Japan: PlayStation 4 Sells Around The Same Amount As Wii U During Its First Two Days On Sale

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu is reporting that the PlayStation 4 has sold 322,083 units in two days in Japan. What is interesting is that the Wii U sold similar numbers when it launched in Japan back in 2012. However, it should be noted that the Wii U launched during the busy Christmas period, whereas the PlayStation 4 launched in February.

  • 1998.11.27 [Sega Dreamcast] (¥29.800) – 101.490 (3 days)
  • 2000.03.04 [Sony PlayStation 2] (¥39.800) – 630.552 (2 days)
  • 2001.09.14 [Nintendo GameCube] (¥25.000) – 133.719 (3 days)
  • 2002.02.22 [Microsoft XBox] (¥34.800) – 123.929 (3 days)
  • 2005.12.10 [Microsoft XBox 360] (¥29.000 / ¥39.795) – 62.135 (2 days)
  • 2006.11.11 [Sony PlayStation 3] (¥49.980 / ¥59.980) – 88.443 (2 days)
  • 2006.12.02 [Nintendo Wii] (¥25.000) – 371.936 (2 days)
  • 2012.12.08 [Nintendo Wii U] (¥26.250 / ¥31.500) – 308.570 (2 days)

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    1. Yeah, that is what I had said from the get go about Japan. The numbers were a shade lower than I was expecting.

  1. Wow is the bubble popping already? If it fails in Japan nintendo should go after the indies there too. Sony should have shipped more. What if people start to wait to buy?

      1. Well see what happens cause I thought nintendo sold 400000 Wii U first week in japan.

  2. well done sony, still no must have games for it for me to take the plunge just yet but at least the gaming community is healthy

  3. what a joke of the $350 scam of wii u. i honnestly not going to recommend this piece of shit to anyone i know unless there a social reject who loves kiddy games. am swicthing to be a xbox 360 gamer. am done with this bareboned console of wii u. i sick of this rehashing and scaming that nintendo gets away with. the nintendrones on miiverse and admins are social rejects and idiots. they almost console banned my wii u. am saving up to buy a real gaming console called the xbox 360 or ps3 when it become cheaper. wii u is barebone scam console only for kids who dont shit of how evil nintendo really is. i was a fool into buying the $350scam wii u.

      1. what do you mean trying to communicate with us. tyipical nintendrone in full denial. i use to be a nintendo fanboys and try to flag wii u haters videos. but now am not even fanboy or much of a fan. i have lost interest in there kiddy rehashes games. i was fooled into buying a wii u during july thinking nintendo will go hardcore. nintendo scams gamers just like a ea does.

      2. fucking idiots. now am done, go and enjoy your soo called e rated games from nintendo. fyi nintendo is causal and not hardcore. nintendo said they forcus on children and sccore mons and grannies.

      3. That was one system. And they specifically went out of their way to get children and casuals out of the way first. Either way their is nothing out for ps4 and wont have any thing soon. Xbox one has maybe 2 games but that’s it. At least Nintendo has a year of more games. And has lots more games coming out.

      4. He’s obviously foreign dood, which you should be able to tell having gone to school yourself.

    1. Here you are again? Oh well.. Copy and paste lol

      “Yeah yeah you are a big grown man… 15 years old kids wanting so desperately to be adults, that’s all it is.

      You’ll see how one day you will stop being a kid and really appreciate things properly.. But for now, given that you will not get it anyway, I will only say this:

      I am also a PS3/Xbox360 owner (see.. no need to be no one’s cheerleader) Well I found myself earlier this week considering to jump into one of these ‘new generation’ consoles (Let’s say I was bored) And the truth is I could not find a single game to justify for the prices that PS4/XbOne currently have.. Same games, same experiences.. Slightly to moderate improvement in graphics here and there. Nothing more to offer so far.

      Aren’t both of them more of a scam than Wii U then?? I would say so”

    2. Lololololol Xbox 360? Ps3 when their cheaper????? LOL and you almost got console banned well I’d ban you too for making us decipher what your saying xD

      1. Personally i really dont see any reason to own a xbox1 IMO, im tired of halo and not really into kindom hearts nor froza, titanfall looks interesting but i heard its MP only..

      1. enjoy what. this console was a scam and so barebones. i have a wii u idiot. dont you know how barebones wii u is. wii u is just a kids like the wii but am not a kid, am 15. too bad naruto is not coming to the wii u.

      2. Translation: I am an insecure 15 yr old and I’m so insecure that I care if others play in a different piece of plastic than I do, just because I think I’m grown up and shit.

        Translation #2: I hate anyone who disagrees with me and I seriously need an education.

      3. what do you mean by “new”. am not new, i have owned only nintendo for life. now am 15 and no more a kid to be playing nintendo kiddy games. everyone knows nintendo is a kids company just like cartoon network and disney. dont try and say am 20 and i still play nintendo games. nintendo is KIDDY.

