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Japan Will Get NES Remix 1+2 At Retail


It looks as though Japan will be getting a special retail version of NES Remix 1 + 2 for the Wii U. This compilation of Wii U eShop games will be released on April 24th. The bundle is unlikely to come to the west, but if we hear anything we will be sure to let you know.

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59 thoughts on “Japan Will Get NES Remix 1+2 At Retail”

  1. I’d love a retail copy of those awesome games. I hope they decide to release a physical copy in North America.

  2. I would actually buy these if it came to the West. I don’t want to have to buy them separately on the eShop. Do it NOA!!!

  3. Japanese people and culture are weird from a capitalistic point of view… Well, I guess been japan exclusive will not cost Nintendo that much and there are more chances to get $$$ in japan with this that in any other part of the globe.

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  5. I hope this never comes West. It’s a lazy stinking pile of garbage. We need real games Nintendo, not dirt mini game compilations. Cop on!

  6. It’s nice to see physical versions of games that I can honestly say I don’t care for.:) But it’s a weird decision…

  7. I also thought these games were kind of an “Oh shit! We actually need software to sell our system?” creation, but all in all, they can be a fun distraction when bored.

    It is also part of a huge marketing push to sell ancient VC games. You PAY to play “Demos” of VC games, then in the eShop they are like, “Own the full games at $5.00 each!”

    None of this is really horrible. It can be a fun game, but it’s all overpriced. Remix games should be $10 max, and most 8-bit VC games should be $2-3 each.

    Just my opinion.

    I think if they were priced at $10

    1. I will add, I did buy and play Remix pt1. It has addictive properties. But when I saw the eShop ad, “Own the full games” I was like, “I fucking knew it!!”

      Seriously, I know Nintendo is afraid to de-value their content, but they need to reduce 8-bit pricing to compete with mobile apps.

  8. Feeling sorry for people who bought this overprice mini-games. Seriously, people, you actually buying this?! Stop repeating this bad practice.

    1. People can spend their money on what they want. Why are you so serious about this? It’s a fun game. FUN. You know, the reason we play games? If you don’t like it then it’s fine, but don’t put down the people who do like it.

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  10. Man! This is what I was hoping Nintendo would do (since I’m not a fan of digital games). And now I’m hearing that Japan actually IS getting a retail copy, but it’s doubtful it will be released over here? IT BETTER! It’s bad enough Japan gets all of those awesome game soundtrack CD’s that North America never gets.

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    1. You never know, they might release it physically in the West later on. Just gotta be patient. If they do, I’ll buy it!

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