Shin’en Is Bringing Art Of Balance To The Wii U eShop

Nintendo centric developer Shin’en recently teased that it has another game beside Fast Racing Neo coming to the Wii U. Well it turns out the new game is Art of Balance which is coming to the Wii U eShop. The game has been retweaked and has all the levels that have come before, but has been updated with a range of new game modes. Are you pleased with Shin’ens latest announcement?

  • Off-TV play, as well as multiple control schemes supporting analogue, touch screen and Wii Remote options.
  • Multiple online and local multiplayer modes that incorporate either competitive or co-operative play. Up to five players can take part in the various modes at once — one on GamePad, four on Wii Remotes — while up to 10 people can play across two Wii U systems in online matches.
  • Online Leaderboards are included.
  • HD visuals that incorporate all new graphics, designs and locations.
  • More accurate physics that are processed at 240 frames-per-second (on 3DS the equivalent was often 30 frames-per-second.

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  1. I knew it would be Art of Balance. I think we all did. I thought it’d be a new entry though.

    But now this is out of the way, Shin’en can start releasing details (hopefully screenshots and trailers) of FAST Racing Neo.

  2. I will try out all the multiplayer online games I can with my friends. I hope it has voice chat….

  3. Nice! I love the 3DS game and will double dip for Online and stunning graphics with better physics, yes sir!

    1. I would love some better physics, the 3DS version let me win so many times while the thing the falling it seemed a bit wrong.

  4. No. I’m not happy. When will Shin’En make a 3D action adventure game? So far they have a top down view kind of game, a super fast racing game and what looks to me like a puzzle game.

    They can use the Wii U’s software so well. They should use their talents to make something that more people will want to play.

    Don’t get me wrong, “Arts of Balance” is probably a good game and will sell well, but it’s not a console seller. I feel Shin’En has the capability of creating a console selling game for Wii U.

  5. I played the hell out of this game on my 3DS. It was fun, but I wanted NEW content for my WiiU. I don’t know why I let myself get my expectations up. For those that didn’t play, good for you, it is a fun game, but I really thought this was going to be a NEW game. This is a remake, like half the shit on my WiiU that exists on my 3DS or another system.

    Damn it. I was really looking forward to a new game from these guys.:(

    1. Shin’En claims to know how to use the Wii U hardware (and have proven it) and they have a huge following and those that know of Shin’En hold them in high regard yet…

      They are only bringing updated ports to te eShop…

      Why no new game, like you said?

      1. Shin’en have released 1 new game for Wii U, with another new game in development. That’s 2 new games to 1 port.

        So they’re hardly “only bringing updated ports to te eShop”.

      2. Yeah, but they keep doing that “Neo” thing which is making me think they need something NOT “Neo” and NOT a port. I don’t care for their neo games and I don’t care for puzzle games. They are talented developers so they need to work on something HUGE. Not little itty-bitty things that tie you over for a long weekend or less.

        I would like to see them work on a game that is like Mario Galaxy or Banjo Kazooie or that new Sonic Boom game. Something with an open world to explore with the amazing graphics they can pull off. Seriously, if Gears for Breakfast can pull it of with A Hat in Time, then these guys can do it too.

      3. Nano Assault Neo and FAST Racing Neo are two completely different genres of game.

        There is no such thing as the “Neo thing”. It’s just a word they’ve used in their game titles. They could’ve easily called this game Art of Balance Neo. It wouldn’t mean anything. Nano Assault is a twin stick shooter. Fast Racing is high speed racer. I guess you argue that Neo means Sci-Fi or something.

        Just because you don’t care for their games doesn’t mean they’re making the wrong games. You can’t possibly expect a small team like Shin’en to make something like Mario Galaxy or Sonic Boom. It’s ridiculous. They’ve got the talent to, sure. But they don’t have the time or the funds to do it.

        If Nintendo or someone funded a game from Shin’en and perhaps pitched in with development, they could create something much bigger. I’d have liked Nintendo to give F-Zero to Shin’en, rather than them working on their own Fast Racing instalment. But that hasn’t happened.

        I think they’re just not the right developer for you.

      4. Wait, so there is another game coming? I thought THIS was the other game… That’s why I was so disappointed.

        You say they are working on a second, new, unannounced game??

      5. No, the other game is FAST Racing Neo.

        I was saying Shin’en have released 1 original game for Wii U already – Nano Assault Neo.

        They have 1 more original game in development for Wii U – FAST Racing Neo.

        And now they have Art of Balance too.

        I was just correcting the statement that Shin’en keeps porting stuff to Wii U. When in fact 2 of the 3 games they’ve made/are making for Wii U are new, not ports.

