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Target Stocks Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Early

Some Target stores in the U.S. have already begun stocking Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Despite putting the Wii U platformer on display early, the retail chain won’t sell the game until it’s allowed to, according to one Twitter user. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be available for purchase in stores from this Friday, February 21st. It will also be sold digitally through the Nintendo eShop. One of the title’s main characters, Cranky Kong, will be taking over Nintendo’s Twitter account tomorrow, February 20th.

37 thoughts on “Target Stocks Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Early”

      1. @Anonymous
        Just like your comments…

        Anyways, I might get this game. As sad as it sounds, I’ve never played a Donkey Kong game before. They seem really interesting and fun though, and I really like the fur effect. Looking forward to this game, I hope it sells really good to get those Wii Us rolling!

    1. This article is far more interesting than you’re worthless comment. I thought it was cool.

      1.) This is pre-hype and free advertising for the game.
      2.) I now know it’ll be at target day 1
      3.) I ADHD – I love any and all bits of news and events surrounding Nintendo and it’s competitors.

      Your comment was totally worthless. Ironic as you used it to try and act intelligent.

  1. I’m way too pumped for this game. I’ll admit I wasn’t happy when this was announced instead of Metroid but playing it at the Best Buy exhibit was awesome. I had an absolute blast and the game looks even better then when I had played it then. Definitely buying this Friday.

      1. All of the Donkey Kong Country games were good with Donkey Kong Country Returns being the most difficult imo. Donkey Kong 64 is where it’s at though. That game was brilliant and one of the best games on N64 and my favorite Donkey Kong game. The Bongo series was also a fun alternative for the Gamecube era. I recommend you try some of these titles out, especially Donkey Kong 64.

    1. Thanks for commenting and increasing the web metrics for the site. It’s nice to see you supporting the site, even when you don’t care for the article.

  2. LMFAO his lame rehash is so gonna bomb!!!
    Reggie bragged last year that the Gimmick U would NOT have a game drought!!oh REALLY Reggie?ZERO games in Jan…..ONLY DKTF in Feb….Zero in March…..Zero in April and then Mario Fart at the end of May!!!
    Reggie is totally full of shit just like EVERYONE at Nintendo!!
    Reggie only said that crap late last year to try and Keep the Nintendo guzzlers happy when all it has done is made Reggie look a right LOSER!!

    1. So what are you playing on ps4 and xbox1…… Oh yeah you ain’t playing jack shit cause they ain’t got no games worth buying

  3. What he meant by being lame not because the game is lame because target wouldn’t let him buy because its not released enven tho its in the store

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