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Diddy Kong Joins Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS And Wii U


Diddy Kong has been confirmed as a playable character for the next Super Smash Bros. game. Series director Masahiro Sakurai announced the news via Miiverse today to coincide with the launch of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in North America and Europe. Diddy’s flexibility has been increased for the upcoming fighting title, according to Sakurai. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is scheduled to release this year.

“Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is out now in Europe and North America! …And to celebrate, Diddy Kong joins the battle,” wrote Sakurai on Miiverse. “We’ve increased Diddy Kong’s flexibility this time. This picture shows how far his punches stretch during his strong side attack.”


      1. Well I built my own so yes…

        One of my favorite bosses of all time…

      1. I’m not interested in any type of sports or sports games because I was busy with real games…

      2. Punch out is not really a sport game. It´s all about patterns and strategies. There is no skill involved, that is you will never be so good at punch out that you can hard defeat enemies that you haven´t met before.
        For example no amount of practising the can make you ready for Mike Tyson without actually fighting Mike Tyson dozen times.

      3. Thank you! I prefer how you referred to him! I expected Little Mac the Punch Out guy to step up as a fighter but I was so disappointed when they revealed him. Every day for the past week I would groan at him and wished he would’ve been added much later in after we got some better characters.

      4. He appeared in ONE fucking game.. Why would they consider putting him in? Why would you even want him in? This game is supposed to feature some of the biggest characters in all of gaming.

      5. He was in 3 very successful nintendo games. It also makes sense to put nintendo’s only character that is a professional fighter in its fighting game.

      6. “Well I think Ghirahim surpassed the Punch-Out guy…”

        I thought it was super super obvious that I’m talking about Ghirahim, since that’s the character that he wants in, as opposed to Little Mac, who is already confirmed to be in the game.

      7. Some people don’t seem to understand that a character from ONE single game (not even a franchise) is not likely to appear in a game, as many people won’t recognize the character. It’ good to dream, but Nintendo is only likely to use well known chracters that have been in more than ONE game.

    1. I think it will be Dixie. ridley would be a much better choice and I don’t want more f zero reps.

      ghraimih will be great,

      1. I want a nemesis for each character that’s why I mentioned them…

        But Ghirahim yes, imagine his flamboyant taunts haha…

      1. It doesn’t, King K. Rool has appeared in games like Super Mario Sluggers, Rare also created Diddy Kong, the Kritters, Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, and so on, they all belong to Nintendo.

  1. They sure do show that stretch.
    I understand squash and stretch in animation, but those very human hands look… a little overdone. And something about Diddy’s model quality looks rather low.

      1. Yeah, it’s really something else!

        I hope you use a legal streaming site such as Netflix or Crunchyroll; the more revenue they get, the more likely it’ll get a good western release, and the creators get their tip for their efforts!


  2. Great, according to Sakurai it’s a limited roster and he brought back the worst character from Brawl! It’s not like King K.Rool could have been a way better fucking choice or anything.

    1. I hope your joking about him being the worst character in brawl. You do know he is a top tier character and people who use him rape

      1. Lol I know, I was surprised by that comment too. If anything they should nerf diddy, not give him longer reach. He’s rigged.

      2. ikr man, but hey, maybe they are buffing everyone to make it more balanced. I mean look at Project M, everyone got a buff and its pretty balanced

      3. Zelda’s side air kicks are anything but balanced. You can throw like 3 in one second and the hitbox for that light at the end is huge now. Project M team really did a horrible job on her.

      4. Well they did that on purpose because she is such a slow ass character. But I haven’t tested all the characters because I left my SD Card in Chicago

      5. Out of all the ai characters to fight she is the toughest followed by toon link then diddy.

      6. But yea me and my brother enjoy fighting 2v2 against 2 Zeldas. No items of course. Usually the DK stage with the waterfall in the background is the best. The usual is 5 stock for us and 12 for each of them.

      7. One thing to note is that using projectiles makes it too easy so we avoid using them for the most part.

      8. oh ok, yea but I think that Project M Link so far is his best iteration. But I know if you know to, he wrecks in brawl

    1. “He would be a great SSB Character!” doesn’t mean he “should” be a SSB character. I’m sure people have pointed this out to you, but Ghirahimhas been in one Zelda game and is not important. It’s like how Zant, Wolf Link, Midna and Yuga have not and will not be characters in SSB.

      I’d love Ghirahim too, but it just doesn’t fit :/

  3. People should replay all 3 previous entries and observe that its the same thing in those games…

  4. Well at least we are getting some of the cast from Brawl back. I wish they would keep the entire cast, update their moves, and then worry about adding new characters instead of just cutting everything. This game feels very small with a heck of a lot less content than Brawl.

    1. Considering there won’t be a Story Mode in the same way as in Brawl, I expect to have more stages then…

      1. There will be a story mode. Just more like Melee and with no cutscenes like in Brawl. There will also be the extra modes like break the targets, board the platforms(I hope!)? An adventure mode, event matches, multiman melee, home run contest, boss battles, 1p classic mode (where you fight Master Hand), and probably even more modes.

        I really hope Sakurai goes all out on the Event Matches so they are more like in Melee. I loved fighting Falco and Fox when they were totally invisible (it was hard) and fighting on top of Majora’s Mask was really fun as well.

