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Nintendo Planning Big eShop Sale The Same Day PlayStation 4 Is Released In Japan

To counter the looming threat of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, Nintendo will be holding a large eShop sale in an attempt to discourage those that will be heading out to buy Sony’s latest console. The Japanese eShop sales starts February 22nd and will begin by seeing discounts of 20 to 30 percent on Donkey Kong related titles. There will be another sale on March 1st for The Legend of Zelda and another special sale on March 8th for Mario titles.

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    1. To counter the looming threat of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, Nintendo will be holding a large eShop sale in an attempt to discourage those that will be heading out to buy Sony’s latest console.”

      Nintendo will need more than this.

          1. I’m not entirely sure why you posted this as a reply to me, but since you did, put me down as DEFINITELY wanting a “Double Dash” mode.

            I was one of the few who absolutely loved it. The coop strategies in double dash were so much fun. I really wish they’d bring it back as an option. :/

            1. Put me down as well! Haha. That would make it even more incredible than what it already is and possibly the best Mario Kart to date.

            2. oh sorry for the reply…i’m just desperate… if you haven’t noticed yet XD
              But yes, i totally agree, cuz the other modes are getting a bit dull.

      1. They should do buy a wiiu and any games you buy with it are ten bucks a piece for that day followed by a week of shop sale

      1. No, a good idea wouldve been to release a console they dont have to be afraid for. This is a pathetic attempt at desperation no one without a wiiu is going to think twice about or likely even be aware of.

        My god, man. What the hell happened to nintendo and its supporters. There arent nice words for how sad all of this is.

        I just imagine iwata outside noj as consumers walk by to pick up ps4s ‘ hello everyone, we have 8 bit games half off today. No, slow down. There will be updates coming. Um…we just released donkey kong and It has obstacles throughout the levels designed to imoede your progress to the goal AND cranky kong. Hello? Mario karts coming in may we think.’

        Then his heart breaks as he catched a glimpse of the wii board sadly trying to sneak by.

        1. Too bad. You can’t go back in the past and change things. They screwed up big time everybody knows it. This is just simply the best they can do on such short notice . Hopefully they can learn from their mistakes.

          1. Nintendo are not screwed…WE ARE! They could give TWO SHITS if you bought a Wii U on day 1 and they offered you NOTHING WORTH OWNING and a promise of things to come! Then came “please understand” and “Holiday 2013”, and delay, delay……HERE’S SOME 3DS STUFF SINCE THAT’S SELLING WELL!

            Please understand, I’m not talking 3rd Party at all!

  1. How about cutting the price of the WiiU? Maybe then they’ll sell more than 8k units a week. lol.

      1. and had the gamepad as an add on, or a “premium” bundle that came with it. That way the price could then be more competitive. I think that it is competitive now, but it’s leaving the realm of competition quickly.

    1. We know the shots will miss, the PS4 is a juggernaut. There’s nothing stopping it from dominating.

      1. Wii U is performing better than what most people think. The Mario Kart and Smash duo will be a devastating blow for the PS4 and will curbstomp the Xbox one to last place.

        1. Yea, I’m sure everyone will go buy a WiiU to play Super Smash Bros while they could as well just go and buy the 3DS version. Sorry, but SSB isn’t going to push sales as much as people expect. Mario Kart is going to do good, SSB not so much.

          1. If they want the best Smash experience then they will buy a Wii U. I think the X1 is already defeated but if Nintendo wants to push Wii U ahead of PS4 they will need to market the hell out of MK8.

            1. As far as I know, the only differences in the two versions are version exclusive stages and, of course, the graphics. I don’t really think that’s going to convince people to spend hundreds of dollars/euros/pounds/(currency of your choice) on a new console, while they might as well buy the game for a system they already own. I mean, “graphicz don’t matter, gameplay is what truly counts!!!”, as some people like to say. And since the gameplay will be pretty much the same in both versions, why unnecessarily spend money? But yes, they do need to push the hell out of MK8 indeed, if they want the WiiU to pick up sales.

