nintendo fans who probably already have Wii Us.

          4. Hah, you dense mother fucker. As much as I’d love a Wii U version for the 1080p, it 100% makes more sense to make it on 3DS. It will still look better than it’s n64 counterpart, and they already have basically more than half of the assets for the game already created from Ocarina of Time 3D since more than 80% of the game are reused character models from the first game. Also, you sound more poor as shit from the way you posted. That made absolutely no sense. Some people just don’t want a Wii U.

          5. Hahaha this guy is retarded. As much as I’d love a Wii U version for the 1080p, it 100% makes more sense to make it on 3DS. It will still look better than it’s n64 counterpart, and they already have basically more than half of the assets for the game already created from Ocarina of Time 3D since more than 80% of the game are reused character models from the first game. Also, you sound more poor as shit from the way you posted. That made absolutely no sense. Some people just don’t want a Wii U.

          6. Your the stupidest peice shit I’ve seen on the internet just for that comment your just a little bitch and probably don’t have a 3ds it’s a waste to make it on the failing wii u vs the successful 3ds

          7. Nintendo wouldn’t make it for the wii u bc sales are much higher for the 3ds and they’d get a lot more people buying it for the 3ds. People aren’t buying the wii u bc they’re poor but bc it isn’t the greater, more advanced change customers were looking for. Maybe Nintendo should have focused more on making a much better system than releasing it earlier than it’s competitors(ps4, Xbox one). I love Nintendo but it takes them so long to get with the times.

            1. you’re right especially since companies sell their systems for a loss in hopes of making the money back on the games. it makes no sense for them to try and boost console sales. if they made it for the wii u, I would buy the system just for the one game. they’d lose less money from most of us if they just made it for 3ds.

          8. I didn’t know the Nintendo 64 had two analog sticks, and a large, wireless, touch screen controller, you ignorant piece of shit.

          9. Go f**k yourself, I have every modern day console out, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, 3DS and a PSvita, I still think it should be remade on the 3DS. While we’re at it, let’s make it for PS4 and Xbox One, waste of money and resources making it for a far more advanced console, IDIOT!

          10. Onko u r dumb as shit if I could I would kick ur ass for being a stuck up bitch an buy 10 wii u an beat ur ass with them

          11. No, I spent 3k on my pc custom built. The 3ds is what I play when I wipe my ass. Considering you can play majoras mask on your pc anytime you want. I would be more excited for a new full fledged zelda for the wii u and majoras mask for when I need to take a shit.

          12. Actually we say this because the WII U Is the worst Gaming flop since Sega made those 2 consoles at the same time.

          13. Actually we say this because the WII U Is the worst Gaming flop since Sega made those 2 consoles at the same time. Bottom line is the 3DS is better. The Wii was a shit console, Wii U is a shit console. Nintendo’s consoles died when they retired the Game Cube.

          14. Actually, I refuse to get a Wii U because it has almost no games for it, and the number of good, playable games, is fewer still. The real reason it should be for 3DS is because it is a direct continuation of this links story from OoT and it would make very little sense to release a remake of a continuation on a different console. Try to articulate before you get mad and just shout nonsense.

          15. You must have some crippling autism. You can already buy Majoras Mask for the Wii U Virtual Consle. Why would they release it again? The 3DS would be a smarter move.

          16. Yeah, because I used the touchscreen during the entire game! Jackass. Do you know about the Wii-U’s touchscreen tablet? Because by your rationale it shouldn’t be made for that either. Use your brain before you start insulting people.

          17. i also believe most of you retards saying “make it for the Wii U” say that because you don’t have a 3ds, becaue you are poor as shit

          18. Shut your fuckin mouth it would not fit well on the wii u because they never made oot on wii u and that’s why people want it on the 3ds and controls are practically the same as The N64 you Dumbass piece of Shit

          19. First of all, who the fuck wants a Wii U when there is Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. The Wii has lame family friendly titles, lame graphics, and is what, $300? Get a real $500 dollar console or a $2,000 PC and play REAL games!! You broke ass bitch!

