Nintendo Details Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Online Leaderboards


Nintendo of America has shared more details about the online leaderboards which features in the upcoming Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The company says you can compete with friends and players around the world, and even upload videos of your fastest runs. The leaderboards will feature times, medal rankings, which Kong partner you played with and a heart icon that indicates if you beat the level without taking damage. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze launches on February 21st in North America and Europe.

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      1. Never liked DK multiplayer its something that wasn’t made for it, hell even that hell nsmb multiplayer is better then DK’s

      2. This is actually really good. I have never played a DK game beside the nes ones but the leaderboards and especially the ability to record my play session really convinced me. I was on the fence about this game because it looks too easy but these features won me over. Day one for sure.

      3. Thats great that these features won you over. Im sure the game will be difficult so don’t worry about that if what you saw looks easy. The wii version had some very tough levels and i bet this game will as well

    1. Not every game needs online, while it’s true that Nintendo games on Wii u have been lacking online play, I don’t think it fits with platform games. If you want online multiplayer wait for Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.

      1. I think the standard has been set by rayman in that department, they really know how to flesh out online features without shoehorning in rubbish for the sake of ut

  1. Speaking of online, it would have been pretty cool to be able to see Pikmin Mission Mode runs and get an idea of how to do them faster. Need to get back into it to do the DLC missions though. lol. But regardless, loving the looks of this game so far.

  2. Glad to see they used Candy, Lanky, and Tiny. Candy’s role is minor compared to the playability that all the other kongs get. I prefer Tiny over Dixie but love them both more than preferring to choose one over the other. Don’t think they Tiny could vary much over Dixie though if she was playable. Lanky’s an interesting idea if he actually was playable, stretchy arms could make him useful for grabbing onto things for recovery or collecting Kong letters, puzzle pieces, and barrels.

  3. Oh dear… I guess I have to feel bad whenever I beat a level. I’m that kind of guy who takes a minute to finally risk that one tricky jump… Time killed me more than anything else in the new super mario bros. series. Probably end up at the bottom of the list each time :( Oh well, at least i can be amazed at the speedruns of others!

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