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AeternoBlade Coming To European 3DS eShop February 27

AeternoBlade will land on the European 3DS eShop on February 27, according to developer Corecell Technology’s official Facebook page. The game was due to launch last month, but due to a failed submission, Corecell was unable to commit to the date. Earlier this week, the developer confirmed that the 3D action-packed sidescroller would launch February 18 for the North American eShop. Make sure you check out the trailer if you’ve yet to see it.


  1. The game looks good, I just hope the trailer isnt deceiving like that one game from ATLUS, something princess, I forget the name but the trailer looked all jam packed with action and when the game came out, it was slow as shit.

  2. i have a club nintendo code for Punch-Out for WiiU (200 points)

    someone wanna trade me for a DKjr code for 3DS (150 points)?

    i accidently got Punchout … i already have it … :(

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