            1. The Wii (original) is like 50 bucks where do you shop? A higher price doesnt make anything better than another the PS4 and Xbone also have little games of worth to play at the time. The only difference is the WiiU has been out longer.

          20. Hey shithead. Not everyone can afford a wii u. That doesn’t mean you have to make fun of them. You’re probable not any better than they are. So quit being an asshole

          21. well u know what u dick licking cockmonger some people have financial promblems and side note 3ds fucking rules oot 3d had boss mode n64 didnt mm dont need it so y dont u take ur wii u apart and put it back together on ur micro penis

          22. Or maybe the wii u is a low tech piece of garbage, with a slow CPU. Nintendo owns the handheld market; not so much with home consoles anymore. You statement is by far one if the most idiotic I’ve ever heard.

          23. Actually, the Wii U was a huge flop (like the Virtual Boy) and since most people know it to be crap more people have a 3DS. Anyway, Majora’s Mask is more suited to a DS. The only good game for the Wii U is Wind Waker

          24. That’s funny, because I have crap tons of money, own the zelda wii u, and would still rather see majora’s mask on the 3ds. You’re right, it didn’t have a touch screen but the way you move around with the ACTUAL controls are more like the 3ds than the wii u. You need to find something better to do than insult people for their opinions. Seems like the only retard here is you.

          25. I own only the older Wii Verison, though I bought Nintendo 3DS XL instead of Wii U I hope they make it for both consoles. The nintendo 3DS XL have very good 3D and yes I want it on Wii U for the better graphic, the bad part is that the Wii U does not have the 3D effect, only a little better graphic. 1080p is what most games use. But there are even better graphic up coming if not already out, Ultra HD.

          26. I don’t have a wii u bacause it’s failing, and I don’t think the games made for it are worth my money

          27. na well i got a Ps4 that worst more than the WII U even when it just came out … so i think now youre the poor as shit …

            1. I’ve seen ps4 and it’s too expensive with a few more inches of graphic level these days if you compare it with ps3. If ps4 would have ultra HD then maybe… Yes. But I rather wait a few years. Besides I don’t need a ps4 yet. I own a very powerful quite PC that can play games in smooth 3D.

          28. Wii u is for fags and for the poor. Ps4 is what you buy 3ds is for the road or for the shitter to pass the time you fag I’m sure your mommy bought your wii u as well

          29. just because we dpnt want a wiiu doesnt make us poor how about the word smart were we put our money because i didnt want to buy an obviously failed console

        2. Tyler I agree with you I have way more money than anomyous and I live in a big mansion and I pefer it on 3ds I also have a xbox 360 e and a wii and wii u and a 3ds so don’t get me wrong you suck anomyous plus you are always so mean to tyler just shut up anomyous that big fat ugly ass bitch who disreaspects every one who does not agree with you

      2. Mario The Annointed One

        Grow up…. I want a new zelda for Wii U not a remake of a game that wasnt even as good as it could have been

        1. Not like there were a lot more of Zelda games better than this one, most of the ones they released after it were a total let down

        2. Majoras mask and ocarina of time where the 2 best Zelda’s with windwaker not far behind any new shit they make will suck as much as everything else

        1. But aren’t remakes best when there’s a big graphical difference between the original and the remake?

          Remaking Majora’s Mask on the 3DS would be like remaking Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire as 5th-gen DS games. Not enough difference to merit a remake.

      3. That is just because Majora’s Mask does not have enough content to make a WII U game out of it, quit being a douche


      5. You’ve got to realize, that with the amount of money they made off the Wii U there is no way for them to keep it in production. Nintendo has officially announced no more games are going to be produced for the wii u, only the ones that have been started in production and announced.

      6. Nintendo is cheap? Have you looked at the ps4 or Xbox one? Nintendo is far from cheap. It deserves to be on 3DS anyway because anyone would take the easy way friend. 3DS has all the assets and models so it would be best on 3DS. Plus it’s practically part 2 of ocarina of time so it should be on the same system like it was on N64

    1. Because the game, even being exellent, does not have enough content to make a WII U game and a lot of people would complain against it, especially if it comes out at the average price of a WII U game.

