Rambi The Rhino Makes A Return In Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that Rambi The Rhino will be making a return in the forthcoming Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U. The game is due to be released on February 21st in both North America and Europe.

Meet Rambi the Rhino. He’s making his return in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Thanks, Jester and Retrogaminglord


  1. they need to add a lion. a lion will annihilate anything in its path and win the game for you with ease. lions are the best, there’s no disputing that. no fucking disputing.

    1. Since the swimming mechanic is beefed up there is probably no need for him. Expresso, and speed was taken by rambi. So the animal buddies aren’t as game expansion as they where. But I feel the spider should return

  2. One month away can’t wait. I’m assuming hard mose will be one life every thing and possible enemy remix. No one can call DK country rehash, because the series is known for using more level designs elements then mario. His gameplay is usually fresh to everyone. The difficulty sounds great, and there is lots to do in this game. Plus nintendo added online function thats pretty cool like watching replays of fastest times on leaderboards. The speed runners will eat this game up. Day 1 buy from me

    1. Please do yourself a favour and find a good game to play instead. The DKC series has gone stale and dull like every nintendo platformer. While this may be a matter of opinion i believe theres a lot of people who agree.

      1. Why u crashing bro? Its a matter of opinion yes but no need to talk down at me. If nintendo platformers were “stale” the praise behind them wouldn’t be where it is. DK is a series I grew up more with then mario and zelda. I play what ever games grabs my attention, shooter, platformer, rpg ect. Nothing u will ever say will change that.

    1. No it will be like the last one with hardly any innovations. it will be like every other platformer ever. Dead genre

  3. shame on Iwata. release is a month away from now. and no promo ads, no magazine ads, no tv ads, they havent upload a new trailer on their youtube channel since the cranky one. and then he expects to sell wii us like hot cakes. Fuck You iwata.

    1. Good, its not gonna sell any more copies than the 3DS one anyway. It definitely womt sell more than Rayman Legends. Just another shitty platformer

      1. Say what u will say about platformers, but they aren’t Dead Look at all the indies.

    2. You know something’s wrong when they’re so ignorant about marketing they can’t even see the obvious tie in they could do with 7 eleven for this game.

  4. 2014 may just be the year i buy a Wii U :o With the healthy diversity they hold at this point in comparison to all the other violent games, that several times turn out to be huges successes, but overall, providing the somewhat same atmospheric vibe (shooters, realistic HD, FPS, etc).

  5. I hope Expresso the ostrich returns as well. Rambi and Expresso were always my two favorite animal friends. Though Enguarde was ok too. Many years ago, I hatched a baby ostrich/emu and named it Expresso, after the one in DKC. Sadly, it died in only a day or two. Should have gave the poor bird to a pet shop or something and let them take care of it. I knew NOTHING about ostriches/emus.

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