              1. because the whole world already owns a 3DS?

                gameplay is also not the same unless you have friends who own a 3DS themselves and own the game aswell

                on the wii U it just depends on you having extra controllers so you can play with friends

                1. Who said the whole world owns a 3DS? I didn’t. But I think you do know that the number of 3DS owners is significantly higher than the number of WiiU owners. And people who don’t have either are more likely to go for 3DS/2DS + SSB rather than WiiU + SSB because those people are the ones who don’t have enough interest in video games to know much about the differences of the games in detail, so they’ll simply go for the combination that’s cheaper. As easy as that.
                  And about the multiplayer, well yes, the WiiU has the advantage of local multiplayer with only 1 console needed, whereas the local multiplayer of the 3DS requires everyone to have their own system. That’s probably the major advantage the WiiU version has over the 3DS, but other than that, I simply don’t think that there’s much to convince people to go for the WiiU version. That’s my opinion though, your priorities might be in other things, so you’re not obligated to agree.

                  1. “Who said the whole world owns a 3DS? I didn’t.”

                    you implied it

                    “I don’t really think that’s going to convince people to spend hundreds of dollars/euros/pounds/(currency of your choice) on a new console, while they might as well buy the game for a system they already own.”

                    that the number of 3DS owners is higher than the number of wii u owners is of no concern

                    there’s hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide, especially with china opening up their market

                    “And people who don’t have either are more likely to go for 3DS/2DS + SSB rather than WiiU + SSB because those people are the ones who don’t have enough interest in video games to know much about the differences of the games in detail”

                    because a handheld and a stationary video game console are intrinsically the same or what?

                    even the most idiotic gamers will realize that both systems are not the same

                    “but other than that, I simply don’t think that there’s much to convince people to go for the WiiU version”

                    OTHER than that?
                    local MP is THE selling factor of SSB

                    who the heck is going to buy SSB to play by himself or online against total strangers? seriously?

        2. I think that the xbox one will remain in last place this ten, but MK8 and Smash Bros. might not be the silver bullet that we all think. The Gamecube had MK and Smash Bros. and it still only sold 21 mil in it’s lifetime. and that’s ok. I just really don’t think that those two titles will make as large a difference as we think. I hope to be proven wrong.

          1. When you say “Nintendo already sold more then 8.5 million units since launch” are you referring to the Wii U? If so, where did you get that number. Iwata himself stated at the investors meeting that the Wii U has sold 5.8 million to date. I hope that is what you meant.

    1. “ps3 is outselling the Wii and Wii U combined”

      Look at how much credibility you just lost. If you said only “Wii U” you wouldn’t look so…

          1. Bro @Mike Lenduckway chill out…i was talking about current weekly sales, henceforth why I said “is” instead of “has” lol

            1. Well sorry, but its really hard to know if you are referring to weekly sales because the word “weekly” isn’t even in the explanation you put down.

      1. That’s your opinion. There are a few quite nice games available for the PS4, in both retail and Playstation Store. Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t either. Few games =\= no good games. People say the same about the WiiU, but do you agree with them?

        1. which actually isn’t correct though

          so far there’s almost 100 retail titles available for the wii u with more titles being only available on the eshop (40 or so)

  2. That’s totally gonna stop people from buying PS4s. Yea, why would anyone spend $400 on a PS4 if they can spend $400 on the eshop !!! PS4 is doomed lol.

  3. I’m sorry Nintendo. You should’ve had Mario Kart ready on the day that the PS4 releases. This is just a white flag if i have ever seen one.

    1. Sadly, that still wouldn’t be enough. Too much mess has to be cleaned up before the Wii U can even get back in the game. The PS4 is about to pass the Wii U and never look back.