      1. Woooooooow. Thats what I need to play the game.
        I dont need a dumb 3D Version.
        They remaked Wind Waker, so why not OoT and MM?

    2. Well, I think they should leave WiiU just for the new Zelda title… Personally, I didn’t buy WW HD when it was released, and not because of the price, I think a remake must be played in a platform you can access easly, I think WW HD was a good game for WiiU but if you are going to buy a game you’ve already played and passed so many times, (as MM is in my case) I think I’m going to enjoy it better in a 3DS, because is more comfortable to me to switch on my 3DS and play than switch on my WiiU… It is just a personal opinion but if OoT 3D was released for WiiU I know that I wouldn’t passed the game more than 30 times…
      I think it is better to remake MM for 3D, not talking about they have got GREZZO, and all the engine because of OoT

      Sorry for my bad English!

        1. All I have is a 3DS myself lol. If they have it on both people won’t complain. Those who only have one or the other could play it; if Nintendo put em on both that is.

    3. Because the made a remake on wind waker plus u have wii chanel were it take you to the old wii and u can download it from wii shop did that help

    4. Because they remade Wind waker on that and they already made Ocarina of time for the 3ds… JUST USE LOGIC SON!

      1. DONKO you seem mad because you didn’t get a 3DS. Don’t be an idiot, it will obviously come out for the 3DS. The Wii U will get new Zelda games which is much better.
        The 3DS has a much better game library, so far, and MM is not a game that would go well with the Wii U unless there was a huge graphical overhaul, or lots of new content.

      2. Not to mention now that I remember. Majora’s mask uses 90% Of the same assets that OoT Uses. Soooo it would just make more sense from a developer point of view to put it on 3DS. Most of the works done for you.

  1. Another zelda title remake on wii u? No, just no. I don’t want this overrated crap to have a remake.

    Why did he want the mask in? Because both features alternate universes and they tie into one another some how ;)

    1. 99% of all ppl would like this remake
      it is the most asked remake for a Nintendo game. More than Pokemon Remake
      and the reason is not that
      he has been teasing the remake like 5 time on the last 2 years

      1. Not even close to 99%, and I can assure you that more people want a ruby and sapphire remake much more than a majoras mask remake. I also really don’t want it to be remade at this point and time, and in fact, I would much rather have a new game being made instead of a remake being the focus.

      2. Pokemon is done with remakes. Because remaking Ruby/Sapphire will drain their resource. They would have to start from scratch and it would be pointless since you can transfer Pokemon from the GBA games to the DS games to the 3DS X/Y version.
        The only reason why Red/Green and Gold/Silver got remade because the Gameboy color games were not compatible for transferring data to the GBA to future games. Because of this g coding issue other games were cancelled like a 3rd installment to the Zelda Oracle games.

    1. Majora’s mask was made because of a bet
      One fo the devs said “I could use the SAME elements(models, textures, engine) and make a new Zelda game”
      The bet was if it would be successful, and he won

      1. No, Miyamoto thought that they could make the game in one year if they reused the same 3D models, but they couldn’t.

        Why is it safe to assume it’ll be a 3D remake? Isn’t Wii U in bigger need for titles?

        1. I’d say 3DS is in bigger need for Zelda titles. Wii U has two Zelda titles planned (Zelda U and Hyrule Warriors) and 3DS has none.

            1. Wii U had a Zelda release pretty recently as well. The 3DS is definitely the console that needs a new Zelda announcement.

        2. Once again, like i say to everyone.
          Majora’s Mask dosen’t have enough content to make a WII U game.
          The game is too short and it would cause trouble, even if they sell it at a low price, people will complain about the lack of content of the game.

