Sony Blamed For Nintendo’s Inability To Secure Third Party Games?

ACE Securities, a Japanese investment and market analysis firm, has produced a document detailing what it expects to hear from Nintendo during the Corporate Management Policy Briefing that’s taking place on January 30th and will be hosted by Satoru Iwata. In the Corporate Management Policy Briefing on January 30th the company is apparently going to describe the future business policy:

  1. Dealing with content development risks due to the consecutive failure to launch with high performance the 3DS and the Wii U.
  2. Response to the problem of the inability to secure third party titles caused by SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) investing heavily in the marketing cost of multiplatform software.
  3. Due to the soaring development costs of home consoles making difficult to ensure profitability, we hope to hear an answer on the building of a new business model.


    1. “ACE Securities, a Japanese investment and market analysis firm” <– Not Nintendo, themselves. But in all honesty we already knew Sony had been throwing around its weight to get 3rd Party companies, its been going on since PS1. I am sure it happens in most types of businesses and something similar happened with Blu-ray verses HD-DVD before Toshiba threw in the towel.

      1. even if it’s not Nintendo, blaming can start some good arguments between the companies

      2. Yeah, its bad for business, no arguments there. Its why Toshiba rolled over like a dead dog when it was beat after they bought the rights for Timewarner movies exclusive on Blu-ray. And its why all this industry stuff gets swept under the rug, when I was in college and working in retail, you would see this stuff all the time.

    2. it’s not nintendo blaming sony here it’s ACE

      frankly i have no clue why sony investing in 3rd party marketing should cause nintendo to have difficulities to ensure 3rd party support for their own system.. maybe someone can enlighten me

  1. lol. Yeah ok, it’s totally Sony’s fault that Nintendo fails at getting 3rd parties to sign on because they keep making consoles with gimmicks.

    1. I call true on something though
      Sony has invested way more on showing third parties to use their console
      Nintendo is starting but not giving it priority

      1. I think they have giving more priorities to getting indies lately, which they seem to do a very good job at.

    2. No. Its cause Nintendo doesn’t pay people to put their games on their console. They don’t bend over for them like Sony and Microsoft.

      1. I called you an illiterate, pathetic little man, you’re not reading the fact that ACE is blaming sony not Nintendo.

      2. Yeah I just read it and I found my mistake. How does that make me a pathetic little man? LOL

      3. So I’m a blatant idiot now? LOL Go fuck yourself asshole. Have a nice day! :D

      4. You stop being less of an arrogant person who thinks he’s never made a mistake in his life. Don’t be full of yourself.

      5. Because you would never use profanity right Siolore?

        Why don’t you look at your original response to this gentleman and reevaluate who needs to grow up.

      6. could have put it *slightly* more diplomatic.. the only pathetic response here is currently yours

      7. Yeah man, I guess someone who mistakenly reads something is automatically an illiterate, pathetic, little man. LOL

      8. Actually anyone who is putting the blame on Nintendo here even though it’s stated that ACE is the one placing the blame on Sony, are the pathetic ones.

      9. I know it was my mistake. I didn’t see that. Now I know it was ACE who made the claim. I’ll read it thoroughly next time.

      10. for fucks sake a person can misunderstand an article.. i’m sure it happened to you a multitude of times

      11. I think someone forgot to take their medication today. Calm yourself you cranky, unpleasant little man. ;)

      12. You must be a very weak man if you need painkillers because a guy misread an article.

  2. What kind of fuckery ? This is so embarrassing. We need to accept that Nintendo was not ready to release the Wii U and it cost them big time lmao. We should be focusing on how to make it become a sleeper hit!

      1. She never mentioned or inferred that Nintendo was blaming Sony. You should learn to read you “illiterate, pathetic little man”.

        Wasn’t it you who said you never misunderstood an article? Funny seeing as you can’t quite seem to grasp what’s being said in a simple comment. Next time, be less of an arrogant dick.

