Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs Wii U Isn’t Canceled And Is Coming Soon

Ubisoft has reconfirmed on Twitter that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs is still coming to the platform and that they’re committed to developing it. The company revealed last week that the Wii U version has been delayed while the other platforms should get the game in the summer. This led some to believe that the game was quietly being canceled by Ubisoft. This doesn’t appear to be the case.

It’s coming, we’ll let you know when we have confirmed a release date.

Thanks,  Lazara the Last


    1. I care, atleast someone is makin games for WiiU instead for focusin on lame tiny screeny handheld all the time.

      1. Clearly Ubi is taking their sweet time with the Wii U version so that they can fix all of the PS4 and Xbox glitches.

      2. Or there focusing on the versions they know will sell and bring them to the up most quality and put wii u on the back burner. My assumption is way more likely.

      3. Yeah and make you get it late, then turn around and say you’re the priblem of its lackluster sales. Way to go on accepting their BS *support* and blame game.

    2. I care. I was happy when I heard its coming to WiiU and I’m going to get my copy of this game for my WiiU

  1. Still want to buy the game, unless if the game is going to be a gimped version of the another ones.

    And, again, I don’t care about gamepad usage, I care about the game being fully functional!!

  2. LMFAO rubbish it is so cancelled!!!
    Why would they release it on the gimmick U with a dire install base and will shift zero units of the game?
    Ubisoft are holding back to see how well it does on PS3,PS4 Xbox 360 and Xbox One.If it does amazing on all 4 platforms then the Wii U version will be canned as there will be no point.
    They are just using the Wii U version as a backup if all 4 other platforms fail which will be highly unlikely!!

      1. You are the one who lacks intelligence you tard!!!
        Wii U Ubisoft games in 2013 accounted for ONLY %2 of all Ubisoft game sales!!
        The Wii U version will be identical to the PS3 Xbox 360 version that has a combined user base of over 160 Million.
        There is ZERO point in releasing the Wii U version that has a pathetic 5.6 Million user base in 15 months!!
        Just as Nintendo are now focusing more on the 3DS like the direct shown yesterday go and cry!!!
        Wii U is a steaming pile of turd console that has 7 year old tech!!#LMFAO!!

      2. Zorbo! Is this what u do when u get in youre room! Zorbo! I want you to log off this instant! I want u to clean your room! And wash those dishes! If ur going to live in my trailer I expect u help out with the chore’s! Also your dad and me are planning on having sex for Valentine’s day so put ur headphones on while u play ur xbone!

      3. What’s the percentage that actually released on Wii U? If Ubi released 5 games on Wii U and 25 on the other consoles, wouldn’t it make sense for the Wii U to have a lower percentage? Think about it.

      4. You’re the pinnacle embarassment of modern gamers trashing consoles over fucking specs and not the game offerings. 7 year tech? 1. PS3/360 is still supported so what’s the difference? 2. At least Wii U fucking works unlike 360’s Red Ring, PS3’s PSN hack, Blue Line of Death (PS4) and blowing up/set on fire when turned on (Xbox One)

        Reasons for Wii U Ubisoft games lacking sales? Allow me to explain very slowly so pay attention moron:

        Delaying an already completed version of Rayman Legends and launched at a very bad timing pissed off many early Wii U/Rayman adopters off and half or more of the anticipated gamers walked away and also costed Wii U gravely of its early launch window sales along with EA talking endless butthurt dumb shit after Origin turned down. Next, Splinter Cell Blacklist gimped and sold at full price which is the number one thing they hate and won’t waste money for: Full priced incomplete software (gimped games).

        And finally delaying Wii U Watchdogs which after they swore to Nintendo fans for equal release date and support, sealed the deal that Nintendo fans has ceased to trust Ubisoft and their “Nintendo’s biggest 3rd Party supporter” lie and now its gonna cost that port’s sales as well.

        Comprede stupida?