      2. This is just too stupid, i really don’t think you have proof to make your point valid.

        And i can have a lot of proof to break down this

  2. There’ll be a MM sequel which at the same time is the new Zelda for Wii U. (Yes, I’m just spewing nonsense.)

  3. Several random ideas for a remake:
    1. Make a fifth dungeon by replacing the optional mini dungeons on the moon with an actual dungeon.
    2. Add another row of masks, another 6, taking the total to 30
    3. Add more bomber notebook quests, using barely utilised characters like Mutoh. A couple of longer quests involving numerous characters, too.
    4. These extra quests could be used to provide the extra masks and also redistribute the four heart pieces in the mini dungeons to the extra notebook quests
    5. The extra masks could include the masks in Ocarina that aren’t in Majora’s such as the Gerudo mask, which would be then used in further quests, much like the Kafei mask is used in a quest that yields the Couple Mask.
    6. Add a figurine collection challenge like in Wind Waker. Make proper use of the Picto Box which currently has almost no use.

      1. WW HD has already at least three times the content of Majora’s Mask, the sidequests are way longer, Adding the treasure maps, the number of dungeons and the size of the map, it was worth making a WII U game out of it and couldn’t have fitted the 3DS.

        WW content is huge compared to Majora’s mask.
        You can easily complete Majora’s mask at 100% in about 20 hours without knowing the game that much, and just completing WW’s storiline takes about 15 hours and thats if you know the game well.

        1. but he never said MM has more content that WW HD lol. he said look at WW and WW HD, was there new content? no a new feature with the bottle messages and tingle thingy removed. So why would they add content between MM and MM HD/3D

  4. I wouldn’t like it on 3DS, because with the whole 3 days gameplay it’d be hard to just pull out and play for a few minutes. You’ve kinda gotta set aside time to play it, which is why I think it would be better on Wii U.

    1. It would probably be better on the Wii U, and the Wii U could use the sales. But it will most likely come to the 3DS due to Ocarina of Time being on the 3DS.

  5. if they do make an unnecessary mm remake then they should at least add more dungeons to make the main game longer than five hours.

    1. Why would an MM remake be unnecessary? A lot less people have had the chance to play MM – it has had less rereleases than OoT. That was the unnecessary remake if there was one.

    1. There is actually no real time limit in MM, you just didn’t play the game enough to notice it.

      Even if the moon falls it ruins nothing exept re-setting the dungeons, and if you can’t clear one of the dungeons in the three days, well you’re just really, really bad.

  6. I want Nintendo to release an HD Wii U version of both Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s Mask. So I’ll finally have an ultimate version of each game that I can play with my niece. I can’t play them with her on the 3DS. That’s what I hate about games being remade on the 3DS.

    1. Those two games just don’t have enough content to fit the WII U thats the reason they make it for the 3DS. And they won’t put OOT on WII U since they already made a re-make recently, so this will never happen, sadly for you.

      1. You kidding me? They already ported Ocarina Of Time at least twice on the Gamecube, then again with the 3DS version. Who’s to say they won’t do it again? After all, I still hold it as the best Zelda game EVER!

  7. with the 3 day system they set up for in it that would make it a poor choice to be placed on the 3ds as much as i would love to see the game redone for the wii u they will place it on the 3ds

    1. it would be a much better choice im tired of wiiu not having anything gove the 3ds a brake and give the wiiu this a remake everyone asked for instead of the windwaker hd even though that was awesome

  8. Did everyone forget a long time ago, Nintendo said if they did a remake of Majora’s Mask it would be on the 3DS like Ocarina and it wouldn’t be till AFTER a NEW Zelda game on the 3DS…aka A Link Between Worlds. Majora’s Mask 3D will be out Fall 2014 is my guess. At E3 they will reveal it. But I hate the game so I have no interest in it. Zelda HD on the other hand mwahahahahah I’ll get that obviously.

  9. I think Nintendo should remake Majora’s Mask on 3ds, then make an HD collection of Legend of Zelda including Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Then make another collection of LOZ for 3DS which includes remake of Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Ages, Ocarina of Seasons and Minish Cap.

    1. They’re not going to make a collection of Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, because these are all available as virtual console games on the 3DS.