      2. You fucking moron you need to capitalize “I” when referring to yourself. Jesus someone get me some painkillers.

      3. Stop fucking blaming people for misreading things. If anyone is a fucking retard here it’s you prick

      4. Then people should stop blaming Nintendo for things that aren’t within their control or even their fault.

        I am a prick, much more than that actually.

    1. seeing how M$ is paying users on youtube and other places to give good reviews, I wont be surprised that this is the case

      1. “oh man, you are so right, you changed my mind and i will not support Nintendo” said noone ever

        learn when to use the damage control argument, it has lost a lot of its meaning

      2. i see alot of your posts, you fucking idiot, there you have it, your magnificent Nintendo, everybody’s wrong, Nintendo is always right

      3. Thats just plain advertising… and its been going on forever. The complaint with that is that “they didn’t tell anyone” even though thats how advertising works…? Honestly almost 99% of the time you hear a product in a TV show, syndicated internet video, or movie, it was paid for. Thats just how things work in the media.

        What you’re explaining is something COMPLETELY different and I seriously doubt Sony would pay X amount of money to convince developers not to develop for Wii U…

      1. how old are you?you probably believe “nintedno is perfect, everyone is just trying to get them”, fucking retard

      2. to be honest, strategy speaking, is the best way to secure your console’s success
        Let me explain why
        Nintendo has the trend of not being successful at launch, which makes ppl start fucking things up
        But after a while, Nintendo starts selling to a point they eclipse other consoles’s sales
        Take the last gen for example, the Wii eclipsed both X360 and Ps3, that’s what other companies are trying to avoid

        also, it was proved on many users on youtube, reedit and other places that M$ is paying users to give away good reviews on X-One games and the console
        my point is that while this review comes outside nintendo, both Sony’s and Microsoft’s goal on the last 3 years is to weaken Nintendo a lot

      3. Well that is not a legal way to advertise , if your game sucks then people should come and say ( this game is bad , I don’t recommend this for you ) so people will avoid buying it , but with people deceiving consumers into believing that this game is good ( well if they did that without getting paid then it’s ok ) but with Microsoft paying them , this is illegal

  3. Oh yeah lets just blame Sony to make it look like Nintendo could never cause their own failure! Man the fanboys are gonna go crazy with this one…

  4. Exactly how is Sony to blame for Nintendo inability to secure third party titles caused for Sony investing heavily in the marketing cost of multiplatform software?

    Are they going to said something in the lines of “Sony give money to 3rd party for not developing games in our console” or what?

  5. I have been a Nintendo fan all my life, but I promise you. I PROMISE you… If Iwata gets up there and blames Sony for the lack of 3rd party support, I officially turn my back on Nintendo. I guess what he’d be saying is Sony jacked up the specs on PS4 and developers dont feel like developing their games on completely weaker engines just to run on Wii U. Thats totally Nintendo’s fault. They could have easily avoided that by simply making Wii U more powerful instead of taking the cheap way out. Like I said, I’ll give it time… But if Nintendo blames Sony or Microsoft for the lack of third party support (especially when Sony has recently made good remarks about Nintendo, stating the game industry needs them and he’s rooting for them), then I’m off the Nintendo bandwagon. For good.

    1. i would be *very* suprised if he did that (or even thinks that way)
      you know iwata.. i doubt he’d ever trash talk about a competing company

      they’d never blame sony for it just like sony execs wouldn’t trash talk nintendo publicly.. they’re way past that kind of kindergarten crap fortunately

      1. I know he wouldn’t. This accusation is being made by another company in defense of Nintendo, not Nintendo themselves.

    2. Too late Iwata already put the blame on himself for not staying intune to the European and American trends. He’s not about pointing fingers at others, only themselves.

      This is only the banter of others trying to stir up another company that claimed to be pro nintendo

      1. Yea, he may have said that, but he still hasn’t FIXED it, by removing himself as NOA CEO and giving NOA back their autonomy….