      5. zorbo1234567 spank you to fuck silly!
        I have a great PC and I have a PS4, Wii U!
        The Wii console is OK 100% better and stronger than the PS3!
        The Wii console will have by far the best game in 2014, it is now clear to everyone!
        Bayonet 2 could be game of the year, and also shows excellent graphics that Can be used with PS4/Xbox1 .. So please shut up and go blow you stupid head!

    1. You do realize that they are about the same in numbers right? It well take the rest of the year for Xbox and ps4 to really get ahead to ware you could honestly say their is a gap. And remember that most people well buy Wii U as their second system.

    2. That is not completely correct. I think if it sales well on the other consoles it will come to wiiu. If it is under their estimates then they will not dump more into a version that might sale 100k copies.

    3. Pay no attention to my son’s outbursts…its my fault! If I hadn’t had sex with brother…my dear zorbo might have grown up differently…now hes just a confused little boy…always dressing up in my panties…and clothes….oh zorbo….when will forgive the world!!

      1. They’ve said development for Wii U won’t resume until the PC version is the best it can be. Either they’re stalling or they don’t want the Wii U release to be riddled with glitches and bugs.

      2. I yes I remember it now…

        They sure take a long time for this game…

        It better be great…

    1. shows how little you know as watchdogs on ps4 is 1080p and locked at 30fps this has been confirmed by the devs.

    1. Ubi will get my support when they stop releasing games late on my console. They support the wiiu because they have to at this point, obviously with the way they have been acting they would stop if the backlash wouldn’t slap them in the face. If they actually supported the console they would invest in it more and not this half ass late release crap. My love for all these third party jerks is running thin.

      1. The more you don’t support third parties for their half ass ports, the less third party games you get. You have to support the third parties even though they make bad decisions in order to keep them coming back. If you support them well enough, then they’ll start putting decent games on the platform.

        If we all “boycot” the third parties they’ll just leave. THEY don’t need Nintendo, Nintendo NEEDS them.

        Also, being “late” isn’t a reason to knock on a game. You get what you get when you get it and you don’t get upset.

      2. Or when you buy their gimped versions, they will think they can get away with releasing gimped games.
        I have most of the third party games, and all the Ubisoft games that matter, though I might not buy next Assassins Creed just because of their hypocrisy.
        Watch Dogs is hanging on the balance, do I buy for Wii U, or wait for it to be on sale on PC.

      3. I don’t think any developer thinks “hey what can we get away with.” They aren’t a bunch of conniving masterminds. They obviously say “Okay, what can we do to get Wii U owners the best experience possible while ALSO turning a profit.”

        Remember it is Nintendo that has the billions of dollars in the bank, not 3rd parties. Third parties can’t afford to just waste all their money to give Nintendo fans all the games they want. Third parties need the money or they will go out of business a year or two later!

        Don’t support the 3rd parties (gimped and all) and they’ll simply leave and you’ll get no 3rd party support whatsoever…

      4. Hah!
        Let them leave; indies are doing a better job of properly developing and releasing wii u games. Of they keep it up, indies could easily fill the hole left by the third parties who weren’t getting sales for their bad Ports.

      5. Wow… Just keep taking the beating from your cheap boyfriend that would rather beat you than give you the best possible love & care he can while giving his other lover a better treatment. But it’s okay! Least he gives you some love. >.< It's not the best but it's better than nothing… right? Pitiful. I'd rather get nothing than get beaten. They can take their "love" & shove it up their ass.

      6. Boy people don’t see. Why support the wiiu when the user base is so small. Even nintendo games are not breaking even, so why would you think 3rd party will support it. Ubi is supporting it but all these games where under development at launch. Ubi will stop big software support and keep the little games.

        Even the Lets Dance on WII out sold the WiiU. Come on, business is about making money and you can’t make money.

        Only people that can is indie, their overhead is so little, so when they sale 30k copies it is a profit.

        Big games are not profitable on the Wiiu even for Nintendo.

