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Nintendo Of America Is On A Massive Hiring Spree

It looks as though Nintendo of America is currently on a massive hiring spree with the official Nintendo jobs Twitter account and the Jobs Classification page posting a whopping 37 new vacancies within the company. A selection of positions within the company include a Software Support Engineer, IT Architect, Business Analyst, eShop Merchant and Programmer.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Is On A Massive Hiring Spree”

      1. you know reggie almost got us all the rare games from microsoft, but iwata stoped him. Microsoft was asking for the codes for golden eye so they could make a remake.

              1. All I wanna do is
                pitch my freakin awesome Animal Crossing idea for WiiU… its driving me crazy how cool it is …
                *sighs* but Ill probably never get to pitch it and probably no one will hear it. ;'(
                (It really is a cool idea though…its not one of those ones you hear from kids that you know are just crazy. This idea is a whole Idea and I really wanna let Nintendo hear it ; ( …)

  1. I applied to work with Nintendo a few years ago, was for an IT position. Being in Canada, I wasn’t expecting a phone call… And I didn’t get one. It made me sad in a weird way.

    1. maybe u can work there ? :).

      Nintendo job, any , (seriuosuly I wouldn’t be able to do any game development, apart from ideas amaybe. IS THERE A IDEA JOB???lol)

      probably would be like marketing team or planning in what to do next type of team lol.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Be sure to work yourself up to a high position. Then you can pass us on some “information” on upcoming/unannounced games if you catch my drift ;D

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      If you manage to become a Team Leader or higher within any section, your rank will be at least one above mine and so I’ll have to salute you…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                My voice is more like a phantom or wraith ending each sentence with a prolonged hollowed ambient dark whisper…

    3. Lol, this is why I wish I can graduate sooner. My plan is to work for Nintendo or a company that Nintendo owns.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Your better off starting your own business. Working for Nintendo will take years to work up to a decent position and even then you’ll most likely never make it big.

        It’s the sad truth of it all. You know how many people want to be top video game creators?… A LOT. Not to mention you could never be big in a Japanese company unless you move to Japan and speak Japanese… guess you’d have to take extra classes for that as well…

        Start your own small firm, you have a better chance of making a name for yourself.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Ahahahahahah I like you!

            And when their destiny arrives, they will be Forza leave our universe forever…

  2. well they need some IT guys and lot of person to get the website running cause there are a lot of work in progress. And to be fair they need to have some sever up and running to get Mario Kart 8. Also should I mention the fact Nintendo has one of the weakest security network?


    only thing woories me is most of these seem to be for the QOL and phone stuff,

    but anyway. Nintendo just declared war.xD

    1. Yeah, it’d be awesome, but not NoA, the “real” Nintendo company set in Kyoto. Where thay make the magic.

      1. Do you know what other locations for Nintendo hat made the magic? MonolithSoft, Retro Studios… and more.

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  5. Anyone else playing Bravely Default? Add me as a friend!

    0688 – 5265 – 7306

    And reply with your friend code! Thanks!

  6. If the board isnt removing management, this isnt news because nothing, on any level, is going to change. Juat sayin.

  7. Can I have a position there where I give out ideas for games and slap the back of Iwata’s stupid head?

  8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    A Swedish newsite called DKCRTP:

    It’s harder than DKCR and you should have a Ghandinian patience for it…

    So in other words, it blows away all other FPS baby games…

  9. They need to hire some Consumer Service Representatives that has some actual game knowledge. I swear, the CSR’s that they have working there right now don’t know ANYTHING if it’s not shown on their computer. And I get SO fed up with them just giving me links to other sites, or telling me to call Nintendo every time I have some sort of technical problem or question that I e-mail them with. If I wanted to call, I would call. Idiots. And sometimes I know more than they do. They say the easiest, quickest (often pre-written) thing they can just to finish the response.

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