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Waluigi Comes To Smash Bros As An Assist Trophy

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros, has confirmed on Miiverse that Waluigi will be coming to the upcoming Super Smash Bros title for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as an assist trophy.

“Once again, Waluigi’s Assist Trophy joins the collection!! …Which also means he’s not a playable character. Just because you try hard doesn’t mean you’ll make it into the battle.”


    1. Sakurai just slapped a lot of idiots in the face. Translation: Just because you keep making stupid character requests and spamming miiverse doesn’t mean that the char will be playable. I’m making the game and I make the calls around here. Cry me a river for all I care.

      1. Rosalina got in just for the fanbase.She appeared in the mario games 2 year before, and waluigi have been there for 18 years i don’t understand how sakurai pick the characters sometimes…

      2. Honestly both rosalina and waluigi are stupid characters. It’s like they weren’t even trying. Hell most people still think rosalina is peach.

      3. I remember when waluigi was first announced both me and my brother thought it was retarded. First of all his name is waluigi. What kind of stupid name is that. I think they only made him so wario could have a partner in the sports games but why not just pair him up with koopa?

      4. Lol
        ” Waluigi is now a character in Smash Bros!! …………………………
        as an assistant trophy.”

      5. Rosalina: 5 years
        Waluigi: 15 years.

        I don’t know how old you are, but I’d assume you can count.

        And Rosalina has established herself as a character more in one game than Waluigi in his entire lifetime. He was always just a filler character for sports and party game, nothing else.

      1. Really. I love playing as him in Mario Party bc he is the most annoying character. Oh well.

    1. Since when? If anything, this game needs less trash filler characters. Waluigi is the most worthless character in the franchise.

    2. Not really. His body is long, thin and ugly, so his moves would probably be all awkward for a fighter.

  1. Well that was a huge disappointment, he doesn’t even look like he’s going to do anything different. :(

    1. He’s “important” because Nintendo needs to make new things happening. By developing on a character that has been there for a long time, but still we know nothing about him besides having a varied sport experience. If he gets more character he could surely make a new fresh franchise for Nintendo. I could easily see him as a casanova like character in an adventure game.

      1. I don’t see why they don’t make a new Wario Land NSMB-style game and have Waluigi as the second playable character.

      2. So, he is important because he COULD have a future franchise?
        That makes no sense, it’s like saying “Tatanga should be playable, he is over 20 years old and can be a good character in the future”
        After Waluigi has its own franchise or at least becomes playable in a main Mario/Wario game then he can be playable in th next SSB.

  2. He was in my top five list of most wanted characters! Not saying he was a gareenteed newcomer, but it sucks knowing that he now really has zero chance…

    1. Nintendo has easily a 1000 characters more interesting than waluigi you guys are all …aint even worth dissing.

  3. Every since Rosie Lina was confirmed, I knew that WAAAAAA! would be deconfirmed soon like Daysee. XD

  4. Was really hoping he’d be playable :\
    Would of been so awesome/funny!

    I hope Krystal is playable at least!

  5. I don’t really care about graphics in games but when I look at Waluigi’s right arm and hand holding that bat, to me it looks like it came out of an N64 game. It looks terrible! For Wii U I would have thought they could do better.

    1. Dude, it’s his fucking hand, you’ll barely even notice it when you play. Why waste time and resources modeling this hand when it’s one the most UNIMPORTANT PARTS OF THE GAME. Sorry I yelled at you through the internet but dude, c’mon.

      1. Wow! Such passion! I can feel it through your lettered text.
        …Relax dude. Didn’t I say I don’t really care about graphics in games? I was just making an observation about it. And yes, modeling that hand would take all but what…5 minutes? But we wouldn’t wanna waste time and resources on that. Nah, here at NIntendo, were okay with mediocrity.

    1. Dude, it’s his fucking hand, you’ll barely even notice it when you play. Why waste time and resources modeling this hand when it’s one the most UNIMPORTANT PARTS OF THE GAME. Sorry I yelled at you through the internet but dude, c’mon.

  6. Maybe finish his model before you reveal him?
    His hands are low-poly with no proper fingers, and his eyes looks like they’ve been plastered on.

  7. i hate waluigi…
    not only in this game…
    he is like dhalsim from street fighter.
    bowser is much more sympathic as waluigi.
    i dont even know where he comes from.
    is he related with luigi and mario?

  8. Good, Mario characters make up more than enough of the smash bros cast. This isn’t a Mario game, it’s a Nintendo game. Save some spots for some characters from other franchises. Shulk please. Or, my personal top choice, Non-Specific Action Figure! Why has Nintendo not made a game with him? They had so much potential after his initial spot during the miiverse reveal to use that character to start up a new franchise. Nintendo’s great at making memes, they should start planning some games around them. Or at least their iPhone “buy our consoles” not-full-games things that they’re planning on doing

  9. I’m okay with it. Giving Waluigi a moveset would require a lot of time and hard thinking. Plus, even if he were a character, he would probably just be used for taunting. Although, I do like Waluigi, and would like to see him in his own game some time in the future.

  10. Thank you Sakurai for letting people know that not just anyone can be in Smash Bros. People really need to stop begging for characters and just use and appreciate what’s given. This game will be a blast no natter the characters.

  11. Have u guys seen the stupid requests for Shrek on miiverse!!?
    Its so stupid XD
    lol dumb little ignorant kids.

  12. This is why Waluigi never becomes more popular (besides the stupid name). Because he never stars in any games of his own. He’s always just a side character, or someone in Mario Party or other Mario sports games. But I will admit, I’ve never been a fan of Waluigi. Actually, Wario either.

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