Ubisoft Reveals That Wii U Games Accounted For 2% Of Its Sales In Q3

Ubisoft has revealed via its  financial results that Wii U titles only accounted for 2% of the company’s sales during the third quarter. Ubisoft have unsurprisingly found the best sales on current generation consoles, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 also performing well. Ubisoft announced yesterday that they were delaying the Wii U version of Watch Dogs as they focus their efforts on the other versions.

  • PlayStation 3 : 28%
  • PlayStation 4: 12%
  • Xbox 360: 27%
  • Xbox One: 9%
  • Wii: 11%
  • Wii U: 2%
  • PC: 10%

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      1. omg cut the hashtags, ffs. I’m getting Watch Dogs on Wii U as well, and I got Ninja Gaiden and Darksiders II for Wii U.. No other games, but I don’t buy those on PS3/PC either, so doesn’t matter.

      2. Yea I have AC3 & AC4, but refuse to buy Rayman Legends just on the principle that they held back a finished game for months that developers lost sleep over trying to finish for the original launch date. Ill pick it up used, still have a backlog on the system so it isn’t hurting me waiting any.

      3. So you didn’t buy Rayman which would have supported the devs that lost sleep trying to finish the game, who worked hard on it regardless, and when your purchase could have helped the Wii U a little more? So you buy used, which actually hurts the devs, and hurts the Wii U, only benefits some greedy retailer ripping off everyone, all to prove a point to Ubisoft who will now just decide the delay was warranted and they shouldn’t make any more games for Wii U? Makes sense.

      4. Sadly, in some wars, there is collateral damage. The devs just happen to be the collateral damage. Besides, these devs get paid regardless of how well the game does, anyway, so the only ones taking the real loss is the company itself.

  1. Wait

    PlayStation 3 : 28%
    PlayStation 4: 12%
    Xbox 360: 27%
    Xbox One: 9%
    Wii: 11%
    PC: 10%

    Wii U is only 1% below PS4 and 2% above Xbox One according to that?! I don’t understand.

      1. Yeah that is the problem with babies, they don’t understand. Did any of the babies bother to click on the link? Babies can’t read statistics lolololol! Actually these babies can’t read anything lololol. But they sure know how to throw tantrums lololol. Now watch them bring on the baby insults because it is my fault they poor little things can’t read lololol. No wonder Ubisoft is considering cancelling Watch_Dogs for the Wii U. Babies only buy baby games on the Baby U. After Ubisoft drops support for the Baby U there will be absolutely no third party support on that underpowered running on 7 year old hardware baby excuse of a toy console lolololol.

      2. Your comments are always retarded but always makes me laugh anyway ahahahahahah…

      3. Agreed! You know someone isn’t original with his insults when he uses the same exact one multiple times in one insult. I’m surprised he can make the comment so long.

    1. also, since the WiiU runs Wiii games, I can consider the sells mreged, specially since I bough Just Dance 2014 for Wii to play it on WiiU
      dont blame me for that

  2. And THERE is your REASON why Watchdogs will be likely cancelled!!
    The fact that the PS4 and One were released in November and sold more for Ubisoft games than the Wii U just proves that Ubisoft games are not for Nintendo consoles!!
    It is all about making money and it just is not worth their time knowing that the Gimmick U version will sell like crap!!

    1. A second screen is NOT a gimmick no matter how much haters like you scream it as so. Here’s the truth, kiddo: second screen has been the greatest addition to video games since… 3D graphics because it’s made the DS family utterly dominate the handheld market. It makes menus quicker & less annoying especially games that have you going to the menu often. Not to mention you can have a big map on the second screen without ever having to pause the action. Alot of silly people complain about the second screen being used for mostly that stuff which is beyond stupid since that’s two of the best things a second screen is good for. But by all means, call something that is extremely useful & makes menues quicker & less action ruining gimmicky. The Wii had this weak ass insult floating over it’s head even when the PS3 & X360 used the same, similar idea & it was more of a gimmick, and a bigger joke, on those consoles than it was on Wii.