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  11. It would be pretty cool if it came out for Wii U and 3DS, but it probably won’t happen. If Nintendo is focused on making money for the Wii U, they would def. make it for that, seeing as OOT 3D may convince new OOT Zelda fans to continue down the Nintendo Road by buying a Wii U to play Majora’s Mask. But 3DS Majora’s Mask would be far less expansive to make, seeing as most assets are already done. Whichever it is, I’m sure I’ll play it at some point.

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  13. It would be better on WiiU. WiiU is already is starving for more titles. Make use of the HD and bring it there. If it comes to the 3ds I don’t know if I’ll bother to get it. I do have Ocarina of Time for 3ds but I enjoy playing it on a bigger screen. That’s just me. :)

  14. I think that if they do make it they should have it on the Wii U. Legend of Zelda games are more fun to play on a bigger screen and it could tide people over until the Hyrule Warriors or whatever comes out

    1. thats what wind waker hd was for. to tide us over til zelda u comes out. sadly, i think they’re doing the same thing with hyrule warriors. but im gonna buy it. cause it looks cool. and i want it.

  15. Majoras mask is better suited for 3ds as ocarina of time is also on the system. Also, a lot of people don’t have a wiiu so it wouldn’t be wise financially to put it on that system.

  16. Fist of all, Mario’s Mask? WTF? Second, I agree on 3ds for the portability ( is that a word?). I would love to have a game with me when I travel that’s actually freakin’ fun to play!

  17. Now that I think about it, whats the point bringing it to the Wii U when one can play the GameCube versions on the Wii? If it could only be one system, at least with the 3DS it would branch out to another system so more people can play. Just my opinion though.

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  19. Just to let you all know, you cannot kick start a console with remakes, I have played MM, I did love it, but I will not buy a WiiU just for that game. To popularize a console you need new releases that can only be played on that console, a remake won’t make people buy an expensive system, especially with ps4 and xbox one out there right now.

  20. If I’m not mistaken…can’t you get MM on Virtual Console on Wii U? It already makes more sense to port it to 3DS(for reasons stated 9001 times) but a Wii U port would be a rather bad decision due to the fact it’s already available (unless I’m mistaken)

  21. Nintendo should create majoras mask for Nintendo 3ds not bcuz I cant afford a wii U ( id rather spend money on a xbox one ) bcuz id only be right to have it as the same game consul as ocarina of time I would only be right :)

  22. Sigh.. Quarreling about where MM will be released.. Can you just be patient and wait.. ? You people are so immature.. An opinion is an opinion.. It is personal.. They want it on 3ds? Let them be.. They want it on Wii U? Let them be.. In the end, one party will be dissapointed.. Think and understand the possibilities of their opinions even if it is way over the topic.. No need to insult people.. You will end up arguing about something so small.. Is it worth your time and effort?

  23. So much toxicity in one thread regarding the nintendo franchise of all consoles. I myself am a PC Master-Race type of guy, but in this scenario I think Majora’s Mask would be better off on the 3DS seeing as though Ocarina of Time is on 3DS as well. It wouldn’t make sense to split two games of the same era, same story line, etc. into two different consoles/handhelds. For example, If I buy OOT on 3DS then I would prefer to have MM on 3DS as well for the sake of consistency. This flame war over release on Wii U or 3DS is stupid; I would expect this if it were a debate about a game being released on Xbox One or PS4, but from the same franchise smh. Disappointed, and reassures me that being a PC Master-Racer is the right choice.

  24. It should obviously be for 3DS or that would be a total slap in the face to Operation Moonfall (google it if you don’t know what is is), and uh, because one does not simply put Ocarina of Time on the 3DS and then put Majora’s Mask on another system! Time to get a portable version of Majora’s Mask!

  25. I think it would make more sense on 3DS because Ocarina of Time has already been remade for it and they already have most of the models needed. Plus, they could just transfer the game engine used. Overall it just makes more sense.

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  27. I hate zelda. the plots are so fucking obvious and zelda sucks and haha they arn’t going to make majora’s mask 3d/HD hahahahahahahaha

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