  6. in a way they’re right. The lack of 3rd party games on the Wii U is definetly caused by the PS4 hype. But I don’t think that “blaming Sony” is the way to correct this issue.

    Well, at least they didn’t go low enough to pay Youtubers to make positive reviews about the console coverage ;)

  7. Lol omg Nintendo fags now has to point finger at others for their mistakes! And you all bashed me when I said get ready to play your kiddies games PS4. At this point nintendo is fucked

    1. do you know this guys arent Nintendo right?
      this guys are the equivalent to analyst here, the difference is that , while Pachter support all Non-Nintendo games, this guys do the same on Nintendo

  8. Sony released it’s PS4 too early. Here is a list of current error codes:

    Also, Microsoft and illegal advertising activities:

    Most advertorial on talk shows comes from Sony and Microsoft. And I notice they advertise alot more than Nintendo in general. You have to spend money to make money.

    1. Isn’t that how advertising works? I’m pretty sure i’ve seen reggie on talk shows plenty of times. They just don’t advertise that way that much because advertising the product is bad, here at nintendo.

      1. a review that is supposed to turn out positive from the get go isn’t really a review even IF the product is actually as good as described.. so fake is kind of the correct term to describe it

      2. it’s about making it obvious advertisement.. if reggies goes into a talk show in his official position it’s clear that he’s gonna advertise the system

        if a supposedly independent reviewer advertises a game without making it clear that this is actually advertisement and not a review then that’s sort of a different story

  9. Haters just dont get it. Its ACE SECURITIES NOT NINTENDO WHO IS TRYIN TO PUT NINTENDO TO BLAME SONY! First of all Nintendo never would go there and say that its Sonys fault, if they would they would have done it years ago startin from n64 era. Im done with this bullshit site, i go to Nintendo life now on.

  10. Whoa Whoa… Whoa, now I am not saying this is true and I am not saying this is false but now this damn “analysts” have gone to far, it sounds like they WANT to create chaos between Nintendo and Sony

  11. Not quite sure what to think of this… Sony was just here praising Nintendo, when all along they were trying to suck away 3rd party? This is just going to damage the industry. I don’t know who to trust anymore.

  12. its true nintendo is getting bashed left and right and i find it funny that nintendo has no to little third party support. sony and microsoft first parties sucks and the only way they could survive is through third parties hence why microsoft payed off ea and sony doing the same thing with activision and other third parties hence the lack of support on the wiiu and dont forget microsoft paying youtubers to praise the xbox one and bash the competition.

  13. Ermmm no.
    There are 3 reason for Nintendos lack of 3rd parties:

    1. Sales, no brainer
    2. Nintendos history with 3rd parties
    3. Companies are shit and lazy and all about maximum profit. Hence the reason the 3DS has so much 3rd party, its cheap as hell to make stuff for it, but you gotta put money into WiiU for 3rd parties, because if you’re developers are too shit at their job, throw more money at them, or none at all, thats the Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix and EA way if doing things.

    1. Have you ever developed for the Wii U? Do you legitimately know how easy or hard it is? Do you know what happens when you split a development team too thin when trying to create a game for multiple consoles?
      The only people who have spoken about developing for the Wii U were the people who’s games were EXCLUSIVE to the Wii U.

      1. I can’t tell if you’re helping me or not because that was exactly the point I was making. Ubisoft ALWAYS spreads their development team too thin and a lot of the time it caused damage to the AC series.

      2. Im not even trashing the WiiU, LEARN TO REEEEEEEAD.

        I’m saying publishers are fucking lazy, and their developers aren’t good enough to use their budgets in a cost effective manor. Companies like Nintendo, Platinum ect are DAMN GOOD with money, and releasing full working stuff, with lots of content. Yet Assassins Creed requires double digit millions, for useless shit, and just shoving a bunch of incompetent morons to shit out a game every year.
        The idea of those people making a WiiU game, is near impossible, because they’re too piss poor at their job to do it well, and cheap.
        Fuckin Shin’en, cramming 4K textures in like no storage space at all. Why? Because they’re talented as fuck.

