Yoshi’s New Island Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle Spotted


Nintendo is preparing to announce a spotted green Yoshi Nintendo 3DS XL which comes with a copy of Yoshi’s New Island, according to a product page by online retailer Base. The bundle, which comes with a copy of Yoshi’s New Island pre-installed, is set to retail for $199.99 in North America and is due to be released on March 14th, the same day as the game is released.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

Update: Turns out the image is a mockup. However, IGN says that a Yoshi’s New Island bundle is certainly on its way. Thanks, Mucrush


    1. I don’t think so. Knowing how some just don’t like this new game because its no different to them, this is a clever way to entice more 3DS XL sales including the game.

    1. Yeah, I waited on getting the XL and so I ended up getting the Blue X and Y one! :D

      I was so happy as I have never owned a decorated piece of Nintendo hardware before. I am usually a launch day buyer so I always end up with the bland looking version, but since I did that with the 3DS, I figured I could wait a little on the XL.

  1. thanks retrogamning world………and me! hahah. anyway, i think it looks rather nice. but wont beat mine GOLD XL :P

  2. the pictuire is fanmade.

    but the actual yoshi xl bundle was listed in that “according to a product page by ” though.

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  3. I really hope Nintendo became Smart enough to make a bundle of the Wii U with SSB 4 and/or Mario Kart 8, that is the reason as to wii Mario Kart Wii got to sell more that 20 million units

        1. If the XL has better screen resolution, second analog stick and better battery than the one now, I would’ve easily given up my old 3DS by now.

          Alas, we can only dream. Hope Nintendo’s next “Fusion” portable/home console hybrid will be superior.

  4. ^Right the only way it would sell. Cause people on the fence would spend $200 over $39. Phucking dumbassss.

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