  4. THIS IS NINTENDOS’S ANSWER!!!!! hahahah!!!! are you fucking kidding me?? the ps4 is going to KILL WII U IN JAPAN!!!! the wii u literally has no chance. what a sale on some crappy indie games!!!! OHHH LETS BY THAT SYSTEM WITH NON EXISTENT GAMES!!!! just watch wii u struggle and gasp for air, plugged with dust and stuck on shelves!!!!! its already doing that and nintendos big game to help WAS DONKEY KING HAHAAHAH!!!!
    nintendo is screwed and has no idea what they are doing……. and always its pathetic fanbase will just bend over for nintendo like a dog.

    have fun, the wii u is one of the worst products out there. don’t ask for better. just wait for nintendo to go complete junk status. they are almost there just a little bit more damage control.

      1. Seriously, why you love to come to this website and post messages like these EVERY FUCKING DAY!? I mean, really? Does it REALLY give you a laugh every time you put a hateful message so people get mad at you? Really? Don’t you ever get tired? If you hate Nintendo so much, why post comments like this.

        Well, the truth is, you are a Nintendo fan, you love to come here to read and even share some Nintendo news, I bet you have a 3DS and/or Wii U and you do these comments just for your own entertainment. CASE CLOSED!

        Have a nice day!

        1. He is a Nintendo fan, but he is a pissed off Nintendo fan because of what they have become, along with the many mistakes they’ve made. I’m a Nintendo fan, but they have done a lot of damage to their image since the Wii.

    1. first, is BUY, not BY
      also, as I stated before, is not to buy instead, but to sell along
      havent you buy on steam sales?
      even if you dont need something, if it is on sale, if you buy something else, there is HUGE chance for you to keep buying, even if it is not what you intended on the first place

      1. what makes wii u not a fail?? huh. what makes me wrong. i was right this whole fucking time about fail u. WHAT is the same old mario kart going to save it?? smash bros?? maybe it will spike up sales for a little bit but it still will have lack of games and be a shitty system with some of the worst and laziest nintendo games on it.

        the overall system is bad.

            1. You do realize that the XBOX One also is outselling the Wii U and has sold more at this point than the Wii U had at this point last year……..right? The XBOX One has sold nearly half of the Dreamcast lifetime sales in just four months.

              Trolling is bad for your health.

                1. The XB1 is at 3.4 million and the Dreamcast is at 10 million. If you want to play semantics to try and make your comment look less foolish go right ahead. It won’t help any to those in here who actually have brains. Just fair to warn you about that.

                  Not sure what that stat you posted has to do with anything. The XB1 is selling more than the Wii U and has sold more in the same time frame as last year as the Wii U. Whether it’s one more a week or 30,000 plus a week (which is the actual average.)

                  The point is that if the XB1 is going to flop harder than the Dreamcast ACCORDING TO YOU then it will definitely have some company in the Wii U.

                  Seriously. games like Halo 5 and Gears Of War 4 alone will driver XB1 sales well past 10 million just as games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart will drive Wii U sales well past 10 million as well. I don’t have a bias towards companies. I own a Wii U and plan to purchase a PS4 and XB1 when they games I want to play for them arrive. I do have a bias against stupid comments like the one you made.

                  Have whatever opinion you wish, you trolled period. Stop trying to use red herrings to change the subject, and move on with your life.

                  1. No need to be an asshole, neither of you can fully be proven wrong so there is no point of an arguement. Call me foolish if you want but i believe the Xbox One will finish last this generation.

                    1. I hope he doesn’t reply to me again but if that one opinionated sentence about video game sales drives him crazy and causes a heated argument, it’s either A) he needs to take a break from the internet or B) take anger management classes before I lose faith in humanity.

