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Nintendo Minute With Jools Watsham Discussing Moon Chronicles And Treasurenauts

The latest Nintendo Minute video features Renegade Kid founder Jools Watsham discussing both Moon Chronicles and Treasurenauts for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Watsham aims to prove that first person shooters can work on the Nintendo 3DS with his latest title, Moon Chronicles. You can watch the nine minute video, above.

Thanks, Nicky

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Minute With Jools Watsham Discussing Moon Chronicles And Treasurenauts”

      1. I like having all the options, of course Gamepad is all around better, but sometimes the Wii U Pro controller works very well and sometimes better than Wiimote for some multiplayer, obviously we can use two to four Gamepad for NSMBU. NSMBU only supports Gamepad and Wiimote, it would be nice if it supported WiiU Pro controller too.

  1. I am gonna get Moon Chronicles because it reminds me of Metroid Prime Hunters and I had a blast with the game, MC looks fantastic.

  2. How old is these people posting because I’m 33. It seems like a lot of these people hate Nintendo? Why our you guys on the site. Its okey to disagree but sometimes it seem like pure hate. 2)I thought this was a Nintendo friendly site but a lot of playstation and xbox fanboys seems to be on the site. Whats up with that is I don’t know I seems fishy why spend so much time on this site if you just got a PS3/XBOX ONE.what they need to do is play those system in keep the BS to a minimum. IM JUST SAYING

    1. Wow. A mature, logical commenter. Glad to see you. I honestly can’t figure out why PS and Xbox fans keep coming here to talk shit all the time.

      It makes them feel empowered or something.. *shrugs*

    2. I wonder the same things daily. They’re obviously kids with nothing more important to do. Or maybe just extremely immature adults, which is even worse.

    1. I’ve maxed out a 32gig card on my 3DS. Lol. I’ve got space for a few small titles, then that’s it. I’m waiting on a good sale for a 64gig card. Based on the research, a properly formatted 64gig card should be compatible.

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