      4. For life?…

        You are only 15 and possibly didn’t start playing until you were 3-4 years old which makes you someone who begun playing around the time of the late era of the Gamecube which is pretty much new…

        So you see your arguments are pointless and pathetic…

        Anyone who likes Xboxes, specially the Xbox Done should just commit suicide now…

      5. Commander ur constant and valent vilgilance for Nintendo is hardening you… do not think the almighty myimoto would approve. Take a spa.

      6. Yeah buddy… 29 here and I play good games no matter who made them. Last week I finished “Left behind DLC” (PS3), 2 weeks ago played a bit of “Halo anniversary” (Xbox360) and “Resident Evil Zero” (vWii). Last night I finished the great “Bioshock Infinite” (PS3) and if I manage to get any time for gaming I assure you I will be having tons of fun with “Donkey Kong” (Wii U)

        People like you should start enjoying games for a change.

      7. all my friends have either a xbox 360 or ps3. wii u online is barebones and lsme. wii u is filled with rehashes and kid games. where are m rated games .where are naruto game for the wii u. i was fool into ever thinking wii u is next gen.

      8. I feel bad for your parents for having to buy you a wiiu which you dont like..

        Barebones this, barebones that, yes we get it, you think its barebones, you dont have to keep using that term for Christs sake..

      9. You don’t like it? Just sell it, no point on being unhappy and trolling here all day long.

        That way we all win

      10. “where are m rated games .where are naruto game for the wii u. i was fool into ever thinking wii u is next gen.”

        Too bad your comment doesn’t justify your reasoning.

      11. So your scared that they find out you own a wii u than the real barebone systems? If they criticize you all because you own a wii u, then they ain’t your real friends man. To be a real gamer…a true gamer…is to play all and have fun doing so regardless of age and rating. So your argument of them having systems and not a “barebone” wii u, (which has more games then a ps4 and xbox one currently) is a very stupid reason. But, it’s as I said before, no skin off my back, be my guest. :)

      12. Interpretation… subtle mockery.. a harsh sarcastic retaliation of once difference of opinion

      13. 15= teenager, are you an idiot. how is that a kid you deliusional moron. it like all the call of. duty haters bashing cod because people below the age of 17 play it. moron*

      14. typical nintendrone trying to damage controll and defend his ass by calling me a kid. morons like you are very stupid in these website. there a difference between a kid and a teenager. seriously and you claim your educated. lmao

      15. Umm your one to talk about us being kids, talk to us when you can grow your first pube, until then have fun having your parents drive you around now go on I think recess is over

      16. When he keeps saying that nintendo is kiddy makes him lose his credibility. I’m so sick of people who play mature games makes them more mature. I’m just saying they are living their own denial.

      17. the game is just a rehash and i can care less about donkey kong on wii u. besides its a e rated game and overpriced. its also a kiddy game and adds noting new but cranky kong.

      18. Hold it!

        Stating that its a rehash when the console that you want is a rehash completely contradicts your own argument! Therefore, you have been exposed as and idiot and I already have established a strong foothold on your ass.

        Your honor, I rest my case.

      19. Oh my head! Please improve your communication skills before post. Or try to make your comment clean and organized.

      20. Who. The. Fuck. Cares? Why do you care? Here’s a suggestion, it might sound wild and crazy, but it’s solid advice.

        If you dislike a console to the point where you’re foaming at the mouth, and seeing red, then don’t buy it. If you bought it, and are not happy with it, then sell it and buy something else. Christ, you’re a goddamn moron.

      21. nobody is enjoying the barebones wii u.enjoy what. this console was a scam and so barebones. i have a wii u idiot. dont you know how barebones wii u is. wii u is just a kids like the wii but am not a kid, am 15. too bad naruto is not coming to the wii u.

      22. Wished you wouldve said earlier that you were only 15 so i wouldve stop reading your comment and try to take you seriously, good God the generation these day its sad :/

      23. I remember when I was 15 and I thought I was mature. Later when I turned 20 I felt how wrong I was. And now when I’m soon 25 I’m even embaressed of my 20 year old self. So stop try overmature yourself. Btw, you know that there is no blood in the Naruto games? You can’t play a game without any blood when you are 15!!! Your friends will laugh at you.

      24. Naruto is a kids show for babies. Children. It’s written at a 2nd grade level. You may think it’s cool and maybe it is. Does not change the fact that it is absolutely written for children. No disputing that. And you like it. So it’s OK to like shows for children? But not games for children? Cause you’re so mature and grown up you mature teenager you?

      1. your just a nintendrone or sony pony trying to bash microsoft just because their sucessful and nintendo is failing. LMAO xbox one is way better than the kiddy bareboned wii u.

    1. How can it fail and still remain in s place let alone 3 rd place… if it fails it would be in no place.

    1. 1) Word Press comment system is…different. Although with enough effort, Moderation is possible.

      2) Clickbait and their respective masterbaiters.

