Game Developers Conference Poll Reveals Only 4% Will Develop For Wii U

Event organisers for the Games Developers Conference – due to take place in March – have surveyed more than 2,600 North American game developers to identify ongoing market trends. The poll has collated information on games consoles and revealed that just 4 per cent are currently developing for and intending to release their next game on the Wii U.

This percentage is in stark contrast to the PlayStation 4, where 20 per cent of developers intend to release on the console, while Xbox One received 17 per cent of the votes. The percentage dips, though, for those currently developing on Sony’s (14%) and Microsoft’s (12%) latest home consoles. But the biggest percentages lie with PC/Mac and smart phone devices, which poll over 50 per cent of the votes. And sadly only 2 per cent are looking to develop for the Nintendo 3DS.

The research undertaken shows that self-publishing is a hit, with 64 per cent of developers working on titles independently, while 19 per cent are working with publishers, and 17 per cent work under a publisher’s name. Though the Wii U’s percentage isn’t as large as its competitors, there are a number of indie games within Europe that are currently in development for the home console, as well as a number of Kickstarter projects hoping to gain some ground on a Nintendo platform.

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    1. All that means is developers are already invested in creating games for PS4, so the port to Vita for extra sales is logical since all the heavy lifting would be done. I believe its supposedly very easy for them to port games for that “portable console” idea Sony is trying to achieve.

    2. Because indies sell more on vita than on the 3DS, sadly the 3DS audience shows very little support to most indie games. You want proof? Look at the attach rate for Vita vs 3DS, its seriously shocking.

    3. All that means is developers are already invested in creating titles for the PS4, so porting to the Vita is likely a no brainer for increased sales. All of the heavy lifting is already done, and this would fall in line with Sony’s idea to create a “console on the go” experience by creating the same games for ps4/vita

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      1. Who are you?…

        Joke, yes I haven’t seen you in some time…

        I hope your not offending the Wii U with your Avatar…

          1. Good good…

            I don’t want to target you for termination too you know…

            You are one of the few Nintonyans I like…

                    1. Lol! Good ol’Nintendo Comander

                      No but seriously. There has yet to be any new Wii U games during the direct… Just more 3DS eshop games…

                      All we got for the Wii U was:

                      Bayonetta 2
                      Smash Bros.
                      Mario Kart 8
                      Donkey Kong
                      And then that NES remix thing, plus like an Eshop game. the sad thing is that only Mario Kart 8 is all what we got from ow untill May.

                      You know what the PS4 has untill now and June?

                      Child of Light
                      Infamous:Second Son
                      EA Sports UFC
                      Dying Light
                      Dynasty Warriors 8:Xtreme Legends Complete Edition
                      Joysound Dive 2
                      Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
                      MLB14: The Show
                      Nikppi no Puzzle 4: Soduku
                      Nobunaga no Yabo Onlune: Tenla Mugen no Sho
                      Nobunaga no Yabo: Sozo
                      Octodad: Dadliest Catch
                      Rayman Legends
                      Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin!(Yakuza 5)
                      Totterno E Mahjong Plus

                      I’m being serious, that’s a lot and I’m not even trolling :/

                    2. Well to be fair, this was more of an update for the Spring games…

                      Who knows what they will reveal in the next Direct though…

                  1. LOL! Most of those PS4 games aren’t exclusives and Rayman is already on Wii U and many of those are Japan only! WTF!? XD

              1. yes. mk8 is also second on preorder list in Germany.

                SHAM ON U UK! SHAME ON U! seriously they are the biggest place for shooters and fifa. ridicoicoulus AND they buy least from Nintendo.

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        I think I love bayonetta and she MUST BE NINTENDO FIRST POARTY NOW!!!!! also……..30 people I saw want her in smash :D.(plan is gaining strength)

        and also, Nintendo should just buy platinum Capcom square and atlus already!

  1. You should also note that developers planning games for the 3DS is under 2%, which makes you wonder what kind of ridiculous developers attend this conference.

    Most successful gaming system currently on the market? Ignore that shit!!! Develop for the Vita instead! Fucking genius.

    1. Even worse for the 3DS?!

      So this is an “PC Master Race” conference!

      They need to be attacked at once!

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        1. Indeed, however…

          Even though the PC Master Race did not create our empire, they certainly are responsible for creating our technology, well all of us 3…

          Starting with the Apple Armada but we do not bow to Titans or any lesser life forms…

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  3. Looking at this, this proves that Nintendo should either make deals with 3rd parties or buying studios for itself. It needs to try and expand on it’s first and second party studios and not go for encouraging 3rd parties, Nintendo would work better as it’s own thing, especially with the 3DS being that low in plans, Wii U is understandable, but 3DS?