                    2. Maybe. There isn’t anything wrong with saying that. Technically the XBOX 360 finished last in the 7th gen, but it still sold 80 million. There is no need to go to extremes to prove a point based on available information. It might finish last, but if Nintendo doesn’t get rid of Iwata or all of a sudden get gets a brain then I wouldn’t bet on the XB1 finishing last. Nintendo’s reputation is sinking deeper everyday because of there refusal to act upon that dire Wii U situation is ways the consumer is ASKING them to do.

                      Lowering eShop title prices are nice, but how about fixing the messaging system on the Wii U? How about giving us a WII U ONLY Nintendo Direct giving us at least some info on games like Yarn Yoshi, SMT X FE, and Zelda HD even if it is just a screen shot? These are simple things they can do to keep people pacified while they work on fixing the major problems.

                    3. Very valid point. Perfect comment. Hey you should apply for a job at Nintendo, and maybe kick some sense into the other employees.

                1. That was the whole point of my post genius. He said that the XB1 would flop harder than the Dreamcast and I gave statistical information to show why that was an erroneous statement.

                  Illiteracy is bad for your health.

                    1. @Nintendoganer98: If knowing what I’m talking about and backing up what I say with facts rather than opinions makes me a D-bag then I’m the biggest one you will EVER meet in your life.

                      I think I’ll take option C. Not post here anymore.

                    2. @Xpander2k: You claim I’m trolling, when I was stating my own opinion, you say I don’t have a brain, and then you say my comment was stupid, you also say move on with your life. How can I when I get a god damn email everytime you or someone else(mostly you) comment to me bro?

          1. so the day finally came!!!!! when did this place get mods!!!! whatever im out of heeeya. im not even going to put a stupid video.

        1. the fact that DK sold 32k makes it not a fail
          Fail would be if the game sold 500 units, that’s totally a fail
          Also, I never said you were wrong, i just said you were not accurate on the reason
          The only problem right now is the support the console has
          It does have epic games, Rayman and SM3DW but the fact many devs are refusing to take a look makes a huge problem
          Again, Im not saying that the WiiU is the “ULTIMATE CONSOLE” but the console up until know has not shown the behavior of a real commercial failure

      2. Does he seem like the type of person who wants to discuss? I mean it’s hard to have a discussion when Yuo hAve HIM COMMENTING LIKE THIS the ENTIRE TIME!!! HAHAAHA!!!!

        1. you cant discuss with me. i already stated the obvious it would take complete fanboy try to make those facts non existent.

    2. Sup Ice…I agree! I’m tired of waiting for something that is not going to happen! It’s not too late for Nintendo to fix the mess they are in, they just don’t know how…and THAT SUCKS! BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!!!

  5. LoL…
    with out commercial the peoples dont know, that there is discount for the games. they still buy a PS4 :-)
    who the fuck works in the marketing outhere.

    1. No one. They forced them all to get a crash course in software development to help finish Smash by the end of the year. They miss that deadline, and Nintendo fans are walkin.

  6. I remember when sony execs slashed over 2000 jobs of low level workers so their fat asses could have raises. they actually stopped them in the parking lot and would let them enter the building just said they are fired and to get lost. was in the paper. LOOK IT UP!!!!!! they lost respect from people that matter to hell with the brainwashed masses I think credibility is better and phony sony has none besides this is a smart idea slash prices on mobile games seeing as how 90% of japan prefers mobil. xcrap to them is to put their feet up. ps4 might do well there for scalpers and replacements for the 25% dead systems. 0.4% is a lie its way more they had to cut cost on quality control to keep from bankrupting. even my sony tv is so defective :( should have bought a Samsung or LG like 80% of the world does.

  7. Hmmm, I’m sorry Nintendo, but even I smell defeat on this separate attempt. Though, sony is hitting it just as hard…this tells me your in a big whole and should HAVE LISTENED TO YOU’RE FANS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! But I’ve said my peace.

    1. hey man watch this, actually everyone should watch this….. this is exactly what im talking about.

      nintendo fans are plain pathetic. nothing is going to get better. don’t expect nintendo not to be a joke with the way there fans just accept everything from nintendo and dont care for better. complete idiotic fanboys….. do you want to here a joke?? the nintendo fanbase.

