Potentially Game Breaking Bug Discovered In Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


Reader SirEpicPigeon has been in contact to say that he has discovered a potentially game breaking bug in Retro Studio’s Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. SirEpicPigeon completed level 3-3 and the paths to the shop and level 3-4 opened. However, he is unable to get to level 3-4. He took to Miiverse and the internet to find a solution to the problem, but has yet to find one. He says that you have to start a new file and suggests people copy their file before they enter 3-3.


  1. Was this bug discovered on the retail disc or on the downloaded eShop version of donkey kong country? Does it affect both versions?


    1. That’s what I’d like to know. I just ordered the physical version a couple nights ago and appreciate the heads-up on this.


  2. Well that’s annoying but good to know, I guess the way to avoid problems would be to stay away from the secret exit in 3-3


  3. I don’t know why, but I feel this game had been slightly rushed. Bugs like this, long loading times, these could all have been removed and polished before the game’s release. But still a geat game overall! Here’s hoping for more quality work from Retro!


    1. Bugs can be found in any kind of software. It’s almost impossible to have a. Bug free game. Even if you did have a bug and fixed that, then you could probably create another bug somewhere else.


    2. guess what? when you read comment on game being delay (see the story with watch dog for nintendo Wii U) and lot of threats about people who won’t buy the game if they don’t have it right now then this kind of sh*t is bond to happen.


      1. Retro themselves said Donkey Kong finished development in November . They’ve been working on a new game since then, not Tropical Freeze.


    3. It wasn’t rushed. It was originally scheduled for release last November, then it got pushed to December, and it finally got pushed to February.


  4. this is a first.

    things like this happen always, even in big n and the talented retro studiios.

    (but for goodness sake where my Nintendo direct WHAAHAHAAAAAAA!)


    1. So u have a weaker systemtbut 20 games
      I have a wiiU and about 20 games… so guess im with about 2mil other people are beating better games than what u got..


  5. This is the first time I’m hearing about this and it took over 2 weeks for it to show up, so I guess we can safely say this is a very rare bug.
    Pokémon had a massive gamebreaking bug that was discovered very fast and could be triggered easily, that was much worse and was fixed within a few days.


  6. Slinger, gotta love that odd song. I tried to point it out to Brad when were at the bar and even posted it on the last off topic thared..My version had a bunch of mini skirted Santas dancin along with the band,lol.


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