        That’s one big reason why we don’t see many WiiU 3rd party multiplats or exclusives, shit cost money because developers are shit, while 3DS is using “dated” hardware, that doesn’t require fucking around banging rocks together trying to figure out how to code shit in properly, because the games are less demanding.

      3. I never said you were bashing Wii U. You were bashing developers in an area where you probably have no personal experience to talk about.

        Also, you really gave me like what, 2 examples of developers? Yeah i’m not sure you have me convinced that it’s easy to develop for more than one console let alone the Wii U…

      4. Dude, its crisp and crystal clear to see how fucking LAZY these publishers are, and how their entirely focused on money and nothing else, rather than having a passion for games, and funding cool shit, rather than stuff that sells, and hiring complete imbeciles. I want to see the costs of Assassins Creed game. I bet half of it is spent on bullshit and overpaid upper managment

      5. Companies need a net gain, not a net loss. They are focused on money because if they lose out on money then they don’t want to develop for the console again.

        I agree though, It /would/ be nice if companies payed more attention to funding stuff thats cool rather than big name sellers, but thats just not how the industry operates. If that were the truth, call of duty would have been gone YEARS ago.

      6. The Electron Army is a prime example of greedy, lazy and evilness…

        And the Microsoft Realm is even worse…

      7. And splitting a dev team is their fault, not the consoles fault.
        And its more about PUBLISHING stuff more than internal development.

        Why dont they fund Suda51 for No More Heroes 3?

      8. Is Suda51 interested in making No More Heroes 3? And also wasn’t that pretty much made for the just the Wii (and the playstation move) because of it’s motion controls? I don’t think it would really make sense on the Wii U.

  14. Nintendo will do just fine….third party support or not. I buy their consoles for the first party games anyway. And its always worth it in the end.

  15. i am happy without 3rd party anyways… the only thin i think i’m missing out on is The Last of Us

    1. No More Heroes 3? Capcom fighters?
      RE remakes? Exclusive stuff by Platinum? Red Steel 3? Atlus games like Trauma Centre? Weird awesome one off games like Disaster Day if Crisis and Pandoras Tower? Square Enix RPG’s like The World Ends With You and Bravely Default? Should they cancel Fire Emblem X SMT?
      You dont want any of that?

      That’s 3rd party support.

      1. Platinum and Monolith are now considered 1st/2nd Party, by the way. On the same level with Retro, whichever they are.

  16. nintendo is the last true gaming company left.if there no more nintendo ,gaming will die and all your future game will be incomplete and have in-app purchases with licensed agreements paying for dlc just to finish a game

  17. LMFAO!!!This is the MOST pathetic thing ever!!
    It has NOTHING to do with Sony!!
    It was Nintendo who made a crap gimmick under powered lame console, It was Nintendo who released a year early and did NOTHING in that year, it was Nintendo who had the worst launch line up in history with lame Wii HD and lame year old PS3 ports and then wondered why it did not sell, it was Nintendo who for a year released 1 advert about the Wii U, it was Nintendo who launched at a ridiculous $300 for a little bit better graphics and no Blu ray player!!!
    The fact that they are trying to blame Nintendo really shows how much they have lost it, just as fans did not want to buy a rip off console and wait for the next gens they try and say Sony paid off 3rd party not to make games for the Wii U?hahahaahhahaahahha
    If Iwata gets up on the 30th and tries to blame another rival company for all his OWN epic fail mistakes and why no 3rd party Nintendo will be the new Sega!!

    1. and they talk about damage control over Nintendo fans
      man, chill
      this is an analyst opinion, as Pachter

    2. ok first of all have u played Wii U the console is not underpowered have u seen X that game is more next gen than the twins , try it before u talk

  18. I’m far more interested in point 3.

    Couldn’t really give a damn about third party – third party are attracted to successful consoles like leeches. Nintendo don’t need them to actually make a console successful, they proved that with the Wii.