  4. LMFAO %4 of developers!!!!!!!
    No wonder the Gimmick U is so crap!!!!
    over %90 of them think it is waste of space and not even worth their time!!
    It is all Nintendo’s fault they decided to make another Gimmick console that was only built for baby’s and not built for the developers like the PS4 and Xbone One were!!!
    To develop for the gimmick U takes developers longer which in turn will cost them more money and it just is not worth their effort with such a crap install base.
    The ONLY time the Wii U will ever get full 3rd party support is when the Wii U install base is at least 15 Million.
    Developers already think the Wii U is dead, about time Nintendo do the same and stop trying to revive a console NO ONE is interested in!!

    1. That’s it, time to teach you a lesson Sonyan Chicken!

      PS. The Alligator is an Xbot trying to fight:

      1. Developers think the Wii U is a steaming pile of turd!!!
        5.6 Million in 15 months.
        Gamepad is a pathetic waste of space of gimmick that Nintendo STILL do not know what to do with it!!!
        Super Mario World failed to save it,DKTF will be a huge flop!!!
        Iwata solution to the gimmick U failure?…..QOL….Quality Of Life..HEALTH platform?LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. As long as I get my Metroid game I don’t care…

          In the near future we will have the power of people’s health in our hands though…

          1. Wii U is crap……..Developers think it, and Millions of consumers also think it….DEAL with it!!!

            1. It is not crap, the Wii was an inferior console and sold more, just shows Nintendo didn’t do a good thing promoting it. It just needs new games. Sad troll, sad!

              1. It just needs new games?LMFAO!!
                Next game DKTF HD rehash!!
                Then Mario Kart,,,HD rehash!!
                Then Smash Bros…HD rehash!!!
                Then Zelda HD rehash!!!
                The ONLY game working looking at is X but again still not worth buying a gimmick U for!!!

            2. That’s because the developers are shit. Like how your mother wanted a baby, but instead she developed you, which she continues to question weather she should commit suicide or let you fail at life. DEAL WITH IT.

              1. LMFAO an angry Nintendo guzzler in denial at facts and using lame mom jokes….SIGN OF A DEFINITE Virgin!!

                1. Too much for you to drink old chap? But if you must know, if I wanted your opinion, I’ll give it to you.

            3. Dev sick for fast money, they have a family to feed, that’s understandable! We don’t need them, we already have the BEST ONES! DKCTF 10/10 !! EAT A BANANA!!!

          2. Lol and thats a bad thing? i was really tired of them cuz they werent even good and they just completely took over the comment section, therefore there were no comments relevant to the articles.
            AND Iceazeama just recently came back for a bit too… (we had a little chat about why he left for so long, he also says that hes not planning on coming back…. but i doubt that.)
            BTW were u a troll?….. i cant remember.

            1. Yeah, you’re right.. it is not a bad thing. Although if there are going to be trolls here, at least be funny and have and make some decent points in their arguments.

              And from time to time, I only troll for fun :)

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          1. LMFAO you changed your name to try and insult me?LMFAO!!
            Sales prove the Wii U is a steaming pile of dung!!
            You Nintendo guzzers actually think Mario Fart will actually save the gimmick U just like yo did with rehash 3DS Mario World and that was the worst selling Mario game of all time!!
            Developers do not give a shit about the U and NEVER EVER will.
            Wii U zero 3rd party….18 Million life time sales!!!

        3. And reading text instantly makes it the truth…ever heard of “exaggerated facts” or “yellow journalism”?

    2. Well if your looking at gimmicks you could take a look at the Xbox One’s Kinect and the PS4’s Touch Pad and Playstation Camera, and funny how you say it’s built for babies when you are acting like one trying to get a rise out of people, also Playstation and Xbox have a decent amount of games that are aimed at children also which you don’t mention, and saying it takes longer to develop for and is not worth the time is like it wasn’t worth the time to develop for the PS3 which was a lot more difficult to because of the cell shading processor, plus the Xbox 360 and PS3 didn’t exactly have a good run their first 2 years either, they didn’t really even start to do good until their 3rd and 4th years, I like all console for different reasons so don’t label me as a Nintendo Fanboy or what ever just cause I said this, Im enjoying my Wii U and PS4 right now.

  5. meetings like this are only for wannabe developers u wont meet real developers at these things they have better things to do like develop actual games not just talk about it. and yes trolls come out of the wood work on sites like this but trolls = homosexual closet cases that didn’t get enough love from mommy like xcrap fags that run into a burning building to save a piece of garbage how pathetic. alienware steam machine will make xcrap 1 and ps4 obsolete especially for power whores it will be priced the same but with more power and if amazon does get into the console field should be interesting to see what they bring to the table. of the 3 I see Nintendo being the safe 1 since they make the superior 1st party games u cant always live off 3rd party as phony sony and microsux will find out obviously those 3rd party games will be on the new consoles as well but run better so why own a ps4 or one ? their 1st party are so weak its pathetic.

