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Pokemon Bank Now Available In Europe

Nintendo has launched Pokémon Bank on the European 3DS eShop after a month-long delay. The cloud storage app, which allows franchise players to deposit, withdraw and manage up to 3,000 Pokémon, can be downloaded as a 30-day free trial straight from the 3DS eShop until March 14th. The app is also available to download in both Australia and New Zealand.

Earlier this month, the storage app was relaunched in Asian territories including Japan, with Nintendo of Europe stating it would closely monitor players’ experience during the interim between the Asian and Western releases. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm a release in the US, but fingers crossed it shouldn’t be too long.

36 thoughts on “Pokemon Bank Now Available In Europe”

  1. Now they only need to release it in the United States, and the whiners will stop complaining….only to complain about something else.

    1. What is the point of a comment like this? You’re whining about whiners. Just shut the fuck up and quit being a douchebag

      1. And you’re whining about him whining.

        And, depending on how you interpret this post, I’m whining about you whining about him whining. :P

  2. NA might have to wait a little bit longer since we’re like both of those places combine times 2 lol they don’t want another crash, so we might get it later this week(Hopefully)

      1. They need to see the stability until they release it in NA. They don’t want to just release it and bam a crash again. They want to do it one by one until they get it right.

      2. That’s probably exactly why they’ve chosen Europe first. It’s easier for them to start with a smaller territory.

        And it’s hardly a matter of Nintendo being a failure. They simply couldn’t cope with how sweepingly popular Pokémon is, and how much people wanted access to this feature.

      3. This shows why you’re kinda stupid; if there are more users in America then the system would crash like it did in Japan

  3. Not happy. Transferring just a box of pokemon involve so many unnecessary steps. I don’t understand why Nintendo/Gamefreak approach to simple operation like this must always be cumbersome.

  4. ever since I learned about this service, I’ve had an unanswered question. I know that you have to pay (after the initial free month) to deposit and withdraw pokemon between XY and the bank.

    but does this mean that I’ll have to start paying after a month just to transfer my pokemon from black and white to XY?

    1. Yes. Pokemon Bank comes with the transporter also. My prob with PB not in the US is that I need to store pokemon in there for extra space to store pokemon…and I want the free Celebi :3

    1. It was cancelled to prevent people from exchanging pornographic content. Or, preventing children receiving pornographic content. Very silly, in my opinion. But yeah.

  5. It’s nice to get it, but there are some issues relating to Pokémon movepools. A few of my actual legit Pokémon won’t transfer due to moveset nuances (e.g. my Close Combat Arcanine. Legit in Gen V as CC’s an Egg move, but can’t be sent over via Transporter), however some of the legal hacks were fine. No idea why.

    They’ve installed a countermeasure for those with dodgy nicknames, it simply overwrites that nickname with the species name. Other than these hitches, the service seems okay.

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