    1. Yes they do need 3rd party the Wii WAS A TOTAL FLUKE!!
      Nintendo release a first party game every 4-5 months with ZERO games in between to fill the gaps from any 3rd party!!
      And you wonder why people are not buying the Wii U?
      Why would ANYONE spend $300 on a console that has a few good games released every 4-5 months when they can get a next gen and have the best of both worlds, first party, heaps of 3rd party and heaps of exclusives!!
      Nintendo’s first party Mario games are no longer system savers, Super Mario 3D World did not save the Wii U and was the huge system seller Nintendo had hoped it would be.
      People are sick of the same Mario 3DS rehashes in just HD!!
      No 3rd party and the price is why no one is buying the gimmick U!!

      1. again, damage control applies to you as well
        Wii was a total success, go see the charts, it is the biggest selling console EVER. and is not my opinion, it was proved with charts
        Also, look again on the charts, SM3DW did boosted the sales a lot, the issue here is that for some reason, many ppl post retails sales rather than digital download counts

      2. also, for some reason, only 1 game exist that look like SM3DW and is because 3DW is a sequel to it

      3. NES 80 Million…….SNES…40 Million………N64 32 Million…..Gamecbe 21 Million………….Wii 105 Million……….Wii U 5 Million in 14 months!!
        And you are trying to tell me that the Wii was not a fluke?

      4. The Wii is the biggest selling console ever you say?LMFAO!!!
        Wii sold 105 Million…PS2 165 Million!!!!!
        Please do your research better!!!

      5. opps, my bad
        the tie on sales was with the DS, not the Wii
        and with tie i mean the error margin

      6. there are almost 40 games on the Wii U (not including VC games) and another 30+ upcoming (that we know of) so there are more than 3 games on the Wii U (according to your logic)

    1. “oh man, you are so right, you changed my mind and i will not support Nintendo” said noone ever
      a company that big wont fall that easy, see Ps3 sale records, Sony was way more fucked up than Nintendo,a nd yet there they are

    2. Alright buddy, take a seat. You almost had me convinced you knew what you were talking about. We like to talk mostly civilized here and you just sound like a crazed conspiracy spewer at this point.

      1. look Ps3 first year sales
        they were a bit like the WiiU(maybe a bit higher), and they still sell it.
        I know is kinda hard, but cant you just accept Nintendo is not going down that easy
        they have enough money to cover this mistake and learn how to solve it

      2. PS3 was $300 more expensive than the Wii and why it sold so poorly first year!!
        Wii U is half the PS3 price and still struggling!!

      3. that is true, the time Ps3 came out, it was fucking expensive on comparison
        I live in costa rica, and retailers sold it to almost $800(they were fucking retarded)
        in my opinion, the WiiU is perfect for this gen, compared on how cheap itis compared even to the Wii. In fact, i dont know how the Ps4/X-One is selling despite of being slow sellers last gen due to the price

      4. The Wii U is not dead until nintendo takes it off the shelves and stops developing for it. The sales are fuckshit horrible but according to this nintendo has some sort of plans to improve nintendo and the Wii U. All we can do is sit and wait at this point

      5. i read an article that even if they are low, for some reason, the decline over time is not present
        they have stayed almost at the same spot(selling 20k-14k)
        this make the console sale consitent enough to keep on selling expectations

      6. Link article, please.
        Nintendo has lowered their sales forecast for Wii U and sales have “consistently” fell aside from the holiday bump.

      7. That’s your own spin on things as well as your odd interpretation of the word “consistent”. If something continues to sell less and less every month, then yes, that would be consistent….a consistent failure. Nintendo is still losing money and their stock just plummeted. They may have a good amount of savings in the bank, but that does not mean that their forecast is stable. It’s anything but.
        Still waiting on link for article.