      1. Hey, wanna hear a bigger joke? The failures of haters. I accepted my defeats, and I am going to complain for better games. that’s what a true fan does. Why? BECAUSE WE WANT MORE, we want more and we will complain for it.


        There is a big difference of fanboyisum and being a real fan. THIS IS WHAT I DON’T GET FROM YOU TROLLS OR FANBOYS/FANGIRLS! you say it sucks and i bet you never even gave it a chance, YOU JUST ASSUME that your system is all you need to call yourself a hardcore fan, RIGHT? …you how stupid you’re seeing yourself! Want something good? THE MORE YOU COMPLAIN TO THEM, the better its going to get…BUT HERE LATELY, THEY HAVEN’T BEEN LISTENING…xbox is hitting it low, sony is losing 1.1 billion with 5,000 more jobs gone…NINTENDO…HELL NO, fix that shit niggas! My guess that many are not complaining enough or they doing what I think they are doing…even miiverse is getting fed up with this shit that Nintendo is doing wrong. Still, this sucks for all the systems having troubles…specially Sony…

            1. I agree. Iwata is a retarded. To think such method will win over PS4? Give me a break. War between console A with console B, not digital games with console A.

          1. my video was to the point and better. it explains the nintendo fan base in a nutshell and what is wrong with it.

  8. ”To counter the looming threat of the PlayStation 4 in Japan”
    Wow, really making sure to encourage fanboyism as much as possible.

  9. Did Nintendo specifically state it’s because of the PS4 release? Or is this a Donkey Kong related sale related to Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze that’s being made to look like a desperate attempt by “news” sites?

    I think if it was specifically to combat PS4, they may have made the sale for more than just Donkey Kong related eShop downloads.

    1. You’re right. MNN probably made it up. Which makes them smarter than Nintendo’s entire marketing department.

      Damn. Get you’re own blog and stop being blogger haters.

    1. its already dead. its the worst system to come out in years. the worst nintendo 1st party so far even……. they cant even do that right. its an overall flop. its sad that the 360 and ps3 have more next gen experiences than wii u has. wii u has MIIVERSE (really pathetic) and like barely anymore graphic power. WII U IS A JOKE!!!!

      1. hey I know you your the 1 in the commercial with tretton’s dick in your mouth to earn a free ps4 way to go :)

  10. actually this is for the release of DKTF so such a misleading title and so wrong if the wanted to combat ps4 it would be something more dramatic. 10 years from now the wii u will be classified as the system that had the best games ever made and douche bags that were haters will turn to braggers saying yep I owned it and that game.

    1. are you fucking kidding me you clown?? the wii u having some of the best games hahaah!!! wtf man. are you high.
      mario 3d world – worst 3d mario ever made. might as well be a 3ds game.
      wii fit u, sonic flop world, wonderful wish it was viewtiful joe and same old shit bros u.

      the wii u will never be remembered as anything. the n64 will always be the top dog as having some of the best games made on a nintendo platform. snes has some of the best games as well.

      the wii u wont. its a fail in pretty much every way. nintendo really has lost touch.

  11. Like others said before, because someone is going to buy 400$ worth of eshop games than a PS4… Seriously? Even 200$ is a stretch.

    I’m losing faith in Nintendo every year.

    1. is not to compare, is to take advantage
      Many ppl are compulsive buyers
      Imagine the Ps4 release with a great promotion on other systems as well
      Is simple to sell them as many would say
      “WOW, i got my Ps4, and look, Nintendo games are on sale today, this must be my lucky day”

      is not to eclipse but to take advantage of the raving sale the Ps4 is gonna cause

  12. Its a good thing but I fear it won’t be enough to lower the tidal wave that is coming. It will probably be a new Fukushima for big N

  13. Nintendo faltered with the Wii U. 20 or 30% off the eShop will not prevent someone from buying the PS4. I believe that in one week, Sony sold more than Nintendo in over a year

  14. Now they just need to buy pkatinum capcom square and Atlus and IN VEST IN A NEW MARKETING TEAM. Also most peopke will either buy wii u smash or both accirding to a few popular polls ive seen. 3ds is a minority fi
    or smaab like 7 to 5 .

