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Mutant Mudds Deluxe Sold More On Wii U Than Steam & Vita, PS3 Combined

Mutant Mudds developer Jools Watsham has revealed that Mutant Mudds Deluxe sold more on Wii U than Steam, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita  combined. However, Watsham says that Mutant Mudds has sold the most on the Nintendo 3DS.

Interesting tidbit. Mutant Mudds Deluxe has sold more on Wii U than the combined sales on Steam and PSV/PS3.

3DS is king. :)

43 thoughts on “Mutant Mudds Deluxe Sold More On Wii U Than Steam & Vita, PS3 Combined”

  1. Oh.

    So it must’ve sold like AMAZINGLY little across all platforms. Personally, I don’t like this game at all. This and Mighty Swith Force, I mean, come on D:

    “Interesting tidbit”: I have both PS3 and Vita, and I use Steam as well. Had NO idea, WHATSOEVER, this game was available in those platforms. I wouldn’t be surprised if it only sold like, two, on PS3.

    1. this game received very good reviews throughout… just because you don’t like it or haven’t found it doesn’t mean other don’t or haven’t either

      1. But the wiiu people have nothing else to play. Such dry spells, people will buy the indie games just to play something.

        1. yeah of course that would be it, instead of moving to another system they buy games they don’t even want to have ;)

          btw there’s plenty to play on the wii u

        2. LOL what if Nintendo made this “lack of games” a way to boost Indie sales? That would be awesome and aggravating at the same time.

  2. Nice to see decent indie games getting love on Nintendo platforms. It begs the question of why more indies aren’t developing for those platforms. If I were an indie developer, I would definitely be developing for Wii U right now. Engaged userbase, Nintendo bending over backwards to help you, not so much competition with other games, and a second screen to innovate with.

    1. Objectly true! Months ago Jool said nintendo users buy more games then the non-nintendo user. I know some non-nintendo gamers own only two-three games or resell it for a new copy. They are usually dudebro gamers.

      1. It’s a myth that Nintendo are the home of casual gamers. Sure, the Wii had a lot of casuals, but with Wii U the base is as hardcore as it gets – virtually no casuals own it.

        The current games consoles casuals flock to are 360 and PS3. To anyone who looks at the gaming world objectively that’s pretty obvious – to me your “dudebro” gamers are the definition of casuals.

        1. let’s call them core gamers

          actual hardcore gamers are a fairly small fraction

          a casual gamer who owns a console and buys 4 or 5 games would probably not be considered a casual anymore by the industry either

  3. Because that statement is so convincing with no absolute numbers. Just because it sold more on WiiU than on the other platforms, doesn’t mean it sold well. It might have sold 5 copies on the 3 platforms combined and 7 on WiiU, and the statement still would be true. I’m not saying that it was like that, but the statement simply has no meaning whatsoever if they don’t give us any numbers, as easy as that.

  4. Man, an eshop game selling more than ps3, vita and steam?! Watchout Playstation, looks like u might not be 1st party no more!

  5. It was a very fun game and I’m glad it did very well all around. Here’s hoping for a two are something new from him.

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