    1. Us homosexuals mostly supports the holy N so you should say “Opened Straights” instead…

  6. PS4 is ONLY 400k behind gimmick U life time sales!!!LMFAO!!!
    The PS4 has only been on the market 11 weeks with the Japan launch still to come!!
    The fact that the PS4 will over take the gimmick U life time sales so quickly with no good games out for it yet just prove how popular it is.
    Wii U had its year head start and did NOTHING making Nintendo look a total disgrace!!
    NO BODY even cares for the turd Gamepad and the 7 year old tech U.

    1. Oh yeah, that’s why they are reporting a 1.1 billion loss already…right?

      You know, you are still this dam dumb. Yet they did make that much, but its not enough. They are listening to their fans yes but they are losing that much money…but nintendo is doomed right? As said before, Know your shit…before opening the mouth! You got a short term memory like a gold fish if your still saying this kind of shit! HERE, I HELP YOU REMEMBER!!

      Getting smarter yet? No??? Ok, your loss.

      1. ZING!

        You know the ignorant can’t be educated or saved. Let them die stupid for all I care. At least I’ll be enjoying real polished games instead of some rushed, realistically repetitive POS running on DRM and Microtranactions to control these tiny minds to throw money at them corporate assclowns like prostitutes (I’m looking at you Microsoft)

    2. You forgot one important fact dumbass:

      There’s hardly any games for the system. People only bought that shit because of the high specs/graphics bullshit which still doesn’t look any different than last gen anyway.

      So calm your panties and your Wii U hate party for just a few more mintues to see the real reason why PS4 is selling like hot shit cakes with no frosting.

  7. well there goes the company that makes bioshock irrational games shut down I feel bad for the out of work developers so much for sony and microsux being the third party saviors o and the ps4 is sold in way more countries so do the math its unimpressive I know math is tough for u but 25% failure rate that needs raplacements don’t truly count as sales but to sony they do. just like when they forged ps2 numbers and hid all the replacement of dead system numbers. my bro is crying cuz his 5th ps3 is dead from the black screen of death its only six months old he babied it better than his own child lol but still dead he asked me to fix it but im not a miracle worker I cant wait for valve to school sony in real game design. right now the only true gaming company left is Nintendo all other companies concentrate on micro tansactions and DLC that shit sux no matter how u look at it right now im enjoying bravely default u should pick it up on your vita O WAIT U CANT! and its a 3ds third party selling super well in the USA proof that theres no excuse why 3rd parties don’t sell on Nintendo becuz if they are great games then yes they sell great. rune factory 4 same thing excellent game.

  8. This fills me with so much disgust that I don’t even know where to begin complaining. PC and mobile devices are NOT dedicated gaming platforms. And Sony and Microsoft can kiss my big hairy ASS! Do all third-party companies have brain damage? I’m beginning to wonder if Microcrap didn’t pay off every company so they wouldn’t develop for Wii U.

    And what’s the story with 3DS? Only 2% of companies plan to make 3DS games? WTF? The 3DS is the # 1 selling console. Was only the smallest, loser game companies at this conference? If Nintendo ever dropped out of the game business, I’d stop playing games. Nintendo is the ONLY reason I’ve remained such a loyal, dedicated gamer and collector. Sony, Microsoft, and PC and mobile games are all C R A P !

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  10. It’s not like 3rd parties ever make anything worth playing anyway. Nintendo’s the only good developer still around…

    Good 3rd party games are like once in a blue moon and even then the Wii U usually gets those ones…

  11. *shuckles* Only 4 percent, which is the same old BS I heard months ago without any real hard evidence or polls anywhere.

    And who are these “4 percent” of devs? Last I checked, Ubisoft, Activision, WB, Platinum, Sega, Capcom, Disney, all of those devs don’t sound like 4 percent of world wide developers to me. Plus Indie support is growing on Wii U, all of these polls is fixed BS attacks against Wii U. Its too obvious to figure out.

  12. I was disappointed that Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion skipped the Wii U, now I am sad Wii U didn’t get Strider:(

    1. ehhh Strider isn’t really a miss in my opinion. I have to say I agree with Castle of Illusion. That’s like ONE game out of the 1000 games released last year not on Wii U that I cared about… the other 999 games are pretty much trash.

  13. man seeing this only tells me that this gen is going to mark the worst video game gaming gen since 83 and we all know what happened. its not so much Nintendo support its development cost that’s going to kill these companys. if they don’t stop this were not going to do this were not going to do that attitude. we may see another video game crash and that’s not going to be good.

  14. I only hope this doesn’t stop Nintendo from making their wonderful games just like they always have. I hope they continue supporting the Wii U, no matter how much people (and companies) are crapping on them.

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