  3. Ubisoft gets too much hate from WiiU owners imo. They are the only 3rd party makin games and bringin games to WiiU frequently, ND yesterday proved to me that even Nintendo themselfs dont seem to wanna support it since the direct was 99% about 3DS, which is lame imo. The only good parts from Direct were X,DK and Bayo2, which we all already know about comin. There wasnt nothing new for WiiU and it made me appreciate games like WD,Rayman,SplinterCell,Ac3-4 being on WiiU even more because atleast some company is bringin games to play for the system i paid 400e. FarCry would be so badass on WiiU but i think im gonna need Ps4 or One for games like that, i just dont want WiiU to die, i love the thing but atleast GC got exclusives and 1st party games alot.

    1. 2014 for WiiU sucks. We get Dk, Bayonette, MK. Nothing else has a confirmed date. They say smash bros.

      So we are talking 4 games. With little to know 3rd party, WiiU might Break 10 games for the year excluding indie and eshop only games (those are games, with little to no overhead and know they will sale only a couple 10k at max)

      You thought 2013 was a dry, 2014 is looking the same. 2015 will be a desert.

  4. This definitely increases the chances it’s coming, but I wouldn’t believe it until it’s in your hands guys. It’s tough for Ubisoft because it’s only going to sell half a dozen copies on Wii U and they know it. Ultimately if I wanted games like Watch Dogs (i.e. Western crappy “AAA” titles) then I wouldn’t be a Nintendo gamer, and whether people want to admit that about themselves or not, judging by how those types of games sell on Wii U, I think I’m not the only one like this.

  5. While a delay seems like a suicide of sales, I can see 2 additional reasons that haven’t yet been associated w/ why Ubisoft delayed the Wii U version:

    1, delaying all versions already caused their stock to drop. So another across-the-board delay might really hurt them (or @ least their shareholders).

    & 2, Watch_Dogs was promised as part of a PS4 launch bundle. So they have that obligation to uphold, made all the more imperative w/ the PS4’s sales success.

    Obviously, the installed bases of the 7th gen twins is their safety net, but it is telling that 3rd parties haven’t quite committed to the 8th gen yet. Really, it’s a problem affecting the industry as a whole.

    Ubisoft & other 3rd parties are stretched thin, developing @ least one AAA title on PC, 4 multimedia boxes, & 1 console; that’s 6 devices, w/ simultaneous work on other franchise. I guess copying & pasting is harder than it sounds. They have a lot of employees, but not enough resources to accomadate all corners of the market, @ least not immediately. One tiny snag could turn into a clusterf***, & it’s any wonder patches have become so ubiquitous. So, can a console, a niche device coexist w/ its cousins when most of the core gaming industry is homagenized (multimedia, twins, movie-style games)? When it’s increasingly difficult for 3rd parties to not only share multiplats all around, but have stopped or slowed on making exclusives?
    (Where’s Red Steel 3? It should’ve been Ubisoft’s answer to Nintendo FPSes (or, for that matter, where’s The Conduit 3, SEGA?). & Prince of Persia’s focus & puzzle elements seem a much better fit on a Nintendo platform than Assassin’s Creed, imo. Why no advertising for ZombiU? It’s a great example of why the gamepad is so important.)
    When budgets & expectaions are so high? Guess major 3rd party’s no longer have the resources anymore to cater to what they no longer see as viable, when ‘niche’ is more a derogatory word. Artistry vs. commercialism: it’s rare when art actually prevails in mediums outside literature, sculpture, & painting, especially in the mainstream.

    & so on & so forth. Blah, blah, blah. If Watch_Dogs Wii U releases & is a polished product, I’m buying it. But, I ain’t holding my breath.

  6. Ok I take back all the crap I said about ubi lately. I still believe this is the game that can show what the wiiu+tablet is capable of and is the only multi plat game I’m really looking forward to this year, well the witcher 3 too.

  7. I might get it when it’s in a bargain bin. I play for Multiplayer & I don’t want somebody messing up my experience so I’ll play once nobody plays it anymore.

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