  15. Misleading title, Misleading information, mynintendonews.com this is the last thing i read from you, you can go fuck yourselves.

    First, Nintendo isn’t doing this to “counter the looming treat” of the PS4 release, you don’t need to be a genius to notice this. The ass* that semi-wrote this article deserves the douchebag of the year award.

    And Second, Nintendo is doing this to promote the release of DKC: Tropical Freeze, also they did this too, last year when the Legend of Zelda: ALBW was released they cut at least 30% off on every Zelda game on the eShop.

    To all the other Hater in the site, you can go suck a dick. If you hate Nintendo, why the fuck are you here? This is by far, the worst news site on the internet.

  16. Is it just me or Nintendo is just making sales to have some sales and have nothing to do with the PS4, I think it’s just in Sickr’s head. WHERE IS THE SOURCE SAYING IT IS TO ATTACK THE PS4!?

  17. Are you kidding me Nintendo? If selling SMW3DW and ALBW on the same day that the Xbox One was released didn’t hinder the Xbox One’s sales, what makes you think that a little eShop sale will make the Japs(who love Playstation) say, “Oh boy, look at that eShop sale! Fuck the PS4!! I’m gonna get original DK on virtual console instead!!! :D

  18. Hahaha, is this some kind of joke? I laughed so hard when I read this that I fell off of my chair and landed on my Wii U. Oh well, like I care anyway, I got a PS4.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding me. Japan loves Playstation for the JRPGS. PS3 is the number one home console over there right now.

    1. Sony “fucked up” by only selling over 80M PS3s, a console that had a starting MSRP of $599.99.

      What would you say Nintendo did because they sure as hell will be lucky to even sell half of that.

      1. See, this is the ignorance you see. Yes they sold 80m, but were they able to break even? No, because they fucked up at launch and they had to sell several of they’re assets to get returns.

  19. Back when I was a kid, we used to fight about Nintendo vs Sega, but we never cared who sold more consoles, we only cared about the games, which consoles had the games we loved and which one was more powerful (which we didn’t even understand but we fought anyway), which one looked better (I don’t mean graphics, I mean the actual console). Which one had better controllers, etc. we had no idea or cared which console sold more, that would have no bearing on which one was better.

  20. The Wii U needs more and better games period, and that is Nintendo’s job, period. I want a new 3D Star Tropics, new Earthbound, a new Metroid Prime, a new 3rd person Metroid, a new Stor Fox, a new 3D Donkey Kong, and a new Super Mario Sunshine 2.

  21. I love nintendo, but this will help NOTHING! they should rather grant a special discount to new wiiu-buyers for a limited time – free games etc.

  22. They should have called it “Playstation Bore”. Because that’s what the Playstation does to me. Bores me to death. Same with Xbox.

  23. Oh man this is definitely not going to do anything to hinder PS4 sales. PS4 will outsell Wii U in no time at all now. What Nintendo should have done is slashed the price of Wii U. I know a lot of you guys think that profits are better than sales but it’s not better for us gamers. Sales of a system mean a bigger install base, which means better sales for software, which means more third party support. Nintendo needs to take a profit hit in order to save it’s fanbase.

  24. Discounts on Nintendo eShop just to hope to win over PS4?? Are you fucking kidding me?! It’s war between consoles, not digital games with PS4. And you really think this method will bring you more profits, even new players?? Man, you are such a screwed up, Nintendo.

    Make us the truly next gen console with latest hardware which can beat PS4s, then we’ll talk $$$.

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