      1. I agree 100%. Mother-fuckers couldn’t use the word Gimmick correctly to save their sorry lives.

      2. The only thing that even comes close to being a gimmick from Nintendo right now is the looking-through-a-window 3D, and some games on the 3DS even use the 3D as a gameplay element.

  3. You guys need to stop crying at Ubisoft. For God’s sake, they at least gave an effort. Nintendo didn’t do Jack-shit to sell their own console for a year.

    I hope every last third party drops WiiU so you have something to cry about instead of pissing on the few devs who gave wiiU a chance, at a fucking loss to their business.

    1. Completly agree, Nintendo fucked themselves from the start.

      Get your shit together nintendo, you lost the fickle casuals, dont go and fucking loose those that are still loyal to you.

  4. I’m expecting Watch_Dogs to be cancelled so that’s why I got a refund today. We are all sick of Ubi’s crap. Can’t wait for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8! :D Nintendo won’t let us down! ^_^

      1. ‘Weak system’ my ass. It’s a really underrated system. IMO, the games on the U are so much better than the games on PS4 and XBOX ONE. Sure they are both excellent systems, but Nintendo games are arguably the best! That’s just my opinion.




  5. That’s 2% of all sales, but how many of the total games were actually released on the Wii U? I’d rather know the percentage of games released on all platforms that can be attributed to the U.

  6. Current gen is not Wii/Xbox 360/PS3, it’s Wii U/Xbox One, PS4. Last gen is Wii/Xbox 360/PS3. I hate when people call systems next gen 1-2 years or more while they’re already out. Or how people insisted Wii was not next-gen, and Wii U isn’t next-gen. Next-gen is not defined by graphics or power, it’s simply the next generation of consoles, and innovation or new features is every bit next-gen as graphical improvements. And once consoles are out, they’re current-gen, especially when they’re all out. Next-gen now are the future consoles they’re designing.

    You don’t call Obama our next president and Bush our current one, you don’t call a 2014 car next year’s model and a 2013 one current when we’re in 2014. It makes no sense why people keep calling it next-gen 1-2 years into their life cycle.

  7. Uh… Better than nothing?
    If Nintendo loses Ubisoft they’ve lost the only somewhat dedicated third party developer they have right now. Hopefully, that 2% margin is good enough in comparison to the money put in to develop for it, to continue. If not, the Wii U is going to have an even tougher time.

    1. Somewhat dedicated? More like barely dedicated. Every chance they got to screw us over after the only truly supported title, ZombiU, didn’t sell well, they’ve done it: delay the finished Rayman Legends to release the other versions with the Wii U version simultaneously, release Assassin’s Creed 4 without DLC, & now delaying Watch_Dogs so they can release the others months before the Wii U version (this is the biggest slap in the face because of how they did Rayman Legends but won’t show us the same *bleep* courtesy!) And these assholes wonder why 3rd party doesn’t sell well on Nintendo consoles anymore. Screw what’s “best for business” if you sell out your morals for the almighty dollar! WWE already has me sick of hearing that phrase, and that’s supposed to be part of kayfabe.

  8. The real question is, WHY!?!?!?
    There’s absolutely no excuse for people’s attitudes towards the Wii U. I don’t see what’s so bad about the console, and why it’s not selling a LOT better? WHY? I know Nintendo’s poor advertising caused a lot of it. But why does it seem things aren’t getting any better? And why the HELL does SO many people love the Gaystation and Crapbox so much that they’re even willing to pay 100-200+ dollars more just to get them? Has the majority of the world gotten their brains ate out by zombies? I think I’m one of a very few who hasn’t been infected by graphic/power whore disease.

    1. EA UBISOFT and all other third party are herting Wii U sails by doing things like thay did with Raymond and other half assed ports well not bye any more of their games until thay start giving the Wii U The same chances as thay do others have Wii U and PS4.

  9. just released Wii’ sell is 11%. If we take into account poor port of AC3, bad PR for Rayman (which BTW sell more on Wii U than other system), more release title on other platforms and now another bad PR on Wii U, what on earth did they expect???? I think 2% is not that bad. Saying that if they delay the Wii U version and not cancel it, i do believe it would be beneficial cause they will give time to correct any bugs the PC, PS4 and xbox1 owners will get.

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