      1. If Lucas is cut as a standalone character he would obviously be a Ness alternate skin.

        Personally I would like if Ness and Lucas teamed up as one Earthbound character. There is a lot of potential there for a moveset and their attacks together would be tremendously strong. I’d love it!

    2. I wouldn’t say that at all. It seems like Sakurai has a LOT already done that he is not telling us. He probably has most
      of the characters done already (if not all) and he’s probably working on all the extra stuff now.

      He’s just revealing a single picture a day and in most cases they deal with individual characters. He really can’t reveal much.

      1. Please refer to brawl and project M as Diddy Kong’s bananas trip you. Also refer to the official screen of Fox tripping on a banana

  5. This is cool. Yet I’m still waiting for that Captain Falcon confirmation. No C. Falcon…no purchase.

      1. Ness, Luigi, Jigglypuff and Captain Falcon are the original 4 unlockable characters, they are always unlockable and they never get revealed, Luigi was the exception this time, because of the year of Luigi.

    1. Captain Falcon, Yoshi and Ness are obviously in the game. No need to worry. I know for a fact.

  6. Wouldve liked Dixie but i’ve always liked diddy, feel like he doesn’t get enough respect. Smash gives each character that in some form. Still Dixie would’ve been dope. Helicopter spin like dk, use hair as whip and grab or slam to ground. For the taunt, her guitar from dkc2

    1. Even if Dicie is not a standalone character I guarentee you 100% that she will be a playable alternate skin for Diddy.

      100% probability.

      1. No, please no, I don’t want dixie reduced to an alt costume either her own character or nothing

  7. Goddamnit lol it frustrates me how people just dismiss assume or believe things that arent true lol who says dixie isnt gonna be in or captain falcon who says the roster will be smaller and kess content who says there wont be many newcomers all of you guys need to chill. I expect like 13-15 newcomers this time around which isnt as much as Brawls newcomers but still increasing the roster size like Sakurai wants

    1. Nintendo characters beat any other roster by default. Nintendo has, in fact, the greatest video game characters on Earth.

      Most recognizeable, most original, most fun, best designed, greatest personalities, and they belong
      to the greatest video game franchises on Earth… Nintendo franchises.

  8. I always wish they’d bring back Donkey Kong Jr. for Mario Kart and Smash and all the Mario games, and for Donkey Kong games. I like him better than Diddy. But I guess he might be tough for moves in Smash, though doing something with the traps and fruit and keys and whatnot could work. He could also fly on a bird for a bit. Might work, or it might be too cheesy. But if they can bring all the Koopalings into Kart, they can bring Jr. back in at least that game.

  9. Nintendo confirmed years ago that Donkey Kong is Donkey Kong Jr from the old DK games. And Krankey Kong is Donkey Kong from those games.

  10. LMFAO wow all these characters in a game that is going to be HUGE on the 3DS and lame on the Wii U!!!!
    The 3DS does NOT need this game, this game should have been Wii U only!!!
    The fact that Nintendo have also put it on the 3DS will take heaps of sales away from the Wii U version.
    3DS version will easily be far superior to Wii U version!!
    Smash Bros on the go or Smash at home?On the go wins EVERYTIME!!


      people like you are idiots so im communicating in idiot language.

      1. Again read my comment you tool I never said it would be LAME on the 3DS I said it would be lame on the WII U!!!!
        The 3DS is popular the world over, the Gimmick U has a shitty install base that is never going to get above 15 Million ever!!!
        On the go Smash Bros will OBLITERATE the Wii U version as the Gamepad is one of the biggest gimmicks ever!!
        Like I said above it does not need to be on the 3DS, 3DS is doing great. The Wii U is the one in serious trouble and needs all the big games it can get.
        If they would have made Smash Bros a Wii U only game it would have helped sales as a lot of people are holding back to buy a Wii U, the fact that it is also coming the 3DS is a stupi

      2. urgh STILL in most polls I saw with a TON of p[eople + the famitusu thing too CLEARLY shows the wii u or both options are AT THE TOP by FAR and in 2/3 polls I saw the wii u only option was lighly ahead.

        the 3ds only option was a minority for all and is #20 in japans most wanted game.

      3. also the colour tv was agimmick once and motion controls ect

        and the PRIMARY control for smash wii u is the pro controller so I wouldn’t be surpised if it was bundled with the game.

      4. I seriously need to lay off the shrooms. Anyways my real opinion, this thing is going to destroy! So goddamned hype for this game!!!

      5. By adding a 3ds version, they are expanding their audience!!!
        You will never understand that because you are an idiot ret!!!
        Wii U is the most traditional version and people in Japan are more interested in that version!!!!!!

        Did I put enough Exclamation marks?…!!!!!

      6. Forgive me, I get an alternate personality when taking shrooms, sometimes I get so stupid that I think it a way of life and acting stupid is a way of life. How I got the shrooms if you may ask? Well I don’t know either, it just makes me bi-polar in some ways. But feel free to make fun of me in stupid mode, it feels oddly entertaining.

  11. What kind of primate is Diddy Kong? He’s supposed to be a Chimpanzee, but he has a tail. Is he a Macaque?

    1. Hey wanker you do know that without nintendo you wouldn’t have you’re shitty cod or minecraft and all those other games, without nintendo the gaming market would have died

  12. Why is his fur noticeably RED/burgundy on the cover picture but on the screenshot its brown, patchy, and overall looks lower quality than the rest of the characters?

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