Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Says Mario Kart Is Genre Defining

Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer believes that the Mario Kart franchise is genre defining and probably shouldn’t be replicated. Spencer mentioned this on Twitter when he was asked by a fan whether Microsoft would consider a kart racer with Banjo Kazooie and Masterchief.

“Every time I hear someone say ‘like Mario Kart’ I cringe. It’s kind of like open world driving, like GTA. Some games define genres.”

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      1. Well that’s good news. Also, Microsoft literally can’t make a “Microsoft All-Stars,” because they don’t have enough characters without including 3rd parties. I mean, even Sony had trouble making their Brawler and had to use 3rd parties.

    1. You have nothing to do with nintendo or Microsoft, so I don’t think this man or Microsoft fears you…

      1. I wished Microsoft sony and Nintendo collaborated to make a game together that released once at the end of each generation to show what games are suppose to be about. Bringing people together to have fun. I wouldn’t mind a smash type games with mechanisms from all stars and contributions from Microsoft.

        1. Oh my god that would be awesome. Also, it would be cool if you could play online with people with different consoles. Like play with people who are on a ps4 even if you’re on an Xbox one or wiiu.

        2. That game would be a messy hodge-podge of crap. Nintendo has fundamentally different ideas about what a game should be be, by comparison with the others. And each company would want to take charge. I imagine there wouldn’t be enough communication between developers. It’d be Alien: Colonial Marines (in terms of the problems plaguing development) but with a whole lot more hype behind it, so the end result would be whole lot more disappointing.

        3. Yes, Microsoft could sell Rare’s ip’s back to Nintendo. Banjo Kazooie in MarioKart and Smash Bros?? Not to mention a PROPER Banjo sequel….

      2. Neither do you have anything to do with Nintendo. I guess you’re on the wrong train dude. Hop off before you get lost again.

  1. very nice thank you Microsoft I respect you more and totally agree with you this time.

    but…if a banjo kazoi kart racer is to be made… better not replicate mk otherwise it wont be GENRE DEFINING and wont sell well anyway so I don’t care , :)

    1. That’s wierd… I would respect someone for who they are, rather then what they think about a game…

    2. I believe its a PR stunt to redeem more lost respect after the DRM thing. Sony is more convincing than that and they’re not that good at persuading consumers away either.

  2. The only reason Mario Karts is because our budget is too big too make games for such a small market. We focus on reality not fantasy nonsense.

    1. If I wan’t a taste of reality, i’ll just walk outside, besides why would you want to experience reality in a video game, all that will do is increase Suicides rates.

  3. You know, even though Diddy (thankfully) did go to Microsoft when they got Rare, I’m surprised they never had Rare make another racing game. They still have the rest of the characters and maybe come up with someone to replace Diddy as the main character.

  4. I wonder what that Nintendo Commander faggot is gonna say about this. if anything, the “Xbots” and Nintendo fans don’t even have a problem with each other.

      1. I said i liked Xbox more than Wii U, and i got called delusional. It’s my opinion, just because i like something different doesn’t mean i’m delusional.

        1. You talking out of your ass over a console I know you never touched or even tried with an open mind means you are more delusional than you want to believe.

          You’re hilarious and only make babies laugh because like you, they can’t tell any difference of anything yet.

        1. Be more sorry for burning $500 for a camera bundled betmax that sets itself on fire when turned on and call Wii U garbage. B/ I don’t understand so called humanity anymore.

          1. You make Nintendo fans look bad, he never said the Wii U was garbage, he said he liked xbox more. You need to learn that not everybody likes the same thing as you.

  5. They should bring Rare ips like Banjo,Conker and JetForceGemini back and put some good devs to develop them. Rare cant do shit with them, KillerInstinct is good example that Rare ips doesnt need to be dead like Rare. If Ms brings more Rare ips back then i will pay for that Box, kind words about MK doesnt do shit for me.

