The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Release Date Announced, No Pre Order Bonus For Wii U Version

Beenox has announced via Twitter that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game will be released on April 29th in North America and May 2nd in Europe. The company also revealed that the Gamestop pre-order bonus of Web Thread Suit Pack will be coming to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, and not Wii U.

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    1. Isn’t it crazy that everbody is treating Nintendo, the saviour and market leader in the gaming industry as well as a major player in the entertainment industry, like shit.

      1. It’s not Nintendo everybody is treating poorly, it’s the Wii U.

      2. Its not just EA as far as Western studios its barely a trickle. Japan and Indies are good to them for the 3DS.

      3. 3DS is getting loads of exclusives from 3rd parties, 3DS has an exclusive asphalt title, ace combat, two exclusive Resident Evil titles(one being a timed exclusive) and many more exclusives :D

      4. Yeah they are getting some from Japanese, but the US has not much coming out on 3DS, mostly indies. UBI and EA have nothing coming out on the 3DS in the near future.

      5. Atleast Ubisoft is supporting Wii U, i still don’t know why EA stopped supporting Nintendo but many Wii U owners don’t seem to like them anyway for some reason.

      6. Yeah, so far some games are still making to Wii U from them, just don’t understand the cold should as of late to the 3DS. Both are good systems that can be profitable.

      7. Yeah.
        They’re like:
        “HEY NERD! Why don’t you go take your creativity and fun ELSEWHERE!”

  1. Sucks for people who wanted this on the Wii U, why can’t developers give consoles equal treatment?

    1. I personally think it’s very stupid. As much as we are needing 3rd party support, the logic doesn’t add up. Surely if you won’t provide DLC, then why even bother developingy the game for the hardware in the first place? The DLC won’t impact on sales as it is. Idiocy seems to exist still.

      1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つSTOP BEING STUPID BITCH༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

      2. Pay no attention to the peasant!! Her comments have no ground to them! Oh Kirusu, do you want to find your way to the stocks again??

  2. “The company also revealed that the Gamestop pre-order bonus of Web Thread Suit Pack will be coming to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, and not Wii U.”
    Did they really confirm it like that?…

    1. Stop calling Wii U weak for god sake. That line is old now. Tell you what. If you think it’s weak, then provide proof. I’ve said the same thing. No one has proved me wrong yet.

  3. That’s a good way to get ZERO preorders for Wii U. Honestly 3rd party developers are so dumb when it comes to Wii U.

  4. Good thing I’m getting this on my PS3, or I will wait until the PS4. Either way, I play my Wii U for the exclusives. I haven’t bought the first Amazing Spider Man yet, but it’s only a matter of time

    1. Yeah i play my Wii U for the exclusives too. When i bought mine on launch day, i was thinking i was buying a console that had Nintendo exclusives, power, and 3rd parties… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

      1. I guess we’ll have to do what we have been doing for years, buy a Nintendo console for exclusives and a Sony/M$ console for everything else.

  5. damage controll 101. wii u fanboys are bashing third party games which are better nintende games.

    1. Hey kid you still here shouldn’t you either be in bed or at school trying to be tough talking bout how much you want a 360 but mummy and daddy won’t buy you one

  6. WordPress user ‘Anubis’ has been temporarily banned for extensive backlash against a user on Mynintendonews

      1. Considering its spider man, no not really.y friend bought a ps4 years ago. Has npt commented on a game of it since. Im pretty happen with my next gen console, as a console full of exclusives allow me to ignore the obvious arguenent og whivh looks better. Because theres only 1

  7. How can we cope with such a loss?
    Thats it, I see no alternative.
    We have to commit mass suicide because of this travesty.

  8. They could announce next barbie game not coming to Wii U, and these retarded haters would fill the comments.

    Life must be pretty empty and meaningless for these people?

  9. Well, I guess they dont want people to pre-order it….WAIT WTF WHY. I could understand cancelling later DLC (it would still be a dick move though) but not offering pre-order DLC is rediculous.

  10. pre order is such a scam… guaranteeing something that is most likely on the disc already. Possibly can be hacked, one way or another to really find out.

    This is just a skin pack. It does not have to do anything with the actual game. It does not add anything new or exclusive to the game as well.

    Basically, you are playing dress up with a computer doll.

    So, I do not understand why everyone and their mother care about this.
    Sure, I guess it is cool to have different costumes. It is not my mug of beer to care for it to begin with.

    No real loss…. the good news is… the game is coming to the Wii U and that is what is most important to those who have the system.

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