  4. I’m never gonna visit this site again, all the trolls are destroying the site, it’s a shame. Bye guys, hope to see some of you in Miiverse!

      1. OMG, a service provided by Nintendo us filled with Nintendo fans and customers?! Who’d have thought? Obviously not you.

  5. I’m never gonna visit this site again, too much hostility and trolls, probably kids but still. It’s a shame, but I hope to see some of you in Miiverse, and in may, on the tracks in MK8! Bye.

    1. yea think thats me done with this site too, its been a pleasure to all the real gaming fans but i bid you adieu

  6. What’s with this barebones crap yes it is a simple game machine not pretending 2 b somthing it’s not like Xbox I am person lol as for u not being a kid u plainly are u are only 15 ur still a baby when it comes 2 gaming ur not even old enough 2 play the games on Xbox so ur better off with wiiU or is that why ur bashing so u can pretend 2, big boy

    1. when was i ever trying to be a big boy you idiots. no wounder adults like you can sound like idiot most of the time on this website. your using age as an excusse to damage controll. they are barley any t rated games on wii u. i have no interset in that smash bros barebone worst fighting game. keep on sucking nintendo luigi cock you drone

      1. Big boy!? LMFAO!!!
        You never provided circumstantial evidence at why the Wii Destroy U sucks and how much of a “big boy” you are!!!
        Nobody likes the Gimmick One!!!

  7. its funny how nintendo fanboys what to call me kid because i said i was 15. even younger people have a xbox 360. xbox 360 is better than the wii u. i can careless if wii u 5inch stronger than the xbox 360. cant wait to get the xbox 360. wii u is a fail and look another huge drought of no games for wii u. all you guys do is damage controll on the artcle that mention any game not coming to wii u.

    1. Why b here then if u don’t like it I’m not wanting row gaming is meant 2 b fun and enjoyed not cause rows just chill out and enjoy whatever console suits u it’s all preference no need for abuse just enjoy mAte and if it’s 360 x1 or ps4 that’s fine just enjoy

    2. Lmao I was 13 when I got a 360 shits old news. Mad at a guy for bashing the Xbox one but your on a Nintendo website bashing the Wii U aka kid shit. No one here gives a duck what you think. Thats why no one is taking you seriously. Just go beg you parents to buy you a 360. Or since your not a kid you could just go buy one for $150 but considering your 15 you should just go do the first one lmaoo

    3. I own a 360, a Wii U, a PS4, and a PC. Notice how there is a lack of Xbox One. While I agree with you in stating the 360 is a good console, I disagree with you saying that Microsoft is a good company and that the Xbox One is a good console. On the subject of Wii U vs. Xbox 360; younhave to realize that the 360 has been out for much longer than the Wii U, and so saying that there are more games on the 360 and that it makes it a supirior console is invalid. Also, don’t believe that Microsoft is your friend and wants only to bring you extreme happiness. I have spent many an hour on the phone with Microsoft, only to have the conversation end in frustration. Microsoft is only interested in lining their pockets with cash. While I agree that the Wii U may be lacking a huge selection of games, the 360 is a terrible console to compair it to. Lastly I have a suggestion, sell your Wii U and buy a 360. Obviously you would rather have a 360 and in your own words the Wii U is for “kids.” I just feel sorry that you will miss out on great titles like Metroid, Hyrule Warriors, Project X, Bayonetta, and Smash Brothers 4.

  8. TBH if I am a Japanese gamer I will give two fingers to sony. How come a Japanese company release a console 3 months after the initial release??? I understand Sony strategy and it make a lot of sense but from the gamers point of view it does not (even if I see the benefit of it)

  9. Because just like the Wii U at its release, PS4 has no games.
    Japanese people seem to be less stupid than Western people on this one, not falling for the stupid 1080p hype.
    GG Japan.

  10. But Japan doesn’t celebrate ‘Christ’mas, so why would that even affect the sales of the Wii U?

    1. “Encouraged by commerce, the secular celebration of Christmas is popular in Japan, though Christmas is not a national holiday. Gifts are sometimes exchanged. Christmas parties are held around Christmas Day; Japanese Christmas cake, a white sponge cake covered with cream and decorated with strawberries, is often consumed and Stollen cake, either imported or made locally, is widely available. Christmas lights decorate cities, and Christmas trees adorn living areas and malls.Christmas Eve has become a holiday for couples to spend time together and exchange gifts”.
      – wiki.

  11. Only 360k in 2 days is a joke considering they sold 1 Million in 1 day in the USA!!!
    Sony bragged that they expected sales of the PS2 first 2 day sales.LOL
    PS2 960K first 2 days….PS4 360K!!!
    Looks like Sony got way to cocky thinking they had the Japan market already eaten up!!!
    Will be very interesting to see what the sales are next week!!
    Even the Vita sold 350k in 2 days!!

    1. Fuck, I got a hold of some shrooms again, can someone please send me to a mental asylum? I really need it.

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