      8. Actually all the sales have been on a slow and steady climb since August, with a healthy holiday bump. Just not enough to compensate for really slow sales on the first half of the year and to get anywhere close to the 9million estimates which were high unless the system was a runaway success like the PS2 and Wii.

      9. 9 million units after a year and half doesn’t seem too extreme, especially considering how PS4 and Xbone are on track to hit that less time.

  19. I don’t buy this to be honest.

    It’s down to the developers themselves to say if they want to develop or not. Sony wouldn’t stop them.

    1. It is true!!At E3 2011 Nintendo said it had FANTASTIC 3rd party support and EA, Ubisoft,Square Enix etc all pledged their support only for all of them to do a u turn after the Wii 3 months on the market?

      1. Their “support” with old games and 2 barely decent ports!


  20. I hate how number 3 is insinuating that Nintendo should stop making consoles. It isn’t going to happen…

  21. this is jus pure propaganda spewing as always. the real press got a statement from iwata himself taking full blame for any issues Nintendo is having he never once pointed the finger at any1 but himself and he wants to fix it so now comes the wait and see game. and yes ive seen official reports of both sony and Microsoft praising Nintendo as 1st party developers. Nintendo has had slumps in the past every company does but a lot of those articles never get picked up so why always Nintendo’s hardships? sony is floating on bankruptsy due to many bad investments wheres those articles? I think Nintendo needs to start spending more and create hype they are sitting on mountains of cash they need to use some. and as for fanboyism and damage control its only the brainwashed sony cronies that mostly troll and fanboy. remember this if Nintendo falls the industry suffers bad. u like your ps4? well imagine paying 200$ per game and even 1000$ for the console without out competition it happens. if Nintendo falters all their games go with them they will never sell them to any1 else and will never ever ever be 3rd party.

  22. this really feels like another one of those “convenient” Jap-English mistranslations. What people think Iwata will do is to blame Sony for the Wii U low sales. What he really meant was that they should give SCE as an EXAMPLE of how to make third parties get on their console, and follow that role.

    Because, like someone said here a few comments below, Iwata already blamed himself for this. Why would he go and change his opinion like that? It’s not like him, neither Nintendo to point out fingers on everyone but themselves.

    1. I have to agree. I don’t think Iwata would start pointing fingers. It just isn’t like Nintendo. Also, it would contradict Miyamoto’s statement before Wii came out about how competition is good for Nintendo. So I doubt this will happen………… With that being said, if it does… I’m jumping ship. I will never ever be a primary Nintendo fan again (been one 23 years). I’ve supported Nintendo when they were getting creamed by PS2 in the Gamecube days, and was there when they were owning everything in the Wii-DS world domination… But I will not stand for blaming others for their own mistakes. Why would they blame Sony? What grounds do they have? Its Nintendo’s fault 3rd party support is hindered because developers dont want to spend a fortune to downscale their titles to the much weaker Wii U. Its Nintendo’s fault the PS4 is on every other commercial and Wii U isn’t on any. Last but not least, its Nintendo’s fault the Wii U hasn’t had the success PS4 has had (which is due to confusion as to which its actually a new system or a simple Wii peripheral). I would respect Nintendo like no other if Iwata admitted everything I just said. People can say “well he already admitted Nintendo is in the shape they are right now because of him”… But he is still denying why. Reggie here while back said the confusion is cleared and people now know Wii U is a successor and completely different system… I dont understand how trying to make the situation sound like it doesn’t exist helps at all.

    1. agreed, but if we destroy the Xbots we could cause another video game collapse like the ones in 1977 and 1983 and Nintendo stopped the Collapse of 1983 and saved video game industry for North America with the NES. so we must study our options to make sure that does not happen again

    1. They did invest, all their remakes are outsourced to other developers. They funded and published exclusives from 3rd parties, Sega, Platinum, NamcoBandai, Capcom, etc. They invested in a new building to unify more of thier R&D teams under one roof which will ease&speedup software and hardware development (this investment came too late). They recently increased their Marketing and R&D budget (late again), further increasing their annual loss.