    1. could not have said it better myself ! they need to get their head out of their 90s asses and move on and release new SHIT!!!!! there is only so many times i can be force fed a mario game!

      1. Same thing I said, yeah. Sony have released HD+ of Flower, Flow and soon Journey on the PS4, Xbox One is also getting a HD remake of Halo 2. Lets not forget the other countless HD Remakes as well.

        People like that always make some accuse to bash Nintendo when even though Nintendo isn’t the only ones doing it

      2. No I am talking about hardware, it looks like nothing more than a remake make of the PS3 and Xbox360, except this time $400 and $500 respectively.

  6. If this game is running in 1080p with those graphics at 240 fps… I’d be shitting myself laughing at all the Xbots and Sony Ponies trying to damage control it saying “Dos graphics are so last gen!! Wii U is still week!!” XD

    Face it, the Wii U is more powerful than we think.

      1. Hmmm.. the fact you can’t read the actual Article makes me laugh my ass off XD

        I was referring to the Wii U version.

        Sony Pony/Xbots these days. *rolls eyes*

    1. *shakes head*… Damage control? How contradicting, what you are doing is damage control for the Wii U. This game will look good but it isn’t going to be mind blowling let alone something to brag about. It is a 3DS port, I mean come on stop being so delusional over any system.

      “we think.” More like you think, I have been working with computers for almost all my life now, I never once underestimated the Wii U’s hardware but at the same time I am not going to over hype it like you are, trying to make the hardware seem more than it is.

      It is just really dumb, I don’t care how much one person likes Nintendo, no sense in being in denial about everything. I love my Wii U but god damn some of you Nintendo fans are more depressing to listen to than any Sony or Xbox fan and god all mighty they are bad but what is worse when Nintendo fans decide to be just as stupid is that they always take something so small and insignificant and blow it way out of proportion. Reminds me of the 3DS and PS Vita, which I own both but I have literally had delusional friends of mine try to tell me the 3DS is more powerful than the PS Vita… I feel like it is the same stupid loyalty situation happening all over again with the Wii U, some people seriously just cannot accept that their piece of machinery is not the best built and most powerful around.

      Are you people that insecure about the Wii U anytime you see 1080p 60fps or more you have to go ape shit about it? Bragging senselessly like any stupid Xbox or Sony fan would. Even when the games using it are clearly not that demanding on the Wii U. It honestly just makes no sense when even Nintendo’s first party games are not in full 1080p, 60fps.

      SM3DW is 720p upscaled to 1080p. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze will also be 720p upscaled to 1080p, these are first party titles and somehow you want to brag about a small eShop game like Art of Balance..? I have it on my 3DS, not saying by any means it is a bad game but it surely is not a game to brag about.

      For instance when Shin’en made a comment saying the new Fast Racing would have 4k-8k textures, every power hungry moron bragged endlessly about that when they clearly had no understanding of it in the first place. You don’t know how many fools I had to explain that textures and resolutions are two different things. There is nothing that impressive about a system with the hardware the Wii U has running 4k-8k textures.. It should be able to.

      Rage on PS3 & Xbox 360 used 4k textures and the PS3 basically only has 256MB of usable RAM and a slower graphics card, the Wii U has 8x the amount of RAM and a faster newer graphics card than the PS3 and 360.. Again I sure as hell would expect nothing different from it knowing older systems ran textures just as high.

      It has more to do with my point of you guys just wanting to grasp onto something to brag about when it comes to the Wii U. When Shin’en said that, every idiot assumed they meant 4k-8k resolution because they so desperately want to somehow lie to themselves and live in some fantasy dream world where the Wii U is the most powerful console in the world even more powerful than PC’s because PC’s now struggle running 4k resolutions let alone 8K resolutions, not textures….. It just isn’t and who cares if it isn’t.

      Don’t get me wrong, power is nice, nothing wrong with it but it isn’t what I buy any gaming system for. I buy it literally for the quality experience it bring with the games it offers, regardless of how weak the system may be from a technical view compared to others. As they say, there will always be someone or something out there doing it better than you. Currently there are just systems technically better than the Wii U, so face it.

      I play my PS Vita and 3DS more than my PS4 or Wii U, so clearly I don’t care that much about power to begin with when I am having more fun on portable systems that are weaker than their console counterparts. Even though I love my VIta and 3DS to death, again I would never be so delusional to claim the 3DS is more powerful than a PS Vita, or that a Wii U is just as powerful as PS4 or more powerful.

      I live in reality, not one created by fans.

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