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HTML5 Based Game Boy Emulator Comes To Smartphones

New York-based programmer Ben Midi has created a HTML5 Game Boy emulator for smartphones. Simply visit this link to begin playing thirteen Gameboy titles in your Android or iPhone browser with the Game Boy’s actual button configuration. Because it’s playable in the browser it’s unlikely to be taken down by Apple, but Nintendo could try and have the site taken down.

Thanks, Ian S

42 thoughts on “HTML5 Based Game Boy Emulator Comes To Smartphones”

    1. Correction. Nintendo WILL have this site taken down… Not try. They successfully had the Mario flash site taken down already, this is worse bc it offers multiple copyright games.

    1. To tell the truth I’d rather just buy them from the wii u when they come out, too much of a hassle any other way. They just have to pick a good price.

  1. Just tried it on an iPhone 4S and OMG that frame rate and lag is painful. It could just be that my phone is old since the frame rate seems normal on a computer’s web browser, but ugh.

    1. Oh look. The same boring “how is this news?” comment.

      You must have no life if you have nothing better that decide what should be posted on a blog you don’t manage, don’t have to pay for, don’t have to log into and don’t have to even visit.

      I want to know what goes on, ESPECIALLY on the front of people trying to either suggest Nintendo put some games on smartphones, or people trying to do it themselves.

      if you need some help understanding why this may be interesting to some of us, it provides a gauge as to understanding that people DO want to experience some forms of Nintendo content on Smart Devices. Things like this should be an indicator to Nintendo, that if they don’t start trying to meet the demand at least a little, then the piracy of their IP could grow to be unmanageable. This, then there is the incident in China.

      Maybe you don’t give a shit. That’s totally cool, but stop acting all, like you’re some authoritative blogger that knows what should be posted and what shouldn’t.

      1. Um.. do you think Nintendo isn’t already aware of the fact that people pirate their games? They’re aware that there’s demand; we know this because they’ve acknowledged as much numerous times. And they’re aware that people pirate their games, because it’s been happening for about as long as they’ve been making games. They’re still just going to do what they want to do, because that’s how Nintendo is.

      2. Your life must be filled with adventures and shit, which makes me wonder how can you take time from your busy schedule to answer a boring “how is this news?” comment.

  2. Yes good promote that site wonderful, encourage people to play on that site, i always knew you like clickbaits but fuck you are lame and i thought you cant go any further down.

    1. I’m glad they wrote about it… Not sure about encouraging folks to go to the site, but maybe if the site gets enough attention, Nintendo will actually 1. Shut it down, 2. Realize they need to stop ignoring the opportunity to make some money by allowing old-as-shit games to be played on devices that have tens of millions as an install base.

  3. i wish this site allowed upvote/downvote. so many people need downvoted.

    Tried it on my Moto X and it plays fine. Not slow or laggy or anything like some people are reporting. My Galaxy Nexus would probably beg to differ.. The lack of being able to hold B while tapping A to jump makes it a bit of a chore to play.

    Nice bit of coding though. aspect ratio and button layout are spot on.

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  7. It’ll help if you have some experience with Linux, but it’ll definaterly help
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    Examine the spindle and eye for foreign objects like
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