      The only thing they aren’t doing is that they aren’t spending large amounts on marking and 3rd party compared SONY and MS. SONY’s PS4 marketing campaign is their biggest ever. Taco Bell and McD promos. And you often see Multiplat games advertised by MS and SONY rather than just the 3rd party publisher.

  23. nah. nintendo can’t secure 3rd party because they have no idea what the fuck they’re doing. why because they have incompetent clowns running the company.

    1. I disagree, thier “thinking” is fine if not forward at times. Sometimes they have the right ideas but their executions are off. I blame it partly because they are behind in technology, hardware, services, and games.

      Even in early Gamecube days, Nintendo came out with the idea that “increasing graphics” shouldn’t be that important and it’s bad for the industry (‘cuz of $$$). Cutting edge isn’t always a good thing.
      In the last few years, look at how many developers went under or were bought up becasue of rising dev cost and manpower. Look at PS4/X1, they aren’t that powerful. MS is shifting thier focus on features+Cloud and SONY on CloudGaming.

      Nintendo saw the future of mobility, hence WiiU. Mobile devices are the new PersonalComputers. And SONY is exapanding beyond consoles with Playstation Now (includes streaming to tablets&smartphones). MS is bringing out tablet/smartphone-to-XboxOne connectivity.

  24. As I recall, this was why the NES slaughtered the Sega Master System– Nintendo made its third party developers sign forms that they wouldn’t develop for any other company. Nintendo paid heavy fines for this unfair policy, though; I wonder if Sony will be slapped with the same.

  25. ACE listed such “fact” makes them incredible assholes. Sony has nothing to do with Nintendo’s problem nor Nintendo will ever blame other companies for a mistake that they themselves clearly made.

  26. Seriously? Blaming Sony for their failure? That’s just pathetic. It’s Nintendo’s fault the system isn’t selling, not other companies’. The Wii U just isn’t on par with the PS4 or Xbox One. There’s so much that should’ve been there and isn’t. Nintendo just seems a step behind. Yes, the Wii U is a great system and fun to play, but it really feels like an updated Wii with a gamepad. They should’ve dropped the WIi name and moved on to a new name to avoid the confusion, and made a system that does what the others do. It doesn’t even do what XBOX 360 and PS3 do. No voice chat functions, messaging functions, achievement/trophy lists…. There’s so much they could’ve added and didn’t for really dumb reasons. This system isn’t taking off and they have to take the blame themselves.

    1. Yes, because 3DS can’t possibly surpass PSVita.
      Except it did, like a year ago, and it sells like hot pancakes.
      You people don’t know shit about market, stupid fanboys be thinking acronyms mean shit to the common buyer.

  27. I hope Nintendo puts more effort into attracting third-party developers. I kind of wish that 2K sports and EA would come on board just because I’m a sports game fan. I love playing 2K13 but being the Wii U as my only console, I don’t get to play NBA 2K14.

    More power to Nintendo though. I love playing their first-party titles but I couldn’t help but screaming and wishing for more games that I’d like to play that are available on other consoles.

  28. It’s no secret that Sony and Microsoft hard-pressed a lot of companies into not helping Nintendo out with Wii U.
    Nobody here seems to have a memory, remember the February Rayman outcry?
    People need to remember how Nintendo kept being double crossed all through the year; or do they really believe that after the wonderful year the 3DS had console specs matter one bit to the market?
    That’s why I’ll never buy another Sony or Microsoft product again, their shitty business tactics are disgusting.

  29. Nintendo is being criticised for not being American enough. They are a generous company who offer quality product and don’t rip people off. In less than a year my Wii U has almost paid for itself in digital download promotion dollars… also got some free goodies from Club Nintendo… I play online for free and they have more 1080p 60fps games than any other system.

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