  6. Glad to hear the “enemy” speak highly of a Nintendo franchise. But it is sad that a franchise—definitive as it might be—is the only example of its genre these days. His attitude is a bit alarming. I mean, if 2D Mario is/were the definitive platformer, then why did anyone think to make Castlevania, Rayman, etc.? (I don’t even wanna name the newest GTA-inspired game for fear of that sadness.) But, it does seem like non-Nintendo devs & pubs have given up on the kart genre. & while I’m on the subject of racing, what happened to the arcade racer genre?

    1. Enemy? You nintendrones just love attacking. You guys are the American citizens of the gameing industry. Because your government (nintendo) has different ideas than the other government( Microsoft), you feel the need to attack anyone who likes Microsoft.

      1. Yeah, because X-Bots never talk about about other companies.


        …gimme a break. It’s stupid to fanboy and troll-out for any company, but it’s delusional to point fingers at one group when all 3 are equally bad. X-bots, Nintendrones, and Ponies.

        1. I miss the days when gamers all got along a talked about games and characters of franchises, now it’s graphics and power. When people had N64’s and GameCube’s and their freinds had Playstations and Xboxes, their wasn’t any arguements whatsoever.

          1. I think it’s because back then all systems were completely different and had a shitload more exclusives, now, 90% of games are on all systems, their arent as many exclusives, and all systems are technically the same except for Wii U. Wii U is the only Console not trying to be a Computer.

      2. Wouldn’t it seem logical to not Nintendo (Japan) but, say Microsoft stands for American citizens? LOL FAIL

      3. “Government”? “Attack”? what are you, osama bin laden?

        Seriously, all we want are quality, non money-grabbing games that are fun, with charming characters, and that are decently unique, and fairly challenging.

        What’s wrong with that?

        Oh, wait, you’re a Micro$oft fan, right?

        That explains things.

    2. Well theres Sonic racing transformed, which a solid racing game similiar to MK, but i agree, i wish that Diddy Kong Racing would do its comeback.

  7. Wow, such high regards.

    And well deserved. Mario Kart is probably the best racing game to have been conceived.

  8. I’m not arguing that Mario Kart is probably the pinnacle of the kart racing genre, but to not replicate it or make another kart racer inspired by it? That’s like saying we shouldn’t have people make other fighting games because we already have Street Fighter or shouldn’t have people make other first-person shooters because we already have Counter-Strike. Can’t agree with such a view.

  9. he’s right.. any arcade racer will have to compare to mario kart

    that’s probably enough to keep many devs from even attempting to create one

  10. Nintendo needs to expand the Mario Kart brand; they should try to include the other Nintendo branded franchises. Its about time they did that and really show how big the brand could be.

    Imagine racing in Hyule on horses, dodging familiar Zelda enemies or having a sort of horseback type of racing where you have to shoot with a bow and arrow to score points.
    Another idea with the Zelda angle would be using the masks from Majora’s Mask and racing, it would be a hoot to see Mario and other characters transform into a Goron, Zora or Deku versions of themselves and racing across Zelda inspired tracks; Goron racing track.
    Another idea is returning to Dinosaur Island/Yoshi’s Island from Super Mario World and racing Yoshis across that world. Or trying to avoid a stampede of dinos while you’re driving, well they did kind of do that in Double Dash, I think. Just something connected to Mario’s history and really bridging the pieces. Set pieces!
    There is also the obvious, Star Fox, Metroid and Kirby angles of space racing and so forth.

    Why and how Nintendo has failed to expand and really push forth the games beyond tiny incremental updates: glider, underwater, anti-gravity system… is beyond my understanding. Nintendo has a catalogue of much loved franchises, they obviously don’t know what to do with them since there have been virtually no news of upcoming or updates with regards to Star Fox, Metroid and many others.


  11. He’s kinda right on that. While there’s been attempts at challenging the genre (even some good attempts), they have all fallen short the Mario Kart franchise.

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